Videos uploaded by user “jdoggg1119”
Socks in Jello
Girl puts her socks in jello
Views: 985 jdoggg1119
Deep Mud Hole with Socks
Girl gets into a 3 foot deep hole and gets her jeans and white socks muddy.
Views: 12034 jdoggg1119
Girl Slimed in Office Wear
Girl slimed with office wear and white socks. If anyone is interested in a custom video, email me at [email protected], and I will see what I can do.
Views: 7435 jdoggg1119
slimed cousins mp4
Two girls getting very messy.
Views: 5550 jdoggg1119
Gunged Socks
Woman steps into bucket of gunge wearing white socks.
Views: 4475 jdoggg1119
Girl Slimed 1
This is part one of two.
Views: 5716 jdoggg1119
Girl slimed 2
Same girl as last time, just different view.
Views: 2368 jdoggg1119

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