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http://grabner-sports.at http://happy-cat.at http://facebook.com/grabnersports Aufblasbarer Katamaran der in zwei Taschen passt! Inflatable catamaran that fits in two bags!
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Black Sea Yacht  Rally Part 2
Kayra, a rally of 45 vessels circumnavigating Black sea in 2004. Caylioglu to Ordu(Turkey)
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USS Caron getting rammed by the Russians in the Black Sea - Feb 1988
In February 1988, Caron operating with Yorktown, entered Soviet 7 miles ) territorial waters limit in the Black Sea off the Crimean Peninsula. Under international law, this act could be permissible if the ship was progressing from one point in international waters to another point in international waters via the shortest course possible, but according to the Soviet Union, it was the right of the USSR to authorize or prohibit travel in selected areas within the 12 mile limit. The United States however did not recognize the Soviet's claim in this case. To prevent it from becoming accepted precedent, the US Navy claimed that it had sailed warships through such areas at regular intervals in the past, which we had, not just two years prior. On this occasion, Caron had onboard a ships signal exploitation spaces system, operated by a crew of 18 in support of the U.S. National Security Agency. This system was capable of recording data on Soviet defense radars and communications. In response, the Soviets deployed a destroyer and a Mirka II class light frigate as well as a KGB and "civilian" ships to intercept the U.S. ships. Several times, Soviet vessels obtained radar "lock" on the Caron and Yorktown. Both American ships maintained a constant course and speed throughout the incident. Eventually, the Soviets lightly rammed both ships. No significant damage resulted to any of the ships involved. Both US warships sent an account of the incident to the Commander in Chief of United States Naval Forces in Europe. The Caron reported at 13:20 local time, it was informed on channel 16 VHF by the Bezzavetny: "Soviet ships have orders to prevent violation of territorial waters, extreme measure is to strike your ship with one of ours."[1] The reply of the Caron was "I am engaged in innocent passage consistent with international law."[1] The Yorktown, in its report stated that on 9:56, local time, it was contacted by the Bezzavetny via channel 16 and told to leave Soviet territorial waters or "our ship is going to strike on yours."[1] Then, according to the report, the Bezzavetny came alongside port side of the Yorktown at 10:03 and bumped it by turning into the ship.[1] As for the music, take note that this was shot on VHS and back in 1988, when we did not have Youtube. The only people we thought would see this was friends and family, not a bunch of people from all over the world. No the music is not masking the screams from the crew on the USS Caron, so if you don't like it, there is a volume button - use it Also check out the video from the USS Yorktown at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SME4w037FgA This is the video that the Russian news showed on the 10th Anniversary - All I can say is I can't believe that the Russian people believed and animated version of what happened over the real tape. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_dl_WNdiShs&list=FLq9THf99pIznRTXM7P8JIWw&index=54 Also the video the Russians did on the 25th anniversary - They asked me for an interview and I declined for the very reason I that I knew they would not portray it accurately and they didn't let me down http://www.tvc.ru/showspecrep.aspx?id=e1564dbe-d8e8-4ba2-a142-218db8a6e14c Here is the Russians account of what happened http://fishki.net/19391-stalnye-jajca-sovetskogo-flota-9-foto--3-video.html
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Sailing On The Seven Seas
Best of OMD: https://goo.gl/dhrWz8 Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/aYdtmE Music video by Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark performing Sailing On The Seven Seas. (P) 1991 The copyright in this audiovisual recording is owned by Virgin Records Ltd #OrchestralManoeuvresInTheDark #SailingOnTheSevenSeas #Vevo #Pop #VevoOfficial
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Sailing with SY Yocus (Carina20) in Black Sea, June 2010
Segeln mit SY Yocus (Carina20) in Schwarzen Meer;Juni 2010 Малкият Jocus (Carina20) в Черно море Плаване с SY Yocus (Carina20) в Черно море, Юни 2010
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Black Sea Yacht  Rally Part 6
