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Design Analysis
Podcast 2 Product Design Analysis. This Podcast explains the areas of design analysis that can be applied to any product during the design process. It is shown as a mind map in this presentation, but for your final folio you should produce a mind map and a written list of the design factors you have chosen to analyse.
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Business Marketing & Design : How to Write a Marketing Research Proposal
A marketing research proposal should include an analysis of the current market, outline of the target audience and assessment of the problem areas. Write out an official marketing research proposal with helpful advice from a management professor in this free video on business. Expert: Mark Clifton Bio: Mark Clifton has an degree in marketing management from Oxford Brookes University, and has successfully completed the CELTA teacher training program of Cambridge University. Filmmaker: Paul Volniansky
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Introduction to multivariate analysis
Manufacturers in all industrial sectors continuously face major challenges regarding the improvement of product quality and in the early detection of process deviations. Multivariate Data Analysis (MVA) is well suited for designing quality into processes and provides the essential tools for monitoring Critical to Quality (CTQ) attributes, ensuring acceptable end product quality. The Unscrambler® is a complete Multivariate Analysis and Experimental Design software solution, equipped with powerful methods including PCA, Multivariate Curve Resolution (MCR), PLS Regression, 3-Way PLS Regression, Clustering (K-Means), SIMCA and PLSDA Classification etc.
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Ergonomics and human factors research in the classroom
Cornell professor of design and environmental analysis Alan Hedge and students Scott Brenner and Samantha Berg discuss the benefits of research in the classroom and career applications for the field of ergonomics. In the College of Human Ecology, more than one third of undergraduates conduct research, either independently under the guidance of faculty mentors, or directly on faculty research teams.
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IBM Research Customer Testimonial
For more on HyperLynx: http://www.mentor.com/products/pcb-system-design/circuit-simulation/ Try HyperLynx PI in the Cloud: http://www.mentor.com/products/pcb-system-design/product-eval/hyperlynx-online-trial Facing a tight manufacturing deadline and immovable milestones, it was critical that IBM Research complete their design correctly and within the time constraints the first time. Learn how they leveraged constraint management, advanced routing technology and signal integrity analysis to accelerate their design process. View our Mentor Graphics PCB channel for more great videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/MentorGraphicsPCB Subscribe to receive new videos directly in your feed: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqOzhnG51xzon0y3URnt8Ig?sub_confirmation=1 Visit Mentor.com http://www.mentor.com Twitter ► https://twitter.com/MentorPCB LinkedIn ► http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=4584018&trk=hb_side_g Mentor PCB ► http://www.mentor.com/pcb Google+►https://plus.google.com/u/0/109704552785720419929/posts
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Userminds Live User Analysis
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1.1  Research for Decisions
Nigel Bradley explains the value of marketing research information for decision making. He is the author of Marketing Research. Tools and Techniques published by Oxford University Press see http://ukcatalogue.oup.com/product/9780199564347.do
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Design Specifications
How you should link your design specification to research.
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Dear Team: Last week I attended a meeting at PATH in which their consultants (a local Indian firm called Box) summarized the results of their qualitative user experience research and recommendations for POU product design based on this. This was a fascinating presentation, not only for the results and recommendations, which go against some of what PATH had been thinking, but also to see the methodology used. Interviews and a lot of video extracted information about how people solve problems with product use, make decisions about what is a fair price to pay, and design cleaning/handling regimes. I think that this methodology could be used to give insights into the management of public toilets and school toilets (Emory has been doing a bit of focus grouping, but nothing as illuminating as this work, to my mind). Katie has put the movies etc. on Sharepoint. I really encourage you to explore this. Am happy to be a guide through it if you like. Best, Alix
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018 -- Custom-Fit -- Product and Process Simulation by John Pandremenos (2 of 2)
This is a selection from the Custom-Fit Training Event on Rapid Manufacturing of Customised Products held at De Montfort University 8 July 2008. Custom-Fit is an EU funded Framework 6 Collaborative Research project aiming to establish knowledge-based manufacturing of digitally customised products. More info at www.custom-fit.org The entire training is approximately 5 hours and covers the following: 3D digital data capture methods (including contact and non-contact scanning, Automated Product Design, Produce & Process Simulation, Rapid Manufacturing Processes, Case Studies, and the impact of using the Custom-Fit approach on Business.
