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My Little Pony - Twilight Dances Awkwardly
From Season 2 Episode 9 of My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic. Hasbro owns my little pony.
Views: 27296 LegendNacho
Amazing DisneyWorld main street  Donald dance Disneyland Magic Kingdom Orlando
Amazing Donald dance Disneyland Magic Kingdom Orlando Disney Land @ Magic Kingdom
Views: 99 Hariax Thoria
Mangini magic eye trick
Magic drummer trick
Views: 219681 Jordan Rudess
After School - Juyeon dancing to When I Grow Up by PCD
My Other Channel: http://www.youtube.com/OCxxASx After School's Fan Forum: http://www.as-afterparty.com/
Views: 6234 ASxOC
300 - Oracle scene
This is a video I made for history class, Enjoy I Do Not Own Any Of These Videos
Views: 425935 GingaT4
"EAST MEETS WEST  Dance Show" - V 5
"EAST MEETS WEST -- Dance Show" - V 5
Views: 28 uktamilnews
The Philharmonics - Fascination Dance (official New Years Concert EPK 2012 video)
Take five members of the Wiener Philharmoniker, one member of the Berliner Philharmoniker and add an extraordinary pianist: together they form one of the most sensational ensembles in the world of music - The Philharmonics. Their highly adept, crowd-pulling performances are informed by the sound culture and earnestness of the Wiener Philharmoniker. The seven musicians offer the classical sound, phrasing and virtuosity of the inexhaustible treasures of folk music, ethnic inspiration, intriguing dances and the magic of improvisation. The Philharmonics are plying at the intermission film of the New Years Concert 2012. Releas Date of „Fascination Dance" is January 3rd. Artist Website: http://www.thephilharmonics.com Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1037003162&ref=profile#!/thephilharmonics http://www.universalmusic.at
MARY POPPINS the hit Broadway Musical
MARY POPPINS has astonished over 8 million people with its own brand of pure Broadway magic. Featuring the irresistible story and unforgettable songs from one of the most popular Disney films of all time, plus brand-new breathtaking dance numbers and spectacular stage-craft, MARY POPPINS is everything you could ever want in a hit Broadway show! So get swept up in the fun of this high-flying musical the New York Post gives 4 out of 4 stars and calls "a perfect piece of musical theater."
Views: 319811 Disney On Broadway
Inspiration behind Toy Story 3's Woody and Jessie dance short
Rik from http://www.rikomatic.com pointed out how similar the clip of Woody and Jessie dancing in Toy Story 3 is to Todd Yannacone and Freda Segredahl's spotlight in the Liberation Fast Finals at ULHS 2006. To show how close they are I edited the two videos together side by side.
Views: 58623 QuantumPieBlog
Cats Don't Dance - Big and Loud (Part 1) (Widescreen 16:9)
Finally guys, after a long wait, here it is, another song from Cats Don't Dance in its original widescreen ratio (I think the original was 1:85, not 1:78, but is the only we have). Now in Christmas I have more free time to rip, and since these days I've been remembering CDD and reading some fanfics in CDD4Ever, the only page who homages CDD. What a page. So I love this movie, is so bad in what is today.. So I decided, thanks to this and all the users of my account, to upload more vids in Widescreen. Remember. It's not HD, But it's the biggest quality a DVD can do, it's 100 per cent of quality. I swear. But, what matters? Quality is good and anyway is in Widescreen. Enjoy!
