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How to Fold a Suit Jacket & Pack Suits NO Wrinkles SUITCAFE.COM

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How to Fold a Suit as shown by Philip Pravda, Founder/CEO of SuitCafe.Com. This fold was passed down from his Great Grandfather through four generations- more than 100 years. Philip Pravda has 27+ years experience in luxury men's suits, menswear and men's fashion. He has been a buyer and retailer of all the major Italian brands. Now with his new collection and his expertise, he brings to you a men's suit so you may have Ultimate Confidence™ in your clothing and in yourself. Website: http://www.suitcafe.com Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/suit_cafe Tumblr: http://suitcafe.tumblr.com
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Text Comments (228)
Ed Hudley (3 hours ago)
The shot is framed too tight, preventing from seeing the entire jacket.
The Johnsons (3 days ago)
All this does is make a mess.
SUITCAFE (3 days ago)
This was a video from long ago and I was able to remake it twice. Here is the most popular version of this video with a slo-mo component. It may work out better for you. Give it a try: https://youtu.be/gQFwepmvL7A
thebarak (1 month ago)
Camera aimed at above the subject! We did not see it.
SUITCAFE (1 month ago)
Hi, and thanks for watching. Take a look at the last update to this video. I think you will enjoy it better along with a slow motion section to see all the details of this fold. https://youtu.be/gQFwepmvL7A
savagecub (1 month ago)
DOESN’T WORK !!! ANYTIME you introduce a fold you introduce a WRINKLE ! As a twenty five year airline pilot that commutes to and from work I do this with my uniform blazer before I put it up into the overhead bin when I arrive at the destination the blazer looks like it’s been in a cigar box !
SUITCAFE (1 month ago)
Hi. The fold has worked for 1000s of people as you can read in the comments. I use it myself on long trips like Italy and Argentina. Try my updated video, it has slo-mo and a better in depth explanation. https://youtu.be/gQFwepmvL7A
Scott Gower (1 month ago)
Terrific video, easy to follow, thanks!
SUITCAFE (1 month ago)
Scott Gower Thank you. Glad to be of service.
Tim Sonoda (1 month ago)
This is the worst explanation vide I have ever seen
SUITCAFE (1 month ago)
Hi Tim Sonoda. You are almost right. My first try at video in this one, but I did it a few more times and hope you like the newer version better. Here it is: https://youtu.be/gQFwepmvL7A
klu android (2 months ago)
Great job, folding a black jacket in front of your dark blue jacket. Nothing is visible
SUITCAFE (2 months ago)
Hello, That's why I made two more updates to this video from long ago. Here is the latest I think you will enjoy. https://youtu.be/gQFwepmvL7A
M M (3 months ago)
Are you advertising yourself?
SUITCAFE (3 months ago)
Sort of, but not really. It's al about the fold that has worked well for generations. Here is the latest update with the entire fold in slow motion. https://youtu.be/gQFwepmvL7A
JEEMBAY MUSIC (4 months ago)
So you’re telling my the sleeves just magically end up straight with no wrinkles? FALSEEEEE
SUITCAFE (3 months ago)
i again. It's not magic. If you lay the jacket in the luggage with a simple fold over your arm at the end the sleeves are fine. I always hang my jackets when I get to the hotel, but in any event I have never had to press anything upon arrival and that includes a long trip from NY to Buenos Aires.
JEEMBAY MUSIC (4 months ago)
Looks like the arms would be wrinkled
SUITCAFE (3 months ago)
Hello, The arms come out great. Try to watch my latest update on this with a slo-mo re-enactment. https://youtu.be/gQFwepmvL7A
Chris James (4 months ago)
Thank you sir... I've been sending my suits to be dry-cleaned whenever I get into wherever I'm traveling to for years, due to their disheveled status upon arrival. After using this technique, I now have one less thing to do on the road.🍻👍
Chris James (1 month ago)
+SUITCAFE Thank you friend! As a road-comic (sorry, not on... "Here"-tube for.... "Reasons".…) I thank you for your passed (usefull) wisdom.🍻👌
SUITCAFE (1 month ago)
Great to hear, sorry I missed your commewnt. You might like this new update: https://youtu.be/gQFwepmvL7A
吴景行 (5 months ago)
Ronny R (10 months ago)
Phillip, I though you should know this: A 200$ doesn't care how you fold it. Maybe it is better coming out that way. But those suites you are supposed to unbutton when you sit down, you should never fold like soft cloth like this. Remember, you should always unbutton them when you sit. Why? Because of their cost of "molding" and the canvas that remembers drape and your body shape. Canvas is "sandwiched" between lining and the surface cloth, so are shoulder paddings. If you flip them entirely, twice each time when you fold, and one more time unfold, it is not good!
