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Using a Midi Water Distiller
Hi everyone, Today I'll show y'all how we purify / Distill our Drinking water using a Midi water distiller, it takes 3 1/2 hours per gallon of distilled water
Knorr Fiesta Sides Spanish Rice
Tonight ill show you how to make Easy burritos using Knott Fiesta Sides Spanish rice & ChiChi's flour tortillas
North Iowa Abandoned
Today we are exploring an Abandoned house located in Northern Iowa, This house has been vacant nearly 30 years, we decided to take a look inside and see what remains of it, We hope you enjoy this video, Thanks for Watching, Please check out our playlist for more videos like this one
Oreo cookies n Creme
Tonight's diy Product is Oreo Cookies n Creme Pudding n Pie Filler, I Will show you how to make this in three easy steps. I Hope y'all enjoyed this video, Thanks 4 Watchin
Hormel Beef Tamales
Today we're trying Hormel Beef tamales in Chili sauce plus adding some mozzarella cheese also, These are actually pretty good for being a canned food item! Thanks 4 Watchin y'all !
Death of a Coffee Pot
This miserable coffee pot has leaked out all over our counter tops numerous times, so today I'm going to show y'all how to remedy that problem, thanks for watching, I hope y'all enjoy this video
Hunt's Manwich Original Sloppy Joe's
Today we're cooking up Sloppy Joe's from Hunt's Manwich An easy step by step How to Showing how to prepare and serve this delicious dish. Thanks 4 Watchin
Keebler Vienna Fingers
Today we review one of my favorites Keebler Vienna Fingers creme filled sandwich cookies #createnothate
Reggano Ultimate  cheeseburger dinner
Tonight we're cooking up Cheesy skillets Ultimate Cheeseburger dinner from a box, Aldi's Reggano brand, this is a simple easy to make dinner and it's pretty good for an off brand meal, Thanks 4 Watchin!! Our next video will be our 800 subscribers ShoutOuts video #createnothate
Great Value Corned Beef Hash
Tonight we are cooking up yet another Corned Beef Hash from Great Value, the Wal-Mart equivalent, also adding a couple of fried eggs to the mix, Thanks 4 Watchin The Cooking oil & Ketchup we're also Walmart Great Value Brand
Hormel Roast Beef Hash
Tonight were tasting & reviewing Hormel Roast Beef Hash Mary Kitchen product Thanks 4 Watchin
North Iowa Blizzard 2019
Driving from Clearlake Iowa to Hanlontown in icy,slippery conditions, were about to get over a foot of snow along with 50-60mph winds, This was filmed as the storm was making it's approach into the North Iowa area Thanks4Watchin
Southern Minnesota Abandoned
Stumbled upon another abandoned property on my way home from filming a dead mall video in Albert Lea Minnesota, this place was in terrible condition Thanks 4 Watchin
Chapel Hill Church n Cemetery
Hi Everyone, today we're visiting the Smallest Church ever! This tiny delight is located here in North Iowa, featuring four tiny pews an alter and a mini steeple complete with a bell, Chapel Hill Church is very old Church in surprisingly good condition,. We hope you enjoy this video, Thanks for Watching
Hormel Chicken Tamales in Chili Sauce
Today we try Chicken tamales from Hormel
WillowBrook Mall MasonCity Ia
This Is the Second mall that is still currently seemingly a thriving yet not alot was going on Im guessing that it all depends on time and day as well anyway Thank You for watching our fourth mall video! !
Armour Potted Meat
Today we're trying an affordable product from Armour, Potted Meat, Though this product doesn't receive much positive reviews, it's nonetheless easy to prep n serve, a good filler between meals
North Iowa Abandoned No Road Access
Welcome to an all New North Iowa Abandoned, today we're exploring an old farm house that is isolated in the middle of a corn field, this old House has been abandoned for around 50 years or so, come take a tour of it with us in this new episode Thanks 4 Watchin
Taco Tico Revisited
In our second visit to this local favorite, We try the Sancho &Beef Enchilada ,Thanks for watchin Everyone! !!
