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How To Bench Press 300 lbs (Tips on Bench Pressing More Weight)
I share a few tips about how to push the maximum amount of weight possible.
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My Adjustable Dumbbell Collection IronMaster, Bowflex, Powerblock, VivaFit, Etc
Here I run through my collection of adjustable dumbbells and show how each of them work. I like all of the dumbbells for different reasons. In a follow up video, I’ll compare the 4 of the sets. The 3 most popular brands and an additional dumbbell that I kind of like.
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Seadoo Won't Start Troubleshooting: Carburetor Removal/Cleaning, Replace Fuel Lines
In this video, I remove the carburetor, clean it, and replace a few fuel lines to get the machine running.
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DIY Volvo Penta GM 350 Boat Water Pump Inspection, and Replacement Repair
Here I replace the water pump on my 5.7L V8 Volvo/GM boat engine. I believe the engine is now mechanically sound and I’m going to get it out on the water this weekend.
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DIY Dog Kennel Using Free Pallets and $5 worth of plywood
I spent about $20 in materials for this dog kennel. If you've already got the hardware and wood, you can build this thing for free. I did have to buy a pocket hole jig, which I think was a wise investment. I hope to get a lot more use out of it in the future. My wife follows a talented woman named Ana White. She built a similar kennel a while back, but it looked much nicer than the one I have built. She also spent significantly more than I did on the wood. Her plans can be found on her website here: http://www.ana-white.com/2010/10/large-wood-pet-kennel-end-table I'm probably going to build a new kennel with nicer materials in the coming months.
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How to replace A Volvo Penta 280, 285, 290 Shift Cable
Here I repair a broken shift cable on my 1989 Baretta Phazer with the Volvo Penta outdrive.
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Boat Recovery After Some Idiot Got Stuck in The Sand at Sand Hollow Reservior
That idiot was me. 2 years ago, I was driving with a group of teenage kids through Sand Hollow State Park in Southern Utah. I took their advice to book it through the sand to the beach where the sand was more solid. We didn't even make it halfway there. I'm a moron. Luckily we we helped out a guy who had gotten stuck in the sand himself. After helping him get out of the sand, he loaned us tons of chains and straps we used to reach the trailer and pull it out with a vehicle safely from the road. Since it was stuck in the sand, it made it easy to drag the trailer to the road without damaging the hitch or jack. it could have been much worse. We were very lucky.
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How To Build A Solar Battery Charger From Solar Garden Lights - DIY
Not that Solar lights aren't useful. They just don't put off a ton of light. I had a handful of these solar units lying around and decided to take them apart and reconfigure them as a solar battery charger. I bought the solar charge controller on eBay for less than $10 and wired everything together on a piece of coroplast. I'll probably improve my design a little and mount it to my daughter's power wheel. Or maybe not. I kind of like the idea of having the battery charger be portable. One of the drawbacks of my unit so far is that it isn't protected against the rain particularly well. I could improve that if I wanted to.
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1995 Seadoo SPX Troubleshooting Fail - Spark Test, Fuel Test
I initially made this video to diagnose a no spark issue with my Seadoo. I was confident that was the problem because I had the Seadoo running out of the water before I took it to the lake, but once I got to the lake, it wouldn’t start in or out of the water. I tried putting starter fluid directly into the carbs, and didn’t get them to fire up. I thought I was getting fuel to the engine, but it wouldn’t start, so my next thought was spark. Before I took it to the lake, we got it running in my driveway. My brother had rebuilt the carbs for me, but he hadn’t done anything like that before, and I’m starting to think that he may not have cleaned them out properly, and the carbs are still the problem. One weird thing is that the seadoo won’t fire even when I put gas and starter fluid directly into the cylinders. I assumed I would at least get a few rotations out of the engine with fuel directly in the cylinders, but it wouldn’t fire at all. In the video, you can tell it takes some time for the seadoo to fire up. It finally does, and I let it warm up for a few minutes at idle. Then I give it some gas and it doesn’t seem to hit the RPMs it should be. (I’m assuming this based upon the sound I heard). I worked on it last night, and got it running in the video. When I went out this morning, it fired right up. I think this was a carburetor issue, but want to know for sure. Do any of you have thoughts? I’m going to run the machine out of the water for an hour or so and make sure I’m getting good gas flow through the carbs. If the machine doesn’t run right, I’m going to rebuild the carburetors.
