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Farleigh Castle Vet's MXDN 2011 Evolution 500 Class
Another short video clip from the Farleigh Castle MX De Nations weekend in September 2011. This featured race is one of the Evolution 500 races from the Saturday's race programme. Look out for more highlights from this superb weekend Coming Soon.
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Motocross Motorcycle  Crash Ballyblack Ireland 2015
This incident was filmed at a Classic Scramble event at Ballyblack in Northern Ireland on the 20th June 2015. The rider is Gary Bishop who was riding a 1979 400 Maico Twinshock machine..
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"Fun in the Mud" Part 1
The latest creation from the Monti118 video vault. A brief selection of my motocross video clips with a muddy motocross theme. The music is of course "Yakkety Sax" by "Boots Randolph" or maybe some of you will know it more commonly as the theme from The Benny Hill Show. None of the riders featured in this video suffered any serious injuries and they all walked away unscathed. Look out for part two in this series Coming Soon.
Views: 13062 Chris Montignani
Classic Dirt Bike Start - Ups
A short video featuring some classic dirt bikes starting up. Listen to some good sounds from a 430 Husky, 490 Maico, a classic CCM, and a very unique 1966 W1 SS Kawasaki 650.
Views: 189559 Chris Montignani
Hawkstone Park National Twinshock 2015  "In the Paddock"
A brief video featuring some of the classic dirt bikes in the paddock at the recent National Twinshock meeting at Hawkstone Park on the 2nd of May.
Views: 18668 Chris Montignani
Classic Dirt Bike Crashes My Top 5
A few of the best clips of dirt bike cashes from my video archives. Although a few of these riders sustained minor injuries in these falls all have now made a full recovery and are back on the racing circuit. I have hundred's more similar clips in my archives so look out for more of the same soon.
Views: 3725 Chris Montignani
Classic Dirt Bikes 1975 Ossa Phantom 250 Mk 2
Another genuine race bike from one of the Scottish Twinshock Scramble Club's members. Of course this bike will never win any prizes for its beauty although it still is a 1975 Ossa Phantom 250 MK 2 and is still used on a regular basis at Twinshock and classic race events. Rock Your World by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence.
Views: 7320 Chris Montignani
World Twinshock Championship Hawkstone Park 2000
This is some old VHS video footage I found in my archives. It is some video I shot while at the World Twinshock Championships which was held at the superb Hawkstone Park racetrack in England in June 2000. It turned out a fantastic weekend with some good dry weather and even better racing. Look out for some big names in this video including 490 Maico No32 Willie Simpson (dad of course of Motocross GP star Sean). No 99 Paul Chiappa, No 133 Craig Elewell, No7 CCM mounted Jimmy Aird, No1 Pete Mathia and many more international stars. Willie Simpson won the overall event on the day on a 490 Maico supplied by Bill Brown of Wulfsport, although what people did not know that the front end of Willie's Maico was actually taken from Paul Chiappa's 250 Maico as Willie thought that the front end of his bike was not handling as it should.
Views: 11865 Chris Montignani
Motocross Benny Hill Style Part 1
More Monti118 classics set to the music of comedy maestro Benny Hill's theme "Yaketty Sax" I like to think of this as a motocross tribute to Benny who was a true perfectionist at the visual gag.
Views: 7079 Chris Montignani
Classic Dirt Bikes "1989 Cagiva 250 Evolution Dirt Bike"
I spotted this very nice little Cagiva 250 at a recent Scottish motocross event, I think it's a 1989 although I am not 100% sure although I'm positive all my You Tube fans will soon put that right. Dirt Road Traveler by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence. I Want to Fall in Love on Snapchat by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence.
Views: 4112 Chris Montignani
Funny Motocross Video's
The latest creation from the Monti118 video archives. The music this time is supplied by the "Pitkins" singing "Gimme Dat Ding".
Views: 321224 Chris Montignani
Ballmullo 1999 Motocross crashes
Some riders at the Ballmullo practice track at Leuchars in Fife in 1999 find the going a bit sticky.
