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Cardo vs Sena - Best Motorcycle Communication Systems of 2018

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In 2018, it’s easy to assume that all bluetooth motorcycle communication systems are abundant, astonishing, astounding and A1 on all accounts. But life isn’t that easy. Ryan runs through some of the beauties (and fails) from Cardo and Sena, eh. Gear breakdown: 0:27 - Cardo Packtalk Bold - https://frt9.co/7zmti6 1:32 - Sena 20S EVO Bluetooth Headset - https://frt9.co/s4gkn2 3:33 - Sena 30K Bluetooth Headset - https://frt9.co/bygnxz 5:45 - Cardo Packtalk Slim Headset - https://frt9.co/5ipw45 7:12 - Cardo Freecom 2 Headset - https://frt9.co/nnvk57 - Gear up for your next adventure at fortnine.ca: https://frt9.co/98au9e Connect with us: http://facebook.com/fortnine http://instagram.com/fortnine http://twitter.com/fortninecanada
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Text Comments (1063)
J. C. (9 hours ago)
Terrific review. Much appreciated.
Kapil Rana (13 hours ago)
please review the new Uclear Motion 6 or Infinity as there are no reviews for these on YouTube
Mike Clouse (1 day ago)
I don't understand why we don"t use VOIP apps like Discord so all you need is an open com.
Copy Splash (1 day ago)
If you don't ride through a episode of Letterkenny and roost the shit outta them I'll be pissed.... Be decent for sure
Hawaii on2Wheels (2 days ago)
Ryan F9 may be the only good thing about Canada....that and canned rum and coke
Kike Ba (5 days ago)
Que feo el pavo
YourBimmerTech (5 days ago)
That’s a Texas size 10-4
max leybourne (5 days ago)
Nowhere on your or any other review or the literature on Cardo advertising does it say “ you must speak with an American type accent for product to work” Yep I’m a kiwi and have a kiwi accent. This product wasn’t working and when I contacted cardo about it being faulty that is the response I was given. I told them to get fucked and returned for a refund. Maybe add that to ya next review!!
Joël van Dingstee (6 days ago)
Gawd darnit, i just shot my coffee out of my nose. This stuff is hilarious.
Phil Richardson (6 days ago)
Bought the Cardo packtalk duo just over 12 months ago, sadly the charging point has failed, so not overly impressed with the build quality
christian jensen (7 days ago)
Great reveiw!!! and damn funny aswell
First, I generally have liked your reviews, but you are turning yourself into an entertainment personality at the cost of clarity and focus. I was finding it too hard to weed through your antics and voice gimmicks to hear what I needed to hear. As far as the devices, I bought the Cardo Bold but have not been on the road much yet to test it. I do have stronger sentiments for -- or actually against -- the Sena. I am pretty careful weaving the speaker wires through the helmet padding, but I've had three Sena speaker wire tear out from their flimsy weld on the speakers -- and Sena Customer Service was indifferent about helping with it or even considering looking at their wire attachment method. As well. one control unit drowned to death (that's redundant, I know) in one of my many rain-soaked rides. Not sure if Cardo wins yet, but Sena loses.
Chuck Bradford (8 days ago)
You're the best reviewer period.
show moto (9 days ago)
Cardo is junk. I just put a new slim in my wife and my helmets and was trying to play with mine, and it kept disconnecting every 30 sec. After 10 minutes of fighting with it it went to unhook the charger and the charging port came out with it. There was a few other issues I also had, like It didn't quite fit my helmet right. Which is funny cause I have a hjc cl-max 3, and these were supposed to be a partner with hjc. I didn't even get to try the helmet on with them installed before I got my return confirmation and purchase confirmation of Sena 30k. I now know why everyone and their brother around here has Sena and all the bike shops sell Sena. For the industry leader and one of the, if not the most, expensive units on the market, they left me underimpressed.
16 and on wheels (10 days ago)
Anyone else with a Samsung s8 noticed when he said okay google your phone came up with it because your volume was up😂😂
Motoryzen (11 days ago)
Why is there a line through the last part of my comment?