Ronny R (10 months ago)
Very Misleading!
SUITCAFE (10 months ago)
As I said before, look up my posts on your prior comments.
Ronny R (10 months ago)
Do NOT fold your suit jacket at all! I did it following his presentation, and the floating chest piece "floated" after a short flight and the jacket is no longer the same! I guess it might work for a cheap or even half canvased jacket. But not for Zegna or Canali.
Ronny R (10 months ago)
The whole idea it as you say to prevent wrinkle. But I am telling you wrinkles can NOT be prevented this way. It folds once or twice around the waist line. It is probably less intrusive not to flip the jacket when you fold it. The jacket folding you described may be the lesser of evils, and it does cause shoulders and fronts to look and drape differently. The most illusively intrusive is to flip the shoulder paddings and linings twice inside out and completely. In the past, I have put two or three suit jackets in a good hanger and cover them in a bag that comes with the suits, attach the hanger to the hold inside Samsonite checkin suitcase, and fold them once. No wrinkles or other issues.
SUITCAFE (10 months ago)
Ron, you are missing the point here. First, not all Zegna is full canvas. Canali is always full canvas. In any event, the entire point of full canvas garments, regardless of what you do to it, fold, wash, dry clean, press, sleep, or dig a ditch in it, does not matter. Full canvas means that their is only fabric stitched to fabric. No man made materials such as glue, inside the garment. This is why full canvas is so expensive and sought after. With that said, a fold cannot ruin a jacket. It is impossible. Full canvas ALWAYS goes back into shape. Now if the garments you are talking about are not real Canali or Zegna, possible fakes, then I cannot comment on how they are made. Please read my comments on my other videos regarding your statements.
Manoj Philip (11 months ago)
Difficult AF
Manoj Philip (11 months ago)
SUITCAFE Haha, it's all good. I was in a rush and needed to learn very quickly. I found another video that walked me through it and I think I did it correctly lol.
SUITCAFE (11 months ago)
Hi, sorry you found it a bit challenging, but it only takes some practice. Take a look at my latest update to this video with a slo-motion component to make this fold easier to follow. https://youtu.be/gQFwepmvL7A
ION (11 months ago)
Thank you!! Super helpful!
SUITCAFE (11 months ago)
Glad you enjoyed this video. Take a look at an update to this with a bit of slo-mo. https://youtu.be/gQFwepmvL7A
Michele Cammareri (11 months ago)
The volume of the music is horrible. Also, the standard Apple music for presentation is maybe a poor choice? Apart from this, useful video.
SUITCAFE (11 months ago)
Hi. You are right. This was the first video of its kind. I have ahead a few updates, but here is the latest update with a slo-mo component that you may really like. https://youtu.be/gQFwepmvL7A
Steven S (11 months ago)
And you get a very wrinkled jacket...
SUITCAFE (11 months ago)
Steven S Did you try it out? Read the other comments. It works very well. Check out my update with slow motion. https://youtu.be/gQFwepmvL7A
Lost (11 months ago)
My wife thinks I have to get my suit dry cleaned every time I wear it - is that necessary ?
SUITCAFE (11 months ago)
Lost Really only if you get it dirty or stained, otherwise dry clean once per season, but you can press when needed.
Lost (11 months ago)
Worked perfectly ; I hung it up in the bathroom along with the shirt and pants and ran a hot shower to steam up the room and got the minor wrinkles out; looked brand new
SUITCAFE (11 months ago)
Lost awesome. Great to hear!!!
Giantcappuccino (11 months ago)
I thought I was watching Portlandia for a minute there.
SUITCAFE (1 month ago)
Never heard of it but here is a slow motion treat https://youtu.be/gQFwepmvL7A
WileECoyotey (1 year ago)
What does it look like after a 6 hr plane flight ?
SUITCAFE (1 year ago)
WileECoyotey It really comes out great. Just hang up your clothing at the destination. Sometimes I don’t unpack from returning home for 3 days and its still good. Take a look at my latest update with slow motion. In Depth How To Fold A Jacket For Any Trip No Wrinkles Best Slow Motion https://youtu.be/gQFwepmvL7A
Tom Manno (1 year ago)
Had to do black on black? Would be nice to have a contrasting inside liner. Hard to see what’s what.