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Seadoo Clicking - No Start Troubleshooting Opening Fuse Box, Checking Solenoid, Replacing Starter
If your seadoo won't start and you're just getting a clicking sound, this video shows you a possible solution. This video is of my 1995 Seadoo SP, but this procedure will be applicable to many Seadoos with 587, 657, and 717 engines. I"m not sure about other engines because I've only worked on those 3 engines. These engines are in most seadoos up until 1996. Here I remove the Fuse box, test the starter solenoid, remove the starter, test the starter, and install a new one.
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Mercruiser Alpha One Bellows, Gimble, Shift Cable Repair Part One
In this video, I remove the outdrive, inspect the u joints, bellows, and shift cable. I remove the bell housing by removing the hinge pins on the sides using a special hinge pin removal tool. Watch Part 2 here: https://youtu.be/PU7rUhVw3QY Watch Part 3 here: https://youtu.be/MJicD0fHFhk Watch my overview of the repair here: https://youtu.be/hHZOO8lcbuw
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Lump Self Surgery In the Kitchen Sink Lipoma Removal At Home
I recently noticed a small lump on my forearm. It didn't hurt, or bother me, but it looked a little weird. I thought I had a cyst or something, but web searches lead me to believe I had a lipoma, or a fatty deposit under the skin. These don't appear to form for any specific reason, and are pretty much harmless, but I decided to remove it myself. I've also got a small one on my stomach and one on my leg a little larger than a grape that I may get to in the future. For this procedure, I used a precision knife set I bought at Harbor Freight for $2.99. To make the incision. I made a cut directly over the top of the lump, and was able to see the lipoma only after cutting a few millimeters into my skin. Once I could see the lipoma, I began to record the extraction. I squeezed the area, and it popped out easily. The lipoma felt like gristle from an uncooked steak. It was firm yet squishy. To prepare the area, I shaved it and wiped it with alcohol. I boiled my knife in water and cleaned it with alcohol before the incision. Instead of stitches, I used superglue and a butterfly bandage. The superglue didn’t hold as well as I had hoped, and the scar is wider than it could have been, but in all, I’m happy with the results.
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Check Your Bars! Cheap Olympic Bar Warning And Repair
A lot of lifters don't go out and spend hundreds of dollars on a new bar. Like me, they just lift with the bar that came with their set. In some cases, this can lead to catastrophic failure of the bar which could lead to injury. Here I show how to check your bar and repair damage done to the bushings.
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How To Separate Things Using Ropes, a Car, and a Tree
Don't try this at home. I could have busted up the back window of my Expedition if the pipe came back at a different angle. I recognized this possibility, but did it anyway. I was helping a neighbor kid put a Lifetime brand basketball hoop together, and we inadvertently connected the two pieces incorrectly. We also followed the instructions on how to secure the pipes together before we realized our mistake. These pipes were stuck. We tried pulling on it, having a tug of war with it, banging on it with hammer and a piece of wood, and putting smaller pole down the middle and banging on it with a hammer. After we failed, I decided to take it home and figure it out.
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Serving Justice to the Thief Who Sold Bad Gift Cards
I found this guy through online classifieds. We met in a parking lot, and I called Nordstrom to make sure the cards were good. The phone system indicated that the funds were on the cards. Just to be safe, I asked for the guys ID, and took a picture of it. I then took a picture of his car and license plate. Turns out Nordstrom would not allow me to use the cards in the store because there was a hold on the account. I imagine the hold was put in place because this loser bought the cards using a stolen credit card. The ID he showed me turned out to be the ID of a guy who had passed away the month before (the two looked very similar). I tried to text and call him to get my money back, but he simply ignored my attempts to contact him. after a few days and continual prodding, I finally gave up and filed a police report. The police tracked him down using the license plate number I gave them and called me in for a picture lineup to see if I could identify him. Turns out picture line ups are very difficult. They all looked so similar. I thought could be 2 of the 6 people they showed me. That wasn't enough for a positive ID, so the police weren't able to do much other than try to get him to confess, which they obviously were not able to do. At this point, I didn't know who he really was, but the police did. They couldn't give me his information, so I had to go about searching again. I had googled his number multiple times before he disconnected it, and the only thing that would come up was the ad that he had listed for the gift cards. After the line up, I googled the number again and saw another online classified he had posted for a cell phone. He changed his number, but initially forgot to change it on the classified website. Google crawled the webpage before he changed it on the website, so the cached webpage pulled up his old number, while the updated listing had a new number that I used to track him down. I set up a meeting to buy the phone and recorded the outcome. I was very happy with the results.
