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Cardo vs Sena - Best Motorcycle Communication Systems of 2018

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In 2018, it’s easy to assume that all bluetooth motorcycle communication systems are abundant, astonishing, astounding and A1 on all accounts. But life isn’t that easy. Ryan runs through some of the beauties (and fails) from Cardo and Sena, eh. Gear breakdown: 0:27 - Cardo Packtalk Bold - https://frt9.co/7zmti6 1:32 - Sena 20S EVO Bluetooth Headset - https://frt9.co/s4gkn2 3:33 - Sena 30K Bluetooth Headset - https://frt9.co/bygnxz 5:45 - Cardo Packtalk Slim Headset - https://frt9.co/5ipw45 7:12 - Cardo Freecom 2 Headset - https://frt9.co/nnvk57 - Gear up for your next adventure at fortnine.ca: https://frt9.co/98au9e Connect with us: http://facebook.com/fortnine http://instagram.com/fortnine http://twitter.com/fortninecanada
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Text Comments (1390)
Jeremy McClanahan (5 hours ago)
dumb af... there's 9 minutes i won't get back
Edgar Bleikur (6 hours ago)
Could've hinted at Brokeback Mountain references... still giving it 5 stars...
esc1999 (18 hours ago)
Took me a second watch to catch the Letterkenny reference
Danilo Capellan (19 hours ago)
Smart kid 😂👍🏼
adrian lishchynsky (2 days ago)
Cedric Bridge (3 days ago)
you have to do the cun'nuk thing more i was laughing so hard love it !
Jim C (4 days ago)
Hil-arious 😂🤣😂 I prefer no comm system and ear plugs and yes, I have no friends, either.
frostbitevinnie (7 days ago)
Great review! Thanks and LOL!😬
LTVoyager (8 days ago)
When will the best comm of 2019 be released?
Murray Roberts (8 days ago)
Need more I've now watched everything
Austin A (9 days ago)
Eaos slimbuds for the win. BT communications systems suck
J4 (9 days ago)
I like your delivery it made me laugh. So I’m buying a no friends Cardo or do you know about the bmw Bluetooth, how does that stack up against the 2019 offerings?
Mohammed Kawasmi (10 days ago)
Hey Ryan! you forgot to mention the utterly pointless and rather annoying jacks that the Cardo uses to connect the speakers and mic! They can definitely be felt under the liner if the EPS doesn't have deep deep grooves!
srs13 (11 days ago)
I take it you just want to be on letterkenny 😂 just be you mane
Hashirama Senju (13 days ago)
Cardo Freecom connected to phone and use something like discord or skype for infinte range
Hashirama Senju (13 days ago)
@south 1) phone charger for your bike 2) I don't think you will ride for 7 hours straight
south (13 days ago)
Phones won’t last a 7 hour ride mate
Mark Drummond (13 days ago)
FWIW the ambient mic on the Sena is garbage. If someone wants to talk to you via the ambient mic, they have to talk right into the side of your head.
Alexander Koufodontis (15 days ago)
Haha letterkenny hell yah
Dirk Evans (15 days ago)
Nice job as usual Ryan and as always.,,, entertaining. Don’t know if Cardo offered JBL speakers in 2018 but they do now in 2019 and I believe they still had a larger speaker than Sena even before adding the JBL option. Bought a Cardo Packtalk with the JBL option last month and I’m extremely pleased with the sound. Cheers
Shayne McInnes (17 days ago)
I liked this because of the Letterkenny references...
RAFAEL RIBEIRO (17 days ago)
xavier hollingsworth (21 days ago)
I was watching this on my phone, and Google responded to him when he said ok Google
John Shields (21 days ago)
Time for an update on communicators yet? Any major changes you would talk to at this point or is it essentially the same old for now?
Cranky 514 (22 days ago)
This is an old gold, made me lol Need a 2019 update!