Motoryzen (11 days ago)
Well not even 80 days after buying this cardo q solo from amazon brand new for around 74 bucks USD, it's acting like it's dead. Tried charging it for over now 2 hours, it won't turn on. _--. (sigh) That warranty or great no hassle support isn't very meaningful if the damn thing won't even last a year let alone more than a few months. Pathetic....CARDO. --_
Ben O (13 days ago)
love it, love the different points of view, trying to sound more american HAHA!
Victor McDonald (13 days ago)
you should do a review on cheap intercoms from amazon or something
Albert McDonald (14 days ago)
I am graduating from the 20s Evo to Cardo! Had the Sena shutdown in a downpour ride coming from Maryland in April! It should be waterproof for the environment used for and in!
darius valentine (15 days ago)
Awsome vid
Destroy!! RR (17 days ago)
Love the letterkenny format. Lol
Danielle White (21 days ago)
I love this review. I ended up with a 20S EVO in 2017 because my trusty old SMH10 died riding through remnants of Hurricane Harvey (it wouldn't charge anymore) and the 20S was the only thing I could get inside of a timeline I needed (I was in the middle of a trip and could walk out of the store that day with it.) I immediately disliked the control wheel because it's easy to accidentally change the volume when turning my head as the shoulder of my jacket would brush it. A year later it began to lose a lot of charge with several days (under a week) of no use, to the point that I could charge it up after the last use and find it either refusing to turn on or giving me low battery notifications within 5-10 minutes of use (and the notifications start with only 1-2 minutes of juice left.)
Casey Nelan (22 days ago)
I know the title says “Cardo vs SENA”, but would you consider doing a review on the under $100 headsets? I’ve had a $50 one years ago (don’t remember the name), then a SENA SMH10R, then after that broke, bought a two pack of “freedconn tcon-sc”s for my girlfriend and I. The first cheap one was ok but had too low volume, the SENA was pretty solid, and I liked the look, but the tcom honestly may be better. Only had it for one day now, but the intercom is clear, sound seems better than the SENA, and it was $110 for both (2 pack, $55 each)! Time will tell if it holds up I guess though. Anyway, I’m sure the headsets in this video are great, and may have superior build quality, but I think it would be really interesting to hear a comparison of the cheaper, lesser known intercoms.
max leybourne (23 days ago)
I bought the packtalk bold off your review. It’s my first ever intercom unit. What a heap of shit! All I can hope is they will give me a refund. ( im sure they won’t) None of the voice commands work, only intermittently. Sound quality is garbage. What a waste of $540!!!! ( Australian $)
chinaoreo (24 days ago)
im wanting a helmet bluetooth for me and my passenger that has the audio multitasking..audio overlay..or whatever else its called.. basically i dont want to have to press a button to switch from music to talk with my passenger..i know the sena s20 has that but its too rich for my blood.. what cheaper models have features like that..? do any of the chinese ones offer this.. ?? thanks for any help..!
Bando909 (24 days ago)
Honestly I've had my Sena 30K's for a year now and I love them. I don't ride in in-climate weather if I can avoid it. But I've been caught in a few storms and my 30k's are fine. I've also Snowmobiled with them in below freezing temperatures and they still lasted all day. Voice commands are bullshit, 90% of the time they do not work for me either do to the exhaust drowning it out or wind noise at high speeds. Buttons are what I look for and with the ease of the jog wheel that Sena has vs Cardio's Packtalk whatever its got it so called cylinder button combination thing that apparently no one remembers. The Sena is easier now that ever before, especially with Mesh. You can also simultaneously have mesh and bluetooth intercoms active. So you can talk to bluetooth headsets and mesh and if you get pulled into a mesh with a bluetooth participant it pulls them in with you so the other Mesh users and those bluetooth headsets paired to them can hear them also. So even my outdated SMH5 which before was only a 1 to 1 intercom now can work and talk to multiple units as long as it's paired to the 30k and the Mesh network. Well worth the money in my opinion.
Gary Thomas (26 days ago)
My cardo 9 and 9x were consistently good for slightly over a mile. [edit] Since my wife decided to destroy her back and my daughter had a baby, I have nobody to talk to any more. So, no, I have no friends.
thot sheriff (27 days ago)
Yo yo yo what the fuck Google paused the vid and heard open the garage when he said it help fucking help
Edd Mewborn (28 days ago)
What's the jacket you're wearing??
