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Old Sci fi Stargate Atlantis Trailer
This video was put on my Temp folder when I was on SCIFI.COM! http://www.scifi.com/ Looking web page & found this on my pc and have video a long time so in joy this video! ________________________________________ Back in days SCI FI FRIDAY was; Stargate Atlantis was on 10 / 9 c Stargate sg-1 was on 11 / 10 c ________________________________________ Ad most on Stargate Atlantis oh {109_home [1] MOV File (.mov)-} Oh thinking going back to earth but all was not to be! In show from Stargate sg-1 see Gen Hammonond! ________________________________________ So like this ad of show so what best Stargate Atlantis you like oh long ago made Computer theme of show made for WINDOWS XP oh name theme name is Stargate Atlantis Season 2! I remit made update theme to update Windows Icon to Major Sam Carter but lost theme and not back it up most all you have do is make Major Sam Carter Windows Icon! Get Stargate Atlantis wallpaper with Major Sam Carter in wallpaper! ________________________________________ Im big fan of both shows I remember when sg-1 was on Showtime and got most box sets to bad not have friend show one my place so be cool have friend loves what I like oh be note ad me friend if you big sci fi fan! ________________________________________ ‎ Created on‎‎‎ ‎Saturday, ‎July ‎05, ‎2008, ‏‎7:17:25 PM
Views: 1253 Eric Hoover
Stargate SGA 16:9 Test
Animation eines Wallpaper von Mirko Stödter mit After Effects
Views: 1426 WUMAFILMS
SGA Gate Bridge
Views: 1572 Winnuting
Stargate Universe - Gate Dial Sequence Test - MGM
The Stargate Universe Ship "Destiny" gate dialing sequence Test
Views: 63197 StargateFan4
Quake3 level with Stargate effects in it.
Views: 683 sped66
A Day in the Garden of Imagination
So many people want to know what keeps me so busy that I don't get videos uploaded sooner... life. Here is a little peek into my life with a feverish little girl, Katherine.
Views: 8243 GardenOfImagination
Stargate Phone on android HTC G1
a preview of stargate phone for android platform
Views: 5758 KIJITEN
Screensaver Boredom
I was staring at my screensaver, so I decided to film it really quick-- Makes me think of a futuristic Zombo.com "2.0"...
Views: 328 samuraiL8L
Stargate Universe Promo - SyFy
A promo trailer for the first season of Stargate Universe. Produced before the final Destiny Stargate design was revealed, this video is also intended to promote the Stargate franchise. Those who want a better quality and clearer/brighter version, head on over to: http://user4574.deviantart.com/art/Stargate-Universe-Advert-135970019 ...and download the video from the left-hand panel. As Part of a project at University, I created this for one of my assignments. Obviously there are clips spliced in from the first promo which SciFi themselves aired (which at the time was the only one out when I made this video). Other than the video clips; the entire Stargate model, the Sci-Fi Logo and animation it makes at the start of the video as it swirls in, the Stargate Kawoosh, Stargate Puddle Event Horizon and camera animation is all my own work. The Sci-Fi animation swirl is just a small touch, but I wanted to be as authentic as possible. This was made before anyone knew what the SGU gate looked like, so I took a guess (and was correct) with the white chevrons - (albeit not the final design look of them). To that end, it is my intention that when the animation finishes and the Gate swipes past the camera - that I will replace this with the front of the actual looking SGU gate design and symbols. I will also probably tighten up a few shots to do with the Kawoosh, but University deadlines forced me to complete it to the current standard. For some reason, Uploading it to youtube makes it somehow darker. It isn't this dark on my copy in reality. I will try a better copy in future. Hope you all enjoy!
Views: 20380 Robert Wilson
Sally Watching Atlantis Screensaver
My foster kitten, Sally, loves to sit and watch the Atlantis screensaver on my computer screen. She will do this for as long as I will let her. Sally occasionally wants to put her paws on the screen, but a little scolding from me takes care of that at least for a little while until temptation overwhelms her again. She is super sweet and very adorable. Sally and her brother, Harry, are currently available for adoption. If you live in the Nashville metro area and are considering adopting a cat or kitten please visit view our adoptable list at www.desperatehousecats.petfinder.com.