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Wrong Timing, Over Tightened Valves, Running Rich, 95 Mastercraft Prostar Indmar 5.7L 350 EFI engine
At first, I thought this boat was entering limp mode, but now it looks like the valves were over tightened by the previous owner. I did some valve adjustments, and it idles much better now, but it still had some issues. I was able to fix a couple fo the issues by correcting the timing, and installing an Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor. The timing was off because the timing chain was not installed properly. The ECT Sensor was not installed because the previous owner replaced the block and the new blcok did not have an ECT installed, I bought a new one and it fixed the running rich problem I was having. I just purchased a new to me 1995 Mastercraft Prostar 205. We lake tested it last weekend, and immediately after we left the marina harbor, I started videoing because it would't go above 2000 RPMs. I'v read that this may be a sign that the boat is entering limp mode. We turned the boat around immediately and returned it to the marina.
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Baretta Lake Test - It Failed!
I was finally able to get it on the lake to see if this thing floats. Regretfully, it didn't go well. We were able to idle out past the no wake zone, and give it a little throttle for about 50 yards before I started smelling something burning. I throttled down and started to make my way back to the dock. When I stopped the engine in the wakeless zone, there was a significant amount of smoke coming from the starboard side of the engine. The exhaust manifold was also very hot. It didn't seem like the new water pump I installed was doing its job of circulating lake water through the exhaust manifolds. Any thoughts on this?
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How to Instal A Volvo Penta Propeller - $450 Boat, Working on the Outdrive
I forgot to upload my progress on the outdrive before I installed the shift cable. I didn't have to do much. Just bolted up the lower unit to the upper unit and installed the propeller.
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Mercruiser Alpha One Bellows, Gimble, Shift Cable Repair Part 2
In this Video, I remove the gimble bearing using tools loaned from Autozone (Part Number 27033 slide hammer Part Number 27129 axel bearing removal set). I installed the gimble bearing using a block of wood and a rubber mallet. I also installed all the bellows and hoses on the transom side. Watch Part 1 here: https://youtu.be/XSdUf9NLJ_w Watch Part 3 here: https://youtu.be/MJicD0fHFhk Watch my overview of the job here: https://youtu.be/hHZOO8lcbuw
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Mercruiser Alpha One Bellows, Gimble Shift Cable Repair Part 3
Here, I install the shift cable and bellows. I also use a special tactic for installing exhaust bellows with out an exhaust bellows tool. I had to fabricate a few tools of my own to finish the install including a retainer ring press tool. I wasn't sure if I was using the engine alignment tool right, but the drive ended up going into the engine properly and things worked out. I didn't document absolutely everything, but watching this should give you all the information you need to do the job yourself. In this video, I remove the outdrive, inspect the u joints, bellows, and shift cable. I remove the bell housing by removing the hinge pins on the sides using a special hinge pin removal tool. Watch Part 1 here: https://youtu.be/XSdUf9NLJ_w Watch Part 2 here: https://youtu.be/PU7rUhVw3QY Watch my overview of the repair here: https://youtu.be/hHZOO8lcbuw
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Fibercell Cordova Project Boat Introduction & Un-seizing the Engine
I picked up this fun little boat for a deal. It's unlike any other boat I've owned, so I'm going to try and get it on the water this Summer. If you'd like to see a full rundown of the boat including some of the treasures we found inside, watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3wG1aG8iGw The previous owner bought it from some friends who had left it uncovered in the backyard since 2006. It obviously did some damage to the interior. Having sat for over 10 years has also seized the engine. I used some diesel fuel to penetrate and lubricate the engine which allowed me to crank the engine over and free it up.
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What I Learned: Changing Bellows, Shift Cable, Gimble Bearing On An Alpha One
My 1991 Monterey 189 SCR had a problem shifting into reverse. The mechanic diagnosed it as a bad lower shift cable. He also found a hole in my U-Joint Bellows, and said while I had the drive off, I should replace the bellows and gimble bearing as well. I bought the boat for $1,500, so when he quoted me $1,200 for the repairs, I couldn't justify having him do the work for me, so I tried it myself. I recorded most of my progress and will upload the videos soon to show how I did it. Watch the actual repairs below Part 1: https://youtu.be/XSdUf9NLJ_w Part 2: https://youtu.be/PU7rUhVw3QY Watch Part 3 here: https://youtu.be/MJicD0fHFhk
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Casting With Aluminum Scrap from Cans - Dont do this! (Explosion)
Skip to 2:20 for the explosion. Make sure there is no moisture in your molds! I'm an idiot! Things could have gone a lot worse. I'm incredibly lucky that my stupidity didn't cause any permanent damage to me. I've got a small burn in my armpit from some molten aluminum burning through my clothes, but I am othewise unscathed. I was working on making a piece for my bike trailer, when this accident happened. I'll upload the video of the rest of the process when I finish it.
