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All Stargates wormhole (vortex) - HD
Tous les vortex de la franchise Stargate :Stargate, la Porte des étoiles (le film), Stargate SG-1 (après la saison 8), Stargate Atlantis, Stargate Continuum (durant le changement de ligne temporelle), Stargate Universe, le tout en HD. All wormholes from Stargate's franchise : Stargate (the original movie), Stargate SG-1 (after season 8), Stargate Atlantis, Stargate Continuum (during the timeline change), Stargate Universe, all in HD.
Views: 42527 Facy5
This is a live wallpaper for Android Phones Only. U will need to download AnimGif Live Wallpaper from the Android Market for this live wall paper to work. U will need to Download the Wallpaper Animation from My download Link http://www.megaupload.com/?d=RCDU73U2 Once Downloaded. Plug your android phone into your computer. (YES MY FRIENDS U WILL NEED TO DO ALITTLE WORK TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN ON YOUR PHONE UNTIL I CAN PERFECT IT TO BE ON THE ANDROID MARKET). Once your phone is plug into ur computer use it as mass storage device search for the folder AnimaGif apply the SGU live wall paper to that. Some phones need to be reset to see it show up. U CAN NOT MANAGE ANIMIGIF WHILE YOUR PHONE IS PLUGGED INTO THE COMPUTER. I will have this on the android market in the next few days for Free of course. If u dont like it. Make a better one is all I have to say ENJOY www.facebook.com/pages/Owen-Brown/152721921462766 Facebook.com/SaveSGUUK http://on.fb.me/SGUThePlan http://on.fb.me/SaveSGUNewCamp www.facebook.com/SaveSGU www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=128186820592648 http://www.facebook.com/notes/save-stargate-universe/the-plan-save-stargate
Views: 1893 Owen Brown
Stargate Boot Sequence.mp4
stargate kernel custom boot animation android
Views: 1608 0m3n4nemo
Stargate Command logo
Views: 412 pidos2011
Stargate Atlantis Space Battle
Hoffe gefällt euch.
Views: 364 Marcel
Stargate from Telephony.nl
The Stargate gives you the best Google Android user experience with a 3.5 inch capacitive touchscreen, Wifi, Email, Facebook, Widgets, Live wallpaper and much more!
Views: 350 TelephonyNL
Views: 3168 TORNADOES
Jason Momoa Wallpapers
another video showing artwork created or painted by me. I use photoshop and a wacom bamboo tablet and pen to paint.
Views: 440 mirishka10
The Gibson 3D screensaver preview
HyperCam 3 and Youtube combined ruined the quality and framerate, sorry. This is a screensaver I'm working on inspired by the Gibson from movie Hackers. It can be downloaded here: http://sites.google.com/site/lazerbladegames/home/blog/thegibsonpart15/Gibson.zip?attredirects=0
Views: 12982 LazerBlade
SGU Destiny Underneath WIP
Started working on the underneath of the ship.
Views: 2401 ShepperdOneill
Adobe Photoshop Tutorial  Stargate effect [German/Deutsch]
Farbcode: #00336c Bild : http://www.sg-21.de/uploads/pics/stargate_universe_gate_room.jpg
Views: 2231 TNThelpGermany
Masonic Screensavers
Masonic screensavers available for download at www.OnTheSquarescreensavers.com
Views: 1605 The Widow's Son
Wormhole Test
Well I was watching the training videos again and I finally got this to work! FINALLY! So in short I used a Free Camera alone with the Loft and Helix and Donut in 3D Max 2010. Now I have been wanting to create a wormhole travel animation just like in stargate, well the second one since it uses the same kind of setup, but I am thinking I could create an animation of a point-of-view of someone being swallowed. YAY two projects out of one! I still suck at this...
Views: 193 Can Billy
Stargate Speedart
A quick speedart that I have made today.
Views: 211 freekka
SGDP video teaser.wmv
Mon propre Stargate Dialing Program
Views: 1084 Frédéric Valat
Free Call of Atlantis Screensaver 1 0
Фрагмент бесплатного скринсейвера. Скачать можно здесь http://freesoftspace.com/ru/free-call-of-atlantis-screensaver-10.html
Views: 1724 Freesoftspace
A short animated segment created for the 72hr Film Fest. For more of my work please visit www.octopusgrande.com
Views: 2060 Sparkythedog2008
Universal Collision
This is a FanFic trailer for a story I am working on featuring Stever from SGA and Willow from Buffy. This is the first time I have tried a vid like this and the inspiration comes from the awesome vi
Views: 64 sorschamia
Destiny Observation Deck Animation - Stargate Universe
A quick animation of a first person view from the observation deck for those of you interested. This 16 second 720p animation took 10 hours, 48 minutes to render. No GI was used. And of course, like always, modeled, textured, animated, lit, and rendered in C4D, with some post work (glow, motion blur) in After Effects. I think if I keep doing these animations, I may have to look into purchasing a render node to help with the rendering.