Kayra, a rally of 45 vessels circumnavigating Black sea in 2004. Yalta, Sevastapol (Ukraine)
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Manowar - Swords in the Wind
I surrender my soul Odin hear my call One day I'll sit beside your throne In Valhalla's great hall Like so many before me I'll die with honor and pride The right of the warrior Forever to fight by your side Send a sign, raise the sail Wave a last goodbye Destiny is calling Immortality be mine Call the witch to cast the runes Weave a magic spell We who die in battle are born Not for heaven, not for hell We are sons of Odin The fire we burn inside Is the legacy of warrior kings Who reign above in the sky I will lead the charge My sword into the wind Sons of Odin fight To die and live again Viking ships cross the sea In cold wind and rain Sail into the black of night Magic stars our guiding light Today the blood of battle Upon my weapons will never dry Many I'll send into the ground Laughing as they die Place my body on a ship And burn it on the sea Let my spirit rise Valkyries, carry me Take me to Valhalla Where my brothers wait for me Fires burn into the sky My spirit will never die
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Black Sea Yacht  Rally Part 7
Kayra, a rally of 45 vessels circumnavigating Black sea in 2004. Yevpatoria, Nikolayev (Ukraine)
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David Coffin - "Roll the Old Chariot"   http://www.davidcoffin.com/index.php?page=music-and-cds
To download song: http://www.davidcoffin.com/index.php?page=music-and-cds Shot at the 2010 Portsmouth Maritime Folk Festival by Stephan Smith of Piscataqua Productions. To download David Coffin’s recording of this song click here: http://www.davidcoffin.com/index.php?page=music-and-cds David Coffin leads the crowd at the "Grand Finale Shanty Blast" in singing "Roll the Old Chariot" Shot by videographer Stephan Smith of Piscataqua Productions.
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Sea Shantie - The Worst Old Ship
Sea Shantie old English The Worst Old Ship Waiting For The Day
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300 Pound Marlin Tows Kayak 11 MILES
Subscribe for FREE FULL EPISODES online on CarbonTV: http://bit.ly/1vfvUJX Kayaker catches huge marlin and gets towed 11 miles out to sea over 5 hours. Download the Free FishAlerts! App: http://www.fishalerts.com -- The World Leader in Marine Protected Areas and Social Networking For all your kayak fishing needs visit HOOK1 Kayak Fishing http://www.kayakfishinggear.com Book a kayak fishing trip with Jim Sammons: http://www.jimsammons.com Follow us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/KayakFishingTV Follow us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/KayakFishingShow Produced by The Heliconia Press http://www.helipress.com Find kayak fishing tips and tricks at http://www.kayakbassintv.com LEARN Check out some of our other YouTube channels: Kayak Fishing Tales http://www.youtube.com/user/KayakFishingTales Kayak Bassin TV http://www.youtube.com/kayakbassintv Stand Up Paddling http://www.youtube.com/user/StandUpPaddlingTV Whitewater Kayaking http://www.youtube.com/user/WhitewaterPaddlingTV Canoeing http://www.youtube.com/user/CanoeingTV Recreational Paddling http://www.youtube.com/user/PaddleTV Sea Kayaking http://www.youtube.com/user/SeaKayakingTV SHOP If you're a kayak angler, or looking at getting into kayak fishing, you'll find everything you need at HOOK1 Kayak Fishing Gear at http://www.kayakfishinggear.com. These guys know kayak fishing, offer great prices and provide exceptional customer service. They also ship worldwide. Call them Toll Free: (866) 486-8412, or email [email protected] KAYAKS Interested in learning more about the great looking kayaks in these episodes? They're ALL made by Ocean Kayak - one of the world's largest and most reputable manufacturers of sit-on-top kayaks. The Ocean Kayak Trident and Trident Ultra are the boats of choice for the Kayak Fishing Tales team. Designed by anglers for anglers, they're fast, stable, and provide an ideal fishing platform for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. Check out all the Ocean Kayaks at http://www.oceankayak.com CLOTHING The Kayak Fishing Tales team has used ExOfficio clothing exclusively since 2007. Why? Because it PERFORMS. ExOfficio's technical apparel was designed to enhance your experience in the outdoors. It features innovations like fabric impregnated with bug repellent, indestructible buttons, and IceFil technology that actually cools you down on hot days. Oh, and their boxers?... Amazing! Over 200 5-star reviews