Videos uploaded by user “NewfieRider”
gremlin burnout
My dad in his 1973 Gremlin X with a small block chevy 400 Engine giving her just a little touch
Views: 27044 NewfieRider
bombardier sportster seadoo boat
my buddys and i in my buddys sea doo having some fun
Views: 3916 NewfieRider
bombardier sportster 155hp sea doo boat
just out for a evening run in the sea doo boat with my buddies
Views: 4731 NewfieRider
dog in booties
one of my dogs put into waterproof dog booties
Views: 1682 NewfieRider
Boston terrier watching Pokemon
Dexter watching a bit of Pokemon haha
Views: 136 NewfieRider
Gremlin Vs trans am
My Amc gremlin on bell island
Views: 495 NewfieRider
Newfoundland snow storm
Just watching all the cars getting stuck coming up over a slippery hill
Views: 565 NewfieRider
gremlin races S-10
gremlin racing s-10 on a 1/8 mile track
Views: 177 NewfieRider
yamaha grizzly
I ventured out for a winter snow ride to some local log cabins/warm up shacks!! I hope you enjoyed my video! thanks for watching!!!!!
Views: 32 NewfieRider
2004 Polaris Pro-Xr 440
just a quick start up of my 440 was warming it up.
Views: 333 NewfieRider
yamaha grizzly trail riding!
ripping through some trails on a sunny winters day
Views: 29 NewfieRider
gremlin races chevy 1500
my gremlin racing a chev 1500 not overly sure of what engine is in the chev but i think it may have a 454 big block and you can clearly see the racing slicks.
Views: 913 NewfieRider
Grom night ride PART 2
Had my first ride doing motovlogging, This is part two of my first night! Enjoy, As I get used to editing please be kind!!
Views: 20 NewfieRider
Newfoundland pond hockey
My buddies and I having some fun playing shinny on the local frog pond
Views: 363 NewfieRider
gremlin x
my gremlin running after a a new heater core replace job
Views: 233 NewfieRider
Yamaha grizzly
Ripping up some winter trails on a sunny day
Views: 12 NewfieRider
Trans am vs Mazda mx3
bell island races mx3 vs trans am
Views: 179 NewfieRider
2016 Yamaha kodiak 700
Driving on a frozen pond that is submerged with water. pretty scary stuff
Views: 56 NewfieRider
yamaha grizzly 700
grizzly 700 doing some trail riding. I'm new to the word of editing videos so bare with me while I learn!
Views: 231 NewfieRider
Yamaha R6 dragging Gremlin
Me on my R6 Racing my dad in are Gremlin on bell island Fast little gremlin ha
Views: 158 NewfieRider
Intergra vs mazda3 1/8 mile on bell island
bell island dragway
Views: 107 NewfieRider
Grom wheelie
Snaochating a little wheelie.
Views: 9 NewfieRider
Yamaha R6 vs Trans am
me on my R6 doing bell island 1/8
Views: 251 NewfieRider
old man dancing at the st.johns regatta
old man dancing half drunk at the regatta
Views: 353 NewfieRider
My First ever motovlog
giving this motovlog a try while riding the Grom.
Views: 11 NewfieRider
family of Canadian geese
2 parents and their babies walking around
Views: 22 NewfieRider
Grom wheelies!
Day wheelies 🤘 Just learning my balance point and trying to figure out how to edited.
Views: 3 NewfieRider
2009 Honda trx 700xx
Driving my 700xx across a frozen pond in Newfoundland, Canada it looks unsafe but it had more then 8 inches of ice.
Views: 20 NewfieRider
boston terrier playing in snow on golf course
my boston terrier dex running around playing in his first snow fall
Views: 25 NewfieRider
Honda Grom Rolling Donuts
Just a snapchat of me doing a few donuts on the Grom
Views: 12 NewfieRider
gremlin x Drags ford mustang
Dads gremlin racing a mustang out in clarenville
Views: 441 NewfieRider
yamaha banshee
banshee doing a few laps on the driveway
Views: 285 NewfieRider

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