Alan B (29 days ago)
well done and thanks for the advice
Russell Moore (30 days ago)
very entertaining and solid review. thank you!
John Regalado (1 month ago)
since bluetooth is so week, what about giving Chatterbox a try?
James Garfield (1 month ago)
Recently bought a Sena SMH10, which I’m quite disappointed with, tinny sound and Bluetooth drops.
Bluegrass Aficianado (1 month ago)
well done.  thank you.
Kevin Anthony (1 month ago)
Wtf I live south of the border...eh?? Wheres my transformation key>>??? its Barley beer include south of Windsor. great vid ...
ken613834 (1 month ago)
Very informative...NO BS! And....entertaining.
Olsu123 (1 month ago)
Brent Frank (1 month ago)
Another Great review!! We’ve got an install question that we’re hoping you can help with: We just bought a Schuberth E1 for my wife, she’s NOT a fan of the Sena 10U at all. Will the Cardo Packtalk Slim fit on her E1? Can we make it fit without too much “jerry-rigging?” She’d really prefer to go with the Slim. Much thx!
Chesty McStudmuffin (1 month ago)
I have no friends and have the 20S. The voice commands don't work worth shit, Operating the phone from the unit is impossible without a cheat sheet, and the unit dies in cold weather. On the other hand, phone clarity is top-notch. Sound quality from the speakers hugely depends on how far the speakers are from your ears. I always wear earplugs, so music is slightly muted (cannot listen to spoken words, though), though oddly the sound during a phone call is like 10x louder.
Beau_Feau _Sheau (1 month ago)
So I take it that the two brands cannot communicate with each other?
Jon Greany (1 month ago)
sena has a mesh and voice command out don't they?
Rob Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Omg this guy is hilarious 😂😂🤣🤣 I watched the video because he is funny as hell!!!
GoHomeRog (1 month ago)
I got myself a cardo slim. love that thing =]
Gints Skroderis (1 month ago)
Hi ! I really love your channel and like all FortNite community ! I just want to share my experience! - When i was searching for communicator i was looking to all brand solutions which cost around 300+++ (Sena, Cardo, Noland, ....) and at the end i Choice to buy this Ebay.com solution (BT 1200M Intercom EJEAS E6 Motorcycle Bluetooth Interphone Headset) I was risking because price difference is more than 5x (and i cant lose anything if it works at least one year and i can hear somebody saying anything:) ) and after one year of using it i can surely say that it still works good for calls , music and communication with other riders I think it Would be fun to see your thoughts on this one because you've tried all big brands and you can honestly say how it stands against them!
Dougie Quick (1 month ago)
Who else thinks that Ryan looks like a Vulcan?
jordancantz (1 month ago)
JWalker (1 month ago)
Thanks! This helps me with my purchase choice to go Cardo.
Nicholas Holden (1 month ago)
good one guys.... ya made me laugh my lunch all over my screen. very good!! you funny!!
ma ba (1 month ago)
I dont understand your english for 30% of this video 😅 hi from 🇳🇿
Nathan Mach (1 month ago)
I'm glad I can get pretty much all motorcyle gear half or more off. I'm going to get a slim and itll vs like $120 for me.
RandomS2K (1 month ago)
Came for the comms stuff, stayed for the LetterKenny. 😎👍
Bryce Canfield (1 month ago)
When you said "okay Google" my phone turned on
Bandit Ryder (1 month ago)
Lmao I can't believe this just happened. It's 1am here in NM had my volume up a bit and when he said "ok google" my phone went to google.. hey google THAT'S NOT MY VOICE! LMAO. good vid as always. Ride safe keep braapppin!
John Ridley (1 month ago)
I bought a $50 Chinese generic off Amazon. It's been running just fine for about 8 months now. It does have intercom capability, but I don't have any friends so I haven't tried it. It works great for using just with the phone.
