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Craig Ferguson 5/6/14E Late Late Show Richard Ayoade XD
Craig chats with Richard Ayoade from "The Double"...This guy is just my speed.
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Craig Ferguson 2007 Sobriety monologue
To celebrate 20 years rebirth, I give you the infamous 15 years sober monologue taken from the 2/19/7 episode of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson...
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Craig Ferguson 5/14/12A Late Late Show in Scotland beginning FA
Craig and Jonesy rock the week of Scotland eps off right! ...Craig is singing "Scottish Rite Temple Stomp" by Ninian Hawick--that really is him singing! A) cold open B) Glamis Castle & Sketch 1 C) Sketch 2, & Glasgow's Necropolis D) Sketch 3, & Spur Hotel E) Sketch 4, & Ariel Tweto at the Tron F) Crumpets, The Imagineers & sketch 5 G) ending ep1518S https://twitter.com/#!/malinky2stoatir
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Craig Ferguson 11/2/11A Late Late Show beginning XD
Craig interrogates the Australian lesbian row... A) cold open B) show and tell C) tweetEmail D) Ted Danson chat E) Bitsie Tulloch chat F) ending ep1404
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Craig Ferguson 3/19/12A Late Late Show beginning XD
Craig is made to look like more of a douche than usual by twins...fan boys of twins are so adorkable. A) cold open B) show and tell C) tweetEmail D) Anne Rice chat E) Geoff Tate comedy F) ending ep1488
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Craig Ferguson 5/1/12A Late Late Show beginning XD
Lucky white fucking rabbits... A) cold open B) show and tell C) tweetEmail D) Jesse Tyler Ferguson chat E) Lennon Parham chat F) ending ep1509 https://twitter.com/#!/malinky2stoatir
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Craig Ferguson 2/9/12E Late Late Show Weird Al Yankovic
Craig chats with Weird Al...
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Craig Ferguson 2/2/12A Late Late Show beginning
The tale of the PA and Intern continues...they are adorable. A) cold open B) show and tell C) tweetEmail D) Daniel Radcliffe chat E) Mark Forward comedy F) ending ep1458
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Craig Ferguson 6/24/13A Late Late Show beginning
Troublemaker Craig...Hope he clears things u so he doesn't appear atomic orange on the show again. A) cold open B) show and tell C) tweetEmail D) Toni Collette chat E) Dylan Moran chat F) ending ep1746 https://twitter.com/malinky2stoatir https://www.facebook.com/pages/Malinky-Stoatir/390026057731426
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Craig Ferguson 2/28/12A Late Late Show beginning XD
Sid harasses a hobo... A) cold open B) show and tell C) Dr Oz chat D) Carrie Keagan chat E) advert & ending ep1476
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Craig Ferguson 5/2/12A Late Late Show beginning
Craig chats up a Scottish hobo... A) cold open B) show and tell C) tweetEmail D) Anjelica Huston chat E) Reno Wilson chat F) ending ep1510 https://twitter.com/#!/malinky2stoatir
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Craig Ferguson 3/7/12A Late Late Show beginning
Craig bonds with fellow Glasgow hobos... A) cold open B) show and tell C) tweetEmail D) Susan Sarandon chat E) Rondell Sheridan comedy F) ending ep1482
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Craig Ferguson 9/4/12A Late Late Show beginning XD
Rest in Peace, Michael Clarke Duncan...He was so much fun. A) cold open B) show and tell C) tweetEmail D) sketch E) KathyGriffin chat F) ending ep???? https://twitter.com/Malinky2Stoatir http://www.facebook.com/pages/Malinky-Stoatir/390026057731426
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Craig Ferguson 5/22/12A Late Late Show beginning
Canadian lesbians take over lesbian row... A) cold open B) show and tell C) tweetEmail D) Billy Bob Thornton chat E) ending ep1524 https://twitter.com/#!/malinky2stoatir
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Craig Ferguson 6/24/13E Late Late Show Dylan Moran XD
Craig chats with Dylan Moran... https://twitter.com/malinky2stoatir https://www.facebook.com/pages/Malinky-Stoatir/390026057731426
