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Japan (Mei) | 100 Years of Beauty - Ep 16 | Cut

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Text Comments (7942)
Alipt Shrivastava (7 minutes ago)
80s was cute
CTGaming (19 minutes ago)
*where are the anime girls*
Michel Souza (1 hour ago)
At 2010 it's like an anime
Can Emrah Sahin (1 hour ago)
O 70s where art thou?
julie (2 hours ago)
Absolutely loved her hair in the 20s and 40s 😍😍
Mystical Coin (2 hours ago)
Ryan Corrigan (3 hours ago)
*Japanese women are some of the most beautiful women on Earth.* _Change my mind._
may cmh (3 hours ago)
Anime girl one tho
Pimpo Jamir (4 hours ago)
0:24 is the moment that let WW2 Marines go crazy am I right :)?
Zrawgser (4 hours ago)
Search Japanese porn afterwards
My ass Said (4 hours ago)
The 20s was just short hair all over the world...
Tokyo Warfare (10 hours ago)
Haluk Halis (10 hours ago)
100 years of beauty into one girl... Awestruck
ღKatyღ (16 hours ago)
Julia Boin is my fav Japanese girl ❤❤❤
Yoon Y (16 hours ago)
BS Killa (19 hours ago)
Went downhill after the 90s. 60s to 80s were the best.
sulkalmah :D (23 hours ago)
0:55 is creepy
Riou Mason Busujima (23 hours ago)
0:29 That's actually a traditional attire in Southeast Asia.Not related to the Middle Eastern hijab,although both are headscarfs :) Malaysian called it as the "selendang" although Thai people and Indonesian also wore it,idk how Thai ans Indos call these:) They're usually used in Indonesia,mainly by the Javanese,Sundanese and other tribes and in Malaysia it is replaced with the more Islamic hijab and it's rare to see people in Malaysia to wear them,idk for Thais :) *+60 and +62 countries helloo*
Yuri Ronoue (19 hours ago)
The look was actually inspired by Audrey Hepburn. Look at the research behind the 100 years Japan video
Rafly Darmawan (23 hours ago)
This model not japan, China model
"japan" "beauty" 😂😂😂😂
Selçuk Tan (1 day ago)
I would F 2010s
Piotr Kowalczyk (1 day ago)
How to get to shitty from classy, Japan edition
Amazing. Watch my YouTube channel
1970 is better than the 2000s and 2010s
You can pretty much see when western ideas of beauty ruined their gorgeous culture
Mr Ping (4 hours ago)
The West is best.
I love fables (1 day ago)
The 2000s were the best
(1 day ago)
So japan in the 90s was like half of the women today?😀
Laugh Cancer (1 day ago)
The 2000's was the best for me :)
iiDonutGamezz 35 (1 day ago)
1940s is so cool
Joana `Jamolin (1 day ago)
I think she's really cute in 1980's <3
Gabiibs (1 day ago)
I need to know this model name for real
ぽん (1 day ago)
Thomas MTB (1 day ago)
2010 makes me want to hang myself
*I'm a chinese male so I have to deal with the pretty gals :')*
18 Plus (1 day ago)
Say hi to your little dick
Wiki makeup (1 day ago)
1960 tho!!!😌😍
TheMysteriousLady (1 day ago)
All of them looked so similar to each other and then there's 2010s
Ryne Read (1 day ago)
Why was she grey?
Sa da (2 days ago)
2000s with dlc
Rufet Tehmezov (2 days ago)
And1970and 1990
Rufet Tehmezov (2 days ago)
My favorite 1960
Xx Lu cy xX (2 days ago)
1:14 *2010's Thumbnail*
박세찬 (2 days ago)
Getting psychic and worse in 2010s... 1950s is so good.
Arda Sözen (2 days ago)
2010 Animated
Mari M (2 days ago)
1:03 she looks like Ariana
MatheiusS (2 days ago)
Your Name (2 days ago)
Ok, but why are they all 3 dimensional?
a-klotz LP (17 hours ago)
Your Profile pic fits the Comment so well it made it funnyer
How did they style the second 2000s one? It’s so pretty!
nora the dumb blonde (2 days ago)
Can I ask why is she naked??
