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How to Find Your Style & Start a Wardrobe

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5 steps to find the style right for you and build a new wardrobe from start to finish! ✦ http://www.instagram.com/themilkclub ✦ http://www.twitter.com/themilkclub ✦ snapchat: themilkclub ✦ SUBSCRIBE » http://bit.ly/1Y7z5Ax and turn on notifications to be sure not to miss a video! Click the bell icon 🔔 ➯ HOW TO SHOP ON A BUDGET: https://youtu.be/2hv2RQLOUvQ ON ME ➯ Sweatshirt • OneTwoFive http://www.onetwofive.co ➯ Necklace • Vida Kush ➯ Nail colour • http://shopstyle.it/l/fIv9 ➯ Lipstick • http://bit.ly/1NkCaub This was a HIGHLY requested video that has been on my list for too long, so I'm super excited to finally have it done for you guys. It's not easy when you're just getting into fashion - OR - you're into fashion but looking to explore a new or updated style. This video is a super in-depth (and a little analytical) guide to the process of figuring out your style and building a wardrobe with pieces to fit that style. Even if you're already secure in your style, this video should provide you with handy advice in finding inspiration and feeling confident in what you wear. MESSAGE ME ON TUMBLR Before you ask, please go to my tumblr FAQ and view the categories for past answers at the top of the FAQ. Scroll through these past answers to find your answer first. I'm unable to answer repeat questions at this time. I only check my tumblr inbox every now and then, so it may take me a few weeks to get back to you. Please be sure to follow the guide laid out in my video for finding your style before coming to me with questions - and if you still have questions, please make sure they are very specific! The more specific, the better my answer will be. Tumblr link is below. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ✦ Instagram » http://www.instagram.com/themilkclub ✦ Twitter » http://www.twitter.com/themilkclub ✦ Tumblr » http://crystalism.tumblr.com ✦ Blog » http://themilkclub.com ✦ Snapchat » themilkclub ✦ Shop ⤵︎ › My brand » http://shop.themilkclub.com › My wardrobe (used/new/vintage) » http://themilkclub.tictail.com ✦ Business Enquiries » [email protected] ✦ Send me mail! ⤵︎ Sofie Bartter PO Box 246 Balmain, NSW 2041 Australia GET A FREE UBER RIDE » sofieb49ue GET $10 OFF UBER EATS » eats-sofieb49ue GET $15 OFF YOUR FIRST PAULA'S CHOICE ORDER! » https://goo.gl/23AvUu - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - FAQ › My name is Sofie (spelled exactly like that!) › I'm from Australia › My channel name is meaningless, don't take it literally, and it does not reference anything ☺ › I sometimes wear grey lenses over my naturally blue eyes as they work great on-camera › My height is around 176~177cm / over 5'9" › Gear: Canon 600D, Canon G7X Mark II › Editing software: Final Cut Pro X - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - MUSIC DJ Grumble › https://soundcloud.com/gbeats - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ♡
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THE MILK CLUB (1 year ago)
Hey guys! This is unrelated, but there's been issues with subscribers not seeing my videos in their subscription box so it would be amazing if you turned ON notifications! Hit the bell icon below the video 🔔 Let me know if you've done it so I can heart your comment! 💖
Gacha studio Role plays (3 months ago)
army_4lifeuu (11 months ago)
I hit the bell🔔
Holographic Unicorn (1 year ago)
THE MILK CLUB i literally needed this video when i was in middle school
Kitty (1 year ago)
THE MILK CLUB thank you so much for this video lol I am now just discovering who I am and what I want to wear I threw away everything I owed and I just want something new and this helped get started
Natalia Vargas (1 year ago)
THE MILK CLUB i always have notifications for ur videos 😁💕
Jazzy’s Beauty (1 day ago)
2019 anyone? Anyways it’s very hard to go into the transition from the little kid style and then then teen style especially when it comes to money problems because you want new underwear,clothes,shoes just everything but thank you for this video I’m sure it will help many others and if you have any tips for me reply back to me💕👏🏽! Anyways byeee👋🏽.
