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Group Discussion on Research -Part 2
Role of a student and role of an Advisor. What traits must a student have? How often to meet your advisor? Different types of advisors. What attitude must a student have? Importance of interaction with the advisor. The importance of keeping notes. This discussion looks at these aspects
Group Discussion on Research- Part 3
The significance of routine work in research. Carrying out research versus reporting research. Dealing with ‘failure’ in your research.
Group Discussion on Research- Part 1
What does a research degree represent? What is Research? Incremental research versus path breaking research. Selection of a research area, selection of a research Guide. These are discussed in this first group discussion.
Group Discussion on Research- Part 4
We discuss the importance of small steps in research, and the importance of regularity in your work. The role of peer community in your research. Different learning strategies and how they apply to research. Teamwork in research, sharing resources and credit. Being an examiner of your own work. Motivation for carrying out research, and characteristics of researchers
DOE Part 1
Lecture on Design of Experiments
DOE part 5
DOE part 3
DOE part 2
DOE part 4