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Learn how to tie the perfect bow tie in just a few simple steps by Harry Rosen
Harry Rosen buyer Shannon Stewart demonstrates how easy it is to tie a bow tie. The nice thing about a bow tie you have to tie yourself is that it doesn't have to be perfect, in fact, it's actually a little bit nicer when it's imperfect because it has a lot of life to it and shows you pay attention to the finer details. A lot of men consider tying a bowtie a difficult task, but it's actually easy. Here's a step-by-step guide. Step 1: Adjust the bowtie to fit your neck. Place it around your neck with one side longer than the other. Step 2: Cross the longer side over the shorter side and make a simple overhand knot. Place the long end on your shoulder. Step 3: Hold the shorter side in front of your neck as if it were already tied (that was easy!). You'll notice you've made a loop on one side. Pinch that loop. Take the longer side off your shoulder and drop in down in front of the short side. You're almost finished! Step 4: Hold both sides firmly. Find the hole you created behind your shorter side faux-bowtie. Got it? Take your longer side and fold it into bowtie position, making another loop. Pull it tightly underneath the short side, and push it loop-first into the hole. Hold both looped ends while you do this. Step 5: You're done! Adjust as needed to get the bowtie into the ideal shape.
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How Do You Wear A Sports Jacket?
Harry Rosen explains the proper fit of a sports jacket. http://www.harryrosen.com/
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Learn How To Fold A Pocket Square In A Few Stylish Ways by Harry Rosen
Harry Rosen buyer Shannon Stewart demonstrates four simple yet stylish ways to fold your pocket squares. Pocket squares are a great way to showcase your personality while wearing a suit or sports jacket, with or without a tie. Square fold: By simply folding your pocket square in half four times, you create a neat, elegant look that is appropriate for all occasions. Pouf fold: To create this look, pinch the centre of your pocket square, draw the fabric through a loop of your finger and thumb, fold the bottom half up, and place in your pocket. Pocket Circle fold: A foolproof design, the pocket round is folded in the same way as the pouf, tucked into the pocket with either the seams or the centre showing. Peaked Fold: Fold your pocket square into a triangle, and fold the left edge over the right, keeping it slightly off-centre. Fold the top down to create a third peak. Tuck the bottom and the left side under and place it in your pocket. Pocket squares are a great way to add a lot of fun and personality to your outfit. If you use these basics as a starting point, you can really build on it and use your creativity and have a lot of fun accessorizing your outfit.
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Five Tips On Caring For Your Suit
A suit is an investment and you want it to look and feel good for a long time. A well-made suit is a garment that requires a little bit of extra special care. Video transcription: How to Care for Your Suit Hi, I’m Shannon; I’m a buyer at Harry Rosen. I’m here today to share our top five tips on caring for your suit. A suit is an investment and you want it to look and feel good for a long time. A well-made suit is a garment that requires a little bit of extra special care. 1. Rotate your suit Our first tip is that we recommend that you rotate your suits, as with your shoes it’s advisable to take a day off in between wearing your suit. Your suit is made from natural fibers and those fibers need time to rest and recover. All fabrics have memory and this time off allows the fabric to revert back to its proper shape. 2. Use a proper hanger Tip number two, use a proper hanger. Wire hangers are useful perhaps when you lock your keys in your car but they do not belong in your closet. A proper hanger will contour it and fit the shape of your suit. The edge of the hanger should hit the edge of the shoulder of the garment. A cedar hanger, such as this one, prevents creases and is useful in repelling predators such as moths. 3. Brush your suit Tip number three, we recommend after removing your suit at the end of the day that you give it a brush with a suit brush such as this one. Over the course of a day, a wool suit can trap lint, dust and hair, and over time these fibers can do damage to the fabric of your suit. When you take your suit off, simply hang it up, start at the shoulder and work your way down, gently and slowly. The process should take no more than 30 seconds. It will leave your suit not only looking great but also reduce the need for any additional cleaning. 