Clover Valley Shredded Pulled Pork
Tonight's Featured product Review is Dollar General's Clover Valley Shredded Pulled Pork in BBQ sauce, We picked up this product for $1.79 ,. It is a 9oz can , this product is a quick easy fix and serves between 2-4 people, Thanks for watching, please check out our playlist for more videos like this one
Smithfield Pork Ribs
Tonight we're cooking up Some Baby Back Pork Ribs from Smithfield, in our First DIY cooking video featuring Smithfield Pork ribs, These were very easy to prepare and cook, The Tenderness and flavor were just Right! Please check out our Playlists for more videos like this one, Thanks for watching & Have a Great Day "Certified #CREATENOTHATE affiliated channel"
Hormel Corned Beef Hash
In our third installment of Corned beef hash, we try Hormel's version,How will this one do compared to the other two ww have reviewed? Find out during video, Thanks everyone for viewing n Subscribing to our channel
Corned Beef hash from "Armour"
I thought it would be a Great opportunity to try yet another Corned beef hash offering from "Armour", how will it compare? Find out during the video!! Thanks for Watching! !
Banquet Fried chicken
Quick review of Banquet fried Chicken
Southbridge Mall Mason City Iowa
Our first ever Deadmall video, South Bridge mall in mason city has been on the decline for decades, having just recently losing one of two anchor stores JcPennys, thanks for watchin everyone we hope you enjoy this video! This video was made due to Inspiration of our favorite youtuber "This is Dan Bell" a leading foremost Deadmall series youtuber, Thanks Dan!!!!! #Createnothate
Knorr Cajun Sides Dirty Rice
Today I try Cajun Sides Dirty Rice from Knorr, I also added some beef sausage to it, this makes a great side dish or a small easy meal, Thanks for watching #createnothate
Swanson Chicken Pot Pie
Tonight were trying Swanson Chicken Pot Pie, These we're available for 89 cents, What a bargain price for this delicious quick fix dinner, Thanks for watching! Please check out our playlist for more product Reviews like this one
1974 Zenith Stereo Console TurnTable Repair
Today I'm going to show you how to remedy a noisy record player motor, this bein an older model, its to be expected that older components are going to wear out and malfunction, this simple diy maintenance n repair should resolve these issues, and being as Zenith used similar setups in most their models,We've had this unit for three years now and finally decided it was time to fix the record player, when we were teenagers my best friend used to have a console stereo like this one, so acquiring this one was definitely a huge plus and welcome edition to our collection, this may just be helpful for anyone else who may be experiencing issues with their turntables Thanks4Watchin
Bellatoria  Sunday brunch pizza
Bellatoria "Sunday Brunch" bacon scramble breakfast pizza Reviewed. Shout outs to the (sAs)
North Iowa Abandoned Rural
Today we're bringing an all New Rural North Iowa Abandoned Explore, this place has been on our radar for a few months now, so we decided to stop an check it out, evidently someone else did too as we first drove by there was a car just exiting the property, I'm guessing it was the other group that explored property here in the area Thanks for Watchin
Vlogs with Its A Rome Thing Everyday
Hello Everyone, and welcome to our new Vlog. It's been awhile since we've uploaded a Vlog, due to other projects that we're bout to reveal in our next Vlog hoping to upload a new Vlog at least once a week , Thanks 4 Watchin
Hostess Peanut Butter Ding Dongs
New Peanut Butter Ding Songs from Hostess, we finally found these here in our area and decided to give them a try, Much different from any previous offerings of this delicious treat but nonetheless a must try Thanks4Watchin!! Please check out our Playlist for more videos
Hot Pockets New Steak Egg & Cheese
New Steak Egg & Cheese Hot Pockets, Today we're trying something New, today we will review one of two new offerings from Nestle, How good are they? Find out during this exciting new video Thanks for Watchin Please check out our Playlists For many more videos like this one
