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Traxxas M-41 Snap-On edition first run on 6s
First run on the new m-41. using a pair of turnigy nano-tech 5000mah 35c 11.1v lipos and a CNC 442 prop. No strut adjustments.
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My home built rc trailer
This is a rc trailer I built for 1/10 scale trucks. Hand made with aluminum change/pine trim boards/threaded steel rod axles, all available at your local home depot/lowes stores.
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ECX Barrage/proline body/suspension fixes
Another body for the ecx barrage, plus a couple of fixes for better suspension articulation.
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Razor RSF650  quick look & unboxing
I just picked up the newly released rsf650 from razor. 36volts, 220lb max, 10" alloy wheels, disc brakes, and a whole lotta fun!
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Burnouts in the  65 chevy C-10
Ive had this truck for over 7 years and finally got around to shooting a little video footage of a quick ride around the neighborhood. This is my 1965 Chevy c-10 step side pickup with a small block chevy and 700r4 tranny. 3.73 post. Dropped 5" with 20" american racing cragar style wheels. Super fun truck!
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Razor RSF-650 48 volt conversion
This video is a quick overview of my Razor RSF-650 48 volt conversion and the parts necessary to make the change and where I got them.
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AX-10 Deadbolt monster truck complete
Just finished up the ax10 dealt to monster truck conversion. ax10 chassis and shocks F/R smt10 sway bars 3racing lift kit ess-one sound module reedy 3300kv 4-pole brushless motor reedy sc800-bl esc smt10 transmission w/32p gearing unlocked front/locked rear diff j concepts tribute wheels j concepts renegades tires tactic servo and radio
Views: 4249 Scottstoyz
Razor RSF650 LED headlight
Installed an aftermarket headlight/wind screen on the little razor rsf650.
Views: 2154 Scottstoyz
My rc collection 2017
This is the second year documenting my collection as it changes frequently. Buy and sell is part of the hobby. I only have a few that I keep long term either because They have sentimental value or they are discontinued items and are a rare find.
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DIY electric skateboard revived
Re-creating a newer version of an electric longboard I made a while back. Slightly different board and hardware with same electronics. Latest version of the DIY single motor mechanical kit with turnigy SK-3 149kv motor/hobbywing 150A esc/2-zippy company 5800mah 3s lipos for 22.2volts total.
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Electric longboard re-build. Beercan boards
New deck for my electric longboard. Made from recycled cans.
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DIY electric skateboard V2 upgrades
Changed up a few things on the electric longboard. Bought a set of 97mm wheels to increase ground clearance/top speed/and to color match the board better. Also changed out the electronics enclosure to something smaller. And finally swapped out the flysky radio for the torque boards 2.4 nano remote control.
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Proboat Zelos 48 quick look & unboxing
Happy birthday to me. Just got a great deal on this, lightly used proboat Zelos 48 from eBay. I have a cnc 452 prop and gens ace 5000mah 50c 4-cell lipos on the way.
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Razor RSF650 48v ride
Finished the 48volt conversion on the rsf650. went from 17-25mph with the stock motor and gearing. pretty simple to do with a cost around $100. sorry bout the crappy audio and cheesy youtube music!
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Hercules Hobby 1/14 flatbed trailer
Quick video unboxing and look at the Hercules Hobby 1/14 flatbed trailer for my Tamiya Knight Hauler.
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Rc4wd trail finder 2 rtr
Just a quick video of my trail finder 2 that I re-painted to look like an old toyota I used to own.
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TraxxasM-41 Snap-On Edition
Just picked up the new snap on edition of the traxxas M-41.
Views: 5673 Scottstoyz
First time running the Proboat Zelos 48
Running the zelos 48 for the first time with a cnc 452 prop and a pair of gens ace 5000mah 50c 4-cell lipos in series for 8s.
Views: 644 Scottstoyz
Kyosho Scorpion B-XXL
This is a new Kyosho scorpion B-XXL that I got from an open box store on eBay. It is a 2wd 1/7 scale brushless buggy that runs on 4s lipo.
Views: 2429 Scottstoyz
DIY kit and turnigy SK-3 issue
Wanted to post an issue I had with the latest DIY mechanical kit combined with the turnigy sk-3 motors.
Views: 942 Scottstoyz
1968 super bronc minibike
Views: 1981 Scottstoyz
Proboat Stealthwake quick unboxing
Just got this cool little boat from rc superstore. Check it out!
Views: 424 Scottstoyz
Axial AX-10 to SMT-10 conversion
Quick video about a new rc project I'm putting together. Axial based monster truck.
Views: 414 Scottstoyz
Proboat Zelos 36 twin quick look & unboxing
Happy birthday to me! The new proboat zelos twin, 2000kv 4 pole motors, 120A esc's, 6s lips power, 60+ mph capable.