on Amazon say a lot. Get a free catalog and check them out at http://www.exofficio.com KAYAK FISHING ACCESSORIES If you're going to fish from a kayak you'll want to accessorize your boat with rod holders, paddle clips, sea lights, camera mounts, and more. Nobody offers better quality kayak fishing accessories than Scotty. Scotty products are like Lego for your kayak. See their stuff at http://www.scottypaddlesport.com COMMUNICATION Whether you're in a kayak, or a full sized fishing boat, reliable communication is key for staying safe on the water. We've trusted Standard Horizon VHF radios for over a decade, and their HX851 radio is absolutely ideal for kayak anglers. It's waterproof, it floats, and it even has a built-in GPS. See Standard Horizon's radios at http://www.standardhorizon.com/ LINE Simply put, you won't find anything but Seaguar fishing line on our reels. Seaguar is not just the leader in fluorocarbon - Seaguar invented the stuff 40 years ago! And now with the release of Seaguar's new premium Kanzen braid and Senshi monofilament lines, Seaguar has you covered for any type of fishing. Check out all of Seaguar's line options at http://www.seaguar.com EYEWEAR For over a decade Jim Sammons has trusted his eyes to Maui Jim sunglasses. He's tried others, but no other sunglass offers such brilliant color with crisp detail, while at the same time blocking the harmful UV rays during the long days on the water. See Maui Jim sunglasses at http://www.mauijim.com HOOKS We use Mustad hooks. Why trust anything else?! They're proven to be stronger and to stay sharper longer and they're the best-selling hook-brand on the planet. Get hooked at http://www.mustadfishing.com PADDLES Handcrafted paddles in Sultan, Washington since 1965, Werner makes some of the lightest and strongest paddles available. These paddles are actually designed to increase power while reducing fatigue. See all the Werner blades at http://www.werner.com PRODUCED BY Episode is produced by The Heliconia Press, an award winning TV, digital video, and DVD production company that specializes in outdoor pursuits. Visit http://www.helipress.com to find us online. MUSIC These are the great artists we use in our videos, please check them out! BEN MULLIN www.benmullinmusic.com BROCK ZEMAN www.brockzeman.com, www.myspace.com/mudmusic1899 HAYFLICK LIMIT www.hayflicklimit.org BROTHERS THROUGH THE HILL www.brothersthroughthehill.com ROBERT LARISEY www.myspace.com/robertlarisey
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Ducky19s Azov sea 2010.flv
Inflatable sailing catamarans Ducky - http://www.ducky.com.ua/
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Black Sabbath-Sign Of The Southern Cross
If there isn't light when no one sees then how can I know what you might believe? A story told that can't be real somehow must reflect the truth we feel, yeah fade away, fade away vanish into small Fade away, fade away break the crystal ball - OH! It's the sign feels like the time! On a small world, west of wonder somwhere, nowhere all There's a rainbow that will shimmer when the summer falls If an echo doesn't answer when it hears a certain song Then the beast is free to wander but never is seen around And it's the Sign of the Southern Cross it's the Sign of the Southern Cross all right sail away to the sign ohh From the book, the word is spoken whispers from forgotten psalms Gather all around the young ones they will make us strong Reach above your dreams of pleasure given life to those who died Look beyond your own horizons sail the ship of signs And it's the Sign of the Southern Cross it's the Sign of the Southern Cross Fade away, fade away break the crystal ball Fade away, fade away I can't accept it anymore On a real world, west of wonder somwhere, nowhere all There's a rainbow, see it shimmer when the summer falls From the book, the word is spoken whispers from forgotten psalms Gather all around the young ones they will make us strong! It's the Sign of the Southern Cross It's the Sign of the Southern Cross Don't live for pleasure make life your treasure Fade away! Eight miles high, about to fall and no one there to catch you look for the sign, the time the Sign of the Southern Cross, yeah
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Sea I'll Sail - Natasha Stoked
For Natasha! Sorry you cant really here since HT was playing music. Her links: http://natashastoked.tumblr.com/ http://www.facebook.com/pages/Natasha-Stoked/103280596396434?v=app_178091127385 http://twitter.com/#!/natashastoked http://www.youtube.com/user/nanananatasha ANNNDDD... I can't remember the others... SOOOO yeah. Just ask whatever.