4. Do not dry clean Tip number four, there’s a perception that if your suit gets dirty or wrinkled, you must have it cleaned. However, we recommend not dry cleaning unless absolutely necessary. The chemicals in dry cleaning are harsh and can damage the fibers of your suit over time. Therefore, cleaning your suit once every six months to a year is plenty. At the end of the day, we don’t recommend leaving your suit in a crumpled mess, however if you find that your suit gets crease, you can send it to a cleaner for pressing only. That way when the suit comes back to you, it will look crisp, but it won’t have been subjected to the chemicals of the dry cleaning process. It’s also important to remember that not all dry cleaners are created equally. If you visit us at one of our Harry Rosen stores, we will gladly recommend a cleaner in your local area that will take great care of your suit. 5. Travel tips Tip number five, when you’re traveling, a garment bag is your suits best friend. We recommend investing in a garment bag that is light and breathable and will protect your suit during travel. Should you find your suit does get creased, simply hang the suit in the bathroom while the shower is running. The steam form the shower will help reduce the crease and wrinkles in your suit and you’ll be ready for your next round of business meetings. One last word of advice, be sure to take advantage of our lifetime maintenance guarantee. After you’ve purchased a suit from Harry Rosen, should you need a button replaced or a seam repaired, please bring your suit into any one of our locations and our team of professional tailors will tend to your needs, free of charge. We even make adjustments for weight loss and heaven forbid, weight gain. Visit us at HarryRosen.com for a full listing of all the valuable services we offer. Well-made garments are meant to last, a little bit of extra care will ensure that your suit will last you for years to come.
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Learn How Your Suit Should Fit
Harry Rosen explains how a suit should fit on the body.
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How To Build The Perfect Work Wardrobe
Harry Rosen shares the essential items that must be purchased to have a great work wardrobe. http://www.harryrosen.com/clothing/dress-shirts/c/dress-shirts-l3
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What suit fits you?
Harry explains the variety of brands that are available at our Harry Rosen locations.
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HARRY ROSEN - What is Made to Measure
Harry Rosen provides details on the Made to Measure process.
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Learn How Your Suit Should Fit
Transcript: It’s been said that when a suit fits well, it’s the most flattering thing a man can wear. Whether you wear a suit every day, or only on occasion, ensuring you look your best and feel confident is something the experts at Harry Rosen have the experience to help you with. Let me share a few pointers that we can apply, regardless of whether your style leans toward a classic or contemporary silhouette. How the jacket hangs off your shoulders, and the drape of the lapel are the foundations when choosing a ready to wear suit. We want as good a fit as possible before we consider any alterations. The shoulders should be rounded and smooth with no dimpling or rumpling. The lapels should be flat and smooth against your chest. The collar should be smooth against your neck with no bunching or gaping. The jacket should be fitted to your body – top button at the slimmest part of your waist – with no pulling across the closure. Sleeves should be smooth with minimal twisting and end just above your wrist, leaving a quarter to half an inch of your shirt cuff exposed. Vents should lay flat with no flaring or tugging. Now, on to the trousers. Pants should be fastened at your natural waist. The seat should be smooth with no creasing or sagging. The break should naturally crease just above your shoes. While some rules of style are fun to break, the fit of a suit should be non-negotiable. Consider an appointment with a Harry Rosen Clothing Advisor for the benefit of experience when it comes to your next suit. And be sure to subscribe, share or like us before you go!