Analysis SW Frameworks
PLDC research project (Analysis on Software Development Frameworks) Group Members DIT/07/M1/1027 - H.D.K.T. Weerasekara DIT/07/M1/1028 - S.K.A.P. Priyankara DIT/07/M1/1075 - M.M. Delpachithra DIT/07/E2/2005 - N.B.G.R.M.R.K. Nagahamulla
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Final Project Design Life group Sensorial Garden
Tangibles interfaces, final project Industrial Design UTEM "Sensorial Garden" in research line ProteinLab 2007
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Dr.Clarence De Silva, UBC Celebrate Research Gala Honoree
Dr. Clarence De Silva, (Department of Mechanical Engineering) through original fundamental research, analysis, design, technology development, authorship of educational material, keynote presentations, and organization of international conferences, Professor De Silva has made significant seminal contributions to knowledge generation and dissemination, advanced education, and the practice of engineering in canada and overseas. He was honoured at UBC Celebrate Research Gala.
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Industrial Design UB
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Introduction to CWA part 2 of 3
This is the second in a three-part presentation introducing how Cognitive Work Analysis can assist Human Factors professionals. For more information, please visit www.sociotechnicalsystems.com
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FasTake | Market Research For Everyone (Sneak Preview)
Moving online DIY Market Research to 2.0. Fast questionnaires design. Real-time sampling. Affordable. FasTake is a one stop DIY online data collection platform that lets you quickly design surveys, find and incentivize respondents, analyze and share the data collected. Opening an account is free and no subscriptions are required, ever. Period! Yacine Baroudi, founder gives a sneak preview of the platform. FasTake beta version is soon launching. Invite sign ups available at http://fastake.com
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Analyze and improve implant design
In this example the forces acting on a Femur with an implanted hip prosthesis are analyzed during a gait cycle. The used gait model is the GaitVaughan example, taken from the AnyBody Managed Model Repository. The forces are transferred to a Finite Element Model and stresses and strains are analyzed for the bone tissue and the hip prosthesis. The Finite Element analyses were conducted by our partner CADFEM using Ansys and the Any2Ans interface developed and distributed by Ozen Engineering. In part two of the Finite Element analysis load cases are compared:
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Marketing & Public Relations : How to Write Marketing Research on a New Line of Products
To write marketing research on a new line of products, consider whether the product is new to the market, the size of the market, competition and the emotional rationale behind potential customers. Use existing data from market research on a product to find the missing link with information from a public relations and marketing professor in this free video on business marketing. Expert: Mark Clifton Bio: Mark Clifton has an degree in marketing management from Oxford Brookes University, and has successfully completed the CELTA teacher training program of Cambridge University. Filmmaker: Paul Volniansky
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Internet Market Research & Viability Analysis
Easy to follow video teaching you how to perform an Internet market research and viability analysis for your business or niche idea. Knowing if you have a hungry market with eough paying customers is essential data you MUST have before moving forward with any of your business ideas.
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Clement Charles "Innovation VS product lifecycle" ...
All The Content CEO Clément Charles questions the importance of product lifecycle in the context of innovation: Does product lifecycle kill innovation or it's a necessary process to fund research? What is the impact of open innovation on those lifecycle? Distributed by Tubemogul.
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Materials Engineers
Evaluates technical and economic factors, recommending engineering and manufacturing actions for attainment of design objectives of process or product by applying knowledge of material science and related technologies: Reviews plans for new product and factors, such as strength, weight, and cost to submit material selection recommendations ensuring attainment of design objectives. Plans and implements laboratory operations to develop material and fabrication procedures for new materials to fulfill product cost and performance standards. Confers with producers of materials, such as metals, ceramics, or polymers, during investigation and evaluation of materials suitable for specific product applications. Reviews product failure data and interprets laboratory tests and analyses to establish or rule out material and process causes.