Views: 1286765 Catsdontdance3
The Magic Show Special (Podcast 65)| The top 100 of 2011
HQ Download on www.themagicshow.nl | Tracklist: 1. Gunz for Hire - Sorrow 2. Wildstylez & Brennan Heart - Lose My Mind 3. Frontliner & Max Enforcer - On The Go 4. B-Front - Inner Creativity 5. Brennan Heart & The Prophet - Wake Up 6. Noisecontrollers - Unite 7. Digital Punk & Profyler - Bringing The Funk (Zatox Remix) 8. Adaro - The Haunter of the Dark 9. Gunz for Hire - Put It On 10. Frontliner - Dream Dust 11. TNT - Countdown 12. Chris One - Psycho 13. Ran-D & B-Front - Rebirth 14. The Pitcher ft Slim Shore - This Is Who We Are 15. Headhunterz, Noisecontrollers, Wildstylez - Tonight (Alpha² Remix) 16. Zany & Brennan Heart - Bang The Bass 17. Noisecontrollers - Gimme Love 18. Alpha² - Let It Go 19. Zatox - Unborn 20. Tartaros - Dark Age 21. Headhunterz - From Within 22. The R3belz - Shade 23. The Pitcher - Ain't Nobody 24. B-Front & Digital Punk - For The Girls 25. Zatox - No Way Back (Qlimax 2011 Anthem) 26. Wildstylez & Noisecontrollers - A Different Story 27. Ran-D & Wildstylez - Future Shock 28. Scope DJ - Stargazer 29. Frequencerz - Revolution 30. Zatox & Zany - Oldskool 31. Wildstylez - I See Stars 32. Gunz For Hire - Gangsters Don't Dance 33. The R3belz - Pattern 2 34. Josh & Wesz - G-Force 35. Juized - State of Matter 36. Wasted Penguinz - Far From Reality 37. Zany & Ran-D - Son of Torture 38. Toneshifterz - Till Daybreak Meets 39. Toneshifterz & Bioweapon - Dead of the Night 40. Code Black - Red Planet 41. Geck-o - It's What We Are (Headhunterz Edit) 42. The Pitcher & Slim Shore - I'm Alive 43. Crypsis - Nackt 44. D-Block & S-te-Fan & Zatox - Madhouse 45. D-Clear - Midnight Skies 46. Kodex - Insomnia (The Machine Remix) 47. High Voltage & B-Front - Everything Changes 48. Frontliner - External Life 49. D-Block & S-te-Fan & Villain - The Magical Mistery 50. Blutonium Boy - Make It Loud (Headhunterz Remix) 51. Showtek ft. Lexi Jean - Music on my Mind 52. Solutio & The I's vs Arboza - The Cry 53. Tartaros - Numb 54. TNT - First Match 2011 55. Toneshifterz - Quirk 56. Wasted Penguinz - Melancholia 57. Wildstylez - Back 2 Basics 58. Wild Motherfuckers - Hardbass (Hardbass 2011 Anthem) 59. Kodex - Body Moving (Chain Reaction Remix) 60. Juized - Secrecy 61. Digital Punk & Noisecontrollers - Blue Horizon 62. Frontliner - Discorecord 63. Alpha² - Kick Back 64. Waverider - Be As One 65. Jack of Sound - A Ghost Story 66. Thera - Disturbia (The R3belz Remix) 67. TNT - Dial T for TNT 68. Zany - Symphonic Feedback (Titan Remix) 69. D-Clear & Josh & Wesz - Mindgame 70. Chain Reaction - Mausparade 71. Alpha² & Wildstylez - Breathe 72. Adaro - No Time To Sleep 73. Noisecontrollers - Give it Up 74. Slim Shore & B-Front - Charger 75. The Anarchist - Outrageouz 76. The R3belz - Music to Us 77. The Vision & Tartaros - History of Life 78. Toneshifterz - Psychadelic Wasteland (Defqon AUS 2011 Anthem) 79. Zany - Worship 80. Wildstylez - Feedback 81. DJ Mystery - Typeface (Luna & Chain Reaction Remix) 82. Solutio & The I's - 2.17 83. Phrantic - Become One (Merge Mix) 84. Sasha F - Sacrifice 85. Digital Punk & Scope DJ - Forever Lost 86. Wasted Penguinz - Stay Alive 87. Code Black - Visions 88. Zany & Max Enforcer ft DV8 - Sound Intens City (Decibel 2011 Anthem) 89. Alpha2 & B-Front - Liberate 90. Coone & Scope DJ - Traveling 91. Ran-D & Alpha² - The New Shit 92. Dutch Master - You are the Sound 93. Zatox - Irreplaceable 94. Arkaine - Voices of Desire 95. Zatox & The R3belz - Odissea 96. K-Traxx - Little Red Noisy Thing (Wildstylez Remix) 97. Crypsis - Jealousy (Zero Vision Remix) 98. Scope DJ - Hypersonic 99. Wildstylez - Huh 100. TNT vs Kutski - Sucksess
Views: 26442 The Magic Show
Little Mix's first auditions as soloists.
