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Plastic Manufacturing Processes
Podcast 21 - Plastics in Manufacturing. Vacuum Forming, Extrusion etc all demonstrated for you.
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Try Square
Podcast 8 - Marking out wood using the Try Square
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Center Lather Turning 2.
Podcast 14 - Cutting a thread on a lathe
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All I Ask (Adele Cover) by Emily Bannon 2016
Emily Bannon (My Niece) singing Adele's 'All I Ask' at Breahead Shopping Centre on Sunday 21st August 2016. Why not subscribe to Emily's channel over at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCqysuHcLGbO0O36TSslJ0Q
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Fidget Spinners - 5 Stack and Slow-Mo
A relaxing video to watch before your exams. The legendary 5 spinner stack and some slow-mo video.
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The TmT Mannequin Challenge
The Teach Me Tekkie Mannequin Challenge. Well done to the IS WC class who 'nailed' it. Probably the worst H&S demo ever.
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The Design Problem and Brief.
Podcast 1 The Design Problem and Brief. Every Design Process begins with identifying needs and wants of the customer or client. This podcast explains the differences between an 'open' and 'closed' Design Brief.
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Basic Orthographic Projection.
Podcast 10Orthographic Projection. The basics of manual drawing board skills demonstrated in drawing a simple cube orthographic.
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Hurt (Christina Aguilera Cover) - Emily Bannon 2016
Emily Bannon performs 'hurt' by Christina Aguilera in Breahead Shopping Centre.
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Podcast 22 - Using Polymorph thermoplastic at the modelling stage of the design process.
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Natural Woods (And Trees)
Podcast 17 - Natural woods.
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Sand Casting 2
Podcast 4 This Podcast details the process of producing the cast object in alluminium.
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Design Analysis
Podcast 2 Product Design Analysis. This Podcast explains the areas of design analysis that can be applied to any product during the design process. It is shown as a mind map in this presentation, but for your final folio you should produce a mind map and a written list of the design factors you have chosen to analyse.
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Fire Mountain by Kian
I had a special request to film and post this video of 'Fire Mountain' made by one of my followers Kian. He worked hard on his project and I reckon he will be back for a rerun in 'Part 2'...🔥Fire Mountain🔥 Strikes Back😎 Well done Kian 👍🏼👏🏼 Don’t miss a trick. Keep up to date: Subscribe to my 📺 YouTube 📺 http://youtube.com/teachmetekkie Follow and 👍🏼 the FB page at http://facebook.com/mrbtec Download my 📚 eBooks 📚 at http://mrbtec.co.uk
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1.4 Toy Car Race
After 6 weeks of hard work - class 1.4 get to race their Toy Cars. Congrats to all involved!
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Sand Casting: Preparing the mould.
Podcast 3 This podcast describes the process of producing a mould for the metal casting process. It identifies all the areas that are examinable in the prelim and final exams on the Craft and Design/Product Design courses.
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Nycki Simz At John Paul Academy
Nycki Simz from last years X-Factor has launched her solo career and chose John Paul Academy to start her school promotional tour. The backing track is a bit quiet over our school sound system, its just as well Nycki has a great voice! Been whistling the tune all day ;-)
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Colour Theory
Podcast 9 - Colour Theory Presentation. The basics of Coulour Theory taught in Craft and Design, Graphics and Product Design.
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Clamping with Sash Cramps
A quick demonstration of clamping or ‘cramping’ (depending how old fashioned you are) boards using a Sash Cramp
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Rolling in the Deep (Adele Cover)-  Emily Bannon 2016
Emily Bannon sings Rolling in the Deep by Adele at Breahead Shopping Centre. Featuring a special cameo appearance by Rick Grimes himself from the Walking Dead! Seems 'Film & Comic Con Glasgow' was on that day.
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Sign into Newsfeed for iOS and Glow
The sign in process for using the Microsoft Sharepoint Newsfeed App on iOS with Glow Scotland accounts.
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How Drill Acrylic without it Cracking
This video in my Quick Klipz series is top tips on how to drill Acrylic or any plastic. A simple task but one which can cause problems - especially when you go to all the trouble of shaping and finishing the edges of your Acrylic. Remember to SUBSCRIBE to keep up to date with all my videos as well as Following me @mrbtec on Twitter and liking me at http://facebook.com/mrbtec on Facebook
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Workshop Tools and Wood Types
This video is in no way whatsoever related to the upcoming S3 Examination. Its not!