Number 5Five (1 month ago)
Ryan F9 mixed with a Letterkenny vibe!
kevin street (1 month ago)
Informative, unbiased, and very funny as always
PrinceOfDenmark (1 month ago)
Ryan F9 - THE KING
Joe Walsh (1 month ago)
Okay. I'm going to get confusing here but bear with me. The freecom 2 DOES have voice control. If you have an Android phone and Google maps open the the command for "voice call" actually activates okay google, just takes stabbing two buttons.
Rotor (1 month ago)
Cardo batteries only last 2 or 3 years, Can't change bat so you have to spend another $300+ to buy new one. I've owned several cardo over the last 10+ years I know what I talking about. And if your going to use them in winter expect a new one to only last 2or less years. There a rip off.
Fernando Martins (1 month ago)
Thanks you for great review
KMS Rider (1 month ago)
Great video ...
Kelly Fletcher (1 month ago)
Whats a good intercom system that will allow you to plug in a set of 3.5 earbuds for sound..I have some beautiful sounding Bose and would like to use them with my intercom???
fightmeirl (2 months ago)
Those are insanely expensive for what they are, I feel..
Magnum (2 months ago)
Great Insight, thank you!
pbfloyd13 (2 months ago)
Just found out the reference... GIVE US SEASON 3-5 in the US!
Hazer RR (2 months ago)
Umm can someone caption the vid? Hahaha
gonnahavemesomefun (2 months ago)
I am running out of adjectives for this guy. Superlative.
Phil M (2 months ago)
This activated Siri on the IPad watching this.
trunguyen25 (2 months ago)
wow your face and voice please stop making videos annoying
zemquoi (2 months ago)
I just love the way your brain works Guy! Another awesome production.
Chris Watkins (2 months ago)
Hey Ryan. Would you still consider the Uclear Amp Pro to be superior in terms of music quality? I don't have any friends I ride with so it is all about music quality for me.
dbc105 (2 months ago)
I've been look at com a little different. Maybe a Sena 3s-b paired to a frs/grms that has bluetooth. I've not tested this but in studying it seems very universal, simple and cost effective.
Hmm Thinking (2 months ago)
Hahaha too funny. Love your work
Hmm Thinking (2 months ago)
Hahaha too funny. Love your work
Robin Rai (2 months ago)
Todd Sorgatz (2 months ago)
well done...great review as always
The Amish Hitman (2 months ago)
i ride a 150cc moped no motorcycle but i love the damn thing watch ur videos for a lot of stuff im curious on, just got a cardo q3 and a nice helmet local for 50 bux thx for the review
Shitass (2 months ago)
Well you could call your friend on ur phone put in a pair of earbuds with a mic put the earbud in your ear and put the mic in your helmet or if u have wireless ear buds with mic then it’s even better..
Dan vBrandenstein (2 months ago)
With thousands of comments I don't expect you to actually reply, but what the hell. The price of the 30k is down to $401 for a dual pack. Since I need two for my wife and I to talk while riding, I am considering it. At this lower price point do you think it's worth it, verse the $390 for one which you mention in your vid? #2 how bad is the Sena 30k voice activation/commands? Thanks in advance.