Sami Chait (6 days ago)
Mine is all pastel colours and loose t shirts. No tight clothes. Rlly preppy and young. Bottoms are usually leggings and runners. No white anywhere. No jewelry and cheap grey over sized jumpers. I rly hate my style and i wanna change it but idk what style im after. If anyone finds a video of someone literally just showing like 2 outfits of each style pls send it to me. Ugh i look like a four year old
Valkylva (9 days ago)
I like a lot of different styles. But for me it came down to who inspired me most growing up from a girl to a woman. Recently I realized how loving so many styles puts a hole in my wallet and I don’t have the space for all of those clothes. So I thought really hard.. about if I could pick one practical style that has always inspired me. It’s funny because if I could choose one person to emulate what I love and what’s comfortable for me it would be Lara Croft. It helped me a lot to think back to when I was young and what kind of woman I always wanted to be. Strong, sexy, sporty, edgy, confident, and not too revealing. :) Maybe this will help someone to try and look back at the women who inspired them and who they related to most growing up.
joanna jordan (10 days ago)
I love the egirl aesthetic but...…… I have no money
ifrnks (11 days ago)
I really wanna have the basic “vsco” girl look with a little more thrifty vibe added in.
Érica Melo (12 days ago)
Sometimes i feel homeless, but i also feel like a high fashion person.
I Don't Give A Crap (13 days ago)
i wanna dress exactly like kurt from glee but i would look so dumb
aesthetic jupiter (15 days ago)
Im really into 80s casual mens clothes but i feel like i will be made fun of. Its not completely 80's but sort of. My favorite outfit is high waisted jeans and a vertically striped shirt tucked into the jeans
Juliathebooknerd MT (17 days ago)
I love the way crop tops hang on people and the "vibe" it gives off. I have the body for it to do that on me, but I also want to be modest... And I hate the way tank tops look with them? Do I just wear really highwaisted jeans? I have trouble finding them in my size. I'm still young, and I'm small. I'm 5' and I wear a size 0... Tips for highwaisted (or in general) jeans shopping?
Setosa Tea (18 days ago)
My mother literally said I'm not "cool enough" to try shorts with spikes when I told her I wanted to try it out :(
GamerCraft Kitty (19 days ago)
I LOVE high waist plaid skirts! THERE SOOOO CUUTE!!! Andi have been thinking to eather be Kawaii or Goth! But... IDK WHAT ONE?! I could always mix them together to my own style... Mmm
TrashCans4u (1 month ago)
i just wear jeans/leggings and a baggy shirt/hoodie... i’m trying to get into an actual style but i’m so uncomfortable in anything that isn’t my current clothes because i’ve been wearing this stuff since 3rd grade and it’s hard to go back
ass butt (1 month ago)
I literally dress like a 10 year old I need a change lmao
Carolyn Tripp (1 month ago)
Why does her accent keep changing
Fiore Martinek (1 month ago)
it's australian accent dumbass
Lifestyle레오 (1 month ago)
I where jackets 24/7 because it makes me feel myself and I feel safe so does that mean I have a jacket style? And I wear cute casual (work clothes) and it’s out there but it’s chill and it matches my personality. So I’m confused about my style
Emma Kenyon (1 month ago)
I go out, I'm like "Right today you need to buy something different"... I see Disney or harry potter and then that's it. Hoodies and leggings always... I'm sick of it.
Joaquin Perissutti (1 month ago)
I want to have a gay best friend style someone help meeeee
Delfina Parodi (1 month ago)
Thankk u so much im trying to start my soft/skater style and this reallu help me ❤️❤️
vakoshii (1 month ago)
My problem is that I never find anything that I truly like and is only “a bit” similar for what I wanna go for. In the end I’m never really satisfied and like the clothes of my inspirations more 😞
Ava McCarthy (1 month ago)
god i really don't know anymore. i thought my route was mom jeans, crop tops and bright colors, but no. mom jeans look terrible on me. i'm really lost right now ugh
shrekerino69 (2 months ago)
you have really good penmanship not gonna lie.
Min Yoongi (2 months ago)
My style: sweatpants or mom jeans and a tshirt or hoodie Lol
Cristina Sullivan (2 months ago)
I wear Nike shorts, leggings and T-shirt’s I’m-
Zia Eve (2 months ago)
A tip I remember is that you may like a whole bunch of styles but find out with one that looks good on you.
Butt Cream (2 months ago)
Where can you shop as a kid aka age 11 who is thin??
