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5 Things to Know About Cryotherapy
Cryotherapy is a treatment which can help revitalize the body immersing it in extreme temperatures. Although it may sound intimating–cryotherapy works much like an ice bath, but takes much less time. After cooling the skin to a low temperature, the brain reacts by sending nutrient and oxygen-rich blood to affected areas. Groupon Beauty Expert, Favin, speaks with Chicago Cryospa to demystify cryotherapy treatment and deliver the five things you need to know before booking your next appointment. Shop cryotherapy deals on Groupon: http://www.groupon.com/browse?query=cryotherapy
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5 Things to Know About Keratin Treatments
A keratin treatments smooths hair, making it more shiny and manageable. It's not a hair straightening treatment, but rather one that eliminates frizz and adds gloss when its protein coats the outside layer, known as the cuticle. A La Braziliana brand treatment begins with chelating products, which strip excess minerals and impurities so the protein can stick more effectively. Then, the keratin treatment is applied. Then, instead of being rinsed out, it's heated and dried onto the hair. When protected by the correct products, such as gentle, sulfate-free shampoos, the glossy results last two to four months. Shop deals on hair straightening and styling on Groupon: https://www.groupon.com/local/hair-straightening
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Things to Do in the Smoky Mountains | A 2-Day Tour of Smoky Mountains Attractions
Things to do in the Smoky Mountains range from picnicking with white-tailed deer in Cades Cove to driving down the Blue Ridge Parkway. Use our two-day tour of Smoky Mountains attractions for ideas for your next trip. Find deals for Smoky Mountain vacations on Groupon Getaways: http://groupon.com/getaways
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5 Things to Know About iLipo
iLipo is a non-invasive, safe, surgery- and downtime-free alternative to liposuction. After a consultation with measurements, the tech applies four paddles. Each paddle has nine holes, through which 32 beams of laser light aim to turn fat cells from "grapes" to "raisins." It can be used on virtually any part of the body, such as the love handles and thighs, with the abdomen being the most popular area chosen. Once the paddles are in place with a strap, the tech applies a warm cocoon-like wrap, which helps accelerate the process. After 10–20 minutes, the paddles are moved to the other side. Pros recommend a minimum of eight treatments over four weeks, with clients losing up to four inches after a single treatment. Healthy dietary choices and exercise help to keep the slim results. As an alternative to exercise, clients can spend ten minutes standing on the vibration plate machine, which helps simulate the effect of exercise to flush the contents of the collapsed fat cells. Shop deals on laser-assisted weight loss on Groupon: https://www.groupon.com/local/laser-assisted-weight-loss
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Salt Caves: What To Expect
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Sushi: A Beginner's Guide
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5 Things to Know About Ashiatsu Deep Tissue Massage
In a conversation about Ashiatzu deep tissue massage, Groupon beauty expert, Favin, talks to a certified massage therapist about techniques behind the practice. They discuss the benefits of therapists using their feet instead of hands and how Ashiatsu helps achieve smooth, deep pressured corrective strokes on the upper and lower back. Shop deep tissue massage deals on Groupon: https://www.groupon.com/local/deep-tissue-massage
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5 Things to Know About Ultrasonic Cavitation
Ultrasonic Cavitation is a non-invasive procedure designed to tighten, reshape, and tone skin. Ultrasound waves penetrate the skin to create bubbles next to the fat cells. These bubbles then implode, carrying with them excess material dispelled through urination and perspiration. To perform the service, a tech places ultrasound gel on the wand, then glides the wand all over the entire treatment area. Clients generally do not report any pain or heat. Experts recommend 10–12 treatments for maximum results. By the fifth, many see a circumference reduction of 1–5 centimeters. Techs suggest drinking lots of water before and after the treatment. Exercise after the treatment helps it work more effectively. Shop deals on laser-assisted weight loss on Groupon: https://www.groupon.com/local/laser-assisted-weight-loss
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5 Things to Know About Microdermabrasion
Microdermabrasion is a facial exfoliating treatment that also promotes the production of collagen. It removes dead skin with a diamond-tipped vacuum, which simultaneously sloughs off cells and pulls them away from the face. Clients generally don't experience a dramatic transformation after one session, but will notice improvement after the first four sessions, which are generally spaced two to four weeks apart. Shop deals on microdermabrasion on Groupon: https://www.groupon.com/local/microdermabrasion
