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We walked in the park, it was hot, we could not pass by this alluring waterfall. The full version of this video (free!) in Full HD (1920x1080 12min) you can download on our website waminstyle.com.
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I like rain and hail very much!!!)))
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the fountain in Moscow 1.avi
the fountain in Moscow. white skirt, white socks, sandals. wetlook
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Russian girls in fountain in Moskow
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Last Bell in Russia
Last Bell in Russia. May 25 2012. Moscow Victory Park.
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Tanya in winter clothes washes up in the bath. (wetlook waminstyle)
Tanya in winter clothes washes up in the bath. (ID-292) http://www.waminstyle.com/store/direct_link/?set=292 (Full Video) It was an ordinary winter day, Tanya took her dog Larry for a walk in the park. Snow was melting , making puddles and making the ground slippery. For these walks Tanya wears a warm coat, white warm pants, boots, fur earflap hat , knitted gloves, and sure underneath clothes - warm knitted sweaters, pantyhose, white angora socks. So you need to be dressed warm for long walks in winter. Tanya had fun running with the dog and often falling into a puddle or wet snow and her snow-white clothes gradually became wet and dirty in some places. So she decided to wash up after walking... Read all - http://www.waminstyle.com/store/direct_link/?set=292
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Tanya bathes fully clothed.
Tanya wore this suit all the day. In the evening she came home and decided to take a bath, but she was very tired and too lazy to undress). She went into the warm water fully dressed in her black suit, shirt, high heel shoes with white socks. After relaxing in a warm bath, Tanya also took a shower in clothes and washed his clothes a bit right on herself). See more videos on: http://waminstyle.com/
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White socks, in jeans and sneakers in the river (same)
White socks, in jeans and sneakers in the river (same)
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Wet and dirty socks
Having rest on the river bank
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Wet and dirty white socks and shoes
Walking in the river bank in wet and dirty white socks and high heel shoes
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Fishing  in wet dirty socks )))
I love very much my wife fishing,soaking and getting white socks dirty and wet!!!
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Tanya in muddy puddle and riwer fully cloused - jeans, white socks, shoes, and red t-shirt.
Tanya in muddy puddle and riwer fully cloused - jeans, white socks, shoes, and red t-shirt. more videos - http://waminstyle.com/ http://www.waminstyle.com/store/storesets/
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Viper wetlook waminstyle
Full version on this video see - http://waminstyle.com/video/10/ V-14. Tanya swims in the rocky bay. :: 14:36 1280x720 [17-06-2011] Tanya walks and swims in the rocky bay in the river Dniester . The most attentive viewer can see a snake in water near Tanya.
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Wetlook in jeans waminstyle
Wetlook in jeans. (Full version of this video in Full HD resolution with length 22min you can watch at http://waminstyle.com/ )Two girls overcome a raging river fully clothed. They enjoy a powerful whirlpool of water in their favorite jeans. There are no barriers for them, when they really want to get wet, they enjoy the pressure of water, relax and play with water.
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No shoes in the wet white socks in public
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WET college girls! WETLOOK on WAMinStyle (ID-107)
Full video - http://www.waminstyle.com/store/direct_link/?set=107 Elena and Natalia went to the river after college, cool water lured them in such a hot summer, and they didn't hurry to go home. It is much more pleasant to sit on the bank of the river with legs down to water, enjoying the cool water, talking about school and discussing their girl's problems. And wearing school uniform is not a problem, but rather fun! pleasure of enjoying wetlook. They do not take swimming suits with them to college! And it does not make sense to undress and loose time, it is more pleasant to get wet fully clothed in their college clothes, especially in the summer heat. At the begining girls decided just to wet feet in high knee socks, they were tired during a day, sat down on a stone, dropped feet into the water and began to discuss their problems ... But! they are still naughty young girls who love to fool and play about! And in such situation there was no way to resist soaking from head to toe and getting satisfied). How much joy wetlook can bring! Should I tell you? See for yourself and make sure - everything is written on the faces of Elena and Natalie - lots of fun and excitement! And it makes no difference that I was shooting them, in such moments they do not see anyone around, it happened for real! You can get full version of this video (26 min Full HD video and 345 high res photos) in our download store by this link: http://www.waminstyle.com/store/direct_link/?set=107 Also 8 free photos and 74 videos Scrins of high quality are available there!
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Girls barefoot in dirty white socks walking on the street.
Girls barefoot in dirty white socks walking on the street. More photos and videos of wetlook, wet and messy, muddy socks: http://waminstyle.com/ http://www.waminstyle.com/store/storesets/
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Best WETLOOK on WAMinStyle !
http://www.waminstyle.com/store/storesets/ Elena and Natalie have fun and swim in a burbly river fully clothed. This video was shot spontaneously, without a script and performances, the girls entertained themselves as they wanted, enjoed the nice weather and played in the warm water, splashing a lot of positive emotions from being wet. They just did not notice me as an operator, I had trouble keeping up with them not to miss interesting moments. Watching full version of this video you will not be bored for a minute. Half-hour video will pass as a moment, giving you a great mood! You can get full version of this video (30 min Full HD video and 522 high res photos) in our download store by this link: http://www.waminstyle.com/store/direct_link/?set=99 Also 9 free photos and 82 videos Scrins of high quality are available there!
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Muddy white socks 1
Walk in white socks getting muddy and wet
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In The Pool in sauna
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Tanya in muddy dirty white knee socks.
Tanya in muddy dirty white knee socks. more videos - http://waminstyle.com/ http://www.waminstyle.com/store/
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Merry christmas wetlook challenge!!!