SUITCAFE (1 year ago)
Hi, you are correct as a few others have mentioned in the past. I have an update to this video, but then I did a much better second update with a slo-mo component so you can really see "what's what". Enjoy: https://youtu.be/gQFwepmvL7A
abhishek attri (1 year ago)
You are God sent....thank you very much!!!
SUITCAFE (1 year ago)
If you liked this video, check out my latest update to it. You will really enjoy it: https://youtu.be/gQFwepmvL7A
savory icon (1 year ago)
I thought tie tying is hard, this is rocket science for me
SUITCAFE (1 year ago)
savory icon hello. Glad you enjoyed the video. I think my latest version of this fold along with a slow motion component, may help you out. Be Well https://youtu.be/gQFwepmvL7A
Goatbe Bryant (1 year ago)
Instructions unclear.. dick caught in ceiling fan
SUITCAFE (1 year ago)
Check out this new update with slow mo. https://youtu.be/gQFwepmvL7A
jodie4609 (1 year ago)
Yeah im going home to practice this for sure I work in a clothing store and i always feel like an idiot trying to carefully fold a suit coat
SUITCAFE (1 year ago)
jodie4609 please check out my 2 updates to this video. You will really enjoy those. Especially the newest slow motion component.
Stanley George (1 year ago)
I have honestly followed the instructions as shown in the video and my suit had no wrinkle after 24 hrs of travel
SUITCAFE (1 year ago)
Well done. Glad to be of service and hopefully you can use this many times over. I have an updated version of this video with a slow motion component. You can vie wit here: https://youtu.be/gQFwepmvL7A
Carmen Garcia (1 year ago)
is the jacket supposed to end up inside out?
SUITCAFE (1 year ago)
Carmen Garcia here is the updated video for your review: In Depth How To Fold A Jacket For Any Trip No Wrinkles Best Slow Motion https://youtu.be/gQFwepmvL7A
SUITCAFE (1 year ago)
Carmen Garcia Yes, pretty much the final result is almost inside out, but the sleeves are not pulled inside out at all. Take a look at my updated version of this video with a full slow motion ending showing all the steps. Ill post the link below.
J. Mariposa (1 year ago)
If you did not catch it just watch the Airline crew fold their jackets on your next flight. Especially with crew changes the Capt. or Co. Capt will come back and stow his jacket using this method. Basically you are just turning it inside out with one shoulder sticking into the other.
SUITCAFE (1 year ago)
Hello, glad you enjoyed the video. Take a look at the most updated version with a slow motion piece at the end to better show each movement. Its a bit different than the captain on the plane. https://youtu.be/gQFwepmvL7A
Master Don Gaming (1 year ago)
what happens to the suit after u open it your bag after 1 day? show that
SUITCAFE (1 year ago)
Hi, good idea, Ill pack a suit, wait a few days as I really have done before, and show the results. Take a look at my most updated video on this fold. https://youtu.be/gQFwepmvL7A
JP VOGEL (1 year ago)
We used to have CAFE-society, it's now NESCAFE-Society and SUITNESCAFE!
SUITCAFE (1 year ago)
Thanks for the information. If you liked this first video of the fold, take a look at the newest upload of this with a slow motion component. https://youtu.be/gQFwepmvL7A
Соɾу ℛ. (1 year ago)
Never have I received such an amazing gift, it's truly an honor, sir.
SUITCAFE (1 year ago)
So glad you enjoyed the video and hope the fold is begin used well. Here is my latest update with a slow motion section which is easy to follow. https://youtu.be/gQFwepmvL7A
Joe Schmidt (1 year ago)
hard to see what you are doing...
SUITCAFE (1 year ago)
Joe Schmidt Hi, thank for watching. I just released a brand new easy to follow and see version with an added slow motion component. I think you will find it useful. In Depth How To Fold A Jacket For Any Trip No Wrinkles Best Slow Motion https://youtu.be/gQFwepmvL7A
MAKEINZ (1 year ago)
tbs1199 (1 year ago)
Thanks.. 👍🏼
SUITCAFE (1 year ago)
tbs1199 anytime. I have a new version of this coming out any day with all the folding parts in slow motion. Subscribe and stay tuned. Be well.
