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Storm Trident 4-5 round strategy (No longer works due to the hotfix update of 11/20/18)
Planned this strat the night empyrea part 2 went live (and finished empyrea part 2 on the same day) Also HAHA YES, didn't need mellori's power to break the chaos chain in the first place, they could have just hired the Void Squad to take out the Storm Trident easily. Storm Titan is still bullshit rng in all the right and wrong places, got one shotted too many times without any counters or choice. Even more worse than RNDulla. Edit: Forgot to say, tested this strat the day and after the day KI "patched DoTs". It still works so the Void Squad reigns victorious bwah! Edit #2: Rip, now have to use the 7 round strat for this strategy due to the damage bubble correctly patching incindiate's DoT spike. (Twas fun while it lasted, helping people with this battle and all at a quick speed). Edit #3: Had to remake my strat to be 7 rounds while toning down a great amount of rng, all credit goes to Final Bastion for their 7 round strat. Hopefully once I get membership again, I can show a rendition of this strat, until that time, Void Squad out!
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Gang gang, rollin up on Aethyr Titan
The Void Squad giving the Aethyr Titan the BROOKLYN BWAHHH
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Mali for the lols until test realm comes up again
Storm Titan heed my Void Squad's call! BWAHHHHHHH Though originally, this strat was made by Aursiniuria with a terrible amount of rng, I added onto the strat to make it 100% consistent (Unless a fire minion spawns, then I need MOAR DAMOOOGEE)
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Oooof, first 3 turn I've had to do in this world
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Beast Man Fight Club Finale Fight
The Void Squad Strikes again with a consistent 6-9 rounder bull (and consistent 6 rounder with meteor if the ice doesn't shield anyone during the first 3 rounds and the death doesn't weakness spam!) Even with this +3,000 health buff, THE VOID SQUAD SURPASSES ANYTHING BWAHHH (Strat was made on Oct. 23rd, the second week of Wiz test realm but didn't know how to post it on youtube, so swag)
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The bigger the moss, the harder they wine
OOOOF LUIGUANA NOOOOOOOOOOO MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD™ https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/tid=CUSA07713_00
Beast man Fight Club Fight 2
Consistent 2 rounder with The Void Squad again! Bwah
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Wizard101 Storm titan 5 round strat inspired by Elitewizard101
Ever since I saw Elitewizard101's strat using rain of fire on ST, my mind exploded, never thinking about letting the DoT run along without incindiate. Improved upon his strat by applying 2 storm dispels and the ability to withstand certain rng spells Rng surpassed: 1) I'm able to eat (2) -40% plagues that affect my rain of fire and meteor [I have to use mass feint if he stacks 2 of them for meteor] and still being able to kill. 2) I'm able to eat a shadow sirens that removes one blade [Though if anything fizzles rather than a storm dispel, it's a wipe] 3) There's still the possibility of dying before the 5th round if ST goes all out after the 3rd round with crit aoes 4) Thank god for deck rng, all of the Void Squad members have decks less than or equal to 7 cards I'm also happy that I don't have to get any shadow rng for this fight, so the consistency lies in using normal spells
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Aethyr elemental Wizard101 strat
Tis a 10 rounder and whew, I've finally cut down on a huge part of it's rng. Though I wish that the boss fight could let the wizards always get 1st turn, like malistaire in dankmoor, since there's so much risk in going 2nd. RNG surpasses: 1) These ice bosses love to shield spam and even aegis shield spam, I don't have a problem with them wasting a turn when I can double shatter and double earthquake 2) conviction for the extra crit block and 95% stun protection, there can be that slight 5% that screws you over, though it's very very unlikely 3) Not needing to take any hits from his third phase, since once they spawn, they just get demolished There's still risk if they constantly spam crit aoes, though they mostly play balanced towards offense and defense, so it all works out in the end. Overall, this fight gives me the heebee jeebees reminiscent of how bullshit ST was in test realm, so his family line of the aethyr ancestry is very noticeable... Edit: I could have used conviction on LifeDust first turn, in the case of a stun, but it doesn't matter in the grand scale of things
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Rattlebones exalted 2 rounder wizard101
I've been long overdue with this strat, not posting it due to meta robes and such back then, made by me on Nov 19, 2017 I'm still happy about how much rng this strat surpasses: 1) Able to kill through rattle's shadow sentinel (-10%) along with team reduced incoming/ legion shield (-30%)/ -20% plague/ tower shield (-50%)/ fortify and legion shield/ or legion shield + -20% plague [Though if any of the spells above stack within the /slashes/, it's a wipe, highly unlikely though] 2) I use indemnity bakadraft~ since if a myth minion spawns, they can use cleanse trap, which is solved by this 3) It's possible to die if both rattle and fairy queen crit like mad while using aoe spells, though this is also highly unlikely 4) there's absolutely no problem with fairy queen using sacrifice at all 5) There's still a bug where if fairy queen uses her Life king artorious that after death, she'll revive. Not really a problem since I can just firecat tap her but it's still a bug nonetheless
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Medulla optimized! The Void Squad 6 round kill!