Views: 9143 ShepperdOneill
XBMC Stargate Animated Home Screen
This is done completely within the XBMC skinning engine. This is just something I threw together in a short evening. The animations aren't exactly right and the event horizon texture isn't perfect either but I'd say it's good enough for a proof of concept.
Views: 2477 wannabegt4
Stargate SG-1:The Ketchup's song
Sestřih PLK.(GEN) Jacka O'Neila a DR. Davida Jacsona k originální písničce ketchup. :D
Views: 763 TheKybliCZECH
Cool steelers live wallpaper
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
Views: 1745 Chris Zannella
Stargate Wormhole 2 (Ascension Aperture)
Another photo from February in which this aperture appears to the South East. I use color curve to contrast and reveal the bullseye-like anomaly that I intuit/know is a stargate, wormhole, aperture via the black sun.
Views: 66 KingScaron
AISNSim v3.1.0 Trailer
AISNSim Video Trailer for Version 3.1.0. (C) May 27, 2010 www.aisnsim.com
Views: 1027 AISNSim
Stargate Wormhole Boot Animation
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
Views: 2670 mante017
Stargate Universe Bridge
Scene from a Movie project for my 3rd year at Derby University studying BA(hons) Computer Games Modelling and Animation. Enjoy.
Views: 808 Elith2
[Blender 2.49] Stargate Wormhole Effect
Done in Blender 2.49. This is supposed to reperesent the basics of the texture manipulations and animations of the original stargate wormhole scene. This isnt the best work, but obviously reperesents 90% of the animated perspectives.
Views: 6712 Adis Ababa
Atlantis Android Made In China SmartPhone From LightInTheBox
Product link: http://www.lightinthebox.com/_p170959.html Atlantis comes equipped with the powerful Google Android 2.2 OS for a smooth browsing experience. Its sturdy case and smooth finish provide both durability and an sophisticated design. Its Dual SIM card feature makes the Atlantis ideal for the business traveler. Browse the web, read eBooks, watch videos, listen to music and download free apps from Android Market. Atlantis has everything you need to suit your busy lifestyle, at an affordable factory direct price. The future of low-cost cell phones is at LightInTheBox.com!
Views: 45972 LightInTheBox
daedalus over my school
Next of my animation in Blender. X-304 over my school :D
Views: 143 kuba7k7
TF141 Logo
Task Force Logo . http://www.blender.org/download/get-blender/
Views: 2045 ZackNicholas
Stargate Universe FTL
Sometimes you just have to look out the window and enjoy the journey, because you never know when it might end. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Check out: "Jake Lloyd: Ten Years After Star Wars Ep One" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtkM2JPcHPo -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
Views: 5046 br260454
Miika Kuisma - Anticipation
From album "Stellar". http://itunes.apple.com/fi/album/stellar-ep/id479042117 Video credits: NASA, dreamscene.org, user CymaticGateway
Views: 1107 Miika Kuisma
Stargate Sg1 Heroes-Music Video-Leave Out All The Rest
A Music Video Of The Episode Heroes Of Stargate Sg1 Un Video Sull Episodio Heroes Di Stargate Sg1
Views: 617 cobrione
3D screensaver.avi
It is very similar to a windows screensaver except is 3D and blows up. It was created with Blender and can be enjoyed in 3D with anaglyphic glasses: red-cayan.
Views: 1103 kareemalgalaly
Jason Momoa - Over The Rainbow - By Claire Webster
Views: 3620 leakeadea
Warehouse 13 Extended Alternate Theme
This is my first attempt at using Nero's Wave Editor to cut and paste together pieces of an audio track. Slapped a wallpaper image with the audio file using Nero Vision. Always liked this theme and am disappointed that new Warehouse 13 Season 3 episodes barely have an intro. Used the season 1 track as a base. The music belongs to SyFy, et al.