Mia Treadwell (2 months ago)
I kinda feel like I found my style sorta really oversized clothing like men’s tops and trackies (Billie Eilish vibes). But I’m not really sure like, sometimes I feel different and like ugh. I also feel like it’s hella hard to my inspiration bc not many people really dress like that
Luna_ Tic (2 months ago)
Am I the only one who switches between styles? Like Im torn between edgy/grunge and fancy/glam
multifandom hoe (11 days ago)
Luna_ Tic yeah i switch between them so often
ChewyWolfie (2 months ago)
I like the lolita style but not the overly cutesy ones or too simple ones. I also like the blandish style of beige colors like beige sweaters etc. But I like oddly shaped clothing as well as ruffles. O.o
Witch _Queen (2 months ago)
The problem is that it doesn’t look good on me 😂
ninja turtle (2 months ago)
I would love to change my style but I'm too scared to change all of a sudden so like I wait a year then change my style little by little
spaceboy (2 months ago)
all I’m gonna say is I basically combine my different styles and just morph them ??? I’m hella soft but I’m also really emo and I like lil peep but also like Conan gray so I’ve basically decided I’m an extremely soft skater boy
Gacha studio Role plays (3 months ago)
I really want to change my wardrobe
sizza hepburn (3 months ago)
nice nails and writing
Ibolya Szijgyarto (3 months ago)
I feel like I'm too old to wear certain things(I'm 30). My parents didn't let me wear the styles I actually liked, pastels, anime shirts, lolita and gothic fashions as a teen. When I got older and moved out in my early 20s I was too self conscious about people looking at me(bad social anxiety). Don't waste your youth guys, if you're able to experiment with your looks, go for it, dont be like me.
Who am I (3 months ago)
do u wanna know why I can’t wear the clothes that I wanna wear? It’s cuz I fucking have hip dips and legit all the clothes I wanna wear are tight (cuz hey ya girl’s blessed with a natural hourglass body shape) but becuz of my hip dips all my pants look so bad on me even a simple pair on jeans look bad on me I look fat whenever I wear the clothes I wanna wear and it sucks cuz all my friends have thee most perfect bodies ever 😞
Mary Cate O'Malley (3 months ago)
Who could not like this? Dunderheads.
Mary Cate O'Malley (3 months ago)
You could play Jessica Chastain's daughter.
Angel Hearts (3 months ago)
Loved that video ❤
Fernanda Garcia (3 months ago)
i could rock the style i want if i wasn’t broke 😭 ig- @fernanda.garcia.lopez
Graciela Audrey (3 months ago)
I don't think my style is appropriate for my area. Everyone around me wears basics. On the other hand, I love layering and boots. NO ONE IN MY AREA WEARS THOSE AROUND. Pls help :'(
Joyce Dillon (3 months ago)
I really love this video💞
2000s baby (3 months ago)
I’m literally in 8th grade and the only clothes I wear is long sweaters, polos for school, black jeans, and black tights 😩😩
Arlene Rodriguez (4 months ago)
My mom won’t let me dress my style, it’s just a soft grudge that involves lots of aliens an space
Amelia James (4 months ago)
Okay but a middle part would look so cute on u
Carmyna (4 months ago)
Very helpful, thank you dear!
Universe Milkshake (4 months ago)
The only thing holding me back is function, I want to be able to move around and feel comfortable I won’t be ruining my outfit in the process somehow. Any ideas?
Universe Milkshake (4 months ago)
That beginning really just made me realize a lot of things. Thank you!
Gucci Eyebags (4 months ago)
I would have a style if my mom didn’t insist on choosing my wardrobe for me 😂
Bentje Meyer (4 months ago)
I never know where to shop for my style. I’m in my teens so stores where I used to where clothes from don’t really work. I’m a huge bookworm and nerd and that’s why I think I like the preppy/girly style just because I associate the style with writers. Does anyone have any store suggestions?
Emma Guthall (4 months ago)
her eyebrows match her hair so perfectly
Advice: Don't stop wearing what you love because your fussy boyfriend doesn't want you to wear it. He doesn't own you.
هنا Queen (3 months ago)
L•U•N•A •E•R•I•N period!
