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Conjoint Analysis in 10 minutes - Business Performance Management
Conjoint analysis or stated preference analysis is used in many of the social sciences and applied sciences including marketing, product management, and operations research. The presentation explains the principle, using a simple example. It shows, how to calculate the part-worth utilities and how to derive the relative preferences from individual attributes from there. A full factorial and a fractional factorial design is used. An Excel template for this example is available from the author.
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Analytic Hierarchy Process AHP - Business Performance Management
AHP stands for Analytic Hierarchy Process. It is a multi-criteria decision making method, originally developed by Prof. Thomas L. Saaty. AHP derives ratio scales from paired comparisons of criteria, and allows for some small inconsistencies in judgments. Inputs can be actual measurements, but also subjective opinions. As a result, ratio scales (weightings) and a consistency index will be calculated. For decision making with multiple inputs from different stakeholders, the geometric mean of individual inputs is used. Mathematically the method is based on the solution of an Eigen value problem. The results of the pair-wise comparisons are arranged in a matrix. The first normalized Eigen vector of the matrix gives the ratio scale (weighting), the largest Eigen value determines the consistency ratio. An excel sheet, doing the calculation for up to 8 criteria is available from the author. AHP can be applied in many fields, Evaluation of product features, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Strategy development, Selection of Key Performance Indicators, Deriving weights for a combined performance index, Deriving a consolidated scale of importance from different inputs.
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Analytic Network Process ANP - Introduction
The analytic network process ANP is a decision finding method and generalization of the analytic hierarchy process AHP. ANP can model complex decision problems, where a hierarchical model -- as used in AHP -- is not sufficient. ANP allows for feedback connections and loops. In this video I will give an introduction and overview of the analytic network process.
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Sennheiser MM450 Bluetooth Headphone - User's Product Review
My experience with the Sennheiser Bluetooth Headphone MM450 Travel
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AHP/ANP Practical Application with Pros and Cons
The analytic hierarchy (AHP) and analytic network process (ANP) are two multi-criteria decision methods (MCDM), originally developed by Prof. Thomas L. Saaty. ANP is a more general approach, based on the description of the problem by means of a network instead of a hierarchy as in AHP. On the other hand, ANP is also more complex in its application.In my latest video presentation, pros and cons for both methods are shown, and a few tips for the practical application of AHP, and setting up a network for ANP are listed.
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07 The Dashboard  Driving Business to Success (Business Performance Management)
A dashboard is the panel of instruments and controls facing the driver of a vehicle. Driving a companies business, a dashboard should give you a condensed summary, which allows you to recognize critical areas and take actions to keep the business moving in the right direction - provided you know your destination. Any dashboard without a clearly defined strategy for the organization will be useless. Only if you know the destination, you can derive the right set of key performance indicators and arrange them in such a way that they give you the current position of the organization, highlight deviations and allow you to make necessary corrections.
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Physics in 2:30 min - How to overcome gravity
A nice experiment how to overcome gravity: magnetic levitation
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Welcome to BPMSG - 2013
Introduction to a series of video presentations about business performance.
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Operational and Strategic Business Performance
Decisions can have a short- or long-term impact; they can be strategic or operational. Measuring strategic or operational performance might require a different set of key performance indicators (KPIs). You need both: Operational KPIs help to measure the short term performance of an organization, strategic KPIs help to measure the implementation of a long term strategy. This video explains the differences using the picture of driving a car.
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Combined Performance Index - Business Performance Management
In order to limit the number of KPIs, and maintain clarity and conciseness of a dashboard, sometimes it might be useful, to combine a set of performance indicators into one single key performance indicator. This presentation will show, step-by-step, how you can build up a combined performance index. It also gives an example how to implement this concept in an Excel spreadsheet.
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06 Operating Expenses  Fixed and Variable (Business Performance Management)
The operating expenses of a company have a high impact, not only on the companies result, but also on other parameters, like profit per costs and minimum order income to be achieved. Even the same operating result and profitability of two companies could be of a different quality, because of different relations in fixed and variable expenses. In this presentation two performance indicators will be developed to monitor these important differences.
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Olive-backed Sunbird
The Olive-backed Sunbird (Nectarina jugularis) is a species of sunbird found from Southern Asian to Australia. The sunbirds are a group of small songbirds, at most 12 cm long, which feed largely on nectar, although they will also take insects, especially when feeding young. Highly adaptable, they are the most common Sunbirds in Singapore and are found almost everywhere. The Olive-backed Sunbirds breed in April-August. The eggs take a week to hatch. After the chicks have hatched, both male and female assist in the care of the young, which leave the nest about two or three weeks later.
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Lake Taal - Philippines
Taal Lake is a freshwater lake in the province of Batangas, on the island of Luzon in the Philippines. The lake fills a large volcanic caldera formed by eruptions between 500,000 and 100,000 years ago. That crater lake is the world's largest lake on an island in a lake on an island, and it in turn contains its own small island, Vulcan Point.
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Diversity Index as Business KPI - The Diversity Concept
A business relying on a single type of product or services can be highly risky. Any change in the market place -- a change of customer behavior, a new competitor -- might have a high impact on the business results. Diversification is an opportunity to spread and reduce the potential risks. The mathematical concept of diversity has many applications, ranging from ecology over demography to information science. In the context of business performance diversity indices can be used as key performance indicators (KPIs) to analyze markets, define targets for diversification, and track the success of derived business actions.
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Diversity as Business KPI - Alpha and Beta Diversity
The Concept of diversity is well introduced in Ecology, Economy and Information theory. The underlying mathematical theory relates to statistics (probabilities), multivariate analysis, cluster analysis etc. Diversity can be partitioned into two independent components: alpha and beta diversity. This video explains the concept of alpha and beta diversity using a simple example of selling drinks in different sales areas. It helps to understand beta diversity as a measure of variation (similarity and overlap) between different samples of data distributions, and gives some practical applications in the field of business analysis.
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Discover Bohol, Philippines
Bohol is a smaller island in the island grouping of the Visayas, Philippines a nice place to spend your holidays. Beside the famous chocolate hills and the trasier conservation area, the video shows Bolo knide forging, a Lobok river cruise with a local rondalla music group, dancing the traditional Tinikling dance, dolphin watching with a visit to Balicasag and Virgin island, as well as the Baclayon church, Tagbilaran market and the Hinigdanan cave in Dauis. by http://bpmsg.com
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04 Open your own Business - How to make a Business Plan? (Business Performance Management)
When you plan to setup your own business, many questions will come up. How to do the planning? How much can I charge to the customer? How many orders do I need? What are the risks involved? In this presentation we will answer these questions using the key ratios we have introduced before. With a simple flow diagram the planning process is explained step by step. (Business performance management and business planning)
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ISAHP 2013 - Impressions from the 12th International Symposium on AHP
The 12th International Symposium on the Analytic Hierarchy Process - Multi-criteria Decision Making - took place under the theme "Better world through better decision making" from June 23rd to 26th in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Scientists and experts from all continents presented and discussed the latest theoretical developments of AHP and its application in the areas of environment, transportation, CSR, healthcare, group decision making and many more. After the official opening and a welcome speech by Prof. Thomas Saaty - via video from US - approx. 100 papers were presented in several parallel sessions.A half-day tour to interesting places in K.L and the following Gala Dinner with the award giving ceremony gave delegates opportunity for some relaxation and networking.
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