Wajiha Maan (1 year ago)
Awful video. Maybe try not having a black jacket to actually show what you're doing.
SUITCAFE (1 year ago)
That's why I have an update. https://youtu.be/h_dwqicn5No
geoffy28 (1 year ago)
good advice but you can't see what you are doing?
SUITCAFE (1 year ago)
Hi. You are correct and I made an update to this video which shows the folding a bit better. It is here: https://youtu.be/h_dwqicn5No Soon I am making an in depth update to this video so subscribe and stay tuned.
nicbongo (1 year ago)
Life saver!
Lee Lagda (1 year ago)
Does this apply to long wool coats also?
SUITCAFE (1 year ago)
It certainly does apply to coats, however, since a coat may be longer you can fold it over twice in the end. Hope that helps. http://www.suitcafe.com
barkway barkway2 (1 year ago)
too hard to see against a white background, and with only half the jacket (and you) in the frame.
SUITCAFE (1 year ago)
Hello, I know this one is a bit difficult. It was the first go around. Try my my update to this. Tell me how it goes: https://youtu.be/h_dwqicn5No
amhar FM (1 year ago)
a legacy, huh? :-)
SUITCAFE (1 year ago)
Yes, that's correct. I am 4th generation in the menswear business. Goes back to my Great Grandfather who started in men's retail on 14th Street in NYC back in 1908. Hope you liked the video and the fold is useful for you. Be well.
Rahul Surana (1 year ago)
Why so serious ?
SUITCAFE (1 year ago)
You can watch me live on Periscope App @SuitCafe Official. I'm not that serious live.
SUITCAFE (1 year ago)
Haha, The first video ever was serious. Thanks. Did you try the fold out?
David Q (1 year ago)
Thank you!!
SUITCAFE (1 year ago)
Glad it helped you out. Be well.
Borislav Gridnev (1 year ago)
What if there are no shoulders.
Borislav Gridnev (1 year ago)
SUITCAFE (1 year ago)
+Borislev Gridnev Hi you mean your jacket doe snot have shoulder pads inside. It is more sporty type jacket. Folding for a jacket from a suit or a sporty type as you have can be folded this way. Go through the same motions even if you don't have any padding in the shoulders or have an unconstructed jacket without even a lining. Get back and tell me how it went. Be well.
Borislav Gridnev (1 year ago)
Because there is no tutorial on how to fold a normal jacket. I don't know how to pack a normal one.
S. Thomas (1 year ago)
Will try, but the music is way too loud.
SUITCAFE (1 year ago)
Hi, you're right the music was too loud on this one, that's why I did an update video here. Try out this fold. It has worked great for most people. Countless numbers of my clients use it. https://youtu.be/h_dwqicn5No
Rupaji (1 year ago)
Thank you, from a woman!
SUITCAFE (1 year ago)
Hello, thank you for the kind note. I'm glad this helped you. Certainly anyone can use this for their clothing. I even fold shirts this way. Be well.
Rusty Shackleford (1 year ago)
Music way too loud (not needed). Also, cannot see the full jacket. Pan out more.
SUITCAFE (1 year ago)
Hi, you are right about that. It was my first video. I did make a follow up you can see here. Be well. https://youtu.be/h_dwqicn5No
ptrick213 (1 year ago)
It would be super amazingly helpful if this video was of the JACKET being folded by you, as opposed a video of YOU folding the jacket. You big shiny movie star you.
SUITCAFE (1 year ago)
ha ha ha. I hope the video was able to help in any event, but you are correct and that's why I made a follow up to this video right here. Also the music is lower. https://youtu.be/h_dwqicn5No
ultimatecouponlady (1 year ago)
Awesome! It even worked with a Big & Tall jacket size 52. I only had to fold it in half lenghtwise an extra time but it still worked great! Thanks!!!
SUITCAFE (1 year ago)
Wow, that sounds great!!!. Glad you worked it out with the big and tall jacket. More fabric to fold over, but when you realize the technique you can fold most anything. Be well, Phil
Kawolski (2 years ago)
the music was too loud
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
Kawolski you are correct that is why I made a fantastic update to this video. https://youtu.be/h_dwqicn5No
GoogleMinus (2 years ago)
Worked for me, I knew there had to be a reason I never saw anyone carrying a suit on a hanger through the airport. Thanks!