Mike Skidmore (2 months ago)
Here is a review more for software end and of course actual functions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXmlEpAaw7k @UCOvNWJzp6sxMc0bhC3LJA8Q Mike Skidmore 24 minutes ago 1. I just purchased a Cardo PAKTALK SLIM ,, Of course I saw some general reviews how greet they are from such as Revzilla: I chose this model cause no Antenna to break off.. should be more compact.. I got it installed .. It's not visible that is no one will try to steal your Helmut cause they notice you have this device.. Mainly because it's waterproof. I mentioned to Rev Sales person I want to be able to install in my snowmobile Helmut too .. Rev told me they won't work In Cold weather.. When I logged on to Cardo web site to Register .. I see a Snowmobile Model .. TOO LATE NOW I TOOK IT OUT OF THE BOX !!!!!!! 2 Why can't these Greedy people include some extra Velcro stickies ? I need to find a place to purchase this stuff in a small quantity .. Also Rev says you can use this while it's charging .. 3: @TwoWheelObsession needs to make this Video in Korean so the builders can use his advice for improvements.. I got the radio to work walking in the yard volume too low on high .. Next I need to install the spacers to get closer to my ears.. 4: Maybe I'll just take my Muffler off and ride open exhaust like Harley Dudes there is no temptation for me to purchased overpriced electronic crap that barley works .. 5: I have a 7" Rand McNally Trucker GPS Unit with a strong speaker but no way can I hear it in my tank bag.. My Yamaha FZ-07 Stock exhaust is as quiot as a sewing machine even as I am embarrassing a Big Fat Hog. pulling way from a Light .. 6: I was really sold on being to control this device from a Cardo App on my phone .. Reviews of the App say it's so bad you are better off not to install .. But my next step is to try it . 7, My main goal was to get my phone GPS to talk in my ear.. I thought an FM radio would be nice too.. Maybe I'll put some songs on my phone pending on how much storage that uses up .. Anyone have any suggesting's.. I used Spotify a few times on desk top but have unlimited data which I don't have on the phone .. 8: I like that new Indian FTR-1200 that has a Blue Tooth Screen .. that I would assume will work with the Cardo ..On second thought maybe that will not be any advantage as only my phone has functions I need to use while moving .. 9: you can't work the buttons with gloves on.. I was really sold on the voice command functions .. Show less
Mike Skidmore (2 months ago)
I just wasted 2.5 days of my life trying to figure out what to buy … Most reviews bottom line both Brands Suck .. My guess is they may be pretty good in another 10 years.. A sales person at Revzilla told me about both the Cardo PackTalk and the Sena K-30 .. They didn't have clue enough to mention the PACKTALK SLIM but I found the PACKTALK SLIM by accident . and that's what I decided to ride.. I asked about installing on another helmet or buying a second unit for my Snowmobile Helmet .. Rev person told my don't work in the Cold .. I logged on to Cardo Web site to Register my unit.. and see in options they make one for Snowmobiles .. There is another Review on here talks a lot more about the software end of the Cardo .. Thanks for Excellent review analogy Cardo ought to send you a couple of units for Free Complimentary ..
Marylyn Fenton (2 months ago)
Love this no bull straight to the point helpful video. Surprised one of these two companies don't snatch you up for commercials. Great Job.
Syakirin Ghani (2 months ago)
dude, ur vid is awesome man
nycas 21 (2 months ago)
Hello looking for bluetooth communicator either built in the helmet or separate to talk with my passenger mostly rather then group talk. Any suggestion which built in bluetooth tooth helmet . Has to be waterproof
Pete McDonald (2 months ago)
:) What I like is that Cardo stick this vid up on their page all warts n all ~ so they're happy to take the flak for any shortcomings which can't be bad.
Pete McDonald (2 months ago)
lmfao ~ a review, a chuffing review and it has me laughing my tits off ~ thanks for the info and entertainment ~ p.s very nicely made production.
Vejon Cummings (2 months ago)
Ryan, I have read some sketchy reviews on the Sena 30K when it comes to the mesh communications in a group, so I was wondering if the Sena and Cardo compatible for group conversation?
Jack Friels (2 months ago)
Me and my friends bought cardo packtalk slims for a trip. Constant problems. When they work they are great but the amount of bugs and strange things that happened made us all want to throw them in the bin. Not to mention the charging port broke off in mine while I was trying to charge it. This review is just looking at the spec. Real world these things are cheap garbage.
wow owow (2 months ago)
Is there a product that runs music and intercom simultaneously in addition to Sena products?
Alex Pritz (2 months ago)
Love the Letterkenny references!
Jakub Tucholski (2 months ago)
Another great review! Thanks for that! Quick question, any idea if on Freecom 2 you can talk to your pillion and listen/share music simultaneously?
Bixby Moto (2 months ago)
Omri Lin (2 months ago)
hahahaha how do you do that?
Sulos (2 months ago)
IF your Senn 20s Evo dies because of water, theyll replace it for free.... not a solution but good to know.
Nolan S (2 months ago)
Kib ble (2 months ago)
Ray Teerlink (2 months ago)
Love the letterkenny take. Awesome
James Lill (3 months ago)
Got 20 seconds in and stopped it.
Jared Lozano (3 months ago)
How do the speakers sound on the Cardo compared to the Senas though? I'm more concerned about audio quality over some of the fancier features.

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