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Mitigating Risk Through Effective User Research
Effective user research is the key activity for mitigating risk, encouraging compliance and promoting brand loyalty. There are several aspects of user research that are critical to success, such as identifying the right stakeholders, defining design inputs appropriately and understanding the FDA human factors requirements. Ed Geiselhart from Insight Product Development recently presented these topics and more to a large medical device manufacturer. Watch the highlights, or visit our website www.insightpd.com/medical
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Sustainable design | Eric Nay | TEDxHamilton
Sustainable Design. Eric Nay teaches in the faculties of Liberal Studies, Design and Graduate Studies and serves as an Associate Dean in the Faculty of Liberal Studies at the Ontario College of Art & Design. He teaches courses in design, design history and theory, sustainability, research methods and design thinking at OCAD. Eric is an architect, artist and designer and has practiced architecture in New York City, Chicago and Northern California. His teaching experience includes universities ranging from icons like Cornell University to helping establish a brand new university in the United Arab Emirates. His research and teaching interests include sustainable practice and theory, contemporary design and architectural history. He purposefully collaborates with disciplines other than own and is currently involved with creative communities ranging from Ontario craftspersons to silicon valley engineers. About TEDx, x=independently organize event In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self- organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x=independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)
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The Market Research Commandments 6
Market Research Commandments 6 Let us backtrack to my latter point of finalizing commercial value when comparing keywords. In order to finalize commercial value let us look at our data through a different lense than our last example. Now let's use this model for analyzing commercial value: 1) SEOV or SEO Value which is the sum of adding organic traffic or searches per day the top spot would expect to get from Google times the cost per click of that word in Adwords top positioning. We are assuming that the value is at least as high as the cost of the keyword otherwise competitors wouldn't pay that price. 2) OCI or the pure Online Commercial Intention number as pulled from Bing. It is good to look at this number because it often reveals the percent of those keyword searchers who intend to buy. We cannot see that with CPC alone. 3) USP where traffic meets products and services. We must use our ideas to measure from a conceptual space if we can create a combination which is not already existing in the space of promotion to these keywords. This is the creative and ground breaking method by which whole new businesses are born. It can take your research to a new level, but for completely new ideas you should test the water before moving forward with your idea. You can run a survey from: related forums, social sites, and competitor sites. The other option is to buy traffic and survey it about your idea and to glean new ideas. 4) Competition must be considered for the keywords you intend to target as a final measure of assurance. Do not proceed until you have looked at your competition. I will present the competition analysis in the last part of this series. Here is my incentive for you to buy Market Samurai from Logiscape. Anyone who purchases Market Samurai through me may email or post a comment on the blog asking any market research question relating to the tool and how to best use it to improve your business. Thats right ask me anything at all and I will respond with my best information and even help you with your marketing idea within reason. Get A 30 Day Free Trial of Market Samurai Now http://budurl.com/marketsamurai2
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CETMA CONSORTIUM -  Engineering, Design and Materials Technologies Center
The Cetma is an non-profit operating consortium; its profits are reinvested in educational and research activities. The Cetma offers innovation, products and processes development, planning, simulation and characterization services for materials and components. It offers to own partners multidisciplinary competences as: modelling and prototyping, product design and environmental impact assessment, multimedia planning, Virtual Reality, Immersive Virtual Reality Based System, Information systems for the industrial engineering. Cetma supplies specialized advices and proposes, participates and manages research programs with firms and agencies. It is taken care of technological transfer and scientific researchs results valorization. Cetma has always encouraged high specialized education, considering as an important instrument for an organic engagement in the world of job.
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1.2  The History of Marketing Research
Nigel Bradley explains the history of marketing research. He is the author of Marketing Research. Tools and Techniques published by Oxford University Press. see http://ukcatalogue.oup.com/product/9780199564347.do
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IA Map Viewer for the design of environmental and development policies in the Amazon
Spatial information has shown a great value for both research and the design of environmental and development policies and projects. Targeted project and policy design requires knowledge about the temporal and spatial distribution of ecosystem services, the feasibility of project and policy implementation, as well as the benefits that local populations and the society can derive from them. The Amazon Initiative Consortium proposes to contribute to harnessing the value of publicly available spatial information by developing an online interface for the analysis of spatial data according to regional research priorities. Author: Ernesto Giron E.
