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Japan (Mei) | 100 Years of Beauty - Ep 16 | Cut

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Text Comments (7453)
Ender Wiggins (2 days ago)
As a Japanese American it's so interesting watching this because I feel both very familiar and alien at the same tome
Sei Sarang (9 days ago)
Оттуда означает вышла мода 1960 года.. Смотрела все видео и такая мода в других странах лишь в 70-90 возникает... 👏Но а этак не люблю Японию, они извращенцы и психопаты
amit wazir (10 days ago)
1980 was best
Jennie (12 days ago)
She rocked all looks! Such a beauty :)
Nationally나튼나리 (12 days ago)
That music...bring me memories when i'm in Sapporo,Hokkaido,Japan!!!
James Maeso (13 days ago)
Sooo ugly
Maja Förne (14 days ago)
Im in love with the 60’s ❤️
내주 (15 days ago)
카미카제 무슨 생각으로 넣었는지 화가 난다ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 굳이? 화장의 역사를 보여주는데?ㅋㅋ 제작자 생각좀
기마늘 (15 days ago)
1940년 카미카제...^^ 왜 거기서 나와? 이거 만든사람 혹시 우리나라 싫어하세요??ㅋ 이거 만든사람 한국인이면 정말 생각없다ㅋ
Michael Z (17 days ago)
Does anyone know this model's name?
Michael Z (17 days ago)
Was she naked the entire time?
Muhammet Şadan Kuzgun (19 days ago)
hi from Turkey Japan <3 Turkey
B.L.I.T.Z (21 days ago)
She doesn't look like Japanese girl
She does. Cause she is really looks similar with my Japanese friend.
Haruhi Suzumiya (25 days ago)
hm good
My favourites 1910’s 1940’s 1950’s 1960’s 1970’s 1980’s 1990’s 2000’s 2010’s 💚
김정민 (1 month ago)
1960s looks like Ariana Grande
Siti Maisarah (1 month ago)
1:09 meow🐱
Kay Perkins (1 month ago)
A Song For XX (1 month ago)
천국 (1 month ago)
0:26 하일 히틀러!!!
ᄇᄅᄏ (1 month ago)
저당시에 카미카제가 있었던건 사실인데 왜 한국인들이 발작하는거지? 카미카제를 옹호하는것도아니고 그냥 사실인데 ㅋㅋ
Robert Wing (1 month ago)
Weebs think they know everything don't they
afdhalibnuasyafa _ (1 month ago)
bau bawang
gogremon (1 month ago)
The 1960’s part be looking like London Tipton
Emily Canfield (1 month ago)
She is so cute <3!!
SkankHunt42 (1 month ago)
Grape Surgeon (1 month ago)
0:24 do anyone know what it says on the headband cus I think I got one of those
Michael Z (19 days ago)
Grape Surgeon holy wind
Chris BK (1 month ago)
카미카제를 사상적으로 미화한게 아니잖아. 나온다고 밑도 끝도 없이 열불낼필욘없음. 이 영상은 시대의 패션이나 스타일을 재현한건데 그 당시의 일본인들은 남녀노소 왜뽕에 경도돼서 온몸에 일장기를 두르고 미군에 맞서다 산산히 부서질 것을 강요했고 당시 사람들은 실제로 그런 세뇌교육에 동화됐었잖아. 그러니까 전쟁 시기의 스타일을 보여주려면 그 당시의 그런 면모를 보여줄 수밖에 없지. 40년대 일본 배경 영환데 욱일기가 안나오면 오히려 이상한 것처럼 이것도 마찬가지 아님? 부끄럽고 화나는 역사도 역사임. 미화하고 옹호만 안하면돼지
Simon E (1 month ago)
How did it get from this 0:07 to this 1:14
Gaudium Felidae (1 month ago)
Was looking for short straight hair one sided frontal cut but oh well
Siti Maisarah Abdullah (1 month ago)
I like her hairstyle in 1940.😍
Jerle Shannara (1 month ago)
Someone comment I hate Japan. It's up to you. Anyone stil love Japan. I know Japanese's kamikaze use to makes mistakes. But this video just present Japanese's beauty!. Don't making drama just see some old symbol.
Arya Putra (1 month ago)
Indonesia pleas
H E Ł L Ø avakin (1 month ago)
Thats far the best video of yours guys! Love it!
Eva Lee (2 months ago)
How funny they include kamikaze stuff from 40’s. Seriously? Would you be willing to include nazi uniform for the German version?
It’s Paris (2 months ago)
60s is my fav🙃🙃
Master Shitfu (2 months ago)
I watch the video only because of its background music ;-;
Nin Mok (2 months ago)
It gets worse by the year...
