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The X-Men: True Heroes
Hi! This is my first video so go easy on me! : ) I don't own any pictures in this video. This video includes some of my favorite X-Men characters! My all-time fav is Cyclops! Sorry, I didn't put pictures of Charles Xavier or Colossus in it! Maybe next time... If there are any other characters you like, tell me and I might make another video using more pictures! Thanks! Suscribe for more! edwardsbellaforeva
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Cute Anime Couples In Love
This is another anime video out there in the hundreds of other ones! I hope you enjoy it! Anime couples are so adorable! Please subscribe! edwardsbellaforeva
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Elegant Blonde Anime Girls
Pretty, cute, beautiful anime girls! Aren't they adorable?! I do not own the song or any pictures in this video. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND COMMENT!!!!!!!!!! Thanks! I hope you enjoy this video! edwardsbellaforeva
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The Beauteous Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon is one of the most beautiful animes ever, in my opinion! Once again, I don't own the song or pictures in this video! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND COMMENT!!!! I hope you enjoy my video! edwardsbellaforeva
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Adorable Chibi Friends!!!
Chibis are sooo cute!!! I do not own the song or any pictures in this video. PLEASE RATE AND COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you enjoy it! edwardsbellaforeva
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For My Best Friend (What I've Been Looking For)
I made this video for my best friend. I love her so much! She means so much to me! Send this video to your best friend to show them how much they mean to you. =] Also, I do not own the song or pictures. I do not know the animes from which the pictures are from. The song is "What I've Been Looking For" from High School Musical. I hope you liked my video! Don't forget to tell your best friend how much you love him/her!
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Happy 35th Birthday, James Marsden!
Today, on September 18, 2008, James Marsden turns 35 years old! YAY!!!! This was put together kind of fast so it would be on time so not all of the pictures are perfect. I don't own any of the pictures in this video. Please comment and subsribe! Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoy! edwardsbellaforeva
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Trunks: A True Saiyan Warrior
I hope you like my Trunks video! He's my favorite Dragon Ball Z character! I don't own the song or any pictures used in this video. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND ADD ME AS A FRIEND!!!! I take requests too. So please ask! Thanks for watching my video! edwardsbellaforeva
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