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Measuring A Suit Jacket for Ebay
I have a full system on how to find suits that fit perfectly for less than 1/10 of their original cost. Just contact me to find out more: [email protected]
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003   what is inert gas
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Morso Model F Miter Chopper
Basic operation of the Morso Miter Chopper Model F. This THE BEST way to cut miters, bar none! Crisp, clean, mirror-smooth cuts at EXACTLY 90 degrees.
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New Hermes Engravograph GK-II T
AA new play-toy I got on Craigslist: the New Hermes Engravograph GK-II T It's used for engraving names, etc. on metal. It's a pantograph, and is adjustable for scaling from 2.5:1 down to 6:1, so if you wanted .5" high engraved letters, you could set it at 3:1 and use 1-1/2" tall masters.
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Thomson Mill/Drill Table
Thomson Mill/Drill Table - a quick overview
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skip on cello - take 5 and mission impossible.MOV
Skip vonKuske playing at McMenamins Edgefield on a Monday night December 5th, 2011 This is the best two-hour show around!
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Powermatic 1150 Variable Speed Drill Press
Powermatic 1150 Variable Speed Drill Press Drilling a hole! WOWSER! :-)
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Lucris Embossing/Letterpress/Clicker Press
I got this Lucris Press through Craigslist and it's a BEAUT!! It allows me to make totally unusual business cards, stationery and other marketing pieces. The big deal is that it swings OUT OF THE WAY so you can align things without the upper press platen being in the way. It's like magic! BTW: Owosso is a great place to get embossing/debossing dies. Great prices, fast service, perfect quality. (and NO, they didn't pay me to write that!) This press can also be used with steel-rule dies (more info later)
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Etching the bookmarks for Redirected Materials
I'm making a short run of bookmarks for my Redirected Materials (www.redirectedmaterials.com) The bookmarks will be about 8x2" and will be a laminated construction of paper-brass-paper. The paper will be photopaper with images of my art, both sculptural as well as portraiture. The paper will stop about 5/8" from the top end of the brass and my signature will appear above that, etched into the brass, which will be exposed. I've been playing with various etching methods and Mr. Impatient here has decided to use Nitric Acid because it is FAST! It's also very dangerous (read: FUN!) This video shows a bit of how I'm doing it. And, yes, after I shot this segment, I bumped-up the concentration of acid and it went faster. :-)
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Disk Sander by Charles G. Waugh  - video 1 of a series
I am working on building a 24" disk sander and I just got the most important parts today!
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The finished etching on the bookmark for Redirected Materials
Here's the finished etching on the Redirected Materials bookmark. I'm totally impressed and very excited at how nicely it turned out. Now, I just need to make the short run of them!
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