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What´s it like flying down a mountain at 250 km/h? Espen Fadnes - The World's Fastest Flying Human Being 2010 - and Project Managers Goovinn teamed up to communicate the experience of flying. "SENSE OF FLYING" came out of the collaboration. Click Here to subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=goovinn Turn up the volume, experience it, share it: SENSE OF FLYING Credits: Film by: Stavfel Produktion, Goovinn, Espen Fadnes Idea: Espen Fadnes/Paul Göransson/Lars Idmyr Wingsuiting: Espen Fadnes Cameras: Carl Johan Engberg, Paul Göransson, Espen Fadnes, Lars Idmyr, Kjersti Eide Car driver + helping hand: Even Flo Special thanks to: The village Flo for hospitality and help. For project related or media questions, please contact Project Manager: Paul Göransson Follow us on www.Goovinn.se
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SPLIT OF A SECOND - A film about wingsuit flying
Wingsuit World Champion Espen Fadnes and Project Managers Goovinn team up again for "SPLIT OF A SECOND" after last year's film "SENSE OF FLYING", this time for an up close, personal look at Espen's thoughts and motives behind flying and some never-before-seen footage of human flight. DIRECTED BY: John Boisen & Björn Fävremark CINEMATOGRAPHY: Hans Johansson, Björn Fävremark, John Boisen CAMERA: Espen Fadnes, Paul Göransson, Lars Idmyr AIR-TO-AIR PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Ludo Woerth ADDITIONAL FOOTAGE AND SPECIAL THANKS TO: Thierry Donard and the Nuit de la glisse team EQUIPMENT PARTNER: Camera Center SOUND DESIGN MIX: Ulf Kjellberg & Alexander Schäring MUSIC BY: Dan Lissvik. Songs: "Track 01", "Track 02", "Track 08" Album: "7 TRX + Intermission". 2008 Cereal. Song: "One step" Album: Untitled. 2012 Bye Bye Bicycle. Song: "Believe me/Leave me" Album: "Nature". 2012 PRODUCED BY: IS THIS IT EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Paul Göransson & Lars Idmyr FOR MEDIA RELATED QUESTIONS CONTACT: Paul Göransson FOLLOW US ON: WWW.GOOVINN.SE © GOOVINN AB 2012
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Loen, Norway Wingsuit BASE Skills Camp
Espen Fadnes and Laurent Frat organised a wingsuit base jumping course in Loen, Norway. It was the first of its kind and was a great success! Amber Forte made this short movie with scenic shots showcasing the beauty of the location and the experience had by the participants. Keep an eye out for many more camps like this one in the future.
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OUTLINES - A film about wingsuit flying
World Wingsuit Champion Espen Fadnes on the future of wingsuiting and the transition to life as a professional extreme sports athlete. Directed by: IS THIS IT Director of photography: FREDRIK SELLERGREN Music by: THIS IS HEAD (Songs: XVI & 0008) Sound: LJUDBYRÅN Produced by: PAUL GÖRANSSON FOR MEDIA RELATED QUESTIONS CONTACT: Paul Göransson FOLLOW US ON: WWW.GOOVINN.SE © GOOVINN AB 2013
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VLOG #3 Red Epic-w
Standing exits, Red epic-w, nail polish. Music: Eddie Vader - The Wolf
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VLOG #18 Incredible XRW Wingsuit base jump and epic Heli base day
20th anniversary of the notorious Extreme Sport Week at Voss, Norway. Its the big day. The BASE day. Many of the best in the sport are there to enjoy the valley, Gudvangen. Its bigways, wing suits, tracksuits, costumes. Amber Forte and Espen Fadnes will attempt some technical jumps, while Team Onecall plans a base XRW jump. Thank you to Kyle Lobries for the cool drone shots, and Bjørn Magne Bryn with Team OneCall for making the XRW stunt happen.
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VLOG #7 Visiting the Tonfly factory
Quick stop in Slovakia at the Tonfly factory.
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VLOG #17 part 2 -I have never been this scared on a base jump!
Amber finally, on the third attempt, get to the exit point in Gudvangen, Norway. Its a long hike of 5 hours and she struggles with nerves. The plan is to continue the journey, and finish off the day learning more about wingsuit flying.
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VLOG #15 Blow shit up!
In a forest inland and east in Norway there is a drop zone called Østre Æra. They have their own rules. Nobody bugs them. People are allowed to be themselves, skydive until late, dress up, make big fires and forget they are grown ups. Espen Fadnes is invited to organise wingsuit flying among this people. Check out Lucid Air for more VLOGS. @espenfadnes @amberforte
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Video blog #19 Skydiving in Sweden is amazing!