Views: 24360 Chris Montignani
Classic Dirt Bikes (A very rare EMC CZ Twinshocker)
This superb looking EMC CZ is another classic dirt bike from the Ian Ridley Collection. This featured bike is one of only six bikes ever made and was captured at the 2018 Scottish Classic Motorcycle Show at Ingliston near Edinburgh on Saturday 7th April.
Views: 3891 Chris Montignani
Over 60's and Over 50's Race 1 Scottish Classic Scramble Club Kirkness 2012.
The first video clip from the Scottish Classic Scramble Club race meeting held at Kirkness near Ballingry in Fife on the 12th of August 2012. These featured races are the Over 60's Class and the Over 50's Class. Racing from the Up to and Over 40's and the Twinshocks class will be posted soon.
Views: 19785 Chris Montignani
Motocross Crashes
More quality fun from the Monti118 Video Vault as those Twinshock Scottish Motocrossers fall from their trusty steeds.
Views: 16722 Chris Montignani
Classic CCM Dirt Bike Start Ups
Some of the those classic CCM Clews Competition Machines bursting into life.
Views: 8607 Chris Montignani
Classic Bultaco Dirt Bikes
A very brief video of some classic Spanish Bultaco dirt bikes.
Views: 27640 Chris Montignani
Classic Dirt Bikes - Two- Stroke or Fourstroke "Which Sounds Best?
A short selection of classic Two-Stroke and Fourstroke Dirt Bike start-Up's but which one do you prefer.?
Views: 137432 Chris Montignani
Classic Motorcycles of the 70's/80's Part 1
Part 1 of a collection of video's featuring some of those classic motorcycles from the bygone era of the 1970's and 1980's. In this clip you will find some of my personal favourites such as the superb looking Yamaha RD 400 which is machine I always wanted to own when I was just a youngster at 18.
Views: 43508 Chris Montignani
Classic MV Agusta Start-up
A short clip I filmed while attending the "Bikes In The Park" event run by the Kirkcaldy and District Motorcycle Club at Beveridge Park Kirkcaldy Fife on the 11th of May 2014. This beautiful MV Agusta was attracting lots of attention from admiring spectators and when it started up the sound was incredible. More video from this event will be posted soon.
Views: 4204 Chris Montignani
Classic Dirt Bikes 500cc "Curtis Honda"
Another bike from the Calum Wilson collection. This bike was one of two machines that were destroyed in a fire when they were both locked in the rear of Calum's Transit Van. The other machine of course was Calum's 1983 510 Husqvarna Twinshocker which has now been fully restored and the video is now available on my You Tube Channel. Rock Tune by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence.
Views: 5668 Chris Montignani
Classic Motocross Crashes
Once again the video archives at Monti118 have been raided to bring you another quick sequence of motocross clips.
Views: 2451 Chris Montignani
CCM Challenge Race 1 Nostalgia 2005
This is a video from the Kendal Classic Nostalgia Scramble from Holme Farm Middleton Sedbergh Cumbria in August 2005. This featured race is the CCM Challenge Race 1. Look out for some fast CCM riders in this clip including ex Works GP motocrosser Jimmy Aird riding No7 with the gold tank. He's quite easy to spot really he's the guy in pole position.
Views: 3721 Chris Montignani
Classic Dirt Bikes RM 250 Suzuki Twinshock
This very nice looking little RM 250 Suzuki belong's to Lewis Hart. Lewis has a couple of these RM 250's and this was his race bike I captured at the very first Round of the Scottish Twinshock Championship at Southalls Farm Drumclog in South Lanarkshire on Sunday 26th March.
Views: 5131 Chris Montignani
1989 Honda CR250 Evolution Bike
This superb looking 1989 Honda CR250 is the property of Scottish rider Iain Clark. This machine was built by Lee McCollum in the USA who is well respected in the world of vintage motocross bike building.
Views: 20032 Chris Montignani
Classic Dirt Bikes "The Raymond Thomson Collection"
A short video featuring some classic dirt bikes from the "MadMaxMaico" Raymond Thomson Collection. These machines were featured in a recent article in issue #56 of the VMX Magazine. Rocker Chicks by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: http://audionautix.com/
Views: 20425 Chris Montignani
Classic Dirt Bikes "CZ Special's"
A nice collection of classic CZ Dirt Bikes with some trick parts fitted. Look out for the superb machines from the Trevor Calderwood collection and that very nice 360cc bike belonging to Englishman Keith Best. Dirt Road Traveler by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence. I Want to Fall in Love on Snapchat by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence. Heading West by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence. Time Passing By by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence.