Liyana Rahman (1 year ago)
GoogleMinus b
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
GoogleMinus Excellent that you could use this traditional fold in my family. I just posted this on Facebook and it's getting a great response. See if your friends can do it. Be well.
Rafat Ghina Yara (2 years ago)
Thank you... A bit late I think, but later the grandson of my grandson will do what you do today
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
Sometimes it goes that way. After 4 generations ion the clothing business, one needs to keep some traditions sacred. Do you agree? Glad you used this "ancient" folding technique.
Mark Lucas (2 years ago)
Thank you Philip. I was able to do it the first time and my suit is packed and ready to go.
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
Mark Lucas Great to hear. I have an update to this video, but since you got it on the first try, I know your jacket will come out great at the destination. Be well. Philip
Sariful Khalifa (2 years ago)
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
Sariful Khalifa Yahooooooo!
Fwadizio (2 years ago)
Am I stupid or something? I can't work the movement after he has grabbed the lapel with the left hand.
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
+Fwadizio Hi. Just keep trying and practicing and you WILL get it right. This fold is very helpful. Start/stop the video to practice each part. Be well
Anshumaan Saxena (2 years ago)
Such A STUPID man !! You Destroy my Suits's Shape..Guys don't try for your own Good
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
+Anshumaan Saxena No fold destroys a suits shape. You just have to try again to get the action of what the fold does to make sure the jacket is flat in your luggage. 1000s of people have used it successfully. Try again and you will get it. Take a look at this more in depth video of this fold. https://youtu.be/h_dwqicn5No
khunii (2 years ago)
I used this method and my jacket came out without any wrinkles after the traveling. Thanks! :)
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
+khunil Excellent, please tell your friends. It has worked for my family since 1908.
Chetan Barot (2 years ago)
good 1
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
Glad you enjoyed the video. Many more to come.
maartenornee (2 years ago)
I tried this as well, it worked pretty good! The folding however did take a little time to get it right. I was strolling on the internet looking for other solutions and I found this, I think this is the easiest solution there is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APhQudFsC0s
CzaterXarax (1 year ago)
Watching the video my worry was about the shoulder structure, it seems to get some pressure from the rolling, which is absolutely the opposite of what you suggest (and I have intuitively done for years), when you turn the shoulder upside out to protect their structure, which is a fundamental, part of the jacket.
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
+maartenornee Thanks for the reply. I guess the main idea is my fold you can do yourself without having to purchase anything, so anyone can learn how to do it. Be well.
maartenornee (2 years ago)
Hi again, I took a closer look at this product, but I think I have to disagree with you. Since you do not fold the cloths, but only loosly roll them. The raised egde on the sides prevent the cloths from being pressed on. So no pressure is put on the cloths, which subsequently cause no creases in the cloths. As I designer I am always fond of such new handy inventions. Objective reviews from users who had this product also show that it seems to work.
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
+maartenomee Hi, I watched the video you suggested and the rolling method has a fatal flaw for folding tailored men's clothing and the rolling is the part that does not work. Reason being is that you cannot roll shoulder padding or tailored structure around the sleeve head. This needs to be folded flat in luggage and not rolled. When folding it flat it holds it's pressing from the factory and that is why when unfolding with my method the jacket fits properly and does not have any wrinkles. Hope that helps.
J Mo (2 years ago)
Does this work for any suit jacket or specifically ones tailored for travel ?
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
+Julian Ortiz This works for any type of jacket including women's. It is just an overall easy, fast process for folding a jacket or coat. Use it well.
Caranthir Oronar (2 years ago)
Start at 0:37
Paul Gingell (1 year ago)
Caranthir Oronar )
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
Glad you were able to use it. This fold always does the job. Be well.
Aditya Mahat (2 years ago)
thank you for the video. It worked. #Peace_to_you
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
Use this technique every time you travel. I even use it when folding my jacket in the back seat of the car. It always works well. Glad you liked it. Be well, Phil.
Aditya Mahat (2 years ago)
seriously thank u!
Dave Manago (2 years ago)
The jacket shouldn't be all the same color. Gets confusing. Have differently colored interior/arms
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
+David Manago Hi, this suit has a dark grey sleeve lining and a wave pattern in tone on tone as the interior lining. This is one of my basic suits I make in navy, charcoal grey and black at suitcafe.com. The other suits in super 150s and super 160s wool all come with pinstripe sleeve linings. Hope that helps. Check out my update to this video on my channel. Be well.
g R (2 years ago)
Thank you so much!!!!