Amber leaves for 1 week to coach at a Skydiving event in Västerås. Its her first time in Sweden and she doesn't know anyone. But, by the end of the week she makes lots of awesome new friends and falls in love with Sweden... a little bit.
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VLOG #9 Casual Wednesday
Speed yoga, sushi, a green house and a seriously weird ending.
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VLOG #16 Perfect speed
Windy, cloudy, freezing cold, summer in Voss and a goal of a game changer in wingsuit competitions, a tunnel and just lots of ambitious normal life as professional air sport people. Amber Forte is flying tunnel, while Espen Fadnes have a theory about wingsuit performance flying.
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Featuring Madskills(James Nowland) Music: Eddie Vader - No ceiling
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VLOG #1 A frontflip basejump, close call with a lorry and a dysfunctional radio
Amber and Espen are working towards a Freestyle Project. Parts of it is to do a variation of exits. Here Amber attempts a front flip for the first time...it all ends with a close call with a lorry.
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VLOG #8 Back to Voss
Amber has been working hard to learn Norwegian. She writes each day in a diary about the day. This is a story told in Norwegian by Amber about our first day back in Voss. It feels great to be home!
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VLOG #17 Part 1- Testing wingsuit
Beginning the day with a cloudy skydive with a brand new wingsuit. Followed by lots of awesome adventures around Hordaland hopefully ending with a base jump in Gudvangen.
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Goovinn sponsrar världens snabbaste flygande människa!
Onsdag den 9 februari 2011 fyllde Goovinn tre år. Det firades med ett extremt sponsringskontrakt med världens snabbast flygande människa. En norrman. Det handlar om wingsuitflygning från höga höjder och i ännu högre hastigheter. Espen Fadnes är mannen som miljoner sett på Youtube flygandes på en armlängds avstånd från bergsväggar i sin gula dräkt. 2010 vann han titeln "The Worlds fastest flying human being" och nu skriver han sitt första sponsorkontrakt. Med ett konsultbolag inom projektledning från Göteborg. Läs mer om Goovinn och samarbetet med Espen på www.goovinn.se The 9th of February 2011 we celebrated Goovinn's 3rd birthday. And what a celebration! We celebrated with starting up a breath-taking sponsoring contract of the world's fastest flying human being. Espen Fadnes - a Norwegian. This is about wingsuiting from high cliffs and in even higher speed. Espen Fadnes is the man millions of people have watched on youtube flying just on an arm's lenght distance from the mountain face in his yellow wingsuit. In 2010 he won the title "The Worlds fastest flying human being" and today he is signing his first sponsoring contract. With a project management consultancy firm from Gothenburg in Sweden. Read more about Goovinn or Espen at www.goovinn.se. Läs mer om Goovinn och samarbetet med Espen på www.goovinn.se
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VLOG #13 Massive rockfall has changed the path to a base jump exit point in Gudvangen
Gudvangen has been hit by numerous of massive rockfalls the last years. Warnings have been put on signs telling people to stay out of the danger zone. Amber Forte and Espen Fadnes decide to embark on a mission to find a new safe route to the top of the mountain, and hopefully do a base jump when they get up. But they are to meet more resistance as the wind will pick up, rain is falling down and Amber struggles with a bad knee.
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VLOG #11 This is indoor skydiving!
Indoor skydiving has changed the industry. The old hippie drop zones fills up with young ninjas who learn the art of flight in a young age. Amber is one of them, while Espen the last years have realised you need to go to the "gym" to keep up in a wingsuit. Its time to get real, work hard and be a great service minded and safety aware tunnel instructor. Welcome to Vossvind. If you want more insight on skydiving or base jumping check out our other VLOG's on Lucid Air. @amberforte and @espenfadnes
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Skydive Missions Tønsberg
WIngsuit flying is rapidly growing as a skydive sport. Basic camps to increase skill level and awareness is held regularly across, Norway.
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VLOG #10 Over-snooze
Crazy morning rush, half nude man doing handstands, flying indoors and preparing to skydive into a valley.
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VLOG #14 The Amber tree
A day of exciting missions around the west coast of Norway.
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VLOG #12 Skydive Porn
Boom! We welcome to the 20th Anniversary of the Extreme Sports Week with a Red Epic-W shoot above Skydive Voss! Voss is just like this: You wait for the good days. It might be windy, it might be cloudy. But when the weather get just right...its no place we would rather be.
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VLOG 5 Detox ride in paradise
Amber freaks out after too much cheese, ham and wine. A ride including magic, a spider and bike jumps become the end of Brento.
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VLOG #2 Fog in the valley
A day as a base jumper...including a fogged out valley and a Red camera unprotected from the weather...
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VLOG #6 On the road again
1 day, 1 camper, 2 people, craziness and the buddah...
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