Rohit Yarasu (22 days ago)
If in doubt come to fortnine for a review
Eric Hansel (24 days ago)
Could you publish a new one of these every few months. Asking for a friend: )
Wife and I still using the SMH-10. Works fine for dual sporting on and off the trail. Only thing we miss is having a GoPro Hero 4 as we had the Sena Bluetooth backpack that brought our conversation to the video. There are quotes from that time that will live in infamy LOL!
Philip Caddick (26 days ago)
this guy is really f**king canadian!
Some Guy (27 days ago)
Canaidian hillbilly Ryan is the greatest thing to ever hit youtube
The MetaBaron (27 days ago)
dude thank you, finally looking to get a sena or cardo and you just made sense of everything for me!
guloguloguy (27 days ago)
lockieoz1 (1 month ago)
U r the best
Ian Fox (1 month ago)
I was once a strong advocate for Sena. My opinion has changed because Sena will not back their products. I have experienced a 50% failure rate for the Sena products I have owned. The speakers have not improved in 10 years and frankly are rubbish. No more Sena’s for me.
Keirsten Camp (1 month ago)
my google assistant turns on everytime u say okay google lolz
Rodrigue Zahr (1 month ago)
Hilarious and unique as usual. For a newbie in the motorcycle world, I would like to know how exactly these devices work. I mean are they for communication between bikers, music listening or both?
Rodrigue Zahr (1 month ago)
TideFury24 thanks for the info. Sounds like a must have accessories.
TideFury24 (1 month ago)
Both and talking the phone. Me and a friend have the first gen Sena 10C which is also a camera, so that can take pictures and movies. Can't complain about them, had them for 4 years and they've been through hell and high water (I know the saying) and still work fine. We use them to talk to eachother, if we're on long hauls we'll cut out and listen to whatever, and with just a button press we're talking again. Here is a snip from the camera, there is a new Pro version of it, don't know the speccs of it though. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noKRwLplX5I
Daniel Francis (1 month ago)
bruh you set off my google home
Foo (1 month ago)
Unfortunately Cardo's support is complete garbage. My PackTalk slim died after three months and they won't replace or refund. I agree that the features are better, but Sena wins by virtue of being willing to pick up the phone.
Aykutreyes (1 month ago)
Bad Ryan bad Ryan you open my assistant three times during this video
ad78 (1 month ago)
Pretty much satisfied with bell and smh10
Zac Faria (1 month ago)
Never ditch this letter Kenny theme. It made my day!
Jesse Greco (1 month ago)
I have the packtalk slim it's great, loud clear speakers with good bass listening to music answering phone and using the GPS at the same time, and big buttons!
Jared Buschschulte (1 month ago)
I just bought mine last night. Here's hoping for clear/loud speakers that will allow me to hear music at 70 mph on a naked bike.
Jack Harmer (1 month ago)
Super slick, funny and great info.....me likey 👍
David Ryder (1 month ago)
There's a subtle irony in talking in a hard-to-understand accent when reviewing communicators. Please don't ever do it again.
Jordan Smith (1 month ago)
The best review of anything
Tim (1 month ago)
Nice job, hoser
shortcomedyclips (1 month ago)
Can someone make a video of the sena intergrated bluetooth helmets?!
Caleb Porter (1 month ago)
Are you gonna do a best communication system for 2019 ? Also what would u recommend for great music with occasional communication use?
Sulos (1 month ago)
CARDO Headset PACKTALK BOLD 2019 JBL-Sound DMC-Interkom
Matt Black (1 month ago)
You are fucking hilarious!! Can confirm! I had to watch this review several times because I was laughing too hard and missed the info you were presenting. Thank you!
txkid (1 month ago)
Ryan...you bring reviews to a whole new level....funny, informative and flipp'n straight atch'a. Love it!
Nightraid yourface (1 month ago)
Hey Ryan, I’ve actually got this exact helmet, what’s the best way you’ve found if you have, to mount a front facing GoPro to it? I tried like a side front mounted arm but it didn’t work with the sharp angles on the front of the helmet, tried using extra 3M pads but that just made the free floating GoPro w/ aluminum case slowly sag
Forrest Porter (1 month ago)
Might be a stupid question, but does anyone know if a pack talk slim will pair to a freecom if I went with the cheaper option for my passenger? I don't really ride in groups
I defiantly prefer the cardo over sena. I own both!
