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Crystal Huen -  Trialnote2
I think there must have been some kind of magic entering me that afternoon, alone at home, composing this song. And the same feeling I do have when I took this photo one early morning at home after an all-nighter in studio. The world is entirely new in this blue. music by Crystal Huen, 2010 summer photo by Crystal Huen taken in Bramemar Hill, Hong Kong 2012 summer
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Crystal Huen- Treasure it
Don't you see that it is a process/ Falling down does not make the landed flowers apart, but lovely ]] photo & music by Crystal Huen
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Crystal Huen   -    @=@
It is all about being in a cycle of loops. music by Crystal Huen photo by Crystal Huen taken in 故宮, Beijing 2011 summer
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Crystal Huen-  Rain and Thunder
Let's Watlz through the unexpected trials in life ; ) Music Composition by Crystal Huen Graphic Illustration by Crystal Huen
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Crystal Huen - 157
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Crystal Huen- Before Moving (WithRain)
It seems to be a mysterious journey of deep thinking.. Music Improvisation by Crystal Huen Photo by Crystal Huen @ Hang Zhou Chinese Central Academy of Arts ( HangZhou) Architect: Wang Shu
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