Views: 150 DTNashville
Stargate Space Travel
Views: 236 WEBCAMNokia
destiny stargate animation
This is a 3D model of the Destiny Stargate room that I built, textured, and animated for the Unreal 3 Engine. I used Hourence's tutorial as a base for the water shader. Everything in this scene was made by me for a midterm project. It was fun =)
Views: 12063 kristyxkat
screen saver
Star trek screen saver download here = http://mewho.com/system47/download1.htm
Views: 682 wixie20
manual dream scene.avi
Views: 62 dalechabon
Кинозод №01 - StarGate Universe - "Зал Врат"
Переведённый кинозод на русский язык. Перевод предоставлен в виде вшитых субтитров. Специально для сайта http://sgu-russia.com
Views: 62 SGUniverseRussia
Powerplant screensaver
Do you know your local powerplant cooling chimney can be a screensaver? Taken in the South of Brussels (Drogenbos), Belgium in October 2009. Work done by Magic Monkey: http://www.magicmonkey.net/en/projects/electrabelpowerstation
Views: 1264 Jean-Etienne Poirrier
Cool Space Station Video
This is a neat video of the interesting effects of a zero gravity environment
Views: 109 TeamLaws
Stargate Universe second test
My second effect of SGU Join us on facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Light-Motion-prod/120707081277063
Views: 12370 Steven D
Argine Screensaver
Argine è una agenzia di pubblicità del nord est per cui ho sviluppato la Corporate Identity. Questo è il salvaschermo. http://www.thegentleman.it/ è il mio sito!
Views: 174 Tommaso Gentile
Active Stargate iPhone LockScreen
Here is something i ve been wanting to do for a long time...Stargate is Amazing . This tweak puts an active Stargate on the iPhone & the iPod Touch. it is not out yet but soon will be theres a few things that need a little tweaking around. Now you hardcore Fans much be going - 9 chevrons on the Earth gate -- lets just say we are celebrating the upcoming SGU .. and rocking out the extra 2 chevrons.. :)
Views: 5301 hackthatifone
a Wormhole... Rate and Comment! Tho it's not that good... Still...
Views: 78384 wowman142
Destiny Gate Test 2
Playing around with lights forgive the Kawoosh and Eventhorizon as they were last minute additions so I did not spend time on them.
Views: 13376 TheSniper3DModeler
My Wish - Amanda Tapping
I am a fanfic author, and usually focus on icons, wallpapers, signatures, etc, if I am feeling artsy. This is my first vid, but it needed to be done. The song called out to me from the moment I first heard it on RF's album. All photographs are my own. - JKC
Views: 17365 lilferret79
Futuristic Control Panel Booting
Test of the first 30 seconds of a screensaver I'm trying to develop based on ships and logo's I've made.
Views: 323 Aaron Gallo
PSP Cintros http://ifile.it/0l5ek9h
Views: 71 rewoppop
AISNSim v2 6 0 Official Trailer
Website: http://www.aisnsim.com Forum: http://www.aisnsim.com/forum Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AISNSimOfficial If you cant visit the website for some reason here is a download link. Download: (Compressed) http://www.2shared.com/file/8115180/10fe9b58/AISNSim_v260_Full_Instalation_Pack.html? Download: (Installed Edition) http://www.2shared.com/file/8213676/d8b51955/AISNSim_v260_Installed_Edition.html?
Views: 18358 Dobs Totev
InHome Solutions Screen Saver Widget
The InHome Solutions Screen Saver Widget allows you to load your favorites pictures to be displayed on the vivid Control4 onscreen interface and all Contol4 touchscreens
Views: 109 inhomesolutions
Wormhole shader
Panda3D: I put this shader together as a request. It uses a vertex shader to bend a tunnel model and a fragment shader to paint the inside surface. YouTube is modifying the colors slightly and making it hard to appreciate the tunnel.