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What is a Facial Anyway? A Step-by-Step Guide through the Basic Facial
Although it is one of the most common beauty practices, it's not rare to hear people ask "what is a facial?" With the help of Tricia from Balance Spa and Fitness, our Groupon beauty expert goes behind the scenes to see what actually happens during a basic facial. From painted pumpkin enzyme masks to softening steam, this insider peek at the basic facial shows how relaxing and rejuvenating the experience can be. Shop facial deals on Groupon: https://www.groupon.com/local/facial
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Groupon Employees Read Their Favorite Banana Bunker Comments
Back by popular demand, the Banana Bunker is on our site again. Here's what happened last time. Limited quantities available. http://gr.pn/1Hbm2FV
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5 Things to Know About Zerona
Zerona is a low-level, non-invasive laser system that helps melt fat tissue and move it into the lymphatic system, where it's excreted. First, the client's measurements and weight are taken in a consultation. Then, the Zerona's four flexible arms beam moving lasers onto the target area. There is no downtime or pain associated with the treatment. For a dramatic difference, techs recommend six treatments, spaced 48–72 hours apart. Healthy diet and exercise can help maintain results. Shop deals on laser-assisted weight loss on Groupon: https://www.groupon.com/local/laser-assisted-weight-loss
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MMA Class: What's It Like?
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Things to Do in New Orleans | A 2-Day Itinerary
Things to do in New Orleans range from visiting one of its historic cemeteries to roaming the French Quarter. Use our New Orleans itinerary to get the most out of your trip. Shop for New Orleans hotels here: https://www.groupon.com/travel/new-orleans/hotels
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Barre Classes: What to Expect
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Things to Do in San Francisco | A 2-Day Itinerary for San Francisco Attractions
Things to do in San Francisco range from walking the Golden Gate Bridge to taking a ferry to Alcatraz. Use this 2-day itinerary of San Francisco attractions to get the most out of your vacation to the City by the Bay. Shop for San Francisco hotels on Groupon Getaways: https://www.groupon.com/travel/san-francisco/hotels
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Pedicure: What To Expect
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Things to Do in Myrtle Beach | A 2-Day Itinerary of Myrtle Beach Attractions
Things to do in Myrtle Beach range from walking along the Grand Strand to enjoying shrimp n' grits at one of the many seafood restaurants near the Boardwalk. Use this 2-day itinerary of Myrtle Beach attractions to make the most of your vacation. Shop for Myrtle Beach hotels on Groupon Getaways: http://groupon.com/getaways/
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Things to Do in the Poconos During Winter | A 2-Day Poconos Itinerary
Things to do in the Poconos during winter include skiing, snowshoeing, and a romantic sleigh ride. Whether you're doing a couples' weekend or a trip with the family, our 2-day itinerary should help you get the most out of your trip. Shop for Poconos hotels on Groupon Getaways: http://www.groupon.com/getaways
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Learn More About Groupon+
Groupon+ is the easiest way to save at your favorite restaurants. Sign up for FREE: http://gr.pn/getcashback
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Low Profile Ross TV Mount
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Graham Elliot Bistro in Chicago
Chef Graham Elliot emphasizes simplicity at his Chicago bistro. He transforms fresh-from-the-market ingredients into an approachable, yet innovative menu, which is always evolving but features a few mainstays. The deconstructed Caesar salad, for instance, has been a hit since Chef Elliot introduced it more than a decade ago. It's built around a brioche "twinkie" sauteed in butter and filled with parmesan mascarpone. The bistro's beef stroganoff, meanwhile, supplements slow-cooked braised short rib with wild mushrooms and a truffle puree. Shop deals on American bistro food on Groupon: https://www.groupon.com/local/american-food
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Snorkeling: A Beginner's Guide
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Things to Do in Las Vegas | A 2-Day Itinerary of Las Vegas Attractions
Things to do in Las Vegas range from strolling down the Vegas Strip to walking past vintage casinos along Fremont Street. This two-day itinerary of Vegas attractions shows what you should do if you only have a weekend in Sin City. Shop for Las Vegas hotels on Groupon Getaways: http://groupon.com/getaways
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Facial: What To Expect
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What is it like to skydive?