Views: 2772 Chris Montignani
Scottish Football Referee Kenny Clark Part 3
The third instalment of the Kenny Clark after dinner speech at Dunfermline Athletics Andy Tod's Testimonial dinner at the Keavil House Hotel in Crossford Fife in September 2006. Part four to follow.
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Classic Twinshock CZ Dirt Bike
This superbly tricked up CZ Twinshock dirt bike is the property of Northern Irishman Trevor Calderwood.
Views: 5020 Chris Montignani
Classic 1974 Re-Manufactured CCM Dirt Bike
This superb looking British CCM dirt bike is the property of Scottish rider Stewart Roden. This machine is a re-manufactured 1974 model built using all original parts and a few up to date modern day improvements.
Views: 3917 Chris Montignani
Paul Chiappa and Pete Mathia Canada Heights 2001
More classic clips from the Monti118 archives. This is an old 8mm Video from the World Twinshock GP held at Canada Heights racetrack in Kent England in June 2001. Racing in this clip is Scotland's No1 Twinshock racer Paul Chiappa and England's top rider Pete Mathia. Both riders were going at it hammer and tongs throughout this race although Paul Chiappa eventually had a DNF due to the 490 Maico's headstock breaking in two probably due to the punishment the frame was getting doing the downhill jumps. Just look at the geometry of the frame at the end of the clip it looks like a German dragster.
Views: 4952 Chris Montignani
Classic Dirt Bikes "Steve McQueen Rickman Metisse Desert Racer Part 2"
This superb looking Rickman Metisse Steve McQueen Desert Racer is owned by Cumbrian Twinshock racer Alan Bott. These very unique machines are currently being constructed by Metisse Motorcycles in Farringdon in the UK. This bike is #6 of only 300 bikes that will be built as exact replica's of the iconic movie star's 1960's MK3 Machine.The original bike that McQueen owned back in the 1960's was built by his good friend Bud Ekins who of course was the actual rider that made the fence jump in the Hollywood blockbuster movie The Great Escape. Jellyfish in Space by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence.
Views: 6439 Chris Montignani
1992 WR 500 Yamaha Dirt Bike
This superb looking and original 1992 WR 500 Yamaha dirt bike was built by American classic dirt bike builder Lee McCollum. Lee built this machine and the shipped it to the UK for the 2013 Vet's MXDN at Farleigh Castle. The bike was sold to some luccky bugger soon after the event.
Views: 12565 Chris Montignani
Classic Dirt Bikes "1989 ATK 250 MX"
This superb American built 1989 ATK 250 MX is another machine from the Andrew Craig collection. These were very innovative machines in their day with that radical rear disc brake bolted onto the primary sprocket and the unusual "Anti Tension Kettenantrieb" final chain drive system which gave ATK their company name.
Views: 4081 Chris Montignani
Classic Dirt Bikes  HL 500 Yamaha Twinshock (Replica)
This featured machine is Scottish rider Gary Fleming's HL 500 Yamaha Replica.
Views: 3899 Chris Montignani
Farleigh Castle Twinshock Cup International Race 1 2009
This is race 1 of the International Class from the Farleigh Castle Twinshock Cup weekend in 2009. This is the first race for the International riders from the Sunday the 6th of September. The second race from the Sunday will be posted here soon. Look out for grat motocross names like Bellgian Werner De Witt, Jimmy Aird from Scotland, Neil Prince. and Pete Mathia.
Views: 2322 Chris Montignani
Classic Dirt Bikes "Swedish 1983 500CR Husqvarna"
This short video takes a look at Findlay Wright's 1983 500CR Husqvarna Restoration. This machine was the very first bike I produced an article for to be used in VMX magazine.