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Merry Christmas from your Tec Department
It's that time of year again so here is a little something to put a smile on your face.
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Create an iCloud Account
How to set up your iCloud Account
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Jar of Hearts (Christina Perri Cover)  Emily Bannon 2016
Recorded at Breahead Shopping Centre Sunday 21st August 2016
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Show My Homework for Pupils
A short video walkthrough of how we log into Show My Homework at John Paul Academy. The only tricky part is remembering to add the @glow.sch.uk domain name after your username on the login page.
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Glasgow Tin Bin Man
The Tin Bin Man outside St Enoch's Station in October 2016.
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Wood Turning the Pegs for the Coat Rack (HD)
The wood turning processes used to produce the pegs for the National 4 & 5 Woodworking Added Value and Course Assessment.
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Metals - The Basics
Podcast 18 - Metals
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Faceplate Turning
Another Quick Klip, this time demonstrating some of the processes involved in turning wooden bowls using a faceplate and a collet.
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Show My Homework for Parents
A short video to guide parents through the log in process for Show My Homework here at John Paul Academy. Please have your Login letter and pupil Pin Number handy as you will need these to create your account.
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Teach Me Tekkie
Welcome to TeachMeTekkie!!! TmT is a place to seek answers to all your Design & Technology, Design & Manufacture and Woodworking questions in and out of school. LIKE my Facebook page over at http://facebook.com/mrbtec and You can also download a range of eBooks for smartphones over at my site http://mrbtec.co.uk Remember to subscribe to the page to keep up with the updates.
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Varnishing Wood & it’s Benefits
A Quick Klipz Video with some key points about varnishing Woods. Don’t miss a trick. Keep up to date: Subscribe to my 📺 YouTube 📺 http://youtube.com/teachmetekkie Follow and 👍🏼 the FB page at http://facebook.com/mrbtec Download my 📚 eBooks 📚 at http://mrbtec.co.uk
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Beam Bridge No#1
S3 Construction and Testing Unit. This bridge is a 'Beam Bridge' design using 'Piers' for support. What follows is a video of the weight testing process at the end of the unit of work. Balance and stability was a problem.
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Downloading eBooks for SmartPhones
A step by step guide showing you how to download my Tec eBooks to your mobile. I suppose this guide applies to most online book sources you can access via your browser. Links to iBooks and Kindle apps on http://www.mrbtec.co.uk My eBooks should be available on almost all smartphones.
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1.4 Distance Trials
The final lesson in our Toy Car Project
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Shaping Thermoplastic (Acrylic) using a Strip Heater
This (slightly longer) video in my Quick Klipz series takes a look at shaping and forming a thermoplastic using a Strip Heater. Thank's again to Kyle for the demo.
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Post homework using the SMHW App
A step by step guide for pupils on how to post their homework straight to the app when asked. You can even type your homework straight into the app although I would suggest using the notes app to spell check it first. A word of warning: SMHW does not allow emojis 😕❌🚫
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Mr B's Morphological Analysis (2017 Version)
A simple introduction to using a Morphological Analysis Matrix and its application in idea or concept generation.
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Computer Aided Manufacturing (C.A.M)
Computer Aided Manufacturing
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Measuring using a steel rule.
Podcast 6 The basics of measurement using a steel rule.
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Center Lathe Turning Part 1
Podcast 13Center Lathe Turning Part 1
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Marking Guage
Podcast 7 Marking out wood using the Marking Guage
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Checking for Squareness
Squareness, or checking if an object is square and has 90 degree corners can be done in a variety of ways. This Quick Klipz Video shows you how. Don’t miss a trick. Keep up to date: Subscribe to my 📺 YouTube 📺 http://youtube.com/teachmetekkie Follow and 👍🏼 the FB page at http://facebook.com/mrbtec Download my 📚 eBooks 📚 at http://mrbtec.co.uk
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Daft Punk Smart Board
Playing Daft Punk on a Smart Board. By Mr B Tec
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Podcast 16. Useful for all graphics pupils!
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1.8 Toy Car Race
The final race if the year sees the coolest looking cars go head to head.
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Plastics 1
Podcast 19 -Plastics, Where do they come from?
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Sweet Injection
The girls visit JPA. This is their new single. Filmed using the iPhone 5s, FilMic Pro App and iRig Pre-Amp. (SD Space Saving Version)
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