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Ask Harry:  How to Pair Shirts and Ties
Harry Rosen explains how to match shirts and ties with your suit or sports jacket. Transcript: There’s certainly no shortage of shirts and ties to choose from these days, so let’s start with some basics on how to put them together. There are two main details you want to consider when matching shirts with ties: colour and scale of pattern. Start by simply sticking to combinations of tones or colours that are pleasing to the eye. For example, most blue shirts go well with a red, yellow or green tie – something that really pops against a blue background. On the flipside, if you’re looking for a more understated look, a solid light blue shirt with a dark blue tie always looks smart. Matching the scale of the patterns in your shirt and tie is where most guys get tripped up. If you’re starting with a strong striped or checked shirt, try pairing it with a plain, solid tie – something that doesn’t fight with the boldness of the shirt’s pattern. If you have a tie with a really tiny design, say a polka dot, you can probably get away with it as it’s still acting like a plain tie. Another option if you’re wearing a more interestingly patterned shirt is to go with an equally strong pattern in your tie. Matching a bold check or stripe with an attention-grabbing paisley tie, for example. They complement each other because they’re both equally adventurous. Similarly, if you’re wearing a shirt with a really small check, you could pair it with a classic medallion-pattern tie for a sophisticated look that’s not too forward. One thing you want to avoid is matching a striped shirt with a striped tie. Not that it can’t be done but, because stripes tend to dance in front of your eyes, it’s a harder look to pull off. If you want to wear a striped tie, go with a subtle check or solid shirt. If you’re really stuck, try matching your shirt and tie by brand as like brands usually look good together, and don’t be afraid to experiment. Or consider an appointment with a Harry Rosen Clothing Advisor. We’d be happy to work out some killer combinations with you. And be sure to subscribe, share or like us before you go!
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Notes on Men's Style: What suit fits you?
Notes on Men's Style: What suit fits you?
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How It's Made: AG Denim
AG opens the doors of its dynamic workspace where modern technology meets handmade craftsmanship. From the initial concept designs through to the expert finishes, every stage of the authentic denim process is remarkably completed under one roof. The eco-minded brand proudly illuminates its waste reduction patternmaking and ozone treatments used to conserve water. AG’s vertically integrated facility ultimately gives them the ability to control the entire manufacturing operation, achieving creative ingenuity and unparalleled quality.
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Learn the Difference Between Ready to Wear, Made to Measure and Bespoke.
Transcript: If you’re confused about the difference between ready-to-wear, made-to-measure, and bespoke suits, believe me, you’re not alone. It’s one of the most common questions we field here at Harry Rosen, so today we’re going to set the record straight. Let’s start with the most widely available option: ready to wear. Ready-to-wear or off-the-rack suits are made to one of a designer’s signature patterns. Though offered in standard sizes, minor alterations are possible, so most men can find a ready-to-wear garment that fits them well. A made-to-measure suit is where a greater number of measurements and several personalization opportunities truly begin to reflect your individual taste. Working from one of a designer’s signature patterns, a Clothing Advisor will take measurements specific to your posture and build before noting your choices for the fabric your suit is constructed from, the look of the jacket lining, the style of the vents and pockets, and button options. Back in the designer’s factory, the suit’s standard pattern is tailored accordingly, and an additional fitting is typically scheduled to fine-tune for fit and comfort. With a bespoke suit, a pattern is designed specifically for you from scratch, with special emphasis on your almost-limitless creative options. You select the fabric and lining; the style of the lapels, vents and pockets; the type of buttons and thread; plus a host of other fanciful touches that will make your suit look and feel completely your own. For bespoke suits, two to three fittings are the norm. And there you have it. If seeing is believing, consider an appointment with a Harry Rosen Clothing Advisor. We’d be happy to guide you to a personalized look that’s unmistakably yours. And be sure to subscribe, share or like us before you go!
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The Making of the Perfect Dress Shirt - Eton
Harry Rosen speaks to Sebastian Dollinger of Eton - one of the most prestigious dress shirt brands in the world. Based in Sweden, Eton is known for crafting high-quality men's dress shirts that are remarkably comfortable and feature easy-care properties. It's no wonder that Eton is one of our best-selling dress shirts today. Eton shirts are available in Contemporary and Slim fits. To find your perfect fit, speak to one of our expert clothing advisors.
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What Is The Proper Fit of a Suit?
Harry Rosen explains how a suit should fit on the body.
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How to wear cufflinks with Robert Tateossian for Harry Rosen
Acclaimed as the King of Cufflinks, Tateossian London founder, Robert Tateossian, shares everything you need to know about finding the perfect pair. Robert Tateossian is building an empire based on men's jewelry. The London-based founder of this global accessories brand recently visited Harry Rosen. We caught up with him to learn how he has innovated one of the most classic pieces of menswear.