I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THIS CONTENT! Jesy Nelson, Jade Thirlwall, Perrie Edwards, Leigh-Anne Pinnock's first auditions as soloists.
Views: 16018318 RhythmixFans1
Queen of the Dryads Dance (Souvenir du ball) Don Quixote-Minkus
Dance of the Queen of the Dryads from the "Dream of the Magic Garden" Scene from Don Quixote Ballet.
Views: 43118 Ismapsco
Twilight dance like jagger
Views: 3709 Ramirez Pony
MLP equestria Girls dance
MLP Just Dance 3
Views: 80969 Lili Vakarian
Flying With The Snowman / Walking in The Air
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8YQqK5e5es Porky Pig sings Blue Christmas Before Robert Zemeckis "Polar Express" there was everyone's favorite heart warming animated adventure "The Snowman" (1982) about a young English boy who makes a snowman one Christmas Eve, only for it to come to life that night and take him on a magical adventure to the North Pole to meet Santa Claus. The title comes from an animated cartoon, which is shown on TV every Christmas day in Britain and has become something of a tradition in the manner of the Queen's Christmas Day Speech to the Nation. Maybe the cartoon has been shown in the USA - I don't know? It's about a little redheaded boy who builds a snowman on his front lawn. Like most young children he's very reluctant to leave the snowman when his mother calls him in after dark. At midnight on Christmas Eve he peeps from his window and finds that the snowman he built that day has magically come to life. He then runs downstairs and dances with the snowman. The Snowman takes him on his back on a magical journey, flying across many countries to the North Pole where every Christmas Eve there's a convention of snow people from all lands. They wing their way together to an icy landscape where they meet Father Christmas. There's much dancing and jollity. Eventually the tired out little boy flies back home to England on the snowman's back and goes back to bed. The snowman resumes his position in the garden. Upon awakening next morning, the little boy rushes to his bedroom window to see his friend. Alas, you've already guessed the sight that meets his eyes. The sun has melted the snowman all away. All that remains is his hat and carrot nose. I always cry at this point, no doubt with millions of others. The soundtrack music is hauntingly beautiful. Raymond Briggs' picture book is irresistibly brought to life in this wordless, animated tale. Probably best known for the soundtrack (which features "Walking in the Air" sung by Aled Jones) this charming film avoids the over-sentimentality which could have spoilt it and touches the heart in a delightful way. The music perfectly complements the animation, especially during the flying scenes, where the landscape unfolds in rolling images like waves. This is animation for all ages and nationalities, not only because it has no dialogue, but also because it carries an underlying message about life and love - and it also features a great old-fashioned Father Christmas. The content of the film is poignant and has a bittersweet ending which could be upsetting to some young children. In this capacity it is more of an adult film than a children's animation, as adults have the ability to look back and understand what the film is saying and what it says about our own lost childhoods. But for children it will simply be a magical tale of excitement and friendship. In a day and age where most children's entertainment seems to revolve around violence, this is a truly charming and heartwarming short film. Directed by Dianne Jackson. We're walking in the air We're floating in the moonlit sky The people far below are sleeping as we fly I'm holding very tight I'm riding in the midnight blue I'm finding I can fly so high above with you Far across the world The villages go by like dreams The rivers and the hills, the forests and the streams Children gaze open mouthed Taken by surprise Nobody down below believes their eyes We're surfing in the air We're swimming in the frozen sky We're drifting over icy mountains floating by Suddenly swooping low On an ocean deep Rousing up a mighty monster from his sleep And walking in the air We're dancing in the midnight sky And everyone who sees us greets us as we fly We're walking in the air We're walking in the air
Views: 286236 expresscourier
COEN BAIS - A Touch Of Magic
Another relaxing tune by COEN BAIS from 1997 http://zbutsam.net/chat & http://katanakis.gr
Views: 8619 Nick Katanakis
Twilight Sparkle Dancing
I don't know if someone did this already...oh well. Song is by Men Without Hats. Quality suck ftw
Views: 2692 AuraTheUnicorn
Sinbad - Dance In The Dark
I hope you will like it =)))
Views: 99 Monika Monikiux
Toy-Box - Tarzan & Jane (Official Music Video)
Taken from the album "FanTastic" (1999). ► Stream / Download from your preferred service: http://smarturl.it/Toy-Box.FanTastic
Views: 11286602 Toy-Box
24 Days Of Magic-Day 13 Ft Jessie J & Professor Green
Day 13 from Damien's youtube series 24 Days of Magic on this video he is joined but pop star Jessie J and Rapper Professor Green
Views: 8400 DamienMagician
Mickan & Rut, final AFC 2011
Rut och jag tävlar i finalen för Agria Freestyle Cup 2011 på Stockholms Hundmässa. Vi vann med 28,20 poäng!! Rut and I competing in the final of Agria Freestyle Cup 2011 at Stockholm Dog Show. We won with 28,20 points!!