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Black Sea Yacht  Rally Part 5
Kayra, a rally of 45 vessels circumnavigating Black sea in 2004. Sochi(Russia)
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Untamed & Uncut- Marlin Impales Face
See the 10 Most Shocking Animal Attacks EVER: http://animal.discovery.com/videos/untamed-uncut-animal-attacks/?smid=YTAPC-YTD-PLP It's terror at sea when a young boy reels in a six hundred pound marlin, only to have the fish leap from the water at the last moment and impale his mouth and the back of his throat.
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"Sea of Heartbreak" by Rosanne Cash and Bruce Springsteen
Song: "Sea of Heartbreak" Artist: Rosanne Cash and Bruce Springsteen Album: The List Images: Various sites Video: GodsWildfire ~*~*~*~*~*~*~ The real list was actually a list of best country songs from Johnny Cash to his daughter. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Rosanne Cash The lights In the harbor Don't shine for me I'm like a lost ship Adrift on the sea Chorus Rosanne Cash and Bruce Springsteen: Sea of heartbreak Lost love and loneliness Memories of your caress So divine, I wish You were mine again, my dear I am on this sea of tears Sea of heartbreak Rosanne Cash: How did I lose you? Oh where did I fail? Why did you leave me Always to sail? Chorus Rosanne Cash and Bruce Springsteen Sea of heartbreak Lost love and loneliness Memories of your caress So divine, I wish You were mine again, my dear On this sea of tears Sea of heartbreak Bruce Springsteen: Oh, what I'd give to sail back to shore Back to your arms once more Rosanne Cash: Come to my rescue Come here to me Take me and keep me Away from the sea Chorus Rosanne Cash and Bruce Springsteen: Sea of heartbreak Lost love and loneliness Memories of your caress So divine, I wish You were mine again, my dear I am on this sea of tears Sea of heartbreak Sea of heartbreak The Sea of heartbreak
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Black Sea Yacht  Rally Part 10
Kayra, a rally of 45 vessels circumnavigating Black sea in 2004. Varna, Nessebar (Bulgaria), Istanbul (Turkey)
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Scuba Diving in a Tsunami
Several scuba divers are caught completely off guard by the sudden, violently swirling currents churned up by the 2004 tsunami that struck just off of Sri Lanka. (From Discovery Channel's "Tsunami Survival Stories")
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The Black Eyed Peas - Meet Me Halfway (Official Music Video)
Music video by Black Eyed Peas performing Meet Me Halfway. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 3,094,999. (C) 2009 Interscope Records #VEVOCertified on Dec. 5, 2012. http://vevo.com/certified http://youtube.com/vevocertified #TheBlackEyedPeas #MeetMeHalfway #Vevo #Pop #OfficialMusicVideo
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Sailing on North Sea
Sailing the North sea downwind with force 6 wind.
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Sailing away - Chris De Burgh (Lyrics)
Waiting at the water's edge, Watching all the ships as they are heading for the harbour wall, I was just a boy, I was just a boy, Dreaming of the wide world, dreaming of the wide world; Watching as they disapper, Reading out the names of all the places I hav never been, Looking out to sea, staring out to sea, Dreaming of a wide world, dreaming of the wide world, I wish I was sailing away, sailing away, Sailing away, with you tonight, with you tonight; Walking down another street, Underneath the red light, I am watching where the shadows fall, Looking at the girls, listening to the girls, Dreaming of a new world, dreaming of that new world, I wish I was sailing away, sailing away, Sailing away, in your arms tonight, In your arms tonight; I wish I was sailing away, sailing away, Sailing away, with you now, with you now...