@Herrisj the volume is plenty loud enough, offers a like speed feature in the volume controls as an option so it can automatically up the volume to accommodate for wind and engine noise as well as lower it's self when your stopped really you don't notice this because it's just enough. Also cardo offers units with jbl speakers sena can't beat that!
Herrisj (1 month ago)
How does the audio volume/quality compare??:)
Kurt B (1 month ago)
Hey Ryan, how'r ya now?
Teej (1 month ago)
Pablo Alfaro (1 month ago)
damn. just bought a fuckin sena.
Ryan Murray (1 month ago)
Love the Letterkenny tribute!!
Punav Mirlekar (1 month ago)
what song is used at the end?
I love lamp (1 month ago)
Subbed for the letterkenny skit
F H (1 month ago)
any chance to get an update of this since sena brought out the +Mesh this year?
F H (1 month ago)
@Dr. Mercurio Arboria completely see your point from a rational angle but it's hard for Germans not to follow instructions. Shoei manhandled me into getting the SRL2 so all is lost and I've already ordered the +Mesh. Part of me is happy that everything will be nice and snugly fitted into its preallocated slots. The other part is ashamed...
Dr. Mercurio Arboria (1 month ago)
Still Cardo. Why pay for a non-waterproof, bluetooth unit that will require an adapter for mesh? Buy the Cardo and spare yourself the hassle.
Scott Pessetto (1 month ago)
Triggered my google
Austin Swainston (1 month ago)
That's a Texas-sized 10-4 good buddy!
Raymond Verbeck (1 month ago)
Anyone that's got a problem with cardo's got a problem with me.....and I suggest ya let that one marinate
Kevin Lapauw (1 month ago)
So if a friend has a sena, you won’t recommend me buying a cardo slim ?
Easy Rider (1 month ago)
IF you want to make a USEFUL video STOP THE STUPID VOICES
Easy Rider (1 month ago)
WTF !!!!
Bubz of Steel (1 month ago)
the 'funny' voice with the fast pacing to boot - made this review unnecessarily hard to understand
Lmao letterkenny
jim Liu (1 month ago)
let me save ur 8mins chose cardo
wiisterbation (1 month ago)
If the opening is a Letterkenny reference I love this channel even more.
Jackson Lee (1 month ago)
Can confirm
potatochobit (1 month ago)
Ok, i will buy a packtalk slim even though it is 300$ and I have no friends.
Crazy Optimists (1 month ago)
i dont understand
Shelton Nephin (1 month ago)
You're a honest fellow and that what I appreciates about you
Vags Vags (1 month ago)
Muppet Show Swedish Sef speak alike..
sniglom (1 month ago)
What about audio quality from speakers and microphone? Riding down the highway with earplugs it's important with high volume AND clarity. When talking to your friend a good microphone improves the situation.
Matthijs Kraaijeveld (1 month ago)
3:22 what’s that ktm looking gadget on his shoulder??
JN Photography (1 month ago)
I can't remember the name but you pay about $99/year and it's sends out a distress call if you get into a crash or anything where your phone might not have signal or you're too beaten up to use your phone
Charlie Kirkgard (1 month ago)
Hard yes on the Letter Kenny. Keep her outta the rubarb
Hikari (1 month ago)
You said "Hey Siri" and my Google Home woke up and said "I'm flattered you mistook me for Siri, but I'm not her. I did write her a poem though!" and proceeded to read me her poem lmao
LifeInRecoil (1 month ago)
Friends don't let friends buy Sena
Slinging Lead (1 month ago)
Ultra Canadian Ryan is the best Ryan.
Jason Morgan (1 month ago)
Subbed, you're worth it.