Tanya and her best friend Varvara congratulate all wetlookfans with Christmas and Happy New Year 2015! GirFriends clothed smartly - dress, skirt, white tights, stockings, Christmas hats. They took a bottle of champagne, turned on music and got into a warm bath, fully clothed, to say us Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! more wetlook photos and videos: http://waminstyle.com/
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Dirty white socks, at the lake, part 2
White dirty socks in heels, at the lake
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Wetlook, office clothes
Wetlook, office clothes
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Wetlook, Black sea 2
Wetlook, Black sea 2
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WETLOOK waminstyle black sea storm
Tanya decided not to tempt fortune, and did not dare to swim in a stormy sea! But she liked to catch a wave on the shore. It's nice when wave covers you from head to foot soaking the clothes through. The full version of this video (Full HD 1920x1080 16:39) look at: http://waminstyle.com/
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Tanya in dirty and wet white knee socks!
Tanya in dirty and wet white knee socks!
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wetlook washing of socks and jeans from waminstyle
Tanya wetlook washing of socks and jeans from waminstyle. More my videos: http://waminstyle.com/video/ http://www.waminstyle.com/store/storesets/
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Walking in white worn out high knee socks along the marshy riverbank.
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Wetlook, in sauna, office clothes
Wetlook, in sauna, office clothes
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College girls and their teacher in sauna. WETLOOK schoolgirls
College girls and their teacher in sauna.(ID-207) full version of this movie here: http://www.waminstyle.com/store/direct_link/?set=207 Two girlfriends Elena and Natalia decided to skip classes and went to sauna for fun. Girls took a tape recorder, laptop and smartphones, not to get bored and to have fun, to listen to music and to play with their phones , as they have strict rules in college prohibiting from carrying electrical engineering, even a simple mobile phone. But the teacher phoned the girls and find out where they are. Then she appeared in sauna and began yelling at them, she also checked their bags. Nika (form teacher) found laptop and phones in their bags and decided to punish girlfriends. Not listening girls' arguments Nika forced them to throw their phones by their own into water. Natalia was the first to drown her phone, then the teacher made her to wear her heavy bag and sent her into swimming pool, fully clothed in uniform. Then Nika made Elena to turn on tape recorder and pass it to Natalia in the pool, so that she could drown it. Once the technique successfully went to the bottom, the teacher made a poor girl to dive under the water and take the phone and tape recorder from the depth. Then Nika allowed Natalia to leave the pool, but only with a very heavy bag full of water and let her take a warm shower to warm up. Then Elena shared the same fate. Angry teacher forced her to dive with a working phone until it was destroyed. Then Nika forced Elena to drown laptop. After it teacher sent both girls under the shower and made them wash each other. Nika stood aside and in secret got pleased with the view of wet college girls. But the sly teacher thought this punishment not to be enough and she made the girls go into the pool again, then she threw her phone into the water to have a reason to join girls in water, as Nika secretly adored wetlook. Seeing the teacher in water, girls immediately cheered up, they forgot about their ruined gadgets and they enjoyed the situation.
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Tanya bath in white dress and pantyhose.
Tanya bath in white knitted dress and pantyhose and sexy knee dirty white socks!
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Only wet&dirty knee white socks
Sometimes, it is enough just to wet feet in white socks. To wet and muddy white socks - our favorite occupation). More photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/waminstyle/
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White socks in snow winter forest
White socks in snow winter forest
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Today it was hot, we had a rest at the lake, Tanya wanted to swim and walk home in wet clothes to escape the heat this way)
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Very dirty and muddy white socks off Tanya.
Very dirty and muddy white socks off Tanya. more videos - http://waminstyle.com/ http://www.waminstyle.com/store/
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Wetlook, in sauna in winter coat
Wetlook, in sauna in winter coat
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Wetlook in sports wear
Wetlook in sports wear
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dirty socks1
dirty socks1
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Knitted clothes and wet hair
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Tanya WAMinStyle in white dirty socks.
Tanya walking without shoes in white dirty socks in the park. More photos and videos, wet wam wetlook girls on WAMINSTYLE: http://waminstyle.com/ http://www.waminstyle.com/store/storesets/
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Muddy white socks in forest
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wet and muddy white dirty sexy socks! More - http://waminstyle.com/ http://www.waminstyle.com/store/storesets/
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wetlook in fur coat on waminstyle
If it is a beautiful woman wearing it, anything works. Marta proves this by wearing her fox fur coat and boots to the swimming pool and to the sauna after and even to the steam room. This confident Russian woman like Marta getting her fur coat wet is a lot of fun and she greatly recommends it to others. It could feel so good to swim in boots and a fur coat. Don't believe us? Try it yourself. Full version you can see on: http://waminstyle.com/video/
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The new WAM-method to water the flowerpot))
Muddy and wet white socks pantyhose
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Only legs and wet white socks!
Tanya shows you how to get wet feet in white socks slowly and enjoying!) More wet socks - http://waminstyle.com/ Таня вам показывает как правильно, медленно, получая удовольствие - мочить ножки в белых носочках!)
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wet&muddy socks
Walk in white socks on send beach playing with the canser
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WAMinStyle would like to wish you a happy Christmas and New Year and all the best for 2013!
Three Russian Wet Snow Maidens wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!(ID-135) http://www.waminstyle.com/store/direct_link/?set=135 Elena with her best friends met in sauna to celebrate Christmas holidays, and to have a good time girls in a very beautiful Snow Maidens dresses soak in Jacuzzi, in the pool and in the shower. It is their first wetlook holiday and they really liked it. Girls gave us a bright festive show of beautiful wetlook, and got a lot of fun themselves. Full version of this video (ID-135) you can watch in our store - http://www.waminstyle.com/store/storesets/ For all our current subscribers and those who join our site from December 25, 2012 till January 10, 2013 this Christmas video and photo set will be presented for free! (Wait for E-mail with the code to download).
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Wetlook waminstyle
Wetlook waminstyle
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