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Powerblock vs. Ironmaster vs. Bowflex vs. Vivafit - Dumbbell Review
I have a pretty decent dumbbell collection, and I finally decided to make a video of me using each dumbbell and sharing my thoughts. My wife and I did a quick workout that included pushing and pulling movements along with bicep and tricep movements to get into a variety of positions with each of the dumbbells. We did one set of each exercise with each set of dumbbells. When we were finished we talked about the dumbbells and shared our thoughts.
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DIY How to remove Seadoo Gas Line Clamps Without Specail Tools
Here I make a pick to pry OEM clamps off of seadoo gas lines. I tried pliers, screwdrivers, and other methods, but this is by far the simplest. I simply took my grinder to a screwdriver to make a sharp tip to help me pry the clamps open. Here it is in action
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How to fix a Chi Broken Flat Iron Straightener
Here I show how to fix a Chi that has a broken on/off switch. This is a video I made a while back and posted on a different channel. I'm using the other channel for personal stuff, so I'm putting this up here.
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JB Weld Steel Stik DIY Wakeboard Lock Washers
I've got a handful of 2008 liquid force bindings that didn't come with mounting hardware. Regretfully, wakeboard companies change up their mounting hardware all the time and there isn't any uniform bolting system that will work on everything. These 2008 Bindings have a very specific system that isn't made anymore called Slide Locks. My local shops didn't have any, and Liquid Force themselves didn't have any in stock. I decided to try and make my own using some epoxy clay. After making the locks, I drilled holes through the middle of them to put thumb bolts through. I have installed 4 of them on my daughters board. We'll see how they hold up.
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I Got The Fibercell Cordova Running. VERY LUCKY!
Really didn't take much to get this thing going. Doesn't look like I'm getting water through the engine to cool it. I'll have to check the water pump in the outdrive to make sure it's working properly.
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FInd a leak in your boat by flooding it.
I recently acquired a sweet 1989 Supra Mariah. As with lots of boats this age, it had a few problems. One particular problem was that it was taking on a significant amount of water. I'd need to run the bilge pump anytime we stopped the boat to get the excess water out. I tried to find the leak while it was in the water, but I didn't have any luck, so I trailered it, and took it home to flood the hull. This was the result.
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Converting a jetski trailer into a ghetto flatbed trailer
****Do not drive something like this on public roads***** A few months back, I bought a clothes washer and dryer. Regretfully, they wouldn't fit in the back of my SUV, so I needed to rig this bad boy up to move them a short distance. One problem is the fact that the frame of the trailer was slanted to accommodate a waverunner, and as such, there was not a good structure directly beneath the wood in the middle. For my short term purposes, it still held up to the weight of a washer and dryer.
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Baretta Phazer 203 Open Bow Project
I just picked this boat up and was planning to use it for the trailer. It looks like the engine and outdrive may work, so I think I'm going to spend some time on it to see if I can get it running. It's got a Volvo 5.7L engine and a Volvo Penta 285 outdrive. I don't have any experience with these engines or outdrives. Since the engine block is just a GM 350, I hope I can figure out the Volvo components. First, I'd like to get the engine running to make sure I"m not wasting my time with the outdrive. Keep an eye out for my next video
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DIY Quick Waverunner Plugs To Get On The Water Fast
I didn't realize my wave runner didn't come with plugs until I was about to take it out to the lake for the first time. One quick stop at Home Depot on the way to the lake solved my problem for less than $5.
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Baretta Phazer Project - Volvo Penta 5.7 L Engine No Start Troubleshooting
Here we find out why the boat wasn't cranking. It turned out to be bad connections between the starter and the battery. Simply cleaning the connections allowed voltage to flow.
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The Best $300 Boat I've ever bought - Turning a Boat With a Cracked Block Into a Family Lake Cruiser
I picked up this sweet Bayliner for $300 because the owner said the engine had a "crack in it". Not knowing what that meant, and guessing a tandem axle trailer would be worth at least that amount, I figured I’d buy it and see what I could do with it. In the end, the boat had 4 cracks in the exhaust manifolds and 2 wide cracks in the block. Luckily, the cracks were exterior, and there wasn’t any water getting in the block contaminating the oil. With a few sticks of Epoxy Putty and a package of JB Weld like compound from Harbor Freight, I did my best to patch up the cracks. This is the process.