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Harry Rosen Inc. Fashionable since 1954 by Harry Rosen
Our 60 year legacy story.
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How Do I Pack for a Business Trip?
Hello I’m Alan Whitfield with Harry Rosen. We often get asked about how to pack for a 2 to 3 day business trip. With a little planning you can travel light, especially if you take advantage of your hotel laundry service. Last minute packing generally leads to overpacking and wrinkled clothes. Instead take a moment to study your agenda to determine how many meetings and social occasions you expect to have. What we have laid out here represents a typical wardrobe for 2 to 3 days, assuming you’re also wearing an outfit on the plane. You’ll notice that all of these items can be coordinated with each other. The jacket and trousers can be dressed up or down. No one wants to check luggage. A good carry on and sturdy garment bag like these will carry everything you need. The hanger on a garment bag can take up to three pairs of trousers if your trip requires a longer stay. Place your jacket on top, cover it in dry-cleaner’s plastic, and push out any big air bubbles to prevent wrinkles. If a longer stay is requires you can layer on another jacket and more dry cleaner plastic. The first items in your carry on should be your shoes. Pack them heel down evenly across the floor of the bag to provide a good foundation for the rest of your items. Use the belts and socks as shoe trees to support your shoe’s shape. Use your shoes’ duster bags to protect your shoes and keep your other clothes clean. Now, fill in the gaps with your sunglass case, rolled underwear, t-shirts, and sweatshirt & pants. Try to make the base as flat and even as possible. You can either roll your ties and pack them into the gaps or fold them in four and insert them into the inside pocket of your jacket. Avoid placing them between shoes so that they don’t get pinched and wrinkled along the way. Overtop place your knits and shirts folded from the launderer. Plan on wearing your overcoat on the plane to avoid unnecessary weight on your dress shirts. One of the key tricks to wrinkle free packing is to make sure you unpack and hang everything the moment you arrive at your hotel. If you’re room’s not ready ask the concierge to hang your garment bag for you. You’re all ready to go. Thank you and safe travels.
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Find The Suit That Best Fits You
Learn more about the look, fit and style of some of Harry Rosen’s top brands.
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4 Ways To Wear A Blue Sports Jacket
The sports jacket is the corner stone of any man's wardrobe. Watch as Harry Rosen head buyer Shannon Stewart shows 4 ways for men to wear the quintessential blue jacket. Transcript: Hi my name is Shannon Stewart, I’m a buyer with Harry Rosen. The sports jacket is the corner stone of any man’s wardrobe. We recommend investing in a blue jacket, as it’s the most versatile and easy to coordinate. Today, we’re gonna show you how. Business In this coordination example, we’ve dressed our blue jacket for business. This is great for an occasion where a suit is not required, it’s not that formal of a situation but you still want to look professional and you want to look polished. So let’s start first with the choice of trousers. A grey wool dress pant is the perfect complement to this jacket. It’s also going to be extremely versatile in your wardrobe to work back to other jackets as well. In terms of the shirt and tie we’ve chosen, we’ve gone with a classic mini check shirt with a blue background and paired it back to a navy blue knit tie. The texture of the knit tie adds a little bit of interest to the whole outfit. In terms of the pocket square that we’ve chosen, we’ve kept it simple, just a clean, crisp white pocket square, in a square fold. For our shoes and belt, we’ve gone with a really rich brown leather, and as always make sure that your shoes are well kept, polished and don’t detract from the rest of your outfit. Business Casual This next outfit takes our blue jacket in a more casual direction. We start first with the classic cotton chino in a light tan colour that coordinates perfectly back to the blue jacket. Now the great thing about a blue jacket, it really provides a canvas to add any colour. So in this case, we’ve chosen a very vibrant orange that adds a lot of pop and personality to the jacket and the entire outfit. It's layered over top of a fine white and blue striped shirt that has a little bit of that orange in it as well. The pocket square we’ve chosen, ties all of these colors together, and note that were keeping the colour of the outfit all in one area, we’re choosing colour in a careful way to make sure the whole outfit is really harmonious. In terms of the belt, and the shoe that we’ve chosen, we’ve decided to use a woven belt, which really speaks to the casualness of the outfit, and a