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Ital Is Vital - Miami Rasta Chef Afar I
Live from Glaser Organic Market in Coconut Grove Miami, Florida cooking up Ital Rasta food. Ras Kowin showing the world about healthy food and living and how to maintain the balance in a crazy world.. video - Jacob Katel
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Mickey Munday First Dope Run: "It Was A Fiasco"
Cocaine cowboy former drug pilot Mickey Munday talks about his first job Video Production - Jacob Katel
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Sheer Terror St Patrick's Day Miami 2012 at Churchills Pub
Lead singer Paul Bearer talks some shit and then classic New York hardcore band Sheer Terror takes over Churchill's
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Cocaine Cowboy: "Spray Cocaine On Everything"
Mickey Munday for servingdope.com
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Miss Auntie In The Pork N Beans Projects in Liberty City Miami
Miss Auntie talks all about life and guns and violence and the need for positive role models in Liberty City's Pork N Beans Projects
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DJ Blue "Pork N Beans" Liberty City Miami Street Interview
DJ Blue from Hot97 Pure Funk Breakin Bread DJs in Miami's Liberty City at the Pork N Beans Projects talking about life and struggles in the inner city. Video Production - Jacob Katel
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How To Smuggle Cocaine
Mickey Munday talks to servingdope.com about flying drugs from Colombia to Miami in the Cocaine Cowboys era
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Project Stacks Liberty City Interview
Project Stacks talks to Serving Dope about life in the Pork N Beans projects in Miami's Liberty City, and the gun violence that goes along with it. Video Production - Jacob Katel
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Mickey Munday: "Cocaine IS Legal!"
servingdope.com talks to cocaine cowboy
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How To Sell A Ton Of Weed
Cocaine Cowboy Mickey Munday's friend got murdered so he sold all the weed in his warehouse. http://www.servingdope.com
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Project Stacks My Block 3 in Pork N Beans Liberty City
Projects Stacks talks about his upcoming album My Block 3 live from the Pork N Beans Projects in Liberty City of Miami. He discusses some past incidents from his life as well as the #BikesUpGunsDown movement
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The Dabumentary on Dabbing Wax and BHO
An inside look at butane hash oil and dabbing wax in South Florida. This features new technology, backyard chefs, glassblower, smokers, activist, police, Aholsniffsglue, and a lab owner exploring the phenomenon of this new evolution in marijuana. Reporter - Frank Alvarado Director, Cameraman, Editor - Jacob Katel
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Sweet Mary Jane Edible Marijuana Company
Interview and facility tour shot and edited by me for Denver Westword about the edible marijuana revolution in Colorado. Thanks to Sweet Mary Jane Bakery in Boulder, Colorado for the awesome experience. Video Production - Jake Katel
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Critical Mass Miami Messages To Cars & Drivers
http://katelmedia.blogspot.com/2013/02/critical-mass-miami-february-2013.html A message to cars and drivers from bike riders on the streets of the City Of Miami on February 22, 2013 for Critical Mass Miami, a massive group bike ride that takes place the last Friday of every month A Jacob Katel Video Production
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Fat Trel, BaddMouff, and Project Stacks "Check in" Behind The Scenes
Live from the Pork N Beans Projects in Liberty City, Miami FL for the Fat Trel, BaddMouff, and Project Stacks music video shoot for the song "Check In"
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Edible Marijuana Incredibles Denver Colorado
A facility tour and interview with one of the biggest Edible Marijuana companies in the world, Incredibles, in Denver, Colorado
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Magic City Starz Cast Interviews
Talking to Elena Satine, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Mitch and Kelly Glazer, Steven Strait, and Dominik Garcia Lorido about Magic City the tv show on Starz while at The Raleigh on Miami Beach
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Vote Gus for Commissioner of Surfside
Gus Garcia-Roberts campaigns on the streets of Surfside
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Dixie Elixirs Marijuana Edibles
Shot and edited for Denver Westword news magazine
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Guns and Violence in Liberty City
Short documentary asking people in Liberty City about their experiences with guns and violence
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Pure Funk DJ Bo Da Lover Interview
Miami Bass and music legend from underground radio station Hot97.7FM in Miami, presenting LIberty CIty's own Bo Marshall aka DJ Bo Da Lover from Pure Funk DJ's interviewed at the Northside Shopping Plaza on historic 79th Street and Unity Boulevard (27th Ave) in the heart of Miami
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Serving Dope Drug News: Escobar, Malaysian Weed Execution, Herbillionaire
all the best drug news of the week
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Occupy Miami's Señor Paz Speaks
Occupy Miami's own Señor Paz tells his side of the story regarding the tactical police raid on the Overtown headquarters he shares with protestors and rent paying tenants
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Die Trying - Side By Side
Churchill's miami
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The Ramones - I'm Affected (ENOUGH! cover)
live from Churchills Pub Miami FL
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O.G. Big Ben Little Haiti Miami Story
gangsta shit
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Ozzie Guillen Protest Miami
http://blogs.miaminewtimes.com/riptide/2012/04/hundreds_call_for_ozzie_guille.php Angry Cubans gather outside of the Marlins Stadium in Miami to protest Ozzie Guillen's love for Fidel Castro
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Super Conservative
At a Mitt ROmney rally in Apopka, FL in October 2012
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Los Peligros Del BHO
Una nueva droga de los Estados Unidos que se llama Aceite de Hachis Hecho Con Butano es bien peligroso. No A BHO!
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Criminal Talks About Commiting Identity Theft
This journalistic interview features an actual identity thieving criminal detailing how the organization he worked for used illicitly procured debit card numbers to create clones and fake ID's that were used to buy hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of gift cards to sell on the streets of Miami
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Guerra Contra Las Drogas, The Drugs War
Franco Escobar from Serving Dope talks to the people of Little Havana
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Allyssa Chic Interview
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Die Trying - Jan Kucera
tribute song for an anti racist skinhead from Pribram killed in cold blood by nazi scum in Czech Republic
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Tattoolapalooza 2013
Checking out the January tattoo convention in downtown Miami
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Honduran Says No More Border, No More Mexicans
live from calle ocho with servingdope.com in westchester miami fl
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Calle Ocho 2012 Bass Music Video
Street music video from Calle 8 2012 with cops arrest, booty dancing, food, music, time lapse, crowd, tattoos, girls, and more. Miami stand up. Music by Techmaster PBE - Bass Computer A Jacob Katel Video Production
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Confessions Of An Identity Thief
Miami is the American capital of Identity Theft. The following is a full confession from the former member of a Cuban ID theft ring. He was a mule for a Florida cartel that drove out of state with fake ID''s and cloned debit cards, racking up the purchase of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of gift cards that were later sold at a discount on the streets of Miami.
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Drugs & Sex at Fashion Week Swim 2015 on South Beach?
Interviews with models, buyers, line owners, and spectators at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim 2014 on South Beach about the dark side of the fashion industry.
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Pain And Gain Film Set
With Pete Collins, who wrote the Miami New Times article that the film was adapted from
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Deuce Deuces
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Medical Marijuana
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Race To Marlins Stadium
Miami New Times staff race to see who can get from Government Center in Downtown Miami to the new Marlins baseball stadium the fastest on a bike, car, kayak, rickshaw, and hopping sack
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Julie Kramer
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Cathy Jordan Bill
Robert Platshorn will get marijuana legalized in Florida
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Ozzie Guillen Protestors
At the Miami Marlins Stadium after the Ozzie press conference where he said sorry for loving Fidel Castro
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