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4 simple Trellises
Here are 4 different ideas for trellising your plants. These ideas are easy and cheap to do!
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Dividing Peonies
Fall is the time to divide your peonies. These tips can apply to all your different types of peonies. Once divided you can share them with friends and family.
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Spring Lavender Pruning
Is your lavender getting out of hand? We have tips for getting it back into shape, and when and where to cut for pruning.
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Fall Peony Care
There are things to do in the fall that will guaranty that your peonies will preform better next year. We get some tips for the experts at Adelman Peony Gardens
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Cilantro Pots
We have some tips for planting a cilantro pot by your back door and also about herb pots in general.
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Top 10 Groundcovers
Looking for a groundcover that can handle the worst and still come back for more? These are the plants that were chosen by customers, growers and retailers as the best at handling cold winters, heavy traffic and "mean" conditions.
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Topping your dahlia
How to top/trim your dahlia to make a stronger plant with more blooms.
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Digging your Dahlias
Some tips for digging your dahlias, or how to protect them while they are in the ground.
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Sun and Shade Hostas
If you think that hostas are only for shade, you are only part right. There are some that can handle direct sunlight as well.
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Fall Hydrangea Care
the hydrangeas are still blooming and we check out some tips for pruning plants and preserving flowers
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Strawberry pots
Strawberry pots are fun and a great way to bring your strawberry harvest right to your doorstep. Flowers even work great in these 'condo' containers
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Pruning Japanese Maples
Pruning Japanese maples can be daunting. We have a few tips for getting started.
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Fall Rose Pruning
Time to cut back your roses for the upcoming winter. Here are some simple tips that will prepare your roses for winter and give them a head start for spring.
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Hand Scythe
We take a look at the scythe or sickle. This is one of the oldest tools in the garden and we show you how to use it correctly.
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Simple Trellis
Looking to add height to your garden? We show you how to build simple structures out of inexpensive materials.
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Hedge Choices
There are lots of choices when you are looking at a plant for a hedge. We check out a few different types including some with different foliage and fragrance!
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Storing your Dahlias
How to store your dahlias so they make it through the winter.
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Dividing your Dahlias
How to divide your dahlias and label them for storage.
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Hazelnut Harvest
Fall is the time to harvest hazelnuts, also called filberts. we see how they harvest them.
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Repotting Orchids
Orchids can give you years of color if you maintain them correctly. We learn how to repot them from a expert from the Oregon Orchid Society.
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Pruning Berries
Spring pruning may be a hassle, but it will ensure a bountiful harvest later in the season. We show you how to prune raspberries and cane berries for more fruit later in the year.
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Worm Tower
You can bring nutrients to your smaller garden spaces with this worm condo!
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Here is a how-to on building a light-weight concrete pot of your own. It is easy to do and a great family project.
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Re-potting Cactus
We show you some tips for re-potting your cactus.
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Bamboo Types
There are 2 main types of bamboo, runners and clumpers. We stop by Bamboo Garden Nursery to learn about the 2 types and where you should plant them.
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Top 5 Lavenders
We stop by Lavender at Stonegate and visit with Sarah. She just wrote a new book on lavender and tells us 5 of her top favorites.
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Dahlias as Cut flowers
How to treat your dahlias so they last longer as a cut flower.
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Japanese Stone Paths
The Japanese have paths that meet specific purposes in the garden. We show you some of the different designs and why they build different types of paths.
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Chainsaw Museum
We visit a fantasic museum devoted to chainsaws and it is a private collection built by a Stihl rep. The entire history of chainsaws on display!
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Edible Weeds
Why apply chemicals to remove your weeds, when you can harvest them to eat! We wander through a backyard to assemble a salad with a plant expert
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Cinder block Garden Bench
We show you how to build a nice bench out of cinder blocks that will make a nice bench in your garden.
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Fall Rose Care
The winter is coming. Time to take care of your roses so they don't suffer from the cold and the rain.
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Pruning Woody Perennials
You can cut back your woody perennials, we will show you how.
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Harvesting CBD Hemp Oil
CBD oil is the new buzzword for promoting good health. We stop by Red Barn Hemp to see how they harvest it and what people say it can do.
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Parr Pallet Bench
Another great project from our friends at Parr Lumber. Here is a garden bench that you can make out of an old pallet and a couple of boards.
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Re-Blooming Iris
Iris are known for their spectacular spring flower show, but we found a bunch of varieties that are making a second 'late-summer' appearance.
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Solexx material
We found out that the success of the solexx greenhouse is tied to the material covering the structure. Here is how you can use it to recycle another structure.
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Tried and True Perennials
Perennials are plants that come back year after year to bring you great summer color. We take a look at some of the best for our area.
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Ripe Squash
We check out some tips for figuring out when your squash is ready to harvest and which varieties are the best tasting.
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Amaryllis Bulb Care
Want to have your amaryllis rebloom for the holidays? Start preparing the bulb now for some great winter color
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Dahlia Varieties
We stop by Swan Island Dahlias to learn about all the different styles of blooms that this plant has. We also lean about the annual festival going on at the end of August every year.
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Tropical succulents
take a trip to the tropics with these unique and exotic succulents
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Dividing Peonies
Fall is a great time to dig and divide your peonies. We learn how to do it correctly and what to look for in an tuber.
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Daylily care
The rules about Daylilies... there are no rules. these are great summer performers in the hot summer garden.
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Garden Hoes
One of the most popular tools in the garden is the hoe. We stop by Red Pig tools to check out this tool and see some different versions.
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Crape Myrtles
It is called the 'Lilac of late summer', it is the Crape Myrtle. We learn about them and how to grow them
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Dwarf conifers
Looking for year round interest in your garden? check out these cool dwarf conifers.
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Wasabi growing
Did you know that the wasabi is a plant? This member of the brassica family is known for its flavor. we check out a couple of samples.
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Planting Iris
August is the time to dig and divide your iris plants. We show you how to do that and how to plant them for a bright display in your spring garden.
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Lavender Wreath
Sarah at Lavender at Stonegate shows us how easy it is to make a lavender. We also get some tips on pruning lavender.
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