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Spanish Laughing Man El Risitas - Content Aware Scale

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Text Comments (635)
The Mr. Man (7 months ago)
Haxer Maxer (14 hours ago)
*speaks faster than rap god*
leo_gamez1216 (16 hours ago)
Quick! What happend to the rice in the water!!
Dilan Kok (9 days ago)
Hellfire Scorpion (9 days ago)
Ehahahehaehahaha ELO
Vihari the army (1 month ago)
Tommy Gun (5 hours ago)
Their communicating...
How it feels like when you tested some drugs
Shariyar Khan (11 hours ago)
This is what I hear ajajajaasbajdjajs EUAEUAEUSEUAUEUEASSSSSSLAAAAAAAAAS
DaesPlays (12 hours ago)
Me when I hear that the FF7 Remake is only going to be the Midgar part.
Haxer Maxer (14 hours ago)
*e d u* *does random animal sounds*
カSad Boy頁 設 (1 day ago)
0:00 say ''is noob'' dise ''is noob'' hay xDD
Ofeer TheCat (1 day ago)
ehhhahaheeehaaaa y estaba la marea hehahahahhahahaaaaaaa nohhhaeehehahhahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
Spirit Mahadi (2 days ago)
When my friend try AKM with 6x scope for the first time and he can't control it 0:37 me
Martins (2 days ago)
0:37 americans throwing the second nuclear bomb in japan
Carlos Mendoza (3 days ago)
friend:my fish drowned me: 0:37
Gaming With AkA (4 days ago)
Tony Stark (5 days ago)
0:06 when people say Captain Marvel is a strong avenger 😂🤣
0:01 when I laugh at a meme but I forgot to take my asthma medication
WARLORDHESU (5 days ago)
when you r in a squad on warthunder and you say stick with me and you wont die but they don't and they die 0:10
Heaven Gate (7 days ago)
where mp3 yaaa
Echo X (8 days ago)
Play at 0.25 speed for a new experience...
Ninja Laranja (10 days ago)
desabafos de um bárbaro de d&d por causa do teste de vontande e o mago cuzão...(translate to english)
dylan byer (10 days ago)
0:37 is a tyfighter or how ever u spell it
dylan byer (10 days ago)
Slow down to .25 at 0:14 I have lost brain cells
Rainbow Quartz 2.0 (10 days ago)
He is in pain
Joshuah Arroyo (10 days ago)
Is it me or was I that drunk
Harry (12 days ago)
When an adult says pee pee 7 year olds and minions: 0:04
Dawn Martin (13 days ago)
0:07 hahahahaha heh Noob
weebslayer69 [wiggo] (13 days ago)
Nobody: Oompa loompas: 0:10
EXZiiLAR (13 days ago)
When the biology teacher says "Penis and Vagina"
AwesomeLuciaOMG (13 days ago)
KAMAL_LUFFII (14 days ago)
The Raging Kid (14 days ago)
Someone is crying... You... You're crying..that's why it has a meme screen...or something..
Silenia Sifuentes (17 days ago)
Wacth this with out laughing
Just1Eevee (17 days ago)
Thanos: I am inevitable Iron man: 0:20-0:30
Echo X (8 days ago)
Just1Eevee (9 days ago)
DexterTheCat02 (9 days ago)
James 5373 (14 days ago)
Alien Tae Tae (17 days ago)
0:37 when your on a rollercoaster Edit: you're
play the video with 0.25X or 2X speed
oHyun - (20 days ago)
0:37 *when my friend in pubg dies from falling from high ground*
0:25 Speed + 0:37 thank me later :')
GD Seb (22 days ago)
hes not spanish
*_(Laughs in Chinese)_*
Broly 01 (23 days ago)
0:37 como cuando te pegas en el dedo pequeño del pie :v
Star box (23 days ago)
Tridentz_ Darkened (23 days ago)
Put the playback in 0.25x it sounds like grandpa dieing with a dinosaur
No (23 days ago)
i'm dissapointed.
