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Rootikal Riddim & Irie Souls  - "Heartbreaker"/"Don't Know Love"
Mix of Rootikal Riddim's "Heartbreaker" and Irie Souls' "Don't Know Love". Special Request and Zion Bound albums.
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Dubkonscious - Jah is Great
Rare KTUH live recording of "Jah is Great" by Dubkonscious. Hawaii roots reggae at its finest. Keep an eye out for their new album produced by Father Psalms Studio.
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Dubkonscious - "Konscious Vibes"
KTUH live recording. Hawaii roots reggae. Check out Dubkonscious' new album titled, "At the Foot of the Mountain" produced and mixed by the most talented Mike Love and Jah Gumby of Father Psalms Studio.
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Father Psalms - Thin Line (ft. Kali of Ooklah the Moc)
First recorded mix version of "Thin Line" by Kali Navales of Ooklah the Moc. Performed with Father Psalms band. Song is off the Father Psalms Studio album 'King Davids Style'. Editing by the talented Jah Gumby of Father Psalms Studio/Ooklah the Moc. Didn't have the artwork with this album, so this is just a montage of Ooklah the Moc/Father Psalms album covers. Enjoy. Peace & Love. JAH bless.
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