Using sun serpent this time instead of ffa, a much more consistent hit.
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Chilling out for Christmas with the Void Squad (Ft.Krampus)
3 rounder for Krampus, not 100% consistent due to Krampus being able to go first and cast either smokescreen, stun, or beguile. I can eat a -25% weakness that Krampus is able to cast with no problem though
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Storm Trident 5 round version (No longer works due to hotfix update of 11/20/18)
It's still a 4-5 rounder but in this case with an extra twinkle of rng, and updated the moves I used based on my farming encounters on Thursday the 8th after I recorded my previous video bwah. Also rip, critical'd on Storm Trident even though I didn't need to, DARN YE KI!!
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Wizard101 Vigilant of Simargl vs Max Gage
HOOO, this was a close fight, the fight of counters
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Wizard101 Carousal ride
The Void Squad relaxing and having a blast
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Yevgeny thought out of the box for this one folks
100% consistent, Void Squad approved, no rng at all (Even if Yevgeny cheats with the usual first turn frozen armor on himself, still kills bwah)
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Wizard101 New Unicorn way Four in a million!
Darn you game, the need for consistency and then you crit on my dreams
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Fail run of RNDulla
Pork was the real villain pulling the strings... (Never trust Pork chops) [Hate the HoT (heal over time) bug that happens when an enemy casts a spell with HoT, dies, then gets revived the next turn; same thing with Fairy Queen in rattlebones exalted]
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Neberyx and Nodnarb
100% consistency even if Neberyx uses -40% plague (Void Squad approved!)
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Wizard101 Vigilant of Simargl vs Max Gage Rematch
Second match of opposites reacting!
MhWorld random Vaal
Keep forgetting to post my 2 rounder for krampus on wizard101 whoops. Been pretty addicted to the grind in mhworld bwah. Anyways here's tempered Vaal Hazak heh MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD™ https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/tid=CUSA07713_00
Mystic Tower: Lag recording software handicap Part 1
Truly the most difficult part of this game, lag to the face
Wizard101 Vigilant of Simargl vs Caruso
Will our champion be able to defeat this feathery fiend named Caruso? Find out next time on Desbwahcito 2!
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Mystic Tower: lag is in the eyes of the beholder part 2
One cannot even describe the amounts of lag that just blundered in
Wizard101 Vigilant of Simargl vs Caruso Rematch
Another rematch, yet already decided, DECIMATION
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RNDulla forgot how to use Confusion!
What (Testing my 4 round strat which I made about 6 months ago with the cheats 125,000 health Medulla had) [reason why I had one more excess blade at the end bwah]
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Make Helena great again!
This could have been an interesting boss fight, especially with the [no power pips over 4 rounds cheat aura] and Helena's quote in general. I immediately thought this fight would be in dire straits until I accidentally one shot her with phoenix. I completed Empyrea part 2 (until the spoiler wall) on Thursday the 18th and used meteor instead for a first round kill, blind to any cheats of course.
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Beast man Fight Club Fight 1
Consistent 2 rounder as always with The Void Squad!
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Old grandfather catches the flames of my new mixtape (Ft. Void Squad) [4 rounder with no shield rng]
Ooof, found a use for Scion of Fire on the devolution of ST, even if Old Cop were to cast -30% power nova, it would still kill and absolutely no shield rng. There’s still rng on getting aoe stunned by Storm lord though this strat is way more manageable than before. Even if the Spiderling were to use -55% tower shield and -35% legion shield with it's -30% incoming natural resist of the cheat sentinel and Old Cob using his -30% power nova weakness, efreet would still kill. Any shields on Old Cob is self explanatory bwah This strat was made on 11/12/18
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Medulla Consistent strat with The Void Squad!
(besides the randomness of the confusion rng stuff, no critical is needed and the upmost of patience and blades will get ya through this, THE VOID SQUAD STRIKES BWACK! (Another first consistent strat for Test realm! Yush!)
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Updated RNDulla run
Fixed a few instances of rng with Sparck, though RNDulla is still just RNDulla
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Bat bot shenanigans
Despise bat bots, looking at you inner athanor!
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