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User Observation Indoor
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Theoretical Framework
Theoretical Framework
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Peaceful Coexistence, 2009
Within this research project I have explored the field of humanized technology. The goal of this project was to explore whether it is possible to design an intelligent product or system that, through aesthetic interaction, transforms the values elicited in a context. To achieve this goal I have followed an explorative research-through-design process. The framework of human value theory from social psychology was used as reference to measure human values. For one context, associated with a critical experience, a tool with adapted product attributes was made to aim for an opposite change in values. Based on the results derived from a qualitative user experiment with the design, conclusions can be made which form the basis of designing to transform critical experiences. (www.kirstinvanderaalst.com)
How to calculate Sample Size
A video on how to calculate the sample size. Includes discussion on how the standard deviation impacts sample size too. Like us on: http://www.facebook.com/PartyMoreStudyLess Related Video How to calculate Samples Size Proportions http://youtu.be/LGFqxJdk20o
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Cream Dispenser Prototype
This video describes our research and prototyping process in developing a cream dispenser for a product design project.
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InterfaceFLOR Life Cycle Analysis by John Bradford
Life Cycle Analysis in InterfaceFLOR's decision making.
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MBA in Managing for Sustainability. Marlboro Graduate School Brattleboro, Vermont
http://gradschool.marlboro.edu Capstone project description: "A Solution Assessment: Research, Preparation and Analysis of the Design for Implementing Sociocracy in a Non-profit." Traditionally, non-profits are governed using a hierarchical structure which organizes work autocratically. The board of trustees creates the strategy, from which the executive director develops the tactics, which in turn guides the staff and volunteers in the work that supports their purpose. Sociocracy, also called Dynamic Governance, replaces the autocratic governance. It allows a greater level of innovation and creativity. All stakeholders become uncommonly empowered and passionate in their roles to support the aim, defined as a product, service or result that will enable an organization to realize its vision or mission an exchange object. Dynamic Governance mobilizes the commitment and creativity of people using self-guiding teams. It makes available all the intelligence in the group. People reliably take responsibility for their work and are able to respond to adverse conditions quickly and effectively. Once Sociocracy is implemented, the board of trustees, executive director, staff, volunteers and other stakeholders of Global Awareness, Local Action will more proficiently proceed towards achieving this organization's Aim. For more info see: gradschool.marlboro.edu/academics/mba/
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Marketing Strategies : How to Do Marketing Research
Market research can be performed by visiting local libraries or visiting the Internet. Discover how to be slow and complete when doing marketing research with help from a college business instructor in this free video on marketing strategies and plans. Expert: John Niemira Bio: John Niemira is a business professional who has been in the business industry for many years. Filmmaker: Michael Burton
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AUTO21 automotive life cycle assessment research
AUTO21 researchers are applying life cycle assessment methodology to the automotive industry, from vehicle design to dismantling. AUTO21 is Canada's automotive R&D program, and is supported by the Networks of Centres of Excellence of Canada.
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017 -- Custom-Fit -- Product and Process Simulation by John Pandremenos (1 of 2)
This is a selection from the Custom-Fit Training Event on Rapid Manufacturing of Customised Products held at De Montfort University 8 July 2008. Custom-Fit is an EU funded Framework 6 Collaborative Research project aiming to establish knowledge-based manufacturing of digitally customised products. More info at www.custom-fit.org The entire training is approximately 5 hours and covers the following: 3D digital data capture methods (including contact and non-contact scanning, Automated Product Design, Produce & Process Simulation, Rapid Manufacturing Processes, Case Studies, and the impact of using the Custom-Fit approach on Business.
Feasibility Study - Definition
Feasibility Study (w.r.t to commercializing technology) is defined as building a crude prototype which is different than a prototype. A crude prototype does not need to be manufacturable or cost effective. It is merely a demonstration of a concept. A prototype on the other hand is much closed to how the product will look and behave in an actual production environment.
