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RIB Bombardier Explorer
Sea Doo Bombardier Explorer, Mazury, Maj 2011
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Fun A lake Seadoo Explorer
Seadoo Explorer 1997. Having fun at the lake with the boys.
Views: 1153 Hal Burch
SeaDoo EXPLORER Jet boat
test run on my new toy boat..
Views: 3689 Dominik de kleine
seadoo 2011 movie
Views: 96 Jesse Mysiorek
Rib Bombardier Explorer, zabawy na kole cz II
Zabawy na kole, Mazury VI'11, filmik z Iphone'a
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Explorer Panther Cub 290J
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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bombardier sportster seadoo boat
my buddys and i in my buddys sea doo having some fun
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bombardier sportster 155hp sea doo boat
just out for a evening run in the sea doo boat with my buddies
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Bombardier Snowcoach @ Flagg Ranch
A bomb heads into Yellowstone.
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Sea Doo QRV
Sea Doo QRV by using the basis of the craft as a Sea Doo RXTiS 260 Hp and adding the stability of a Rib sports boat we are able to offer the best of both packages.
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Snogear SG Blackie Riding Suit 2012
Blackie is a cutting-edge top-quality product for demanding use. The best breathable and windproof material (over 10,000 H2O) in the market. High-quality laminated fabric and good washing properties. http://www.snogear.fi/pages/en/products/sg-blackie/sg-blackie-jacket.php
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Sea Doo Yahoo !!!  May 24th 2011 Part 1
Splashed Ricky and MY Droid Phone :-) oops!!!
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3 Person Inflatable Tube Pulled by Seadoo Jetboat
Darissa & Rosario Riding the Inflatable in Blue Lagoon Miami Fl
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Spruijtjetskicentre x2
X2 testing before the big day.....
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Rib Bombardier Explorer, zabawy na kole
Zabawy na kole, Mazury VI'11, filmik z Iphone'a
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rotary wankel powered rib first run.flv
the engine was originally used in my jetski project, and now grafted into this 15ft rib, still with twin jetpumps via 2 off 2" belts 1 to each jet unit. this is what the jetski would have sounded like if the waterboxes weren't used. note: starter needs adjustment as was touching the ring gear.
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Snogear SG Drop Riding Suit 2012
Drop is the dream suit of freeriders suitable for town and sport use alike. The material is light-weight laminated polyester. Breathability and water resistance of 10 000H2O at a bargain package price! http://www.snogear.fi/pages/en/products/sg-drop/sg-drop-jacket.php?lang=EN
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Snogear SX Riding Suit 2012
The new stylish, functional SX outfit ensures comfort and excellent visibility in races and trails alike. http://www.snogear.fi/pages/en/products/sx/sx-shell-jacket.php
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How to Winterize a PWC, step by step guide, in HD Seadoo, Jet Ski, Waverunner
A detailed step by step guide to winterizing your Your Personal Watercraft PWC for outdoor storage in a below -0 environment, shown on a 1997 Sea•doo GTX, same concept applies to most PWC jetskis. wave runner, sea doo DIY. (yes thats my wife on my ski, and no, she is no where in the video, sorry lol). Boat outboard inboard I/O inboard/outboard Winterization
Views: 689835 Warren Hardy
sea doo.m4v
Views: 1233 MooreSpeedTV
Jet boat riding at Clinton Lake, IL
Me and my two boys riding our Seadoo Explorer on Clinton Lake.
Views: 154 Hal Burch
QRV Sea Doo
Sea Doo QRV by using the basis of the craft as a Sea Doo RXTiS 260 Hp and adding the stability of a Rib sports boat we are able to offer the best of both packages.
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Snogear Explorer Riding Suit 2012
Explorer is an ideal package for men to whom the journey is more important than the destination. The gear is suitable for both long journeys in varying conditions and hard professional use. A wide range of technical properties help you to master all kinds of weather conditions. http://www.snogear.fi/pages/en/products/explorer/explorer-jacket.php
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1995 SeaDoo XP Fuse Box
How to find and replace the fuses on a 1995 SeaDoo XP. Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj-I2PE6etPSl8SVNn8_UoQ
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1994 657cc Sea Doo XP
we got it for free, a little work and it looks great!
Views: 49381 dave jonshon johnson
1995 SeaDoo XP Impeller Shaft Removal
How to remove the impeller from the pump. Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj-I2PE6etPSl8SVNn8_UoQ
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Sea doo jetboat test
Este video se subi� de un tel�fono Android.