Views: 40243 Mika Neiglick
Awesome Groom Wedding Dance Compilation
Getting down at my wedding reception. Please forgive the choppiness, I'm not a moviemaker. Had a great time, hope everyone enjoys watching! Skip to 0:13 Michael Jackson "Thriller," 0:49 Michael Jackson "Smooth Criminal," 2:30 Neyo "One in a Million," 3:05 LMFAO "Sexy and I Know It" spongebob dance; 3:38 Usher "OMG" my favorite!
Views: 1587 shawjd
Teen Titans Abridged: Episode Eleven
"My Little Titan: Cynicism is Magic" The eleventh episode of our Teen Titans Abridged series is here! As always, this is a non-profit work of parody. We own nothing but our voices and ideas. "Just Dance" is owned by Lady Gaga and RedOne records. Music from "Fist of the North Star" is owned by Toei Animation and Fuji TV. "My Nemesis" is owned by Walt Disney.
Views: 45714 Chaltab
Build A Bear Dance
some kids over 20 making stuffed animals and doing the build a bear dance to give their animals personality.
Views: 726 tookiebear25
Bolero - Maurice Ravel
Boléro is a one-movement orchestral piece by Maurice Ravel (1875--1937). Originally composed as a ballet commissioned by Russian ballerina Ida Rubinstein, the piece, which premiered in 1928, is Ravel's most famous musical composition.
Views: 7396548 TheWickedNorth
Drizella in the Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade
My "fiancee" Drizella dancing during the Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade at the Magic Kingdom, November 24, 2011. She's easily the best dancer of the bunch! Walt Disney World
Views: 1871 Cameron V
MLP : Friendship is Magic with Sonic X (Marry The Night by Lady Gaga)
Finally, My Marry the night video is done, I just choose My Little Pony & Sonic X for this video. And I put some video I made before I make this video in the ending. Next, I will make 2 more video and I hope is finish this week or next week. Next video I will make is Tamama (from Keroro) video with "The one that got away" by Katy Perry, and Spongebob video with "gee" by Girls Generation. About video Till the world End for Anime by Britney will cancel because I start boring with the song and I always forget. Hope you enjoy my all video & Merry Christmas Happy New Year
Views: 2527 Oeijaya San
Magic Lamp Snow Machines at Legoland - Orlando Florida Disney [Global Special Effects]
Check out the awesome Evaporative Snow effects of our Magic Lamps in at Lego land. For more information, visit http://www.globalspecialeffects.com. JULY SPECIAL: Purchase a Magic Lamp and receive a 5 gallon bucket of FG-100 FREE! Get The Magic Lamp: http://globalspecialeffects.com/products.aspx OUR LINKS: Connect with us! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/globalspecialfx Twitter: https://twitter.com/GlobalSpecialFX Google+: https://plus.google.com/104425558383828952668/about ABOUT US: Global Special Effects provides quality and memorable visual special effects for your live theater, film productions, concerts, corporate events and special attractions. You can either purchase or rent our machines. We're so confident our snow machines are the best that we sell them with a lifetime warranty. For your next event, contact Global Special Effects for snow, cryo, foam, fog, bubbles and more! To create a memorable multi-sensory environment, you need our Eco-Scent machines. We have 100's of aromas to choose from. Our scent machines come with a lifetime warranty too!