Views: 7956 cmdrsurok
Stargate Universe Gate Redscreen Testing
just something i wanted to test, recorded from GMOD using the Carters Addon Pack (CAP). ENJOY!
Views: 275 flarespire
destiny wip
I am quite new to 3d modeling and wanted to pay respects to SGU, Stargate, and The destiny, don't say it looks like crap 'cause I already know
Views: 351 Johnthepredalien
Launch Out Book Screen Saver
http://www.launchoutbook.com/ BOLD, DARING, AND LIFE-CHANGING TRUTHS! CANDID ANSWERS TO REAL LIFE ISSUES Many in our society are hurting and desperately searching for solutions to the various issues they face. Times have changed. Tragedies and perilous times have struck our nation. Some have grown faint-hearted and weary, secretly desiring to free themselves from their pain. Even the elect have been sidetracked by sufferings and trials. Many Christians question their own salvation. Some have stopped attending church services. Others have strayed away and find it literally impossible to trust God because of their deep hurts and unforgettable shame. We can turn to professional psychologists, lovers, trusted friends, and pastors, but in order to be set free, we must be bold and dare to step out of our comfort zones.
Views: 13439 Launchoutbook
Crysis 2 Dreamscene HD
Views: 67857 LoKYBoU
Logo 3D screensaver
Logo 3D screensaver vfsaver VFWIN vvhome ロゴ3D スクリーンセーバ http://vvhome.byethost18.com/ http://vvhome.d.dooo.jp/
Views: 2030 VvHome App
primeval instinct
men in queue
Views: 1369 s1w_
Fact or Fake Interview with Craig Engler of SYFY about the cancellation of SGU
www.facebook.com/pages/Owen-Brown/152721921462766 Facebook.com/SaveSGUUK http://on.fb.me/SGUThePlan http://on.fb.me/SaveSGUNewCamp www.facebook.com/SaveSGU www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=128186820592648 http://www.facebook.com/notes/save-stargate-universe/the-plan-save-stargate Everything in this video is stuff i found on the net that Craig himself has said, some of it has been shorten and reword to fit in the video. This is what might of happen if he was a guest on Larry King. SAVE SGU SAVE THE GATE.
Views: 5938 Owen Brown
DHD test
這則影片由 Android 手機上載。
Views: 49 Vincent Wu
Buck Rogers In The 25th Century - Intro  (SEE DESCRIPTION PLEASE)
If you cannot see my 1st season intro upload. Please go here - https://vimeo.com/301345132 A lot are also being backed up at www.bit.tube/backyardsounds YouTube is being anal about the first season intro and blocks it in the USA only so youll need a vpn to see it. Please subscribe and feel free to write me anytime. ------ Who could forget this show, right? I used to think Erin Gray was one of the best looking women ever... Well I still do. Twiki... we can't forget Twiki. Interestingly enough, the voice of Twiki was done by none other than Mel Blanc who is best known as the voice of Bugs Bunny, Yosemite Sam, Foghorn Leghorn and so on. Okay, I've heard you. 1st season intro has been uploaded. It's not available for view in some countries. All of my vids are backed up to www.bit.tube/backyardsounds
Views: 452208 Jack T
Windows 7 Alienware+Icon Toy+The End Complete(Video-Skins).mp4
Раинметер 2.1v http://rainmeter.googlecode.com/files/Rainmeter-2.1.exe Скин для Райна "Iron Man Skins Rainmeter" http://scrollsofaryavart.deviantart.com/art/IronMan-Jarvis-Theme-Desktop-192148062?q=gallery:rainmeter/23941137&qo=60&offset=40 Icon Dekstop Toy 4.6v http://soft.oszone.net/program/4640/Desktop_Icon_Toy/ DreamScenes http://sdflab.com/load/dreamscenes_enabler/28-1-0-2045 Видео-Обои http://7themes.su/photo/video_oboi/1 Alienware Costom Player (Windows Media Player Skins) http://www.alienwarearena.com/pages/alien-guise/ А так же и смена темы, с стандартной на costom alienware с помощью AlienGUIsw Theme Menager http://www.alienwarearena.com/pages/alien-guise/ Установка Costom Themes Win 7 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFHyrw2rdBg
Views: 5713 Rozetka1488
The Hive.wmv
The diagram of The Hive from resident evil... Another dreamscene wallpaper made with windows movie maker
Views: 361 thugangel150

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