Views: 759 mavasher
iStarGate 1.0 - StarGate App for iPhone
Operation movie for iStarGate for iPhone ver.1.0. http://infinity88.net/iphone/index.php iPhone用アプリiStarGate ver.1.0の操作説明です。 http://infinity88.net/iphone/index_ja.php
Views: 2920 Infinity88Project
Part Four/Six
Views: 622 WakeUpChildren
PSP Theme Stargate Atlantis PSP-Themes.NET
http://www.psp-themes.net/film-tv-themes/stargate-atlantis-4616-psp-theme.htm Download PSP Theme PSP Theme Stargate Atlantis download mein erstes psp theme von stargate http://www.psp-themes.net/
Views: 1517 PSPThemesNET
The 77 Ripple Effect part1
February 11, 2009 The European Union has arrested a British man for the crime of sending a DVD to a judge. Anthony John Hill of Sheffield was arrested at his home in Carrick Street, Kells, on the foot of a European Arrest Warrant, according to the Irish Times. UK authorities claim Hill perverted the course of justice in a case related to the July 7, 2005 bomb attacks in London. British authorities claim copies of the DVD were sent, in packaging with Irish postal marks, between September 2007 and December 2007 to five relatives of people who had been killed during the bombing. In addition, copies were sent to a judge and jury foreman in the case. I sent it. I believe those men to be innocent, Hill told police when he was arrested and asked about the DVD. Sgt Seán Fallon told the Irish Times that a friend of Hills made copies on his home computer. Irish Gardaí took possession of the computer. For the crime of sending the DVD, Anthony John Hill was remanded in custody and awaits a hearing on February 18th. 7/7 Ripple Effect posits that British and Israel intelligence are responsible for the attacks. The video, produced by MuadDib — the name of a fictional character in the Frank Herbert novel Dune — appeared on the JforJustice website on November 5, 2007. According to J7: The July 7th Truth Campaign, MuadDib believes he is the messiah and demands that he be acknowledged as the Rightful British-Israel King. J7 claims MuadDib sent unsolicited copies of the video to 7/7 victim families. This film is "The 7/7 Ripple Effect" Airplane, Auto, Boat, Motorcycle, Motor Sport, Train, Animation, Blooper, Improv, Parody, Pranks, Series, Short Film, Sketch, Spoof, Stand-up, Video Blog, Athletics, Business, Communications, Computer Science, Economics, Engineering, Health, Humanities, Language, Math, Media, Medicine, Performing Arts, Physical Science, Social Science, Visual Arts, Advertising, Commercials, Entertainment News, Performing Arts, Short Film, Trailer, TV, Video Game, Web Series, Animation, Anime, Art, Documentary, Experimental, Filmmaker Reel, Interview, Manga, Short Film, Trailer, Tutorial, Federal Government, Grassroots Outreach, Local Government, Nonprofit, Public Service Announcements, Regional Government, State Government, Arts & Crafts, Beauty, Dance, Drink, Finance, Fitness, Fashion, Food, Gardening, Health, Home, Music, Sports, Technology video game hate love xbox360 PS3 PSX playstation sony microsoft nintendo wii ebay note adobe final cut apple premiere news bush republican o'reilly reilly spin factor liberal double backflip into jeans backflip black white video david belle clinton iraq iran war news barbie girl aqua meet the spartans teenage mutants nickelback stargate sg-1 atlantis cold arrows world of warcraft wow hard like heroic diablo 2 lord of dogtown jackass runescape silkroad cod 4 call of duty medal of honor maplestory topless parkour freerunning tricking sampler 2008 again lol rofl meet the spartans 300 hancock bottomless cats guys do backflip into jeans dogs mice rats crocodile hunter australia japan tokyo america new york old world center grand theft auto halo 1 2 3 episode 10 100 50 simpsons family guy pro fight boxing basketball baseball soccer tennis sports NBA NFL ESPN horror comedy drama romance ninja bouncing beach a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z hi bye rachel amanda sarah tony dad mom aunt uncle grandma grandpa college film production drums singing american idol lost
Views: 5472 StupidQueensGuards
ipod touch des étoiles
Petit appli pour les fan de stargate. "Stargate sg-1 dial home device."
Views: 793 rrnnaauudd
Views: 523 gonzalo perez
Create a Creature Winning Video 2009
Me and my friend James did this for the Create a Creature competition held at Barnsley university campus. Its abit crap but we had around 6 hours to make everything incuding acting in front of a green screen. The modeling was done in 3D Studio Max, a program neither of us had used before and we finished it off in Adobe After Effects. We won in the end and got Ipod Touches each :D Big credit to james who was responsible for most of the modeling and John Stopforth our 3D Modeling teacher :P http://www.don.ac.uk/news/latest_news/august_09/touching_success.aspx
Views: 137 Craig Fowler
Jason Momoa - i'm just a kid.MP4
This is about Jason Momoa. I got the pictures from google and the name of the song is "i´m just a kid" by Simple Plan.