Starlord221B (4 months ago)
So I have a dilemma...... and I need help...... My style is very whimsical bookworm pastels and earth tones big sweaters with floral skirts and messenger bags and bowler hats and wide brim fedoras. (to understand what I mean, here's my Pinterest board: https://www.pinterest.com/hippee2001/my-style/ ) I know I want to get a super whimsical looking pixie cut, but the clothes. I am a more modest bookworm who has little to no money.... so I have a tight budget when it comes to clothes. I have no idea where the heck to find clothes that fit my whimsical bookwork aesthetic! All the clothes I have found either aren't modest enough for me, or are too expensive, or don't really line up with my style. Can someone help me find reasonably priced (skirts under 35 bucks and dresses that don't cost more than $40 would be super nice) bookworm clothing PLEASE? I'm stuck wearing neon striped polka dotted clothes fit for a 10 yr old, but I'm a 17 yr old whimsical bookworm.
Pauliina Kutson (4 months ago)
hey! i kind of have a problem. like o kind of like some styles/clothes that are different from my personality :( what to do?
Majestic_Mermaid919 (4 months ago)
My fashion sense is kind of like those nerdy girls in a movie but like a nerdy chic. For example, in the movie After, you can see in the trailer the main character’s style. It’s kind of like a ponytail, a lettuce stitched shirt, jeggings and glasses. I really don’t know what’s it’s called so it’s hard to shop for it
donut crumbs (4 months ago)
I just wear whatever my mom gets
The weird Blogger. (4 months ago)
Sometimes I feel classy and sometimes I feel sporty it’s a very different kind of style ik ‘-‘
APL- chan (4 months ago)
First step: “You can wear anything you want!” There’s just one problem. My mother.
Procrastinator 0 (4 months ago)
Lmao, my only and worse problem :)
A N N A S I E M (5 months ago)
I wear what my mum buys me
Tori Ko (5 months ago)
Good video
Jaylen Lopez (5 months ago)
Yeah im kinda getting tired of my everyday black leggings - sweatshirt style
Gizem Gonenc (5 months ago)
The problem is I dont have a specific style. Sometimes I wear sporty clothes like jeans and hoodies, sometimes I wear all black with black lipstick and everything, sometimes I wear head to toe pastel pink, sometimes I wear more chic/sleek and sometimes I wear really extra like knee lenght pencil skirts, fur coats (faux fur of course) and leather gloves. And I really enjoy all of these styles😅😅
Skellexis (5 months ago)
I like basing style ideas off of different senses which helps me be more creative. For instance, a look that reminds me of the taste or aesthetic of peppermint or citrus, or perhaps the smell of lavender or rainy days. I hope this doesn't sound *too* weird haha
Stranger Things (5 months ago)
I try to change my style but I always end up looking like a skater boi
Tegan louise (5 months ago)
My style is like old skool vans and a long sleeve top with a vintagey retro tshirt over the top and mom jeans and a belt literally all I wear 😂😂❤️
هنا Queen (3 months ago)
Tegan louise that sounds cute
o c e a n e y e s (5 months ago)
i like the cool thrifty sk8er & grunge look but also pastel and cute dresses etc.
It’s just me (2 months ago)
o c e a n e y e s . Same assssffff
Yeet Yoink (5 months ago)
Idk if she mentioned this yet but you can sketch out some things you’ve seen and love and bring that with you while you go shopping
Mariana San Mendoza (5 months ago)
My is korean fashion, kawaii pastel aesthetic, and emo, and baddie aesthetic
Diy how to make (6 months ago)
my problem is that the clothes i want to wear, such as t-shirt, skinny jeans ect. My parents do not let me wear such things because my parents are very religious and they dont want me to wear anything that is above my knees. I am 15 years old. I wish i coud wear what i want to wear.
tanisha helles (5 months ago)
Diy Queen you can try adding accessories, jewelry and etc to ur outfit till your parents let u wear what u want or till you are older like colorful glasses, bracelets, hair accessories.
gamer gamer (6 months ago)
My style is Korean and. Aesthetic fashion
Just Using (6 months ago)
Me: hmmm Why do I like chokers? Mind: because you want some to choke you Me:nope that’s not it because that would result in death... Mind: ...but you wanna die Me: you right
Katherine Mordi (6 months ago)
at the beginning every single word she said was 100% true about me
Asees Kaur (6 months ago)
this is such an amazing video! THANK YOU
Egle Kiskunaite (6 months ago)
So helpful video. Highly recommended
Hailey Weston (6 months ago)
You look like Lana Del Rey.