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Craig Ferguson 6/22/12A Late Late Show Jeff Daniels XD
Jeff Daniels performs "Take Your Tongue Out of My Mouth..." with Craig on percussion...lovely. A) Jeff Daniels performs B) show and tell C) tweetEmail D) Mark Wahlberg chat E) Sloane Crosley chat F) ending ep1542 https://twitter.com/#!/malinky2stoatir
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Craig Ferguson 6/27/13A Late Late Show beginning
Craig is over-whelmed with 2 lesbian hobos from Sweden... A) cold open B) show and tell C) Channing Tatum chat D) Marc Maron chat E) ending ep1749 https://twitter.com/malinky2stoatir https://www.facebook.com/pages/Malinky-Stoatir/390026057731426
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Craig Ferguson 6/25/12A Late Late Show beginning
Craig chats with a lovely Manchester hobo...clearly, he's charmed. A) cold open B) show and tell C) tweetEmail D) Elijah Wood chat E) Kathleen Rose Perkins chat F) ending ep1543 https://twitter.com/#!/malinky2stoatir
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Craig Ferguson 4/5/12A Late Late Show beginning
Happy Birthday, Geoff... A) cold open B) show and tell C) tweetEmail D) Jeffrey Dean Morgan chat
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Craig Ferguson 2/15/12C Late Late Show sketch XD
Bridger and Alex at the zoo...
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Craig Ferguson 6/26/13D Late Late Show Sandra Bullock XD
Craig chats with Sandra Bullock from "The Heat"... https://twitter.com/malinky2stoatir https://www.facebook.com/pages/Malinky-Stoatir/390026057731426
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Craig Ferguson 3/9/12E Late Late Show Chris O'Dowd XD
Craig chats with Chris O'Dowd from "Friends with Kids"...
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Craig Ferguson 8/28/12A Late Late Show beginning
Sid talks to half a horse but is it the right half? A) cold open B) show and tell C) tweetEmail D) Larry King chat E) Michelle Buteau comedy F) ending ep???? https://twitter.com/malinky2stoatir http://www.facebook.com/pages/Malinky-Stoatir/390026057731426
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Craig Ferguson 3/6/12A Late Late Show beginning
Craig interrogates a family of vacationing hobos...yes, Craig, yer the only one who hasn't heard of a phlebotomist. A) cold open B) show and tell C) tweetEmail D) Joel McHale chat E) Dan Boulger comedy F) ending ep1481
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Craig Ferguson 2/3/12A Late Late Show beginning
Craig interrogates an all knowing hobo from Lesbian Row... A) cold open B) show and tell C) tweetEmail D) Rachel Bilson chat E) Jonathan Ames chat F) ending ep1459
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Craig Ferguson 4/11/12A Late Late Show beginning
Craig chats with four hobos from Norway...keep turning that yummy hobo round *slurp* A) cold open B) show and tell C) tweetEmail D) Adam Goldberg chat E) Robbie Montgomery cooking F) ending ep1498 https://twitter.com/#!/malinky2stoatir
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Craig Ferguson 5/23/12A Late Late Show beginning XD
Craig creeps a hobo out in a variety of ways...does this surprise ANYONE?! A) cold open B) show and tell C) tweetEmail D) Jennifer Love Hewitt chat E) Rutina Wesley chat F) ending ep1525 https://twitter.com/#!/malinky2stoatir
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Craig Ferguson 11/23/11E Late Late Show Wilford Brimley XD
Craig chats with Wilford Brimley...he's awesome.
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Craig Ferguson 6/11/12E Late Late Show Rory Scovel
Rory Scovel comedy...
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Craig Ferguson 6/19/13B Late Late Show MONOLOGUE
Craig's Show and Tell: US Presidents in Germany and Scots with nukes...the cue card bit makes me giggle-snort. https://twitter.com/malinky2stoatir https://www.facebook.com/pages/Malinky-Stoatir/390026057731426
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Craig Ferguson 2/24/12C Late Late Show sketch XD
The Rather Late Programme with Prince Charles...snort-a-rific!
