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Tutorial: Colored coffee filter flower
Music by Kevin Macleod Creative Commons song title "Hackbeat" http://incompetech.com Want to make a beautiful fabric flower? Have some coffee filters laying around? Make this elegant coffee filter flowers! And yes, you can make a coffee filter look elegant. Use them to embellish mini albums or just about anything! *To my subscribers, sorry I haven't had a video up in a looong time. I had computer crashing issues and lost everything. I hope to be putting up more videos more often.
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Easy, lightweight blanket tutorial
This tutorial is for a "summer blanket". It's a lightweight blanket that is very easy to sew. It takes maybe 30min tops to make. I thought that this would be a perfect blanket to make for the children that are victims in the Haiti disaster. Or if you know of someone in your personal life that may need one, for them too.
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St. Patty's Day Brooch Tutorial
Here is a fun St. Patrick's Day brooch that you can make in 30 minutes. No sewing machine required (but you do have to hand sew). Make one for yourself or for someone special in your life; your daughter, mom, coworker, kids, sister, aunt, teacher, friend, the possibilities are endless. And try making it in different colors for different occasions! It doesn't take too many materials, and the ones that you do use are pretty inexpensive so it will be a cinch to make a handful of them.
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How to make a Sock Animal: Hippo!
My nephew really likes hippos so I was inspired to take the traditional sock monkey idea and transform it into a sock hippo. Let me know if you make one, or if you have suggestions on how to improve it! Thanks for watching. Subscribe if you'd like to be notified when next week's tutorial gets posted. And every week after that for new and exciting sewing crafts. NOTE: To read the pattern better, please watch in fullscreen mode. Or just comment to me if you still have questions.
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Sewing Tutorial:Mini Tote Bag/Cute Lunch Bag/Gift Bag/Purse/Etc.
I loved the color of this dollar store bag, but I hated how plain and boring it was. Not to mention how big and flat. I found the second bag laying around the house and loved it's shape and size...so why not turn the blue one into a version of the other? It was pretty easy and the none-fraying fabric was great to work with. If your dollar store doesn't have the exact same bag, try looking for laundry bags or even t-shirts. The key is that you want fabric that won't fray.
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Simple & Easy Fabric Bow: A Tutorial
Make this simple and fast fabric bow for decorating all sorts of things; dolls, clothes, purses, home decor, scrapbook pages and covers, the possibilities are endless.
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