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
+g R glad this video helped you. I have some really good new ones coming out soon. Be well.
Lhin Doh (2 years ago)
I kinda wish you could reach through the screen and do it for me. That got tricky unless I'm just tired today-
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
Hi, Glad you worked it out. After a few tries you will get the hang of it and do it quickly. Like riding a bicycle. Be well.
MikeKay1978 (2 years ago)
i have this garment bag from samsonite that doesn't do a very good job. this way actually did much better. thanks.
MikeKay1978 (2 years ago)
+SUITCAFE I did see your reply, thanks for it.
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
Hi +MikeKay1978 Did you see my reply below. Sorry if you may have missed it.
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
+MikeKay1978 great to hear that the fold worked well for you. It really keeps the wrinkles out and shoulders in place when you unfold. Be well. SUITCAFE.com has a big sale going on right now. Get a custom suit made with 3 measurements delivered in 10 days.
ROSE M Elias (2 years ago)
yes finally i learned how to fold suit, and i can use it for my boss suit. everytime he travel he use to tell me that "fold it good my suit" but i dont know how? so the result is bad wrinkles suit.., and now I know how to do next time. thank you for this video it help me a lot.
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
+Rose Elias Glad this video was of help. Now you can tell your Boss you know how to make the best fold. You can teach it to your colleagues. Be well.
EmGee Vic (2 years ago)
this dude is a legend 😂
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
+Jayvee Vicente Great!!!
EmGee Vic (2 years ago)
Nope, not yet ill watch tomorrow 😂
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
+Jayvee Vicente have you seen my updated video? https://youtu.be/h_dwqicn5No
Kerri (2 years ago)
https://youtu.be/VDGWW7_O2sI What about this?
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
Hi +K nonymous I could not see your comment so sorry for the late reply. I know that video very well and I can tell you if you fold your jacket that way and put it in luggage it will come out completely wrinkled and crushed. If you watch that other video the jacket is being folded same as you would fold a sweater. The difference is that a sweater does not have any shoulder structure or padding. This is paramount in my fold where the shoulder is flat and not folded. This is the main reason that when using my fold handed down for 4 generations, your jacket springs back into action. Feel free to reach me at http://www.suitcafe.com.
Chase Tenoriovlogs (2 years ago)
SUITCAFE (1 month ago)
Chase, here is a new update for you: https://youtu.be/gQFwepmvL7A
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
+Chase Tenorio if you don't like this video why not check out my in depth update over here https://youtu.be/h_dwqicn5No
Bon Bon Minnie (2 years ago)
I have used Ultra Organic Argan Oil Treatment for at least 2 years and I believe that it really works. Obviously I wouldn't continue to use if it didn't. Argan rain is the best for wrinkles.
Armi Armi (2 years ago)
This product is very useful
Luis Miguel Díaz (2 years ago)
It works fantastically well. Thank you!
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
+Luis Miguel Diaz Glad you used it and enjoy using it on your travels.
truereality84 (2 years ago)
This guy reminds my of the main character in Trigun anime!
dinty leach (2 years ago)
It ha taken me longer to make a comment than to learn this wonderful "how to do it". After years of travel, I have found something that really works.
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
+dinty leach so glad this helped you out on your travels. It really was handed down to me through 4 generations of clothiers. Be well and catch me over on Facebook.com/groups/STYLESCOPERS
Brian Peterman (2 years ago)
i tried at least 20 times.. impossible.. I'm giving up
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
Hi don't give up so fast. Did you see my update to this video on the channel right here? More detail and soon I have a slow, close up, step by step coming out. If you still can't get it, how about Skype or Periscope live demo?
The Murphy (3 years ago)
How would this work on 17 hour flights? Also would you recommend the rolling technique over this?
SUITCAFE (3 years ago)
+The Murphy Hi there. Yes it will work on a tux. Any men's suit jacket or coat. Watch my new video. I'm going to have the first ever live stream auction for a custom made suit.
The Murphy (3 years ago)
+SUITCAFE Sorry, but would this also work on a TUXEDO?
The Murphy (3 years ago)
Thank you for the swift reply, sir. I hope you know you're helping many many people with your informative videos. We appreciate everything you do. Thank you again!