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1995 SeaDoo XP Part 1 Pump Removal
1995 SeaDoo XP not pumping water and slips like it has a clutch; removing the pump. Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj-I2PE6etPSl8SVNn8_UoQ
Views: 105350 LonnieJohnson1
1995 SeaDoo XP Drive Shaft Boot Replacement
How to replace a drive shaft boot on a SeaDoo XP. Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj-I2PE6etPSl8SVNn8_UoQ
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Seadoo Düsseldorf  -Tour bei Hamburg 2011
Views: 159 MrSeadoojet
1995 SeaDoo XP Part 3 installing the impeller pump
Installing the rebuilt impeller pump on my SeaDoo. Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj-I2PE6etPSl8SVNn8_UoQ
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How to renew faded plastic
I am showing you how to renew faded old beat up / sun faded plastic. This is my jet ski that sat out in the weather and lost a lot of its color.
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How to replace sea-doo wear ring in 5 minutes.
This video tutorial will show you how to remove and replace a wear ring in a sea-doo jet ski pump in about 5 minutes time.
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Bombard Explorer 385 WB - Yamaha 30 Cv
Tranquille sur l'eau...
Views: 932 AmzerZoBretagne
http://stores.ebay.com/Shorts-Marine/_i.html?_fsub=21054466&_sc=1&_sop=1 http://www.ShortsMarineParts.com Winterizing a Personal Watercraft Engine PWC
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Sea-Doo Burriana beach
Views: 650 Mario Perez
Last test run of the rx 4 Tec "Second Life"
Watch my other Videos
Views: 17795 luke7192
Maiden voyage on our boat
Bria driving.. Fast
Views: 41 bria parks
Aldo flying over zodiac
kiteboarding in pompano beach, may 2011 view from zodiac in rough water.
Views: 148 kapiscqfuninfl2011
Sea-Doo, Seascooter, Dolphin. test drive
A fun way to beat the heat!
Views: 3164 seimant
SPX test drive 001.MOV
1996 Seadoo SPX 2nd video Test drive
Views: 471 jminator2002
How to repair punctures in PVC inflatable boat, raft or kayak.
Visit http://www.boatstogo.com/faq.asp for more info. If you are losing air pressure, (aside from pressure loss commonly caused by colder temperatures), check the boat over for leaks. Start by checking the valves first. The best tool to find leaks is soapy water in a spray bottle. A leaky valve is rare, but if you do find a leak we can send you a replacement valve. We recommend mixing soap and water in a spray bottle. Spray around the valve. If you see bubbles forming, check your valve fitting and base and be sure the valve insert is screwed on tight. You can apply glue from the repair kit to seal small leaks around the valve or holes where the nylon string enters the valve assembly. If you continue to have problems with the valve, it's probably time to order a new one. To find tiny leaks, take the floor boards out, fully inflate the boat until it's hard to the touch. Put some liquid detergent in a bucket of water and scrub it all over the boat with rag or big wash brush. Watch for elusive or tiny bubbles. When you find the first leak, keep looking. You might as well fix them all at the same time! Remember, the number one cause of slow leaks is due to poorly fitted valves. Unscrew the valve and clean the area. Make sure the little rubber O-rings are still good. They are the cheapest repair possible. If you have no luck finding a slow leak with air bubbles, inflate the boat to it's maximum air pressure and try to listen for the leak. If you can narrow the area down, return with a spray bottle to identify the source of the leak. Punctures less than 1/8" in size can be repaired simply without a patch. Deflate your boat, then clean and dry the area to be repaired. Apply a small drop of glue to cover the puncture and let dry for 12 hours. If you need to get on the water sooner, let dry for 30 minutes and then inflate the boat, inflating the compartment with the repair only 3/4 full. This repair might not be permanent so add a drop again at a later date to make it permanent. Your Inflatable Boat comes with a repair kit as standard equipment. It is recommended to do repairs in dry weather. Humidity will decrease glue bond. Cut a piece of repair material large enough to overlap the damaged area by approximately 1" and round off the edges. Apply glue to the under side of the patch and around the area to be repaired. Too much glue will often interfere with a proper repair. Allow adhesive to become tacky for 5 minutes, and then place patch on the damaged area. Use a weight to apply 3-5 lbs. of pressure for 24 hours. After the patch has dried, apply glue around the edges for a complete seal (dry 6 hours).
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www.scooter-sousmarin.com - SEA DOO Seascooter - GTI.mp4
Le SEA-DOO® SEASCOOTER™ GTI vous permet de plonger sans efforts, permettant d'économisé de l'air, ce qui signifie que vous pouvez rester plus longtemps sous l'eau et explorer un peu plus le monde sous-marin.
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He is looking for his lost one mp/h
Sacha is looking for his lost mile on his fresh painted Rxp with the biggest Rotax racing watercooled supercharger funny: 77,2 mp/h
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