RazorHeadGamingYT (23 days ago)
Me: 0:06 Friend: What is so funny? Me; 0:06 (keeps laughing) Friend: Tell me what is so funny! Me: **cough** Nothing Friend: 0:06 Me: and why are you laughing Friend: Because old man cannot play fortnite silly he was 78yrs old! Me and Friend: 0:06
Jay Jansen (24 days ago)
0:37 my reaction to this video
Nokia 3310 (26 days ago)
Pixel Topia (26 days ago)
0:14 watch 0,25 speed
Troll Master (27 days ago)
My reaction to the game of thrones season 8.
LegYT (28 days ago)
0:37 when school ends
Joe Goers (28 days ago)
0:20 trying to beat box but you’re a smoker
BananaFist (28 days ago)
144p for best quality
Hatori Genji (28 days ago)
Lostintime (29 days ago)
got finale
LayLay Waffles (29 days ago)
*unintelligible spanish words*
Genji shimada (1 month ago)
I dont know whats funny the content aware scale or his laughs and wheezes
the master dreamer (1 month ago)
I died just like dis freakin video
Tommey Boss (1 month ago)
First on a magnic Harley Davison
0:37 when I step on a lego
LiamSkie (1 month ago)
When Thanos says he’s inevitable and couple seconds later turns into dust Me: 0:37
That One Shy Girl (1 month ago)
0:20 me literally wheezing at the corniest jokes
Little Mega Mewtwo Y (1 month ago)
Then My Friend Gets Bugged In Roblox and *Can’t Stop Glitching Around The Map* Me: 0:38
I played this on my tablet my phone and my computer at the sime time
Cookie Monster (1 month ago)
0:37 me before I tell my joke
Thick Vexu (1 month ago)
The story he actually told was fuckin hilarious
RemixGerm 205 (1 month ago)
Teacher: There will be no school tomorrow due kidnapping incidents Everyone in Class: *Walks home with no problem* 0:37 everyone in class
Octavio Calcada (1 month ago)
As a native spanish speaker, I'm more than glad to introduce to you... S P A N I S H A N D L A T I N M E M E S
Kennedy T styles (1 month ago)
Cristian Ramirez (1 month ago)
0:20 cuando te preguntan que como te va el curso
Mr. Lust (1 month ago)
"Everyone with the RPG is a panicking moran"
I (1 month ago)
0:04 When ur car won't start
Juan Juan (1 month ago)
Everyone watching James Charles Subs go down
C C (1 month ago)
Turn it on 2 speed Youre welcome
D4Nk 3OY M3m3s (1 month ago)
0:06 when the school shooter says''I T S N E R F O R N O T H I N''
RazorHeadGamingYT (1 month ago)
big bitch (1 month ago)
Me when i fall 0:37
My name is Jeff :v (1 month ago)
0:37 *Dead*
The face hahahHa the fucking fa- hahahah😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lil_SmallBoy (1 month ago)
*_El Risitas_*
Claude Speed (1 month ago)
*My life is complete.....*
EdgySodaVA (1 month ago)
he sounds like a seal laughing
Lillian Bloxburg (1 month ago)
ragnarok :vvv (1 month ago)
_Nathan Peterson_ (1 month ago)
*0:37** wHeN u Do A DiSrEsPeCt FiNiSh A tOxIc KiD aNd AlL hE sAy Is NoOb*
oshiwot (1 month ago)
When moms see:Exercise? I thought you said extra fries
a local Canadian (1 month ago)
1 i<0nw
n1xio (1 month ago)
toxic ferret (1 month ago)
Таня (1 month ago)
Tavian Thompson (1 month ago)
I will name my son after him.
James 5373 (1 month ago)
Kid: drowns in chocolate Oompa Loompas: 0:37
plague rolis (14 days ago)
ive seen that movie in my school in class
Andrew23891 (1 month ago)
It s a smoke
MaxPlaysGames (2 months ago)
0:23 when you let go of your balloon
Daniel R (2 months ago)
QuadToxiC Aura (2 months ago)
0:06 me laughing at my siblings cause I’m an asshole 😂🙃
Yoshidex WGY (2 months ago)
All I understood and could translate was "and you?"
Kermit (2 months ago)
When your mom chasing you with a belt and she slip and fall on a banana peel
EV GAMING PH (2 months ago)

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