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this magic moment cocktail
reggie club !!! so cool !! night club song :) love it !!
Views: 417752 Amonstertruck
Break Dancing @ Magic
other duck @magic
Views: 310 theotherduck
Espectáculo Magic Space de SHIVA DANCE
Espectáculo Magic Space de SHIVA DANCE donde actúan los chicos de Parkour.
Views: 106 EvaSaav
Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls
Music video by Pet Shop Boys performing West End Girls (2003 Digital Remaster).
Views: 60341151 PetShopBoys Parlophone
love sex magic dance
haha srry its short
Views: 128 colesluver123
Ringo Dancing
he's so cute i'd dance with him any day!
Views: 38137 mekoforever
Addy´s Dancing @ Europalace
jaja der lichtermann xD
Views: 228 T.J Betz
Nannerpuss Dance!
Nannerpuss meets a morbidly obese kid
Views: 3605 Dick Scary
Stavros Flatley - Britain's Got Talent 2009 (BGT)
Very funny. Anyone who has seen Lord Of The Dance will recognise the moves here. Michael Flatley goes Greek
Views: 21900 HaciendaCalaDor
Labyrinth-As The World Falls Down
The Ballroom Scene From The Movie Labyrinth
Views: 390408 WeeLover
Views: 586 wickieyuen
Jewish dance - Bottle Dancers USA
http://www.bottledance.com "Bottle Dancers USA" is a New York based Jewish dance company lead by well-known choreographer and dancer Viltaly Verterich. "Bottle Dancers USA" are performing Jewish, Hebrew, Yiddish, and Klezmer traditional dances.
Views: 44039 Mikhail Smirnov
Mother Saga - Part 4: The Magic of Magicant
Ninten arrives at the Cave of the Tail and is apparently greeted by a talking rock. The talking rock prompts him to answer a riddle, and Ninten finds the answer in the Great Grandfather's Diary; warping him to the mysterious (and improvised) world of Magicant. A native tells Ninten to find Queen Mary. On his way to the castle, Ninten is attacked and freaked out by a Raeb Yddet. He then arrives at the castle, but is stopped by a guard, who asks him to answer another riddle. Cheating with Telepathy, Ninten already figures out the answered, and the guard lets him through. Inside the castle, another guard tells him that Queen Mary is a good singer. Then he finally meets Queen Mary, who tells him about her troubles; she cannot remember the melody to her special song, so she is unable to sing. Ninten realizes that the parts of a song he has been hearing from various objects lately might be the same song she is looking for. He decided to look for the rest of the song while he is at it on his journey. After that, Ninten tries to find his way back to the real world and finds himself at the (not so) Crystal Caverns. In there, he finds the Onyx Hook; a special fishing hook that has the power to warp someone back to Magicant. Then he finds himself in the real world again, in the town of Merrysville. Cast & Crew: SuperNess1000 (Ninten), PsiPaula4 (XX Stone, Magicantian, Queen Mary), JeffKirby58 (Queen Mary's Guards)
Views: 4079 PsiPaula4
Craig Ferguson's Magic Position
Could it be? combining something i love with my fave song in the universe?? YES! here is a video with Craig Ferguson and Patrick Wolf's "Magic Position" Hope you like it!
Views: 4701 missmonk928
Mary Poppins -  An Advertisement Magic Spell
A stubborn father's children write with their own classified ad for a nice nanny. Their father rejects it, but the kids have written a sincere magic spell that cannot be ignored, especially by Mary Poppins. http://www.markarcana.com
Views: 164250 MarkArcana
The Groomsmen Dance
Views: 381 A W
India meets Flamenco
Live concert on april 5th 2009 at Yoga Studio Osterode with the musicians of the "Ensemble of Benares". It was such a magical event!!! Many thanks to allarakha, charu, zamna, jyotika & günther, who made this beautiful evening possible... Thank you for the music. God bless you! www.benares-ensemble.de
Views: 5673 Matthias Herse
Meyanna is dancing with Princesses.
Spring visit to Disneyland
Views: 2098 ninadelprado
Crank Dat or Somethin
Dance meets retards
Views: 51 20GrandMoneyMan
Casper (1995) Can I Keep You?
a scene from the 90's film casper
Views: 585135 jackofalltwists
Chief Sielu Avea Part2 Paul Daniëls Magic Show
Chief Sielu in the sorely missed, Paul Daniels Magic Show, 15th April 1994. Comical demonstration of coconut milk preparation and fire-making.
Views: 86195 fotoflex
Simple Pleasures--Henry Homesweet Dance
the aaronplane is just having a good time.
Views: 1086 ApplePickingAaron
Insurgent Friends - Katt Williams: Pimp Chronicles Pt.1
Sometimes the government uses words we don't understand, like insurgents. Previous Video: http://bit.ly/1PqdIVt Next Video: http://bit.ly/1Nv9332 Get the best of Katt here: https://goo.gl/vwNhpv Buy the Audio CD from iTunes: https://itun.es/i6Ly6sJ Buy or Rent from iTunes: http://apple.co/2dGZ2DK Click for more Kush Comedy! It’s Pimpin’ Pimpin’ with Katt Williams http://bit.ly/1L6acAI American Hustle with Katt Williams http://bit.ly/1IZyoxU Pimp Chronicles Pt.1 with Katt Williams http://bit.ly/1MkzdqD Comics Without Borders http://bit.ly/1IZykOT Live Nude Comedy http://bit.ly/1MoiTH5
Views: 4767922 KUSH Comedy
Yogen's Bollywood Step Dance on the Ellen Show
Choreographer Yogen and Troupe on the Ellen Show ash she joins in for a dance to "JAI HO"!