suede chukka boot in a light tan colour. Note that the belt and shoes don’t have to match, they just have to complement one another. Weekend This look is the most casual of our coordinations. Without the jacket, it’s just a t-shirt and jeans. With the jacket, it takes your whole outfit to a new level, it makes sure that you’re appropriately dressed for any occasion, and it just gives you a much more polished and sophisticated look. We’ve taken our blue jacket, paired it back to a t-shirt and a pair of lightly washed jeans and a really clean, fresh, white sneaker, for a perfect weekend look. Relaxed A question we’re often asked is, “How do I wear a coloured pant without looking like a clown?” Well the answer is to let the pants speak for itself and keep the rest of the outfit neutral. So in this case, we’ve taken our blue jacket and that anchors the look for the coloured pant which adds a little life and personality to the outfit. We’ve also taken another wardrobe staple, which is a blue chambray shirt, so it keeps the top of the outfit really clean, and elegant, and just adds in a little bit of color in the trouser. The accessories we’ve chosen are also very sophisticated. We’ve chosen a white pocket square, with a little bit of a trim of blue. And for the belt and shoe, we’ve gone with a very rich dark chocolate brown suede in the belt and also the double monkstrap shoe. The overall look is elegant, and sophisticated, and not at all clownish.
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Munro Wedding
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Ask Harry: How do I give my look a lift? by Harry Rosen
Harry Rosen, Canada's leading menswear retailer, answers your style questions. This video explores how to update your look in the absence of a tie. For more visit www.harryrosen.com. As we head to work without a tie more often, many are wondering, how do I give my look a lift? Fortunately, you've got a lot of options. Look to a boldly striped or checked shirt worn open at the neck. It's an easy way to add impact to any suit, blazer, or sports jacket. We're passionate about pocket squares. You basically can't go wrong with a colourful, patterned pop of colour tucked into your chest pocket. Shoes provide another opportunity to show your personality. Invest in a rich shade of dress shoes to keep in step with one of the season's biggest trends. Still not sure about colour? Get your feet wet with a pair of colourful socks. It's more discrete, and a great way to initiate yourself. Start thinking about your suit as a blank canvas, and get creative from there. For more ideas, speak to one of our expert clothing advisors at Harry Rosen and discover more tips at HarryRosen.com.
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How To Mix & Match Your Shirt and Tie
Harry Rosen explains how to properly mix and match your shirts and ties.
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Tod's Gommino
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Corneliani  FW '17
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Do I really need a tuxedo?
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Ask Harry: What To Wear To A Job Interview
Harry Rosen offers some dos and don’ts when dressing to impress. Transcript: Before you say a single word to an interviewer, you have already spoken volumes with how you’re dressed. Even if the job itself won’t require wearing suits, the interview is a first impression, so let’s make it count. A plain, dark two-piece suit is your go-to. You don’t want to out dress the interviewer but it’s not appropriate to dress down for an interview either. A long-sleeve white shirt offers the easiest canvas for a tie, and here you may have a bit of fun. Particularly if you are pairing a solid shirt and a solid suit. Though we love the pocket square at Harry, avoid wearing one that feels too flamboyant. Instead, stick to a square-fold cotton pocket square so you’re not forgoing the detail entirely, but you’re also not distracting from the main event, which is you! Dark socks to match your suit and proper dress shoes are the finishing touches. There are plenty of great shoe options like these Monkstraps, oxfords or wingtips; and you’ll get tons of wear out of them. I promise! That’s the basics. Oh, and don’t forget to smile! If you’d like more specific advice consider an appointment with a Harry Rosen Clothing Advisor. And be sure to subscribe, share or like us before you go!
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On-Site World-Class Tailors by Harry Rosen
The Harry Rosen label inside your suit or sports jacket confirms you've been properly fitted. Our skillfully trained clothing advisors ensure you are trying on the right size to begin with, and then take precise measurements to identify any necessary adjustments. Behind the scenes, our on-site tailors finish your garment to your advisor's precise markings. Not to worry though, the secret of your waist measurement is safe with us.