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DIY Casting Parts With Aluminum Recycled From Cans
I recently bought some new old stock wakeboard bindings on Ebay, and was excited to get them for a screaming deal. Regretfully, they didn’t come with the hardware to install them properly, and they stopped making this specific kind of lock nut that fits my bindings. I couldn’t find them anywhere. I even tried calling the manufacturer, Liquid Force, but I was out of luck. No one had any 2008 Liquid Force lock washers. Luckily, I was able to make some lock washers using JB Weld epoxy putty as seen in this video: https://youtu.be/eb6U3w23iV8 I put the epoxy lock washers on my daughter’s wakeboard, and we were in business for the rest of the season. I wasn’t sure how the epoxy putty would hold up to the demands of wakeboarding, and I had 2 other pairs of adult bindings that needed these parts, so I decided to try and make some out of some more durable materials. I made a set out of HDPE, and a set out of aluminum. For the HDPE video, look here: COMING SOON
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$1.50 DIY Nunchucks From Thrift Shop Jump Rope
My son had a little accident that required a trip to the ER. To help him be brave, I promised to get him some nunchucks to use while pretending to be a ninja. We weren't able to find any at the store, so I made these using a jump rope that I bought at the thrift shop. These are probably a little too hard for a little boy to use as a toy, so I'm going to put some foam around them in the future.
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How to Install a Bow Stop On A Boat Trailer
When I got this boat home, I realized the bow stop had broken. Here I replace the bow stop. There were a few hiccups along the way, but the job was pretty easy. I was even able to get my wife to help out a bit.
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Puch Maxi Luxe How to Start - Test Ride
Great bike i had that wouldn't run well because it had an air leak. Instead of taking time to fix it properly, I ended up throwing an old lawn mower air filter sponge between in front of the air intake to restrict the air flow, and it ran perfectly after that.
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Removing Stubborn Radiator Fan Bolts Using the Chain Method
I tried for hours to remove the radiator fan bolt on my Dodge Durango. I tried tapping a pipe wrench with a hammer, using a big screwdriver and hammering along the edges of the bolt to get some force to remove it. I finally turned to Youtube, and found this video: https://youtu.be/6bqg1TosBQE This guy saved my bacon. This is my go to method for removing stuck fan bolts in the future.
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410 lbs Equipped Bench Press Spotter Only Expects 1 Rep
I lift in my garage with a handful of young men who live in my neighborhood. Ever 12 weeks or so, we max squat, deadlift and bench press. After hitting 365 raw, I decided to throw a bench shirt on for fun and try for 410 lbs. I was only planning on pressing it once, but it felt so good coming up on the first rep I went for 2 more.
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How To Polish Boats - Clear Coat Oxidation Restoration
This took me the better part of a Saturday, but I'm very happy to have spent the time doing it. I purchased everything I used at Harbor Freight. Polisher - https://www.harborfreight.com/7-in-10-amp-variable-speed-polisher-60626.html Wool Pad - https://www.harborfreight.com/7-1-2-half-inch-wool-buffing-pad-90451.html Foam Pad - https://www.harborfreight.com/8-in-finishing-foam-pad-61529.html Polishing Compound - https://www.harborfreight.com/16-oz-meguiars-fine-cut-cleaner-62561.html Car Show Glaze/Wax - https://www.harborfreight.com/16-oz-meguiars-show-car-glaze-62225.html
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Trying to recreate no start conditions.  *Bad Ignition Control Module
*******UPDATE******It turned out being the ignition control module.**************************** After about 20 minutes of towing tubers around, we killed the engine to switch riders. When I went to start it again, it wouldn't start. I pulled the cover and saw that we were getting fuel through the Electronic Fuel Injectors. We cranked on it for a bit, and waited, then cranked again, and waited, then cranked again. After 5 minutes of intermittent waiting and cranking, I was just about to try and flag someone down for a tow when it started up. We kept the guys out on the tube, and started to tow them into the marina, but while towing them in, the engine wouldn’t rev above 2500 RPMs, but it sounded like the engine was running just fine, it simply lacked power. I made a video trying to replicate the issues without any luck, but thought I'd post the video of it running normally at 3500 RPMs to see if anyone spotted anything.
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Hamster Balls At the Lake
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Trek SOHO bike belt driven
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Baretta Phazer Project She Runs!
I thought it wasn’t getting fuel or spark because I wasn’t able to get it to fire when I cranked the engine over. I was just about to start diagnosing the problem when I sprayed a little starting fluid into the carb and it fired right up. I should have known that having it sit for so long with no fuel in the lines would require me to prime the fuel system. Now onto the outdrive.
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