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Craig Ferguson 2/16/12A Late Late Show beginning
Craig salivates over Swedish roommates...supah creepay, yow! A) cold open B) show and tell C) tweetEmail D) Jeffrey Tambor chat E) Amy Smart chat F) ending ep1468
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Craig Ferguson 2011 Paris Week opener
Craig and the gang opened up Paris week with Plastic Bertrand's "Ca Plane Pour Moi", on the August 1, 2011 episode of Le Late Late Show avec Craig Ferguson. This was removed from the original hacked account, so I thought it appropriate to repost...as its da shit. https://twitter.com/#!/Malinky2Stoatir
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Craig Ferguson 4/16/14E Late Late Show Tom Segura
Tom Segura comedy...
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Craig Ferguson 4/2/12C Late Late Show tweetEmail XD
Craig checks the tweets plus emails...British tele talk.
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Craig Ferguson 1/20/12A Late Late Show beginning
Wavey and Sid share some time together... A) cold open B) show and tell C) tweetEmail D) Larry The Cable Guy chat E) 3 Doors Down performs F) ending ep1454
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Craig Ferguson 1/12/12D Late Late Show Hugh Laurie XD
Craig chats with Hugh Laurie from "House"...someone's packing some heat! Mmmmm, Malinky sandwich. *salivating* This may sound pathetic, but I believe I could sit in a library or coffee shop, watching these guys just reading or talking for hours.
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Craig Ferguson 5/23/12D Late Late Show Jennifer Love Hewitt XD
Craig chats with the scrumptious Jennifer Love Hewitt from "The Client List"...HO-LY crap! https://twitter.com/#!/malinky2stoatir
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Craig Ferguson 10/20/11E Late Late Show Sarah Paulson
Craig chats with Sarah Paulson from "Martha Marcy May Marlene"...THAT'S some footage for the spank bank!
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Craig Ferguson 1/17/12D Late Late Show Colin Firth
Craig chats with Colin Firth of "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy"...Gary Oldman is the most under rated actor of our generation.
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Craig Ferguson 4/17/12A Late Late Show beginning
Craig chats with a happy hobo... A) cold open B) show and tell C) tweetEmail D) Kevin Kline chat E) Alice Eve chat F) ending ep1502 https://twitter.com/#!/Malinky2Stoatir
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Craig Ferguson 5/23/14E Late Late Show Carrie Keagan
Craig chats with Carrie Keagan...
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Craig Ferguson 6/18/14A Late Late Show beginning XD
Secretariat and his inner thoughts... A) cold open B) show and tell C) tweetEmail D) Noah Wyle chat E) Abigail Spencer chat F) ending ep1953
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Craig Ferguson 4/11/14A Late Late Show beginning XD
Craig flirts with two adorable Chinese hobos... A) cold open B) show and tell C) tweetEmail D) Wanda Sykes chat E) Malin Ackerman chat F) ending ep1905
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Craig Ferguson 5/29/14A Late Late Show beginning
Some chicks get creepy with craig...LOVE dat tie! A) cold open B) show and tell C) tweetEmail D) Hugh Laurie chat E) Hugh Luarie & the Copper Bottom performance ep1939
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Craig Ferguson 2012 The Talk
Craig Ferguson visits "The Talk" live on 5/9/12...YUM! https://twitter.com/#!/malinky2stoatir
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Craig Ferguson 4/3/12A Late Late Show beginning
Craig chit chats with an enthusiastic hobo... A) cold open B) show and tell C) tweetEmail D) Ted Danson chat E) Hannah Simone chat F) ending ep1492
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Craig Ferguson 6/18/13D Late Late Show Angie Harmon
Craig chats with Angie Harmon from "Rizzoli & Isles"... https://twitter.com/malinky2stoatir https://www.facebook.com/pages/Malinky-Stoatir/390026057731426
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Craig Ferguson 5/27/14D Late Late Show Betty White XD
Craig chats with Betty White from "Hot in Cleveland"...America's Sweetheart!
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Craig Ferguson 1/5/12A Late Late Show beginning
2 cockney rabbits and an adorable beaver... A) cold open B) show and tell C) Tom Selleck chat D) Daniela Ruah chat E) ending ep1443
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