SUITCAFE (3 years ago)
+The Murphy Hi Murphy, yes it does work on 17 hour flights and there are comments on my update to this video about people who have flown over multiple days after folding the way I have shown. As for the rolling technique, it doesn't work and destroys the shape of your clothing. Even a necktie is not meant to be rolled. here is a link to my update to this video- enjoy!! and safe travels. Feel free to join me on facebook.com/groups/StyleScopers. and at suitcafe.com https://youtu.be/h_dwqicn5No
superflylaurie (3 years ago)
Terrible tutorial and why is there some stupid guitar over you speaking so you can barely hear you. Dreadful
SUITCAFE (3 years ago)
+superflylaurie Hey Superfly. You're right about that, but the fold works regardless. That was my first video. I certainly made a follow up upon request so check this one out. https://youtu.be/h_dwqicn5No
hüseyin şevki topuz (3 years ago)
V Jones (3 years ago)
Perfect for my business trip to Germany! Many thanks
SUITCAFE (3 years ago)
+Vito Jones Thanks Vito. Did you watch the update to this video here? Be well, Phil. https://youtu.be/h_dwqicn5No
pf161821 (3 years ago)
I feel like I missed a step because you didn't show exactly everything you were doing.
SUITCAFE (3 years ago)
+pf161821 Sorry for that. Please watch my updated video here. It may be more clear to you. Here it is: https://youtu.be/h_dwqicn5No
Majerhel Dela Cruz (3 years ago)
you're amazing thank you !!!
SUITCAFE (3 years ago)
+Majerhel Dela Cruz Glad you tried it and thanks.
Spazie Wazzie (3 years ago)
It didn't work for me. I had to use my hotel's room iron to get rid of the wrinkles because I had a meeting right after I checked in
2017 (2 years ago)
How was your meeting? 😁
SUITCAFE (3 years ago)
Hi +SpazzieWazzie sorry to hear that. Are you certain the shoulders were flat? That part is key for this to work properly. Try it again on your way home from the trip. Maybe watch the video again as well. Thanks
Muthana Harith (3 years ago)
Really helpful thanks :)
SUITCAFE (3 years ago)
+Muthana Harith glad you tried it out.
Devershi Chandra (3 years ago)
can you do a video on how can i fold my suit for my rucksack? will this technique work?
SUITCAFE (3 years ago)
+Devershi Chandra Yes, Ill make an update video just for you.
SUITCAFE (3 years ago)
+Devershi Chandra Hi, yes please fold in the same way. You may even want to give the jacket one extra fold over at the end to better fit in the rucksack, but his will work well for you. Join StyleScopers Group on Facebook and become a judge in the next SUITCAFE fashion contest to give away a $1000 custom made suit.
Osca Alva (3 years ago)
all that work no need i travel with hi end linen suits no folding wrinkel are in..
SUITCAFE (3 years ago)
+Osca Alva Hi, you are correct. Linen has the wrinkles built in. I love linen and the wrinkles. That's the look of linen. Thanks for watching the vid. Catch me live on Periscope @SUIT_CAFE or SUITCAFE Official.
rainymountains (3 years ago)
The video could focus more on the folding process than the guy
SUITCAFE (1 month ago)
More on the folding. Less of the guy https://youtu.be/gQFwepmvL7A
SUITCAFE (3 years ago)
Hi , you are correct - that is why I made a second more in depth video on how to do this fold that has been used for 4 generations. I have it up on my channel. Thanks for watching- Phil
Michael Kelem (3 years ago)
Maybe you could turn down the music in your subsequent videos. It should be in the background so it doesn't compete with your instructions. Also, it's hard to see what you're doing with the jacket as most of time it's below the bottom of the frame and the jacket is too dark. Other than that, thanks!
SUITCAFE (1 month ago)
+nick labian Update is here, enjoy it. https://youtu.be/gQFwepmvL7A
SUITCAFE (1 month ago)
+David Kamatoy here is the update, looks like I did't post the link, oops: https://youtu.be/gQFwepmvL7A
David Kamatoy (2 months ago)
Oh my God. Stop wow. Agreed.
nick labian (2 months ago)
Michael Kelem agree, basically useless video
SUITCAFE (3 years ago)
+Michael Kelem Hi, yes this video came out with the music too loud. Watch my update to this fold and it's better.
TubeSurferGeek (3 years ago)
Used this method last week but it appears that no matter how well you fold it, if you use soft luggage and the jacket is crushed between the case or other clothing it *will* get creased/wrinkled. Maybe a bit less than the method I've used in the past but not by much.