Views: 1162 GlobalSpecialFX
Ella meets sulley & mike
@ disney Hollywood studios
Views: 330 TheStephanieWells
Elves Christmas Dance
Angkan ni Angela Elves Christmas Dance
Views: 244 llamas000
The Hobbit Metal Dance
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/clafalcpage The Hobbit Metal Dance trailer
Views: 2787 clafalc
SURPRISE Wedding Dance - Guys Dancing to Justin Bieber Baby Song
Surprise dance for the Bride!
Views: 154475 Anthony Cheung
Chris Paul Trade to the Celtics? Knicks? Lakers? Magic? Where?! - NBA Basketball - JRSportBrief
Twitter: http://twitter.com/JRSportBrief FB: http://on.fb.me/9X1qpE Rumored destinations for New Orleans Hornets point guard Chris Paul are running rampant right now! Isn't it too early to talk about incessantly? JRSportBrief covers the latest sports news, game highlights, and athletes of professional sports. JR gives his opinions on all sports: Basketball, Baseball, Football, Hockey, Boxing, MMA and all the major leagues. Whether it's the NBA Finals, the MLB World Series, or the NFL Superbowl, JRʼs got his own opinions and he wants to hear yours! New Episodes all week long. Email: [email protected]
Views: 21751 JRSportBrief
The Magic Show Podcast 63 | Adaro, Code Black, Degos & Re-done
HQ Download on www.themagicshow.nl | Tracklist Adaro 01. Profite - Split Second [Fusion] 02. Technoboy - Re-Invent Yourself [Titanic] 03. Ran-D & MC Villain - X [A² Records] 04. Artic - Beat Rocking [CD-R] 05. Psyko Punkz - Feel The Rhythm (Alpha² remix) [Dirty Workz] 06. Goldkind - Elevate [CD-R] 07. Toneshifterz - Till Daybreak Meets [Fusion] 08. Digital Punk & MC Jeff - We Can't Be Stopped [TiLLT] 09. Adaro - No Time to Sleep [A² Records] 10. Zatox & The R3belz - Odissea [Italian Hardstyle] 11. Juized - Emergence [The Magic Show Records] 12. Frequencerz - Revolution [Fusion] 13. The R3belz - Armageddon [Italian Hardstyle] 14. Crypsis & Chain Reaction - The Attack [Minus Is More] 15. DJ Thera - Disturbia (The R3belz remix) [Theracords] 16. Tartaros - They Come For You [The Magic Show Records] 17. Gunz For Hire -- Sorrow [A² Records] Code Black 18. Black & White - Get Your Hands Up (Code Black Remix) [CD-R] 19. Toneshifterz & S-Dee - Party Down [Fusion] 20. Brennan Heart & Wildstylez - Lose My Mind [M!D!FY] 21. Code Black - Visions [Fusion] 22. Brennan Heart - Running Late [M!D!FY] 23. Toneshifterz & Nitrouz - Take My Breath Away [Fusion] 24. The Pitcher & Slim Shore - I'm Alive [Fusion] 25. Brennan Heart - Musical Impressions (Toneshifterz Remix) [Fusion] 26. Code Black - Red Planet [Fusion] 27. Zatox - The Noisemaker (Code Black Remix) [Italian Hardstyle] 28. Headhunterz & Wildstylez vs. Noisecontrollers - Tonight (A² Remix) [Scantraxx] 29. Toneshifterz - Till Daybreak Meets [Fusion] 30. Digital Punk & Profyler - Bringing The Funk (Zatox Remix) [TiLLT] 31. Alpha²- Kick Back [A² Records] 32. Code Black - F.E.A.R [Fusion] 33. Toneshifterz & Bioweapon - Fearfull Symmetry [Fusion] Reverse of the week 34. Titan - Nightmare [Fusion] Degos & Re-done 35. Degos & Re-Done - Yes We Know [Theracords] 36. Threesome - Impact [CD-R] 37. Donkey Rollers - The Sound Of The Beast (Zany Remix) [Fusion] 38. D-Block & Tha Bazzpimpz - Freak On It [Straight On] 39. Dj Norman - Live For Nothing [Mythica] 40. Digital Punk & Profyler - Another World [Seismic] 41. Dj Masterflow - Power To The People [AVIO] 42. Degos & Re-Done - Dancing [Theracords] 43. Degos & Re-Done - Take A Trip [Theracords] 44. The Machine - State Of Your Mind [SYS-X] 45. Tartaros - Dark Age [The Magic Show Records] 46. B-Font & Alpha Twins - Liberate [A2 Records] 47. Dj Thera - Disturbia (The R3belz Remix) [Theracords] 48. Degos & Re-Done - Life Is Finite [Theracords]
Views: 10543 The Magic Show
Toneshifterz - Quirk
