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Connor The Crusher, A Boy With Cancer Meets His WWE Hero
This video touched my heart.. I think it may touch yours too originally from ebaumsworld http://www.ebaumsworld.com/video/watch/84067553/
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how the John Deere 110 tlb backhoe drives
some education on the hoe!
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the BIG CHUTE and picked up a new  chuteing toy
frigg love the big chute... but we were a bit early and they were not running yet... oh well
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Invitation to a grand opening of Stompin Grounds
Hey..Check out Mayor Williams video as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noLdch_rd90
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rippin out more tree stumps
we got to tearing out some of the old elm stumps and ill show ya how i plant the grass seeds after
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I think I have a plan
if this works watering the pumpkins should be easy
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Had an awesome guest on the show today and picked up some steel for trailer
big guest came to visit today and did an unboxing for us on his new crawler check out smokey1858 on the youtubes http://www.youtube.com/user/smokey1858/videos also we crush the old fridge and head to the scrap yard and the metal shop to get trailer metal...
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Dylan's first run scored.
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just a quickie update
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Wholly got some snow last night preview
Not as much as the last storm. But I'm going to be a while cleaning.
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Project bottle sandblast
we covered a glass bottle with vinyl and gave it a sand blast with a nice result
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mowing with the MTD rider
well it's no John Deere that's fer sure but it works!
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Merry Christmas October 28th ....What the ???
Thanks for watching
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You're not seeing it. You're not allowed to
Mid day update tubes just not much going on right now working on a little project
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Romping on the ford jubilee PART 1
closing the gates on mothers day. and the big bridge test! and how the 2n nearly killed me
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John Deere 110 TLB backhoe removal process
just showing how to get the hoe off if you need it off
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POWER lifting demonstration by yours truly  the crazy canadian billstmaxx
frikken canadian power!!! backs a little sore now but no worse for the wear! ill have to put in a bit of dirt next time to make it more challenging
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re-living some old ruts
drove a little further to port carling and to the old cottage we used to go to when i was a kid
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plumbing in the bone yard today bridge update
dumb friggan water pipes.... but gotta fix em
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fixxin the trailer tire valve stem
finally got to it holly crap
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Time to change the deere to mower mode Part 1
tizz the season to be mowing maybe
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Tranny filter and fluid change on the  MYJ jeep day 2
cleaning up the pan and installing the new filter.
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Update on the big big bridge project
nearly ready for a test drive on but it's been so wet here we've not done so much work on it lately.... just need some gravel now on it then were good
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getting free dirt from the new funeral home expansion
i pologize for all the excavator footage .. i could watch theose things work all day there so smooth and powerfull i need one of them
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Freeek snow storm April 03 2011
wtf is this now. Man ill have to plow in the morning now. And i was thinking about getting the mower ready lol!!!
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FOR MOOSE sakes were outta here                      the drive out part 1
some of the highlights from the trip to the east coast
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Carbon monoxide test for two hours....Let's see what happens and May need a truck battery 😡
Now i'm aware there are other chemicals released in this type of heater Burning kerosene/diesel consumes oxygen and produces carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and quite possible carbon monoxide
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just a small prob really with the hoe
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Ford 2n cold  start  and drive around
firing up the old 2N tractor cold winter and going for a drive
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Frigg this lets go home
the heart of the trans is insane and this was a sunday evening???? i cant imagine rush hour on a friday long weekend ffs
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Happy 9th  birthday Dylan
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moving dirt to the house load by load
it's gonna be a while and a lot of durt
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Nice dumpster skore. Sweeeeet!
Thanks for watching If you felt like supporting the Channel I’ve set up a paypal at [email protected] Thank you for your support 😁
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mega load of dirt   and weirdy eyes (Dylan)
dylan was dying for me to upload this one.... mr weirdy eyes at the end.... i think it's one of my best endings yet
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Special Lube package for the slingshot drive shaft
Thanks for watching If you felt like supporting the Channel I’ve set up a paypal at [email protected] Thank you for your support 😁
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Back from 1 week vacation and 1 week of work to catch up on....No kiddin
Billstmaxx mailing address 12 Cemetery Rd Mono Ontario Canada L9W-5W3
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