SUITCAFE (1 month ago)
Hi TubeSurferGeek If you try this more in depth video you may get better results https://youtu.be/gQFwepmvL7A
SUITCAFE (3 years ago)
Watch me live on Periscope App @SUIT_CAFE. Join the $1000 Custom Suit Giveaway.
Harlan Mcleod (4 years ago)
"Slowly". I don't understand the 3rd step like at all. Fold the jack shoulders in and line everything up and then push them back out? Makes no sense to me.
SUITCAFE (1 month ago)
Hi Harlan Mcleod, I thought you would enjoy this newer version with slo-mo. https://youtu.be/gQFwepmvL7A
SUITCAFE (4 years ago)
+Harlan Mcleod Hi Harlan. I gave a more in depth reply to your comment on my video. i hope it helped out, but here is the link to an even more in depth video I did of the same fold. Be well. https://youtu.be/h_dwqicn5No
SUITCAFE (4 years ago)
Hi, when you are holding the shoulders together line up the lapels by holding the lapel edges together . Once the lapels are lined up push both shoulders through effectively folding the jacket in half vertically. I hope this description helps . If not I have another video later than this one where I explain more in depth.
Mountymike (4 years ago)
101th sub
SUITCAFE (3 years ago)
+Antonio Salvatore, glad you found the video useful. +Michael O'Donohue Catch the live broadcast on Periscope daily at 12pm EST @SUIT_CAFE
Antonio Salvatore (3 years ago)
+Michael O'Donohue dude I saw your profile pic and thought..."no way Jack commented on this" XD
SUITCAFE (4 years ago)
Thanks for being number 101. How about great discount on a new suit for being the prized 101st subscriber?  send me an email through http://www.suitcafe.com. 
Michelle S (4 years ago)
How about necktie video on how to fold it so the customer does not get a wrinkled tie, especially if I dont have a special necktie box. Thank you!
SUITCAFE (4 years ago)
+Michelle Sills Hi, I made the video on how to fold a tie for travel. I hope you like it and find it informative. SUITCAFE.COM 3.0 is launching in a few days stay tuned: https://youtu.be/yIbPEETINkU
SUITCAFE (4 years ago)
+Michael Fournier Ties can certainly wrinkle, but usually where you fold it over, over time. The silk and interior lining tends to keep a soft fold, not really a crease. I will be making a video of this.
Michael Fournier (4 years ago)
+Michelle Sills +Michelle Sills Hmmm never ever had a quality tie wrinkle no matter how it is folded unless you purposely wet it and crumple it in a ball I can't see how you would get wrinkles in a tie.
SUITCAFE (4 years ago)
+Michelle Sills Thanks so much, very appreciated. 
Michelle S (4 years ago)
I did watch how to tie a necktie. I figure I need to know how to do that too because I have ties for sale also in my shop. You make it look so easy. I actually have a tie I practice with. YEESSS of course I have subscribed right after watching the very first video!
Michelle S (4 years ago)
Thank you Philip! This video is helpful. I just sold a Blazer and I had no idea how to properly fold it. Glad I found your videos. They are quick and informative, Thank you!
Michelle S (4 years ago)
SUITCAFE (4 years ago)
+Michelle Sills  Thank you again. Send me a link to your eBay store. Through my website SUITCAFE.COM. Love ot take a look. I have been in luxury mens for 30 years.
Michelle S (4 years ago)
I only had two in my Ebay store. I sold the mens Tasso Elba 100% Cashmere Blazer. It was beautiful! I have a Vintage Lauren Ralph Lauren Riding Jacket I am patiently waiting to sell :) Very new to the business! You videos are fantastic. 
SUITCAFE (4 years ago)
+SUITCAFE Here is a follow up that I did on my how to fold a suit jacket video: http://youtu.be/h_dwqicn5No
SUITCAFE (4 years ago)
+Michelle Sills Wow!! Thank you Michelle, I am glad I was able to help out.  What type of blazers do you sell mens or womens? Maybe I can help you and we can work on something together?
SUITCAFE (4 years ago)
Kendell Glad this great fold helped you. What was it about my fold that helped you? Thanks, Philip
Kendell Williams (4 years ago)
Thanks so much, this really helped me!
SUITCAFE (4 years ago)
SUITCAFE (4 years ago)
A special fold handed down from my great grandfather.

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