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Mad Max Game: First Person Convoy Attack, PC
Rambling around the wasteland I switched over to first person mode and decided to try playing from that point of view. Then I stumbled onto one of my quest objectives and figured what the heck. So I gave it a go and it was pretty fun to play from. Not as easy as third person, but pretty intense.
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Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag: Sailing and Sea Shanties
The best part of AC4, to me, is the sailing and travelling along with the sea shanties. Sure it's fun to loot and pillage, but I am a sucker for detail.
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Federation Fleet vs. Borg, Star Trek Armada 3 (Sins of a Solar Empire Mod)
This mod is pretty amazing, a total conversion for Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion. You can get it at from moddb http://www.moddb.com/mods/star-trek-armada-3 This was the last battle in my recent playthrough as the Borg who are pretty insano if you let them get to the late game. The big hot dog is their dreadnought, and in the battle they had Locutus and an Assimilation Cube. Also a few Romulan ships that they'd assimilated. Oh also running it at 2560x1080 cuz of new monitor. Merry Christmas yay!
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Total War: Rome 2, A Day In The Life of a Legionary
Decided to just make a small video of a battle in Gaul from the perspective of just one of the soldiers. He's not central in the fight, but I felt it was really atmospheric and could almost imagine the tension. Also I really enjoy the chatter between the soldiers during the battle and as they wait in position. Of course this is probably a day in the life of a Legionnaire under a Gaius Marius or the like. Maybe next time he'll be led by Quintus Servilius Caepio.
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Total War: Rome 2, Centurion's Eye View Against the Greeks
A legion engages the fortifications of a Greek force only to have another army from the Odrysian Kingdom attack from behind.
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Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. Final Mission Music Remix
I was going to put up a timed killing of Cosmic Kurse for Marvel Heroes, 1:34 woo woo. But I watched the video and it was so boring. I mean sure it's kinda neat to kill that boss guy so quickly. But when I reflect back on the best fun I've had in a video game in a while it comes to this. The last mission of TF:FoC is so much win. It's all kick ass, then whoosh in comes a new character, then whoosh another, whoosh whoosh. Ending with a big duel. So nice.
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Mafia 3: The AI is... not good.
So I have been playing a little of Mafia 3 and just had this kinda... goofy streak. The AI apparently is really good at hearing something, just not so good about seeing. Sorry about the sound, for some reason it didn't record.
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Total War: Warhammer, Wood Elves Wild Hunt Rides
Playing the new expansion for Total War: Warhammer, Wood Elves. Fiddling around with the battle cam ala Rome 2 and had a replay of a battle where Orion attacked some rebellious Wood Elves when a full cavalry army came to the aid of the battle. Not challenging, but kind of interesting to look at.
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Caora Dhubh of Sanctum of Rall: Jan 27
We move to a tower that's under siege only to realize a little late that it's a break out event. We beat a quick retreat towards the supply depot only to have elements of the zerg from above hit us in transition as they attempt to cut us off from hitting their supply depot. We're able to fight on several fronts at once and maintain unit integrity through the fight until its resolution.
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Marvel Heroes: Wolverine Gameplay, dodge/haste spec.
Been playing some Marvel Heroes lately and after running a few dungeons with folks I've been asked a few times for my spec. So here it is. The fun starts with getting a Fearsome Fist of Farallah, then go crazy.
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Red Dead Redemption 2: The Nite Folk!
So there I was riding down the trail when I see a corpse hanging from the trees. I slow down, my horse is unhappy, but I decide to shoot the corpse down since really it's 1899, we're not complete savages here. When I hear weird clicking noises and sounds around me, I turn around and there are these strange looking people who seem to be talking to each other in curious noises and then rushing at me with knives. So after the ruckus, I ended up searching the corpses and found a weird note.
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Assassin's Creed: Unity, A Fistful of Duelers Gameplay
Edit: If you're coming here because the markers aren't showing up for you on where to go to kill the duelists then you probably ran away from the quest giver a bit early, which is totally understandable cuz really screw Ubi for the arrogance of not letting you skip their crappy writing. To fix it, there are several ways. Die and resync. Pick up another quest and start tracking it, do it, come back. Or heck reboot. Of course these fixes worked pre-patch, dunno about current patch. I have a love/hate relationship with Ubi stuff. I love some of the gameplay, some of the art direction. I hate most everything else. Their business practices, their pretentious writing, their unskippable cutscenes, their narrow view of how they force you to play how they want you to play. This mission was the straw camel thing for me. I played it a few times only to have it instantly end when I did silly little things like, oh you know, insta-killed the guys, or poisoned them, or hid from them too long. I mean wasn't one of their selling points supposed to be the lack of fail states? Yeah, apparently not!
