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Squier Bass VI setup as BARITONE Runthrough and demo
Quick play though and demo of squier bass vi setup baritone, b through b. Potato phone quality for your pleasure. Shot in my messy living room. quick demo of radiohead's "Exit Music (For a Film)"
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Tele thinline kit build - first test
I've spent the past week building a unbelievably cheap Tele thinline kit from the fretwire store on reverb.com. Honestly, a decent kit, but only if you're handy replacing parts and modifying guitars. If you were to simply build it out of the box, you'd hate it, but after some sanding here, some adjusting there, and a lot of curse words and bleeding, it made a really decent guitar. audio is recorded straight through my phone, but it still sounds decent. i suck at making videos, but people wanted to hear what this beast sounds like, so here ya go. I'm not done messing with it yet, but here's a quick demo of the completed build. going to do some more bridge adjustment and try to get it to intonate better, but i think it might just be too light a wood (it's basswood) to get a good solid sound. we'll see though.
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Firefly 335 / 338 first sound test. How these are only $140 I'll never know
Incredible guitar for under 200 bucks.
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Hi, I'm Chris Haskell! Hire me to play music at your bar!
Just a sample of the many many, very very tremendous songs I play live. Nobody plays more songs than me. Believe me, I know songs. Lucky I'm a better musician than a comedian. I come with a small PA system and a bunch of singers that live in a box (it's an electroniclooping/harmony system). It sounds like there's three of me, but you only have to pay ME (I have them on retainer, permanently). All kidding aside, please hire me to play at your southern Vermont bar or outside venue. I'm easy to work with and I'm not a diva.
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MAME/MGalaxy arcade breakdown
Here's a basic walkthrough of my always a "work in progress" arcade machine that I've been building since last July. I'll take you through the front end, inside construction, and show you the control panel and awkwardly explain everything it does, as well as saying "basically" every 4 seconds (basically), while trying desperately to forget about my social anxiety. sarah was making brownies so you hear the stand mixer in the background occasionally. deal with it. Hope you enjoy. EDIT: apparently i got the "street fighter" controls backwards, punch is on top, and kick is on bottom, which is weird cuz i remember them being the other way around. oh well. some jackass came on here to be all negative about it, and the build in general, so i blocked his comments. but just wanted to address that. i'd love to see his/her build. so much negativity on the internet. ce' la vie!
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Shrike - a Hozier cover by Chris Haskell.
Don't make fun of my dad jeans.
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Chris Haskell - Homeless - Loudon Wainwright III cover
My favorite LWIII song. Hope you like it too.
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American girl - Live from a garage in Vermont, by Chris Haskell
Rest In Peace, Tom Petty. Thank you for everything. I'm adding a couple of tom petty songs to my set, and was trying this one out this weekend. Today's news is absolutely heartbreaking. I'm drinking, I'm in my pajamas, it's 50° in the garage, and it's Friday night. This is what I do. What are you up to?
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A Cover of Elliott Smith's 'Twilight', by Chris Haskell
It's been thirteen years and i still haven't stopped missing you. Thank you for everything you have given me. for everything you've given all of us. See you in heaven.
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Come pick me up - a Ryan Adams cover by Chris Haskell - live from my garage
Weird camera angles and booze and cigarettes and lots of reverb.
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Chris Haskell - Raining In Baltimore - Counting Crows acoustic cover
I don't think I've ever heard a better song about being lonely. This song is meant to be played in a dark room, so that's what I did.
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