Views: 1364 Chris Montignani
Classic Motorcycles 250cc and 380cc Twinport CZ's
These two superb looking machines belong to Scottish Classic motocross rider Stewart Riddell. One is a 1964 250cc CZ and the other is a 1964 380cc model, and both have the Twinport CZ Motor.
Views: 6014 Chris Montignani
CR 250 Red Rocket Twinshocker
This nice looking machine is Mike Dobies CR 250 Red Rocket Twinshocker.
Views: 9045 Chris Montignani
Classic Dirt Bikes 1983 500 Armstrong/Rotax
This machine belongs to Scottish rider Andy Malloch. Andy has two of these Armstrong bikes in his collection along with a little Montesa he uses for Classic race events.
Views: 4790 Chris Montignani
In the Paddock Scottish Twinshock Garelochead 2013
Some bikes and banter from the paddock at the Scottish Twinshock Round 4 event held at Glen Fruin Garelochead on the 14th of August 2013. Some of the racing from this meeting will be posted on my channel soon.
Views: 11542 Chris Montignani
Willie Simpson 490 Maico Hawkstone Park 2000
This is some old 8mm video I found in my archives of Scottish rider Willie Simpson on a Bill Brown sponsored 1981 490 Maico at the World Twinshock Championships Hawkstone Park in 2000. Willie took the title that year and was way ahead of second place finisher German Herbie Smitz. Pop Metal by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: http://audionautix.com/
Views: 3172 Chris Montignani
1982 Husqvarna 250 Dirt Bike
You may have seen this video on my You Tube Channel before although I had to revamp it due to the You Tube big wigs giving me a telling off for using a coyrighted soundtrack. This 1982 250cc Husqvarna Twinshocker was built by Scotsman Paul Toulouse. This bike was built completely from pieces in baskets and I think Paul has done a superb job on the bikes restoration.
Views: 6212 Chris Montignani
Motocross Sidecars Bennetts Hill September 2015
Some video footage of motocross sidecars from the Mortimer Classic Scramble Club's event held at Bennetts Hill Burghfield Reading in September 2015.
Views: 7257 Chris Montignani
CCM Motocross Racing Nostalgia Scramble
Some classic racing CCM footage from the last few years of the Cumbria Classic Nostalgia Scramble. Look out for racing legends in this clip such as Scotsman Jimmy Aird, Norman Barrow, and Ian and Richard Charlton.
Views: 11942 Chris Montignani
Knockhill Super Truck Event 1990
A short clip of some old VHS footage from the Knockhill Super Truck event from a freezing cold and misty Knockhill Racing Circuit in Fife on the 2nd of September 1990. Look out for Steve Murty's wheelie truck in this clip, some excellent car control from the driver of the Mx2 Ford Escort and some truck pulling from the late great Jon Paul Sigmursson.
Views: 3072 Chris Montignani
Motocross Rider Gets Stuck in Start Gate Warmingham
A Twinshock rider at the recent World Twinshock International event at Warmingham in 2007 could not wait until the gate dropped and performed a wheelie and got his rear wheel stuck fast.
Views: 513152 Chris Montignani
CCM Unlimited Race 1 Kendal Nostalgia 2011
Here is a small sample of some of the action from one of the CCM races from the Kendal Classic Nostalgia Scramble at Holme Farm Sedbergh Cumbria on the 21st August 2011. Look out for 11 times Scottish Twinshock Champion Paul Chiappa riding No 11 who normally rides a 1981 490 Maico. There is also a 2 and a half hour DVD of this event available covering every race (except the Twinshock Handicap which was the last race of the day). Just contact me at [email protected] for more details.
Views: 17566 Chris Montignani
J.A.P (John Alfred Prestwich) Classic Motorcycles
A short video featuring Cecil Pearsons immaculate collection of J.A.P classic Scramblers. All these bikes are still competing on the racetrack to this day despite the motors still being 1930's technology.
Views: 1837 Chris Montignani
Pre 1985 + Fourstrokes Race 1 Sat 24th
This is the first Pre 1985 and Fourstroke race from the Saturday's race programme from the Vet's De Nations at Farleigh Castle in September 2011. Race two will follow soon along with more footage from the Evolution 500's. Thank you for viewing.
Views: 1092 Chris Montignani

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