Views: 129441 Yogen bhagat
Lebron James: Powder Magic
This was great before he decided to take his talents to south beach, now I cant stand him
Views: 44926 buckeyenutthouse
magical party of mickey disneyland paris minnie mouse
here's minnie mouse's train
Views: 8560 kuyaHD
Quick Change Magic
Views: 189 monnmoon
Australia's Got Talent - Red Hot Rhythm - Tap & Irish Dance - GRAND FINAL Performance
www.redhotrhythm.com.au Red Hot Rhythm's performance at the Australia's Got Talent GRAND FINAL. Originally aired on the 15th of April, 2009.
Views: 14144 Red Hot Rhythm
National Dance Week (Parkway) "Imma Shine"
4.28.09 Choreo: Sonya Higgins, Yuki "Black Dragon" Izumi Perform: Sonya Higgins, Black Dragon Union Station Parkway Caston Ballet
Views: 229 DragonIzumi
Beloit College Internatial Dinner Bollywood Dance
A great Bollywood Dance put on at the International Dinner with my great friend Ashley!
Views: 851 owasippelover
Osama Dancing - Like Glue
Osama Getting Jiggy....Pon de River, Pon de Bank :P
Views: 298 adcalipse
Beat Of Passion - Taal - Title Music - DVD RIP
Music Director - AR Rahman
Views: 43179 YyUuVvAa
Ouran High School Hostess Club (Dancing)
What the title says.
Views: 358 CopyrightedRamen
The Dance VideoMix 2008
Videomix 2008
Views: 406 thisiseurodance
Goofy dancing
On one of the streets at california Adventures a crowd of people gathered to watch goofy dance!
Views: 283 Jeneal3
Hell FUnny Dance Ever
Showtanz - Zaubershow
CCW Rostock, Goldberg Jugendkunstpreis, 15.03.08
Views: 1773 Petrykind88
Interview of Jai shri krishna kid- Dhriti Bhatia
interview of pyara kanhaiya- the cutest child ever on indian television. jai shri krishna
Views: 56176 assambhav
Dream-Along With Mickey  at  Walt Disney World Mickey&Minnie
Dream-Along With Mickey at Walt Disney World musical stage show at the Castle Stage in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom The Year of a Million Dreams
Views: 136801 pluchan
East Joins West when Bali Dancer meets Funky Chi-Yoga-Dancer
the far East joins the West when beautiful traditional Balinese Dancer meets and grooves with Funky Chi-Yoga-Dancer anTONEio on the beach. For more great vids on movement groovement, movement magic and Movement Medicine see www.RhythmTherapy.com or www.MovementMedicine.net
Views: 767 Tone Cardenas, PT
Dwight Howard - This Is Magic
A nice Dwight Howard tribute... please rate & comment
Views: 1689 GodIsOrton
Les McCann & his Magic Band - Just Like Magic
Live in New Orleans, 1983 Les McCann - voc, keys Bobby Bryant - Saxes Curtis Robertson Jr. - bass Tony St. James - drums
Views: 11272 Igor
Great dancing...cloverfield cut scene
me dancing followed by spontsneously running outside
Views: 54 cantigerousnigris
Stop Motion Dancing Shoes
A short STOP Motion movie about my and my son´s shoes...
Views: 1073 Seiz77
Peter Pan Movie Tribute "Not Broken" Original song by Deedee O'Malley
To purchase Deedee's music go to: http://www.deedeemusic.com/... Join my fan page just click below. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Deedee-OMalley/50303825574?ref=ts Do you believe in magic? Peter Pan Tribute "Not Broken" Original song by Deedee O'malley Peter Pan Movie Tribute - You're Not Broken "Peter Pan" Wendy fairies "fairies dancing" "Deedee O'Malley" Children fantasy imagination "children playing" "children laughing" "children flying" "childs play" "love story" "childrens love story" happy "touching video" "heartfelt love story" "Do you believe in magic" "Avril Lavigne" "Sex and the city" "Sex in the City" "Sarah Jessica Parker" "Deedee O'Malley" Sheryl Crow "Judy Collins" "Joni Mitchell" "James Taylor" "Elton John" "Billy Joel" "John Mayer" "Faith Hill" "Martina McBride" "Kim Cattrall" "Kristen Davis" "Cynthia Nixon" "Central Park" "The Big Apple" "My Girlfriend" "New York State Of Mind" "The Village" "Greenwich Village" "Grand Central Station" "hot babes" "NYC Fire Dept" "Tom Cruise"
Views: 22321 Deedee O'Malley
Bollywood meets Bronte
Bollywood is taking on the mainstream with a musical adaptation of Wuthering Heights. The colour, dance and music of classic Indian cinema comes face to face with Emily Bronte's classic tale of unrequited love on the London stage.
Views: 170 AFP news agency

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