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Since Quitting Guild Wars 2, What I've Been Up To!
Finally time to catch up on the ole backlog.
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Star Wars: The Old Republic, Smuggler Excerpts Part Deux
Yup, still playing and still capturing the fun bits I have enjoyed as I go on. I doubt I'll stay hugely enchanted with the game for a while, but for now the ride is pretty fun.
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Dragon's Dogma: Naked Burning Hug of Death
I am running out of things to do in Dragon's Dogma.
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Dragon Age: Inquisition, Gameplay Slaying Dragon Vinsomer
Been playing entirely too much of DA:I, but my favorite part of the game is when you're trucking along and a dragon fight shows up. Sometimes you have a big heads up, sometimes it just attacks out of nowhere. So far of the 4 or so that I've done they've all been engaging. So if you like dragon slaying, this here's the vidya! Or also if you like shots of dragon ass. Lots of dragon ass in this video. LOTS. Oh, also in this fight I'm playing an 18th level Knight Enchanter specialized mage sub specced into fireness. Running with tanky Cassandra, Barrier/fire specced Vivienne, and shooty specced Varric.
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Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Gameplay
So I finished the game and went back through some of my videos of the fightiness. Was looking through them and this one seemed the most sorta cinematical. No music slapped onto this one since the game's own music is pretty darn decent.
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Sanctum of Rall: Caora Dhubh March 14th, 2013. North Supply Depot, three server fight.
We work the north a bit and several groups of bad guys attack while we're in the area.
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Guild Wars 2, Sanctum of Rall: Caora Dhubh Stealth Group. 5/9/13
Lots of people broke upon contact tonight. First few are decided in the first seconds, then the last is when we overstay our welcome at the SE depot.
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Mad Max: PC Game. Convoy Attack Gameplay
So I'd been intent on killing this one particular convoy, but every time I'd taken off to try and find them along their route of travel I'd end up getting distracted by something or getting jumped by War Boys. So I decided that I was going to lie in wait instead and then bounce them as they passed. It worked decently. Love this game.
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Guild Wars 2, Sanctum of Rall: Caora Dhubh, 6/20/13, 6 man patrol.
We're moving north when we spot an enemy zerg. We tail it for a time while relaying intel, then engage the rear elements.
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Guild Wars 2, Sanctum of Rall: Caora Dhubh Keep Sneak
In this video we get to a keep too late to support our zerg that's trying to take it. We are able to get in just as our people are wiped and then the other bad guy zerg shows up at the south gate. So we run around like chickens with their heads cut off and try to do what we can from the inside.
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Sanctum of Rall: Caora Dhubh March 14th, 2013. Gaiscioch Keep Fight
A fairly long rolling fight inside a keep. We didn't get too many juicy hits on the zerg, but kept moving. Was a fun series of clashes.
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Guild Wars 2, Sactum of Rall: Caora Dhubh 4/14/2013. SW Depot Fight
We had a set of fights at the SW supply depot in the SoR borderlands. Was vaguely interesting amongst a night of zerginess.
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Guild Wars 2 Sanctum of Rall: Caora Dhubh March 19 2013, pt 4.
Surprise, north supply depot. About to call it a night and got word of more people pressing in to the north. Once again both servers hitting it. Was crazy timing all night, but was fun. We had just as much trouble as these folks whenever we hit to the south.
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Guild Wars 2, Sanctum of Rall: Caora Dhubh 4/23/13. Extended fight at SW supply.
A pretty fun rolling fight at that depot.
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Guild Wars 2, Sanctum of Rall: Caora Dhubh April 9th, 2013. Skirmishes
A couple fights where we ran into a few groups in transition. Was a bit frustrating as weapon swapping wasn't working for some reason for a good chunk of the fighting.
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Guild Wars 2, Sanctum of Rall: Caora Dhubh 5v20!
If this was DaoC they would have been totally pwned!
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Guild Wars 2 PURE PWNAGE Pt 2: You Just Been Caora Done Buddy 022813
This one was close, but we were able to pull through in the end.