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Pelle Tessuta NEW
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1 Suit 3 Looks
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Harry's Curation Services: Harry By Appointment
At Harry Rosen, we understand that finding an opportunity to visit us in-store, or even online, is often a question of time for many of our most valued clients. That’s why we’re proud to offer Harry by Appointment, a unique facet of Harry’s Curation Services that connects you and your Clothing Advisor when it suits you and where it’s most convenient. Whether it’s in your home or at your office, your Harry Rosen Clothing Advisor will come to you at a mutually convenient time with a curated selection of garments in the styles, brands and colours you’re looking for. When life gets busy, don’t compromise your style. Ask your Clothing Advisor, or email [email protected], for more information about Harry by Appointment or our Closet Cleaning and Wardrobe Assessments. We look forward to tailoring a shopping experience to you.
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Maîtres tailleurs sur place
L'étiquette Harry Rosen à l'intérieur de votre complet ou veston sport confirme qu'il est exactement à votre taille. Hautement qualifiés, nos conseillers vestimentaires s'assurent avant tout de vous faire essayer un vêtement de la bonne taille. Ils prennent ensuite des mesures exactes pour identifier toute retouche nécessaire. Dans les coulisses, nos maîtres tailleurs mettent la dernière main à votre vêtement selon les indications précises de votre conseiller. Et nul besoin de vous inquiéter, votre tour de taille sera toujours gardé secret.
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What To Wear Fall '17
Get inspired by the season’s top trends and take your wardrobe up a notch.
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Show Him He Means the World to You
Give Dad the most valuable gift of all. Your time. Vikash Bhatti, the Divisional Merchandise Manager of Luxury Collections at Harry Rosen, and his daughters Jaya and Karina discuss their favorite ways to spend time together, and the lessons passed down from father to daughter.
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Demandez à Harry : Comment puis-je renouveler mon look professionnel?
Depuis longtemps, les hommes utilisent les cravates pour donner de l'éclat à leurs tenues d'affaires et les actualiser. Par contre, vous faites peut-être partie de ceux qui n'ont pas besoin de porter de cravate pour un 9 à 5. Dans ce cas, comment pouvez-vous mettre à jour votre garde-robe habillée? Plusieurs options s'offrent à vous. D'abord, vous pouvez miser sur la couleur en choisissant une chemise aux rayures ou carreaux éclatants, que vous porterez avec le col ouvert. Ainsi, vous donnerez une nouvelle vie à vos complets, blazers et vestons décontractés. Vous pouvez aussi incorporer des couleurs vives et vivantes dans vos ensembles en ajoutant un mouchoir de poche à motifs. Chez Harry Rosen, cet accessoire fait partie des essentiels. En matière de style, il ne fait jamais faux bond. Une autre manière d'individualiser vos tenues : de nouvelles chaussures! Cette saison, allez au-delà du modèle noir classique -- optez plutôt pour une paire de bottes ou de chaussures habillées en cuir brun, une teinte qui est riche, chaude et tout à fait tendance. Vous préférez des touches de couleur plus discrètes? Aucun problème. Enfilez une nouvelle paire de chaussettes multicolores, une façon discrète, mais efficace d'adopter les teintes du moment. En fait, quelle que soit l'option choisie, votre complet devient la base neutre, à partir de laquelle vous n'avez qu'à composer et laisser libre cours à votre créativité. Pour d'autres suggestions et astuces de style, adressez-vous à l'un des conseillers vestimentaires qualifiés chez Harry Rosen, ou rendez-vous sur HarryRosen.com.
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Lead by Example.
Lead by Example. Harry Rosen is the one stop shop for dressing for today's modern workplace.
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The Best the World has to Offer
The best the world has to offer. Like the merchant adventurers of old, Harry Rosen’s buyers travel the world, seeking out treasures rich and rare, the finest luxury menswear on the planet.
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Blogue mode pour hommes: Quel complet vous convient le mieux?
Blogue mode pour hommes: Quel complet vous convient le mieux?
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