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Sonata Arctica - White Pearl, Black Oceans lyrics
A beautiful song with beautiful lyrics. Hope you enjoy the video. GO BUY SONATA ARCTICA's CD's! really do, they're awesome LYRICS: (also displayed in the video) I was born and raised by the sea; shy yet proud, learned to stay away from the crowd, in my home, my lighthouse. 101 steps, round and down, New Years Eve, one night on the town can change one life into eternity. All I could see - her eyes. We got caught in the moment all of the night. Taken beyond all lines, in silence, leaving them all behind. She had found the sails for the following night. The town, for her, was getting way too small. She promised to be mine forever, for that one night ... Moments, passion, small defeats. Concealed emotions found in me. "You gave life to a brand new me ..." Crossing the wintry fields the first hour of morning light. Warmed by the flame inside - the lasting memory of the ending night. I never had a chance to stop what hit me, what broke my bones and mauled me. After hours of deep unwilling sleep in a cold shelter, fell back in the dark, and the hours of the day passed ... A nightmare awakes me, blinking light, there's no guide - blind ships in the night! Oh, blood red moon, eat away the night ... Darkness covers my lonely soul, no one to feed the dying light ... Good morn', oh dreadful day. I prayed the moon had lit the sea instead of me, for the sails of night. "Please tell me everything is alright ..." My voice in the room broke the silence, everybody killed me with their eyes ... what I was to hear made the people cry - impossible for me to keep the tears inside. "All on the board the White Pearl have died! Coastal reef has tolled their lives, and you are the light of the night!" One thing I remember, before I fell on the ground, although I never saw the face, a name was inked in his arm ... Love can be like poetry of demons, or maybe God loves complex irony? The family name stated I had seen before ... written on her front door! "Silence in the courthouse!" A presence in the room we both could feel - the father of her unborn child and me. All on the board the White Pearl have died, coastal reef has tolled their lives, while I was the guide light! Back in my tower, run, run, run - light is out. I hope to see black oceans beneath rise and swallow me! One step will take me back inside, another sees my end. No one can love a man who guarded the light one fateful night ... Flaming eyes I must confront before I am stated free. Defining innocence is hell after all that has passed. Building new walls inside my eternal night. Although they took my heart and dried me up, sometimes I still bleed ... Show me the way ... The light will show me a way on the grisly reefs, too many dead ends I see. No soul can save me - the respect I lost, the measure of a man. 10,000 steps down, round and round, one night on the town and I'm hell bound. Black oceans beneath, come and swallow me! All on board the White Pearl have died, coastal reef come claim my life! Black oceans beneath, come and swallow me! My little tower, seal my fate, help me pay back - end their hate. Black oceans beneath, come and swallow me! One direction; down, down, down ... pitch black night for my old town, black oceans beneath shall now swallow me. "I hereby commit my body to the deep, to be turned into corruption, looking for the resurrection of the body, when the Sea shall give up Her dead, and the life of the world to come, through our Lord. Amen." I DON'T OWN THE MUSIC OR THE LYRICS OR THE IMAGES IN THIS VIDEO, ALL RIGHTS GO TO THEIR OWNERS!!! yes my real name is Filomena, I didn't steal the video or anything-_-
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Dolphins - Black Sea - Romania.avi
Dolphins during our trips to the wrecks in the Black Sea - Constanta Romania
Views: 2716 AquariusDC Tenerife
Black Sea Yacht  Rally Part 8
Kayra, a rally of 45 vessels circumnavigating Black sea in 2004. Odessa, İsmail (Ukraine)
Views: 515 Nilgun Gunduz
Black Sea Yacht  Rally Part 9
Kayra, a rally of 45 vessels circumnavigating Black sea in 2004. Tulcea, Brasov, Bucharest (Romania)
Views: 185 Nilgun Gunduz
Sailing To Byzantium (via Turkish Airlines)
Sailing to Byzantium THAT is no country for old men. The young In one another's arms, birds in the trees - Those dying generations - at their song, The salmon-falls, the mackerel-crowded seas, Fish, flesh, or fowl, commend all summer long Whatever is begotten, born, and dies. Caught in that sensual music all neglect Monuments of unageing intellect. An aged man is but a paltry thing, A tattered coat upon a stick, unless Soul clap its hands and sing, and louder sing For every tatter in its mortal dress, Nor is there singing school but studying Monuments of its own magnificence; And therefore I have sailed the seas and come To the holy city of Byzantium. O sages standing in God's holy fire As in the gold mosaic of a wall, Come from the holy fire, perne in a gyre, And be the singing-masters of my soul. Consume my heart away; sick with desire And fastened to a dying animal It knows not what it is; and gather me Into the artifice of eternity. Once out of nature I shall never take My bodily form from any natural thing, But such a form as Grecian goldsmiths make Of hammered gold and gold enamelling To keep a drowsy Emperor awake; Or set upon a golden bough to sing To lords and ladies of Byzantium Of what is past, or passing, or to come. -William Butler Yeats travel, vlogTurkey, Ankara, Trebzon, Trabzon, Trebizond, Ottoman, travel, Sumela Monestary, Byzantine Empire, Byzantium, Hagia, Aya, Black Sea, Roman, Emperor, Architecture, Imperial Rome, Alexios, Theodosius, Irene, Komnenos, Turkish Airlines, Yeats
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black sea dolphins
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Collision - 1000 Days Non Stop at Sea
Reid Stowe and Soanya Ahmad on the Schooner Ann, Collides with Freighter Duniden Sunday, May 6th 2007.
