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jeff being lazy
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fuck up
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Fire Across the St frommy house, set up by Richard Johenson
He paid a few kids to burn down his old house that was abandon, so he could collect the insurance money and I wittnessed the 4 kids doing it, NO ONE did anything!!! they let that scumbag get away with it!!!
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The Hinsdale Block Party hosted radio show by T-Man
Music provided by "The T-Man Show". I dont own the rights to the song "what its like" in the background. I was operating the song under my radio shows licencing.
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4 1/2 feet of snow.
We had a HUGE Nor'eastern, this was this middle of the storm! I dont own the rights to the music in the background. I fid not create edit or make this song in anyway. Its a cd that was playing in my truck.
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Happy Independence Day Fireworks in front of my house :)
When i was in Albuquerque, NM
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Army Woods 2
We were in the mountains somewhere in Kosovo... And my team and i got losed lol. We couldnt find our navigating compass in the snow storm and we were freezing for HOURS looking for a town lol. That sucked. But i made the best of things....
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Last Day of School
YAY :( have to watch the kiddo EVERY DAY now. Day in and day out lol. Hampton Beach is right around the corner though!
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I was a new DJ, Beginning my 1st public hosting the block party for my radio show "The T-Man Show"
Are you ppl fucking retarded or just brain dead? I CLEARLY wrote that I do not own the rights to any music played, i ALSO have protected rights under the constitution freedom of speech, freedom of the press! so filing an illegally stated and fraudlent noted claim for something thats NOT illegal and is against MY rights, will just get nowhere, maybe an ass kicking if i find out who did it! fucking trouble making cunt!
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Me and john at kmart
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