Toneshifterz Album - Till Daybreak Meets Add to Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/51j85mL3PKnB65exoNPSzi Follow Toneshifterz: https://www.facebook.com/toneshifterz https://www.twitter.com/toneshifterz https://www.youtube.com/toneshifterz https://www.instagram.com/toneshifterz https://www.soundcloud.com/toneshifterzofficial -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "(40) Toneshifterz & Atmozfears - You & Me (Official Video Clip) " https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKET_s2yMsk -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
Views: 29728 Toneshifterz
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Stepmania Song Pack - Friendship is Magic (Alex S. Glitch Remix)
The same song I've posted and reposted again and again... but this time I have a "B" performance. I'll work towards that A. Thank you for watching my videos! This song comes from the Stepmania song pack posted on Equestria Daily in late September. You can find it here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/31905435/My%20Little%20Pony%20Season%2001%20Pack.zip
Views: 1437 Minnericks
Spongebob Is A Brony In Denial
I used to be like this I did crappy effects 'cause it was WMM,like the ending
Views: 2899 MarioTheBrony
Michael Jackson's Giant Dancing Robot | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim
The Micheal Jackson Giant Dancing Robot is incredibly lifelike. SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/AdultSwimSubscribe About Robot Chicken: Robot Chicken is Adult Swim's long-running stop-motion animated homunculus of a sketch show. Witness sex, violence and 80's toy references collide through fan-favorite characters like the Humping Robot and the beloved Robot Chicken Nerd as creators Seth Green and Matthew Seinreich are joined by an unparalleled roster of celebrity voices to skewer pop culture in this balls-to-the-wall comedy. Check out the latest clips and episodes from Robot Chicken on AdultSwim.com. Watch More Robot Chicken: http://bit.ly/RobotChickenSite About Adult Swim: Adult Swim is your late-night home for animation and live-action comedy. Enjoy some of your favorite shows, including Robot Chicken, Venture Bros., Tim and Eric, Aqua Teen, Childrens Hospital, Delocated, Metalocalypse, Squidbillies, and more. Watch some playlists. Fast forward, rewind, pause. It's all here. And remember to visit AdultSwim.com for all your full episode needs. We know you wouldn't forget, but it never hurts to make sure. Connect with Adult Swim Online: Visit Adult Swim WEBSITE: http://bit.ly/ASWebsite Like Adult Swim on FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/ASFacebook Follow Adult Swim on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/ASTweet Michael Jackson's Giant Dancing Robot | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim http://www.youtube.com/user/adultswim
Views: 174987 Adult Swim
PonyPokey watches MLP:FiM Live [1 of 2]
And then we commentated something no one expected us to commentate.
Views: 177322 ponypokey
Twilight Sparkle pulls a Batman
The very first thing in my mind when i thought this was: "BATMAN"!!!!!!!
Views: 700 CJ Sangster
The Pony Scrolls: Flutterborn
Fluttershy is Flutterborn! This is my first pony animation and it SUCKS REALLY BAD!!!! My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim parody. Animation by Christian Cerda. SFX from
Views: 94308 Christian Cerda
Cassie Squared
Cassie Squared is hoop dance discovery, mini-hoop magic & more...ON TOUR December 2011 and January 2012! Check out our FACEBOOK PAGE for info on our WORKSHOP TOUR and other fun performance stops. Mad hoop love, get funky! www.hoopsofly.com facebook.com/Cassiesquared
Views: 1281 HoopSoFly
Views: 1861 23krazylegs1

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