Views: 3726 Fred Sullivan
Giant Black Sea Bass, Santa Catalina Island
Giant Black Sea Bass filmed at Goat Harbor, Santa Catalina Island on July 7, 2010 by Garrett Davis http://garrettdavis.me
Views: 637 Garrett Davis
Black Sea Yacht Rally Part 4
Kayra, a rally of 45 vessels circumnavigating Black Sea in 2004. Batumi, Tbilisi (Georgia)
Views: 394 Nilgun Gunduz
Black Sea Yacht  Rally Part 3
Kayra, a rally of 45 vessels circumnavigating Black sea in 2004. Giresun to Hopa (Turkey)
Views: 286 Nilgun Gunduz
Cruise ships on the Russian and Ukrainian waterways and Black Sea
Cruise ships on the Russian and Ukrainian waterways and Black Sea. See and feel what it is like to be onboard magnificent cruise ships - explore boats, view interiors, decks, public places, restaurants and bars. Most popular ships -- MS Nikolay Chernishevsky, MS Litvinov, MS Russ, MS Konstantin Korotkov, MS Marshall Koshevoy and others.
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50+ Pound Black Sea Bass - Dana Point Headlands..
Caught on a large green back mackerel on the bottom.. he was successfully released.
Views: 6496 yaksportfish
'The SmashUp' - 'Set Loose Black Sail'
Complete animated video for Glasstone Act 'The SmashUp' - 'Set Loose Black Sail' in support of their release 'The Sea And The Serpents Beneath' on Glasstone Records (UK and Europe). Buy on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/the-sea-serpents-beneath/id360471625 For Fans of: Opeth, Lamb of God, Megadeth, As I Lay Dying, Thrice, Underoath, Thursday, Atreyu, Funeral for a Friend, Story of the Year (Video directed by Dave Brodsky)
Views: 3053 GlasstoneRecords
Sailing Over The Dogger Bank (Lyrics in description)
A good ol' sea shanty about the Dogger Bank near England. Preformed by the talented Brian Douglas Gulland, Robin Jeffrey, Tim Laycock, and Robert Alexander White. The last image belongs to Spongebob Squarepants and is in no way mine. Lyrics: Sailing over the Dogger Bank now wasnt it a treat? The wind was blowing east north east we had to give a sheet! You ought to us runin the winds ablowin free On a passage from the Dogger Bank to Great Grimsby Watcha twigger shes a proper jubby-jewel, Give er the sheet and let her rip with the boys to pull her thru! You ought to seen us runin the winds ablowin free On a passage from the Dogger Bank to Great Grimsby! The captain hes a shang a roosh and he loves a pint of good ale. Our mate he's a roadstone-inspector, hes been seen in many a jail I heard my knees a bush ranger he comes from the African Isle. And take a look at our old cook it gets the bugger wild! Watcha twigger shes a proper jubby-jewel, Give er the sheet and let her rip with the boys to see ya thru! You ought to seen us runin the winds ablowin free, On a passage from the Dogger Bank to Great Grimsby! Watcha twigger as down the street she came. High heels, and painted toes, Jennys on the game. Jenny is apart of them flash girls, cant she cut a shine? She can do a double shuffle on the knickerbocker line! Watcha twigger shes a proper jubby-jewel, Give er the sheet and let her rip with the boys to see ya thru! You ought to seen us runin the winds ablowin free On a passage from the Dogger Bank to Great Grimsby! We are the boys who make a noise when we come home from sea. We get right drunk and roll on the floor, we have a jubilee. We get right drunk and full of beer, we roll all over the floor, And when our rent is all spent we go to sea for more. Watcha twigger shes a proper jubby-jewel, Give er the sheet and let her rip with the boys to see ya thru! You ought to seen us runin the winds ablowin free On a passage from the Dogger Bank to Great Grimsby!