David Hays (1 month ago)
missed a great opportunity to tell Senna to "figger it out"
Jaime Løve Hansen (1 month ago)
hhhhh stop activating my google home :(
Voz Anderson (1 month ago)
jasonstjohn2 (1 month ago)
Ya the kid makes good videos.
Charles Du (1 month ago)
Ffs. The okay Google thing triggered my phone
Daniel Hilley (1 month ago)
You're spare parts, aren't you Bud? Seriously though Fortnine is the best!
Goven (2 months ago)
Soo... What one do I get?
Tim Znidar (1 month ago)
Go with the Packtalk Bold. Slim is having a LOT of issues with the USB port pulling out. Happened to me and Cardo's support is stupid slow (4 weeks and still don't have replacement).
DBcooper 87 (2 months ago)
Are you trying to be Wayne from letterkenny??
Jcob x (2 months ago)
SENA is the best
Chief Keith (2 months ago)
Still my favorite skit from this channel
rui kosta (2 months ago)
Very funny
kcazhsi (2 months ago)
Somebody get him a Puppers...
Luke Farmer (2 months ago)
Question, exactly what song is that?
Armand Scholtes (2 months ago)
I did buy the Cardo Packtalk Slim after seeing many videos, and especially this one, end of a August 2018. This unit worked more or less fine (although I had to factory reset it twice and the comm setup with others was a challenge ) for a month an a half, until it simply died. Drove to the office in the morning and had the thing turned on (so working fine), just to not be able to turn it back on for the way back home. Sent it back to the reseller and got a new one. Mounted it, set it up. Worked fine for the first 200km (it was pouring down), then its artificial intelligence came to life. Functions that weren't triggered did spontaneously activate (like the radio) unable to shut these down. Communication with the mobile phone, the TomTom and the other fellow riders, who I was leading fir a 1600km Tour continued to break up. Until I only heard the radio on which no station was neither selected nor selectable, so just some white noise. Did I mention that the Cardo did no longer respond to any keys commands and that I couldn't switch the unit off? Arrived at the very first hotel (after detaching the speakers because of the radio noise I couldn't turn off) I let the Cardo die of battery (because you cannot unplug the battery) before recharging it in order to do a factory reset. It kept working for yet another 2 hours before having again comm issues. Factory Reset. Not much of an improvement. So I decided to turn it off and let it turned off for the remaining 1000km. Arrived at home I unmounted everything and sent it straight back to the reseller for a refund. I will never buy Cardo again.
MegacityGU (1 month ago)
I bought three Cardo units to communicate with another rider and my pillion. Endless issues with connectivity. I was only ever able to speak to my pillion once, despite factory resets, Bluetooth resets etc. Switched to Sena and problems solved. It’s telling that Schuberth and Shoei switched from Cardo to Sena ...
Guilherme Giacometti (2 months ago)
You: "ok Google" My smartphone: closes YouTube, opens Google and reply "how can I help you?"
NEF4RI0US 6 (2 months ago)
I love how this is the video that pops up when you look up Cardo and Sena, lol it had to be the Letterkenny one! It's also on the Cardo website! I can only imagine what people think if they've never seen an F9 video or Letterkenny.
Alessandro Auger (2 months ago)
What is that device on your shoulder at 1:30
NITROpro95 (2 months ago)
I'm torn I bought the cardo but I havent opened it yet bcuz the guys I ride with have sena 30k's I'm wondering if I should return it for a sena.. help... cardo can only connect to one sena from what their support team told me
Change guyz you ride with :-D
Simen Saether (2 months ago)
Any chance you'll review the Shoei GT Air II and the integrated Sena SRL 2 intercom for it? I suspect I already know what to expect from your reviews of the Sena 20s and the first GT Air helmet, but thought I'd ask just the same.
Mark Bingham (2 months ago)
Too good for YouTube
ben reber (2 months ago)
If I get a cardo with mesh and my friends have sena with mesh will they work with each other.
Dirtnap Adventures (2 months ago)
Red plaid guy.... hilarious! All your videos need to be made using that voice!

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