큐티뽀쨕혜주 (2 months ago)
대부분 1920년대는 거의 웨이브된 단발이 유행이었나봄 ㅎㅎ
praze pras (2 months ago)
Can you make a Year Of Beauty Season 2 pleaseeee
praze pras (2 months ago)
By the way im from indonesia
Mind Bloww (2 months ago)
Indonesiaa pleasee
Sask Reenacting (2 months ago)
40's: Battered broken bloody face
所河駑栖鯉 (2 months ago)
Shammie Marine K.K (2 months ago)
arihanna 13 (2 months ago)
YALL, JAPAN ATTACK US IN 1940s Japan attack us Malaysian here bcs they want to ruled our place after british does
A Song For XX (1 month ago)
And there you are buying stuff in Daiso, Uniqlo and Kunikuniya
Mona Suzuki (1 month ago)
what's your point
namjoon's onion (2 months ago)
Okaay...so? It's 2018 now. The people are difderent.
arihanna 13 (2 months ago)
They are happy in the 1940s while us, fighting with their soldiers..what is this
creativemind0136 Ayaan (2 months ago)
I love the 1960s, that was cute
Yami Chai (2 months ago)
the 1970 and 2010 were my faves omg
Bratz Lip Logical (2 months ago)
name of the song????
운아 (2 months ago)
카미카제 뭔데 ㅅㅂ
jlo803 (2 months ago)
Why won't you make moooooore of these??
Alex 05 (2 months ago)
Kぽん (2 months ago)
Duke Taka (2 months ago)
I wanna know that BGM.. Does anybody know?
Min (2 months ago)
옷..도 같이 보고싶다~
funny funny (2 months ago)
Oh no
love97 God (2 months ago)
0:24 😢😢so sad.. Who, I mean why she should put that on her head?..(kamikaze)
Clea Yokoe (2 months ago)
Fav? 1980
Nuno Soares (2 months ago)
Mei is cute. 梅はかわいいです
햇살히나 比奈 (2 months ago)
일본 위안부 총무야 후들겨 맞고싶냐
Anime Eye (2 months ago)
I love japan so much from India !💐
PanzerPenetrierer 41 (2 months ago)
I too... from Germany
所河駑栖鯉 (2 months ago)
Anime Eye ありがとう😊
Layla Vain (2 months ago)
My faves are 1910s, 60s, 70s, 90s
mong leak (2 months ago)
1920年 可愛い~
candy (2 months ago)
マーカス (2 months ago)
Htetoo May (2 months ago)
ʚ화료ɞツ (2 months ago)
어렸을때는 몰랐는데 40년대 신풍? 미친거 아냐? 미국 모욕하는겨?
X (2 months ago)
*Question even scientists were not able to answer* : Why Japanese women are so beautiful?
Gabriele Persello (2 months ago)
60s 80s and first 2000 the best!!!!
Rika R (2 months ago)
1970's 💜
rmngfjbfjfjc (2 months ago)
2000s looks good on her
Ellyse Faulds (3 months ago)
1970's is so badass
NesaFashion Channel (3 months ago)
Viktor's Time (3 months ago)
0:22 1940s :)
Rarirama (3 months ago)
She looks just like Seiko Matsuda in the 80s, even with her little dance
Lukas Schneider (3 months ago)
Viktor's Time (3 months ago)
0:55 Немного на Бузову похожа
• chasey • (3 months ago)
Why I obsessed
CorgiLover 162 (3 months ago)
Poor hair.. Had to be cut
The 70's ♥♥♥♥
Aashima qwerty (3 months ago)
1980s has my heart ❤
I like the 2010's.
Caroline Lee (3 months ago)
Am I the only one who really likes the 80s look??
Ben Madz (3 months ago)
Japanese girls in the '90s are cute.
Arohi Khurana (3 months ago)
Is that all her real hair? It's so beautiful 😍
SuperThischannel (3 months ago)
Oh wow Japan survived the 1980s
kickthatstick (3 months ago)
She looks like alodia gosiengfiao.
Siddanth Bilgundi (3 months ago)
ᄋ ᄋ (3 months ago)
0:24 what’s the thing that she’s wearing? 좆같은걸 매고 나오누~~~니혼진 아니랄까봐 에혀 ^^
Comrade Alexandr (3 months ago)
Ruchi Arora (3 months ago)
I expected that you would replace her with a skeleton in the 1940s
Led Cousins (3 months ago)
비납 (3 months ago)
1940년 무엇;;할많하않
AzureSenel (3 months ago)
So much have changed....
Erik Satie (3 months ago)
1960s and 40s was the best
Erik Satie (3 months ago)
In 1940s i thought that headband was fonna say nuked, smh
연세 (3 months ago)
내가 댓글을 별로 안봐서 그런가 영상 속 40년대 문제점에 대한 댓글은 별로 못 본 것 같당,,, 언급한 사람들 거의 한국인이고 역,,,사,,,,,,,,의,,,,,,,,식,,,,차암,,,,,🤔
Moehamad Hamdi (3 months ago)

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