Creamy n Roast Ramen wit Peanutbutter foldovers
Time for a Hood Mash-up dinner with not one but two different yet similar chicken flavored Ramen noodles from Maruchan brand along with my own creation side "The Peanutbutter Foldover" Thanks 4 Watchin!! This has been a #createnothate production 2017
Knorr Fiesta sides Taco Rice
Tonight I cook Taco Rice Fiesta sides from Knorr brand, I added in a can of chunk chicken breast, this is an easy cheap quick fix for dinner or as a side dish, Thanks for watching y'all, please like comment n subscribe! #createnothate community channel
Sandwich Bros.  Angus Burgers
Review of Sandwich Bros. Angus burgers product review and taste testing
Knorr Asian Sides Chicken Flavor Fried Rice
Tonight ill show you how to prepare and cook this Delicious Asian side flavor Chicken flavor fried rice from Knorr brand, this video was created with 40 plus frames of still shot photography, Thanks 4 Watchin Please check out our Playlists for more videos like these #Createnothate Community member
Zatarains Red Beans and Rice
Zatarains Red Beans & Rice with Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage How to Cooking Step by step A #Createnothate community video production Thanks 4 Watchin
Maruchan Chicken Tortilla Ramen
Tonight's review is the New Chicken Tortilla from Maruchan, This was a pretty good product for it's very low price point
On-Cor  Gravy & 6 Salisbury Steaks
Welcome to another exciting Food product review,,Today we're trying Salisbury steaks from On•Cor, we put a special twist on these by serving them on hamburger buns, Thanks for Watchin Check out our Playlists for more Videos like This one
North Iowa Blizzard Aftermath
A video showing the Aftermath of a strong blizzard which made its way threw the North Iowa area dumping huge amounts of snow with very strings winds that virtually paralyzed the entire state, closing interstate 35 along with nearly all county highways and roads
Meat n Potato burrito (Taco Johns)
Review of the. Meat n Potato burrito
Panasonic Dvd A-110 Disc Read Error
The infamous "Disc Read Error" that plaques numerous Dvd players is no stranger to this particular unit either, I'll show you how easy it is to simply reset the sensor on this, This unit was a simple five minute fix, We will be listing this unit for sale on Facebook Marketplace if anyone may be interested in purchasing it, It also comes with the original remote control unit too Thanks4Watchin
Manwich Bourbon BBQ Sloppy Joe Sauce
Manwich Bourbon BBQ Sloppy Joe Sauce is tonight's product how to & Taste test rating video, Featuring Music From: Edward Sitnikov: Voices of Shadows Please be sure to visit & Subscribe his Channel Thanks4Watchin
Keebler Unicorn Fudge Stripes
Keebler Unicorn Fudge Stripes magic cupcake bits, something new we picked up, as I'm an avid cookie fan, definitely a must try Thanks4Watchin
Nabisco New  Carrot Cake Oreo
The First of Three New Flavors from Nabisco, We're trying the Carrot Cake Oreo today, A very flavorful nearly double stuffed full size package of delicious cookies, I Rate this a 5 out of 5 A definite must try Thanks4Watchin
Knorr Italian Sides Creamy Garlic Shells
Another Knorr Sides Product Creamy Garlic Shells we added some chunk white chicken breast meat and a few pieces of garlic cheese bread also, this product received on Full on 5 out of 5 Definitely give this one a try Thanks 4 Watchin
Rice A Roni Creamy Four Cheese
Welcome to our channel we do lots of food and drink reviews as well as some cooking how to, Tonight ill show how easy it is to make this product , its an easy to prepare delicious side entree that with a can of chunk chicken makes for the perfect combination, Were happy to add this new intro Created by Granny Monster, Such a nice fine tuned intro she created we absolutely love it, let us know in comments, and be sure To Visit Granny Monster channel here on YouTube, Thanks Yall
Velveeta Chicken Bacon Ranch Dinner kit
Cooking n trying out Velveeta Chicken Bacon ranch dinner kit,this particular version uses macaroni Noodles, Thanks for watching
Shasta. Tiki Punch soda
Review of Shasta. Tiki punch soda