Views: 90123 Sharkblock
The Dreadnoughts - Randy Dandy-Oh
I don't own the rights to this music. I'm just spreading its brilliance. Artist: The Dreadnoughts Title: Randy Dandy-Oh Album: Polka's Not Dead -Lyrics- Now we are ready to head for the Horn, Way, ay, roll an' go! Our boots an' our clothes boys are all in the pawn, To be rollickin' Randy Dandy-Oh CHORUS: Heave a pawl, oh, heave away, Way, ay, roll an' go! The anchor's on board an' the cable's all stored, To be rollickin' Randy Dandy-Oh Oh, man the stout caps'n an' heave with a will, Way, ay, roll an' go! Soon we'll be drivin' her 'way up the hill. To be rollickin' Randy Dandy-Oh CHORUS Heave away, bullies, ye parish-rigged bums, Way, ay, roll an' go! Take yer hands from yer pockets and don't suck yer thumbs. To be rollickin' Randy Dandy-Oh CHORUS We're outward bound for Vallipo Bay, Way, ay, roll an' go! Get crackin', m' lads, 'tis a hell o' a way! To be rollickin' Randy Dandy-Oh CHORUS x2
Views: 1583838 SeeminglyIncoherent
MS Westerdam Black Sea Medley Cruise 10.2010 720p Part 1 of 3
Black Sea Medley cruise on Holland America Westerdam October 2010. Part 1 Wonderful cruise, beautiful ship and fabulous staff. Thank you HAL Thanks to all the cruise critic members who organized the wonderful day tours and made for great travel companions. Looking forward to our next cruise.
Views: 1225 tobybert
Black Sea International Regatta
Allegro at the first race of the Black Sea International Regatta - from Balchik to Mangalia
Views: 116 Velierul Allegro
Ts Eve Sailing the Caribbean  Sea
The beauty of this ocean view was spectacular. Wish you where here with me to breathe the air and see it live..
Views: 2406 ts eve
Sailing in The Red Sea
Travel writer Lisa Francesca Nand goes on a sailing trip in the Red Sea, taking in Eilat and Taba Heights.
Views: 1071 Lisa Francesca Nand
Tall Ships - Parade of Sail 2010
Video provided by http://www.borealsky.com for http://www.ppulse.com Seven of the twelve replica tall ships appear in this clip, making their way from Lake Michigan, through the Sturgeon Bay ship canal en route to The Tall Ship Festival in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The most notable of the dozen, the H.M.S. Bounty, has also appeared in hollywood features Mutiny on the Bounty and Pirates of the Caribbean -- Dead Man's Chest.
Views: 41811 peninsulapulse
MacGregor 26X with Raymarine autopilot. The last sail of the season.
Denis i Srdjan na zadnjem jedrenju i kupanju sezone 2010.Vjetar 12-14 kts, more 20.5 C. http://www.raymarine.com/view/?id=380
Views: 7112 Makraska
Axel Rudi Pell - Dark Waves of the Sea (Oceans оf Time Part II - The Dark Side).wmv
Disclaimer - I am not the owner neither the music nor the images. They belong to their original owners. This video is not commercial.
Views: 497819 donitta5
Sail Amsterdam 2010 August 19 (06/30)
Sail Amsterdam 2010 August 19 (06/30) Sail-in Parade through North-Sea canal.
Views: 262 TulipGarden5

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