Jihyun Kim (2 days ago)
70's my actual hair :V
Jxvi (2 days ago)
1990’s curly hair
Ilovejungkook:3 (2 days ago)
If i was a man i would like to date Japanese Girls
putaeyong127 (2 days ago)
the 50's looks so prettyyy
Elissa (2 days ago)
1970’s and 2010’s (the first one shown) is so cute—
Farhan Ahmad (2 days ago)
20s,80s,90s,2000 my favourite
💓 adorable 💓
pinkwolfy Gacha (3 days ago)
1960 and 2000💗
1960s kinda looks like ariana grande hair
CHILL FROST (3 days ago)
80s... Plastic Love ☺
황가Cris_ (3 days ago)
Where HER CLOTHES!!!!!
Tiến Nguyễn (3 days ago)
When you realize she is a *TRAP*
b king (3 days ago)
1920,2000,2010 were the best.
SilverHazardX84 (3 days ago)
Kind of surprised how nobody complained about the Kamikaze headband but that's ok
GalacticSith69 (3 days ago)
Well it was the 40's we expected things like that
Michele Zhang (3 days ago)
100 years = 💄🐒💩💨👈👀😷
Bryan Tigas (3 days ago)
1970's looked 2018
kukaku - chan (3 days ago)
They so CUTE 💌
やっぱりメスどもは2010年が一番だわ 昔の髪型だったらチンポ萎えるだけだわ
Godot is here (3 days ago)
Why is she wearing a headband that says “kamikaze” on it at 0:24? Women would not have been part of the kamikaze special attack unit.
Love the 2010
Chika Agukwe (3 days ago)
Ugh it not fair all the girls are pretty except me plus I'm fat as heck T-T why do I need to suffer
Chika Agukwe (2 days ago)
+Ahmed Zaki ok thx It may work one day mate you are really a nice person may God bless you
Ahmed Zaki (3 days ago)
+Chika Agukwe im really hoping you can change your mentality into a positive one someday, its not easy but its definitely possible. Best of luck friend :)
Chika Agukwe (3 days ago)
+Ahmed Zaki Thx but I already know I'm ugly but it really nice of you the first time I read your reply I thought you were hating on me
Ahmed Zaki (3 days ago)
Maybe u need to think differently about yourself and how you look :) its a matter of perspective
Leana Neko (3 days ago)
1920's beautiful ❤️
Sanjuana Villanueva (3 days ago)
Yah need to be stopped 😂
camokazi1313 (3 days ago)
The 70's... *we have to go back!* 😍
FunChoices (3 days ago)
I love japanese styles
WillowAnimates 06 (3 days ago)
japanese is beautiful in all ways.
Ana Machavariani (3 days ago)
Smsm AL beg (3 days ago)
1980 is the best 🤩🤩🤩
Aly- - (3 days ago)
I like the 1930s <3
Joopy Jellopy (3 days ago)
Harajuku ♡♡♡♡♡
RustyDockLight (3 days ago)
She was beautiful before they even put makeup on her
Kingaaa (3 days ago)
No history country...
にゃんこ (4 days ago)
HP 111 (4 days ago)
Pocahontas Seguin Art (4 days ago)
Asia is better than America thank god
• s a y o r i • (4 days ago)
1970s and 1980s are my favorites
아리 (4 days ago)
Is she even wearing a shirt😂
Yan Imran (4 days ago)
I want to see the sengoku period
Bangtanasaurus (4 days ago)
1970 was the prettiest
harry pottah addicted (4 days ago)
Wait. You did like war things on 1940s. But not on 1910s? Wow..
GalacticSith69 (3 days ago)
40's is alot more known
Yu 2 (4 days ago)
1980s... was that a SEKAI NO OWARI reference?
Maelstrom (4 days ago)
60's ftw!
Miky Yang (4 days ago)
Xiangyu Wang (4 days ago)
Mei mean beauty also in Japanese?
Dr GAP (4 days ago)
All of these years she hasn't wore any clothes?
akira shamma (4 days ago)
The 80s look was the best by far.
Excuse but where is her clothes Is she like wearing a peach thing?
デラキナオミ (2 days ago)
•Galaxy wolfy• Gacha ??????
pedrotorreslp 999 (4 days ago)
40's style the best. :v
Jihyomas the Train (4 days ago)
She rocked those harajuku styles tho 🔥👍👌
Joelis Ayala (4 days ago)
Fo 100 years of beauti Puerto Rican version
alus nova (4 days ago)
She rocked them from the 70’s on!!! The Harajuku style was my fave!!
Chika Agukwe (3 days ago)

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