Views: 2394 Scottstoyz
Tamiya tundra or Gmade Komodo?
Which rc truck is the better scale vehicle? What makes a great scale truck? Is it all about looks or function. These two trucks are both great in different ways.
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DIY electric longboard. (GOPro footage)
A little more gopro footage of the diy electric longboard around the neighborhood.
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ax10 monster truck update
Almost done with the ax10 monster truck. installed a reedy 3300 4-pole 540 brushless motor and reedy sc800 3s esc. Added front and rear sway bars from the smt10, 3 racing lowering/lift kit, esc-one sound kit, proline chevy c-10 longed body with RPM blower motor attachment. Had to get a new transmission with 32 pitch spur gear and pinion. Just waiting for a set of integer driveshafts and a shorty 2s lipo pack.
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Rescue 17 fireboat update
Returned the aquacraft rescue 17 fireboat that I purchased from tower hobbies and bought another one from the scratch & dent section of their website. Paid an extra $20 but this one is way nicer!
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DIY electric skateboard V2 range & torque boards 2.4 Nano test
Got great range out of my 5800mah lipos. Top speed increased slightly with the bigger 97mm wheels. And got to test out the nano remote from torque boards.
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Old school proboat blackjack 26
I won this used proboat blackjack 26 on EBAY that was found at an estate auction. It had some really old nickel batteries that came with it. Boat was in mint condition and looked to be sitting on a shelf for a long time. Great find!
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Traction Hobby 1/8 Cragsman
Just put together this new 1/8 scale trail truck from traction hobby. Bought this from asia tees and it came RTR with a clear body and accessories. Paint is Tamiya ps-61 metallic orange.
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NEW Traxxas Rustler VXL  (beach setup)
found a great deal on a slightly used rustler vxl. setting it up to run on the beach in the sand.
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Vaterra 1972 Chevy K-10 quick look & unbox
Just picked this up for my son for christmas.
Views: 143 Scottstoyz
HPI E-firestorm flux
Found this rolling chassis on eBay. installing my own electronics and tire/wheel combo to make this into a beach basher.
Views: 951 Scottstoyz
Heald super bronc done
Got the super bronc mini bike put back together. Just need to iron out an issue with the rear brake and add a fuel pump.
Views: 791 Scottstoyz
Redcat Rampage MT V3
This is the latest version of the redcat rampage mt V3. It has a 32cc motor, dual 1/5 scale steering servos and metal gears.
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Thunder Tiger Olympian maiden run on 6s (fail)
Ran the TT olympian for the first time today. Something came loose between the prop and motor. 6s seems a little out of control. GPS signal was weak, so no top speed for this run.
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Traxxas X0-1
This just came . The last of my birthday fun money!
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AX10 MT, E-maxx, RSF650 fun with the neighbors.
Finally got a break from the rain and got all the neighbors out to play with some toys.
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Gmade Komodo gets a makeover
New body/tires and wheels/and a little suspension work on the Gmade Komodo.
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1/12 vaterra c10 scaler? ECX Barrage quick look & mods
This is a new eco Barrage scale trail truck that I am upgrading a bit to make it a semi-scale 1/12 trail truck. I am using a detailed vaterra c-10 pickup body with the same wheelbase as the Barrage. a set of aluminum rc4wd mickey thompson 1.55 deadlock wheels and rock stomper scale tires.
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Great Hobbyshop find! Proboat formula fastech
My local hobby shop had a new proboat formula fastech that has been sitting on the shelf for man years now. The owner made me a great deal that I couldn't pass up. So heres another old school discontinued brushless boat from the past.
Views: 309 Scottstoyz
Hobbyking Bad Bug RTR quick look & unboxing
Just received a complimentary 20% off coupon from hobby king so I decided to pick this guy up!
Views: 500 Scottstoyz
DIY electric longboard in progress
Almost completed. Component box is the perfect size. Everything squeezes in nicely.
Views: 4140 Scottstoyz
Invader fun kart
A little run around the neighborhood in the go cart with the GoPro .
Views: 369 Scottstoyz
Used rescue 17 fireboat. Send it back!
I bought this used rescue 17 fire boat from the "scratch & dent" section of the Tower Hobbies website. It was missing many parts that were not in the description. I ended up having to send it back for a refund.
Views: 277 Scottstoyz
Razor MX650
Since my 7 year old just got a razor dirt quad for his birthday, I had to have something to ride along with him. Sooooooo..........
Views: 4879 Scottstoyz
Peg Perego case tractor
More fun at a local park with cams tractor
Views: 4618 Scottstoyz

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