Views: 1460 leona12100
Le DHD de stargate sur votre iPhone ou iPod Touch
Aujourd'hui je vais vous présenter l'application sympathique du DHD de stargate sur votre iPhone sur la vidéo je suis avec un iPhone en 3.0 Installation : -Créer un compte iTunes -Ouvir l'app store -Recherchez DHD -Acheter -Confirmer Eclatez vous !
Views: 8201 OVLadOo
Stargate Anwahl mit DHD
Hier eine Stargate Anwahl-Sequenze mit einem DHD^! Töne sind aus einem anderen Programm hereingeschnitten worden!
Views: 2072 Daniel15045
[Gmod Stargate Tutorials #2.25] Ramps for Gates
The Stargate Mod is located here: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=806498 This shows how ramps affect the positioning of gates. And it shows the tollana gate i'm coding. shhhhh.
Views: 959 DragonV5BETA
PSP Theme JAY PSP-Themes.NET
http://www.psp-themes.net/abstuact-natuue-themes/jay-4509-psp-theme.htm Download PSP Theme PSP Theme JAY download VETTE http://www.psp-themes.net/
Views: 2038 PSPThemesNET
amBX Logo Screensaver
One of the amBX screensavers available at www.amBX.com The amBX logo swirls around in different colours, sizes and positions and the amBX lights, fans and rumbler react to it.
Views: 1312 [email protected]
StarGate Animated II NÁVRAT BOHA Trailer
Trailer na druhý díl největší parodie na SG.
Views: 1286 radis60
Beyond The Night "Spaceflight"
http://kinozal.tv/details.php?id=427500 "SPACEFLIGHT" - неповторимый музыкальный жанр и первый Lounge-фильм. Типичная "Lounge-Sounds 3D-Анимация". Эпизоды иллюстрируют разнообразие музыки и показывают далекую бесконечность, фантастические детали чужих галактик... DVD Dolby Surround Sound "Spaceflight"; Music produced by Mehmet Cemal Yesilcay. Audio CD available at iTUNES, Rhapsody, Napster. DVD "Spaceflight" is available at Deluxe-Shop
Views: 1208 Aleksey
Peter Hancox - Underwater test Animation
A short experiment trying to capture an underwater atmosphere.
Views: 458 Peter Hancox
Blender Falling Coins Screensaver Demo
Okay, so I was working on a screensaver in Blender, and improving my Python skills and I came up with this. It's a little slow because I was recording it, so yeah.
Views: 1608 Elec08215
Space Battle 3
Views: 148 Dylan Riley
Blue Tornado Media Ident - The Storm HD
Available in HD... click the button to view. 2nd Ident for Blue Tornado Media, in 720p High Definition and featuring water reflections & refractions in a storm setting.
Views: 264 BlueTornadoMedia
Gate [animated]
Took me 2 hours to render and the same time to make it ;)
Views: 351 lexs
Elohim geht online.mpg
Dies ist mein erstes Video, welches wegen "bewegter Motive" im Stop-Motion-Verfahren erstellt wurde. Eigentlich ist diese Sequenz zunächst nur ein Test, weshalb es auch noch nicht vertont wurde und leider stellte sich heraus, dass es auch nicht ganz ruckelfrei ist, während die "Bewegungen" sich allein auf die verschiedenen Levels der Beleuchtung beziehen. Zu sehen ist in dem Video, wie die "USS ELOHIM" online geht, also unter anderem ihre Triebwerke in Bereitschaft gebracht werden. Beginnend mit den Impulskrümmern für die Reserveenergie, über die Beleuchtung des Familienwappens und die Aktivierung der Warpkerne (zu sehen an den Warpkülmodulen, wobei ich mit dem Gedanken spiele, eine Vorher-Nachher-Zwischensequenz von einem der Maschinenräume einzubringen) für die Hauptenergie, bis hin zur Aktivierung der Bussardkollektoren zur Brennstoff-(Wasserstoff)-Gewinnung.
Views: 195 Thomas Fieger

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