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Pizza Styles Across the USA
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5 Things to Know About Chemical Peels
Groupon beauty expert, Favin, explores five things you need to know about chemical peels before booking your next appointment. In a short interview with an aesthetician at Chicagoland Aesthetics, they discuss how chemical facial peels can help regenerate collagen for brighter looking skin as well as combat acne and aging. Shop facial peel deals on Groupon: https://www.groupon.com/local/facial-peel
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Deep-Tissue Massage – What You Should Know
Groupon beauty expert Favin visits Allure De Vie to discuss deep-tissue massage with massage therapist Brian. They answer common questions about the modality, including how it feels, what it does to muscles, and how it can relieve chronic pain in areas such as the neck, shoulders, and lower back. After receiving a deep-tissue massage herself, Favin lets viewers know what she thought about the pain-relieving therapy. Shop for deals on massages on Groupon: https://www.groupon.com/local/massage
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5 Things to Know About Teeth Whitening
Zoom! Teeth Whitening uses a 25% hydrogen peroxide bleach gel, activated by a special light, to whiten teeth by up to eight shades. After isolating the teeth with mouthguards and gauze, the dental professional applies a protective "liquid dam" barrier to the gums. Next, the bleach gel is applied to teeth. The light activate the gel over the course of three consecutive 15-minute sessions, with dental professionals replacing the gel between each session. Results are immediate, and more dramatic than those achieved with home systems. For best results, clients should have their teeth professionally cleaned two weeks prior. To help maintain results, they should avoid dark food and drink for 48 hours, and go in for sessions every 6–12 months. Shop deals on teeth whitening on Groupon: https://www.groupon.com/local/teeth-whitening
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Chella Eyebrow Tool Kit and Case
The Chella Eyebrow Tool Kit, from Chella Brow Bar in Los Angeles, is an eyebrow kit containing scissors, tweezers, and a brow shaver with a removable comb head. It's designed to make perfect eyebrows easy. To use, consider starting with Chella's Hydrating Lush Balm and Makeup Remover, under-eye masks, and stencils, then finishing the grooming process with a Chella brow highlighter pencil. The brow should start at a place that lines up with the inner corner of the eye and the corner of the nose. Its arch should land above the pupil, and it should end in line with the outer corner of the eye and the corner of the nose. The Chella stencil can assist with adding pigment, the brow gel keeps hairs in place, and the highlighter adds depth. Chella also has a vegan, organic mascara, as well as a heated eyelash curler. Shop deals on beauty tools on Groupon Goods: https://www.groupon.com/goods/mirrors-and-cosmetic-tools
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Cemitas Puebla in Chicago
While Cemitas Puebla, located on Chicago's west side, serves a wide range of traditional Mexican fare, their specialty is the cemita. This round, crisp sandwich is a staple of Central Mexico, and sets itself apart from other Mexican sandwiches with its sesame bun, a sweet and smoky chipotle pepper sauce, and Oaxacan cheese. The sandwiches are available with 12 different toppings. Shop deals on Mexican restaurants on Groupon: https://www.groupon.com/local/mexican-restaurants
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About Groupon
What do you love about Groupon? Find something new you. Shop Groupon: http://gr.pn/shopgroupon
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Groupon - Where Dinosaurs Still Run Free
A baby T-Rex visited the office this morning! See how our CEO Eric Lefkofsky and others react to this terrifying, yet majestic creature. See realistic, life-sized dinosaurs roam the stage in a heart-pumping, educational spectacle for ages at Walking with Dinosaurs. Search for it today on Groupon! http:://gr.pn/shopgroupon
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King Spa & Sauna in Chicago
King Spa & Sauna helps visitors unload their daily stresses with rejuvenating treatments, such as massages and body scrubs, and relaxing sessions in nine different sauna rooms. The Fire Sudatorium dry sauna heats up to 265°F to help guests shed toxins, and the Base Rock sauna features slabs of Japanese Siraka stone that's celebrated for its healing properties. The cave-like salt room is constructed out of real salt rock that can help rejuvenate skin and make visitors feel younger. Shop for sauna deals on Groupon: https://www.groupon.com/local/sauna
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