evey suttt (6 months ago)
I like skater stuff but I can’t afford any of it 😂
Blulu Tillges (6 months ago)
I'm in middle school and I'm really self conscious about what I look like so I've never really expressed my style and I've always just worn clothes to "fit in" so this video was a really nice wake up call, it's still gonna be hard tho, since I'm broke😂 edit: I also have this one really judgy teacher (he would literally insult me in front of the whole class)
Kerch0w (6 months ago)
side note: the set of clothing in the thumbnail is l i t t e r a l y my whole style like that was so perfectvsyejfbfjf
Angela Flores (6 months ago)
i have a style i really love but havent tried it out yet because of how unconfident i am in my body (chubby rip) and it just really sucks
weekly balcony (6 months ago)
I just want a style that nobody has, that people look at me and think "where can you even buy clothes like that" but my mother wants me to look "normal"
hygzxa YT (6 months ago)
I like feeling comfy will my outfits but, i live in hawaii ;-; its to hot for sweater or fuzzy pants or jackets,
grungebob (6 months ago)
I’m too poor 👌
Victoria YS (6 months ago)
I think that I am too young to wear the stuff I like.
Peach (6 months ago)
I'm low-key obsessed with every style I need help🤦🏻‍♀️
Taylor Swanson (6 months ago)
I literally can’t afford to do my style..so while this is good advice it doesn’t help that being broke all the time and barely being able to pay the bills holds me back
Sister Tea (6 months ago)
I have like two different types like a skateboarding style and a vintage one
TypicalGachaGirl (6 months ago)
My wardrobe is such a mess. Right now it has a leather jacket a fluffy purple jumper and a totoro hoodie and ofc a long grey dress. 😳
sorryionlyspeakbroke (6 months ago)
i don't really have one certain style. i feel like i have several styles and i kinda either mix it all up or just dress depending on what i feel like lol
just emm (6 months ago)
I love high waisted jeans but my mom thinks that I shouldn't wear it because of my height (I'm small, 155cm). I love aesthetic art style but i can't wear it because my mom says that doesn't look good on me. I'm so sad and angry.
just emm (6 months ago)
@alex c. thank you I wish you same too
alex c. (6 months ago)
just emm same thing happens to me!! and all i can say is that you know yourself better than anyone else, and don’t let your mom get in your way. you deserve to feel comfortable and loved in what you wear :))
Puked Eyes (6 months ago)
My problem is that I wanna donate and sell everything I don’t use anymore, but my mom doesn’t allow me to
Evelyn Mattel (6 months ago)
how could i style my addidas leggings
•5: A M• (6 months ago)
Finally someone gets me
anna ou (6 months ago)
i love jeans but my thighs are too fat
Lava (5 months ago)
Then buy jeans that fit.
panmisio tulisio (6 months ago)
Your eyes look like Lana del rey's
AirPod User (6 months ago)
my new therapist 1:09
Marta Gómez (6 months ago)
Great video. Subscribed
Allie :) (7 months ago)
my biggest problem area with figuring out my fashion is PUTTING OUTFITS TOGETHER! I don't really know how to explain it, it's almost like my OCD takes over. for example I love the look of Hi Top Vans, but when I wear them i feel like it looks bad with my jeans or something like i have to cuff them. Or like, I would love to rock some calf high socks or whatever theyre called, but whenever i try them on i feel like they look dumb with my sneakers. it's so hard for me to go into a store and find outfits. like i dont know how to shop lmfao, ill either come out with a bunch of shirts and no pants or accessories, or the other way around. I don't know if i should shop for full outfits or just buy what i see and like at the time. i get so frustrated over these things!!!! And I also have an issue because i know my style is thrifty and streetwear type stuff, but its just so hard for me to walk into the mall and find outfits and im so bad at putting things together. i feel like i have writers block for my fashion lmao.
Emmie Alice (7 months ago)
So I'm mainly a baddie type of girl but I also love the grungy aesthetic thanks for the help!!!! 💘💘💘💘
Joonmakesmeuwu (7 months ago)
I like the 90's style, oversized hoodies, mom jeans, hair clips like butterfly clips. However I also like a the grunge or gothic style bUT I also like feminine soft style that includes a lot of pink or pastel colors and shows a lot of skin. My style is so confusing I dont know how I want to dress dnksf
Puppylover Potatoness (7 months ago)
Honestly my look is causal with a cute flare or sometimes in the summer it’s showy?

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