Project description: INNO is a medication dispensing cart development project, which only not redesign the single product, but also focus on the improvement of whole medication operation system. The primary goal of INNO is to reduce the medication incident and perfect the workflow of drug dispensing, making it more efficient and effective. INNO development is absolutely a high pre-rational design process, where is no any signature or style-expression of designer, but to really base on the research and focus on the user need, simplifying new technology to adapt user and environment. Design Process 1. Hospital Research INNO Research is implemented in several Hong Kong local typical hospitals, which is a very complicated process. There are many different layers of stakeholders involving into the research, including doctor, pharmacist, drug transporter, nurse, healthcare staff, patient and patient family. To better understand the whole drug operation process, many research tools are utilized, such as interview with the stakeholders, questionnaire them and observing drug dispensing workflow. 2. Value Opportunity Identify Through the observation of the medication dispensing workflow and VOA (Value Opportunity Analysis) the existing drug dispensing cart, many problems and potential needs are identified, which are analyzed into three mainly categories, including Manual check system, Drug arrangement and Accessory arrangement. The translation from opportunity gap to potential Value opportunity happened after that. 3. Design Methodology Redefinition of the medication dispensing cart from the value perspective is implemented at the beginning of design process, which overwhelms the conventional drug dispensing cart. The following procedures are compartmentalizing value categories, identifying and designing specifically to them, optimizing and reconstructing the elements. 4. Prototyping During INNO design process, there are many rough paper prototypes being made for showing the concept. Later a real-sized cardboard prototype with several models, which can be assembled, is made for the better understand of ergonomics and feasibility testing. In order to really bring the user to involve into the design process, the full-scaled prototype is taken to hospital to get feedback. Then some modifications happen according to the suggestion and requirement from users. 5. Final solution Simplicity of technology is the primary design concept of INNO. Final design solution captures RFID and weight measure new technology to serve the new drug dispensing cart. Meanwhile simplify the cart as one piece and distill it. Also emotional contact is considered when design the cart. Conclusion The whole project takes around three months, during which there are many people contributing on it. The final 1/3 scaled model is made at last to show the really work.
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Advantech Product Vibration and Shock Test
Advantech Vibration and Shock testing procedures are done during the design and verification stages. These tests ensure that our products can operate smoothly in unstable and rugged operating environments for industrial control, transportation, outdoor solutions, and any other demanding and hazardous applications.
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How We Developed Google's Search Options Panel
Google User Experience Researcher, Melanie talks about the process and research to build Google's Search Options Panel.
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Excel Magic Trick #184: Setup Database in Excel
See how to create a simple database in Excel using the List or Table feature. A simple database can be created in Excel using the Excel 2003 "List" feature or the Excel 2007 "Table" feature. Fields names must be in first row (no blanks). Records are in rows (no blanks). Other data in the sheet cannot be next to the Table/List (at least one blank row or column between other data and the Table/List Keyboard shortcuts: Excel 2003 List: Ctrl + L. Excel 2007 Table: Ctrl + T. The ranges are dynamic: formulas, pivot tables, charts will all automatically update
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Toolkit - Conducting Market Surveys
A potential investor asks you: How do you know there's a market for your product? Option response A: I just know. Option response B: I have a study that shows it rather convincingly. If you think B's a better option, listen to what Charitra Singh has to say...
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The Market Research Commandments 5
Market Research Commandments 5 The second important marketing research commandment we just went over was commercial value in keywords or what is sometimes called OCI "Online Commercial Intention". There are a couple more things to consider in this regard but let's also take a look at the third commandment which is a must. You must take an affiliate, existing or new product or service and match that product or service with appropriate traffic streams. In addition you need to consider how and why to offer specific products when doing your market research. It is a common sense approach to decision making and most marketers just don't use this concept. Ask yourself two questions: • "What product or service can I offer to this traffic stream?" • "How can I offer it with it's own unique selling proposition?" By asking these two questions what you are doing is essentially playing two roles at once as a marketer. You are following the age old economist theory of supply and demand or "giving the market what it wants in the right place at the right time". Many people call this affiliate marketing which is fine but it is broader than that... what you are doing is satisfying a demand. The second question addresses a more powerful and more difficult question and skill. "How can I offer something which is either a hybrid product, has added value, is completely a novel idea or any combination of these three?" This is what some people call product development and some call this alchemy. It is a purely imaginative and creative skill. It is not measurable and can have immense value. It is the ability to coin new ideas completely. It comes to some people quite easily and others not so much. Sometimes such ideas flow rapidly and sometimes it is a process which takes weeks or even months. Do not rack your head over it if you cannot make this alchemy part of marketing reveal a novel approach for you. The easy way to move forward within your market is to simply match traffic to products and services for starters and then use a hybrid approach or a value added proposition to that idea. Get A Free 30 Day Trial Now http://budurl.com/marketsamurai2
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Sensory lab
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Task Analysis - Part II
Presentation for Developmental Supervision
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