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Guild Wars 2, Sanctum of Rall: Caora Dhubh April 18th, 2013.
Decided to take the ele back out again, pretty rusty but it started to come together. Had some interesting fights and a small zerg tagging.
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Guild Wars 2, Sanctum of Rall: Caora Dhubh 4/28/13, Roaming 8 man stuffs.
A fight at the south supply depot, and another north of one of the towers.
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Guild Wars 2, Sanctum of Rall: Caora Dhubh, 4-man Track and KEEL!
We catch sight of a 9 man group that's heading northish. We trail them some and play a bit, I get myself killed and then we're able to catch them hitting the supply depot. I wish we'd gotten this from another perspective as this fight is all due to my guildies. I go in conservatively and pop one, while they go full AE with some timely fire from an arrow cart and we're able to take them down.
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Guild Wars 2, Sanctum of Rall: Caora Dhubh 5-man. Omg flanked!
We see a soloer. Salivating, we stealth up and attack only to get flanked by bad guys, OMG!
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Guild Wars 2, Sanctum of Rall: Caora Dhubh 5/2/13. Stealth Group.
We start with a terribly dangerous and difficult fight, then move on to calling in an inc on the north supply depot and fighting there. We end up with a fight against a good group 6v6. Was a good night.
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CD of SoR Supporting GSCH 020713
Perf Spartan is engaged with bad guys holding the northern supply depot. We enter from the eastern flank and are able to get a good hit on the main body of the enemy force.
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Star Wars: The Old Republic, Smuggler Excerpts
Decided to put together a bunch of my clips from playing the Smuggler. I have to say I'm enjoying SWTOR, best part of it is that you don't have to play with other people even though it's an MMO. So nice.
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Caora Dhubh Utter PWNAGE!
We go undefeated for the night, woo! Victory after Victory after Victory!
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Caora Dhubh, GW2 Stealth Group, 5/5/2013
First fight hitting a group coming out of the water. Second a long fight at the SE supply depot where we ended up evaccing.
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Assassin's Creed Odyssey: Heart of Stone
I didn't really care that the woman scammed the other gal, but when she refused to pay me and that was pretty much it.
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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 PC Game: Gameplay.
Alright, it's really a pretty terrible game. But... ya know, it's Spider-Man! Also the song's from Spectacular Spider-Man (duh), by Tender Box.
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Guild Wars 2: Caora Dhubh Teh Azjam 022813
Taking up a position behind the bad guys, we get ready to move in and stage a peaceful protest. Upon confronting the aggressors and requesting they depart we were able to sit down with them and have a pleasant discussion before they agreed to vacate these premises.
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Guild Wars 2 Sanctum of Rall: Caora Dhubh March 19 2013, pt 2.
We kept responding to calls for pressure on the north supply depot. This one we heard there were bad guys there as well as another group threatening so we pulsed a bit to keep the pressure on.
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Guild Wars 2 Caora Dhubh: Supply Depot Interceptions 022113
Still in the area from our last conflict, we proceed to ambush the bad guys as they attempt several retakes of that supply depot.
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Caora Dhubh of Sanctum of Rall, Jan13 pt 2
This one has a stealth tower hit which was mainly a proof of concept to some tactics we were trying. Then we had another tower hit that turned into a charge into a fortified supply depot with siege and a fair amount of bad guys. It's an extended fight and was pretty exciting for us.
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Caora Dhubh Keep Sweep 021713
A keep's inner area is under siege, we sweep the ramparts then aid in the rout.
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Guild Wars 2: Caora Dhubh Zerg Fight 022813
I play terribly in this engagement as I switch over to a newly hammer specced warrior. Luckily my group does not play terribly.
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Guild Wars 2: Caora Dhubh Long Depot Defense 022613
Fought and held a supply depot for about nine minutes or so until we got zerged down.
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Caora Dhubh of Sanctum of Rall, Jan 15
In this one we received word from Irmo that there were bad guys trying to ninja a keep. We moved there as quickly as possible and hit them before they could push inwards.
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CD of SoR Supply Depot 020713.avi
A strike on a group of bad guys trying to take a supply depot.
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Guild Wars 2, Sanctum of Rall: Caora Dhubh 4/23/13. A few fights.
Just a fight at northern depot, then some skirmishing around the eastern keep.
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