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Paragliding at Bowleaze Cove Weymouth Dorset
When there's no surf the sun is shinning its just to hot to ride bikes then why not just take a leap off faith from the forever changing bowl at Bowleaze a nice 14/18 mph South Easterly perfect :-)
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Hardy Monument near Dorchester Dorset
Having a quick look around the Monument on a very nice day in June 2014 www.droneaccess.co.uk
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Rocket World MX April 2015
Many thanks to Rocket for access to this awesome track if you like jumps then you are going to love this place, Jump heaven.
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Batcombe enduro
First look at Batcombe track and impressed cant wait to have a good go round,
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White Horse Dorset paragliding
been raining for 2 weeks first flyable day for a while so Just having a scratch around with a couple buzzards, whilst everyone eles parawaiting at ringstead,,
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seadoo jet rib
skurfing down at the nothe weymouth
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Ringstead paragliding to cliffs
Yes just another flight out to the cliffs but this day I had it all to my self,
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Ringstead Paragliding lunch break
Only had an hours break for lunch so off to Ringstead for a quicky to the cliffs and back,
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Brevent paragliding
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Tinto Motorcross park a tour round tracks 1,2,3,4,5,6
Fantastic place if you like Dirt Bikes then your going to love this place open 7 days a week weather permitting the inspiration of the Legend ROBBIE ALLAN check my other vids for a preview of the enduro loop, and some fun laps of track 6
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Alans lap of tinto
Go Alan
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Haveing a sail on the Dart 15 cat with Simba happy dayzz
Dart 15 sailing Simba Ringstead Dorset White Noth,
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Tinto Park a rag with mag
tinto moto park Magnus havin fun on track 6
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The Buff 12hr lightning run 2012
The Buff 12hr lightning run 2012 12hr off road endurance running race in the Malverns, www.buffwear.co.uk
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Rogers Hill enduro loop
(sorry about music they took mine off) So First time round having fun some tec bits and some fast bits also theres 2 good big mx tracks and 2 kids tracks nice helpful people makes for a great day on the bike check out when there open @ http://www.rogershill.co.uk/raceway/
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Cheddar mx first time aound wet slippy but good fun
First couple laps around Cheddar a bit slippy and got beter through the day really good fun cant wait to go back in the dry,
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Another fun day at the wet sandy secret spot
Another fun day at the wet sandy secret spot
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first laps around the new practise track
great track secret spot
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Little float around at Bell Hill dorset
pushed outfront to 1300ft
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scrubbing in a new track at the secret spot fun fun fun
so very nice place secret spot deep in the dorset country side just finding our way round will be putting in the ramp and jumps next couple weeks,ooooooo yyyaaaaaaaaa
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jumping the rainbow
a once in a life time shot Sam doing shanes jump at castle road jumps with a rainbow behind amazing shot never see that again
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quarry quarry
just a blast around an old quarry,
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Paragliding and Soaring about having fun at Batcombe Dorset,
A beautiful and gentle crisp day at Batcombe not enough wind but an enjoyable bob around all the same :-)
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Dobbin the Eco warrior tree loving Donkey
Dobbin the Donkey is free to roam where ever he wants in his 10 acre field but he just had to come over to share his views, he,s a very happy well balanced Donkey and was not harmed in any way by the making of this film he just loves tree,
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Beautiful little waves
Getting some practice with the drone while me old mate nutnut has some beautiful little waves before you ask its in Jamaica
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Nearly Alan
Alan didn't fancy hitting the ramp so decided to have a look at the landing
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4 strokers
Many thanks for letting me have a blast on ya 4strokers there nice and smooth but they will always be a lawn mower to me chuff chuff chuff, get on a 2strokers for the real deal,,braaaap,braaapp,
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cla pump2
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Sandy Secret Spot
Many thanks for the invite guys a great day
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First blast on the TM 300
Great day loads of fun bit of a small track for the 300 but started to get a feel for it very nice bike think im guna like it :-)
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