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How to replace sea-doo wear ring in 5 minutes.

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This video tutorial will show you how to remove and replace a wear ring in a sea-doo jet ski pump in about 5 minutes time.
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Mad Max (27 days ago)
I don't have a chisel, would a jackhammer be ok?
JetskiDetailing (27 days ago)
Whatever floats your boat.
Tyler Duke (7 months ago)
5 minutes my ass
JetskiDetailing (7 months ago)
I made the vid to be helpful. Your post is useless, so what's the point in even posting? (redundant)
SteelRazorback (8 months ago)
wow the outer housing is plastic, I know what I'm not buying.
EvoPortal (9 months ago)
This is a terrible video. Don't do what this video shows people. Thumbs down.
JetskiDetailing (9 months ago)
All good ;) I did make the video in 2011. Many have come forward over time with innovations, and they are always welcomed.
EvoPortal (9 months ago)
Sorry, just stick it in the freezer and there is no need to hammer away at and risk damage.
JetskiDetailing (9 months ago)
You're IQ rating for today is 72, and that's being generous.
Mypen Isblue (9 months ago)
Pump stator looks really rough from the sand cast. You would probably get a lot better performance if you polish it before reinstalling it. If you do decide to polish it, be sure to have it anodized or passivated depending on the material it's made out of.
Louis-alex (1 year ago)
Hey i have a question you mayby thinks its dumb but why would you replace the wear ring?
Louis-alex (1 year ago)
JetskiDetailing thanks a lot m8
JetskiDetailing (1 year ago)
When there is space between the impeller and the pump, you lose torque. The wear ring in this case is a plastic, and when rocks, sand etc. pass through it, it can get worn, thus losing that finer gap. The closer the impeller spins in its casing, the better the performance and speed. Gaps let water pass-by and causes sluggish performance. Hope this was helpful :)
Steve Carr (1 year ago)
Pencil die grinder two and a half minutes two screwdrivers flat head out wearing in boom less than 5 minutes
alienlivesmatter2 (1 year ago)
I have changed hundreds of wear rings on Sea-Doos I never remove the impeller I get an old screwdriver bend it on the end where you can get a bite on the wear ring on the back of it and beat the wear ring out. The plastic body pumps are the easiest to do the older metal body ones you have to use a quarter-inch drill bit and drill down through the wear ring and then break it in two. I can pull the pump beat the wear ring out beat a new one in and put it back together in 15 minutes.
lennyshere (1 year ago)
Use a dremmil for the plastic housing, freezer for aluminum.
Brett Forbes (2 years ago)
Same goes putting new one in, put in freezer to shrink it drop in nicely
Brett Forbes (2 years ago)
...... or put in the freeze for 60min titerally pulls out easy with your hands no tools required
Corey Lewis (2 years ago)
heard this adds 15mph to your boat mine being a '98 sportster... is that anywhere near accurate
Rodney Hardee (2 years ago)
hardly 5 minutes
Sean Miles Racing (2 years ago)
That is so dumb. What if you wanted to reuse the wear ring?
Jetski Detailing (2 years ago)
Sean, they are only good for as long as they remain properly gaped/spaced to the impeller. Any reason for changing them out is certainly the same reason you wouldn't want to reuse it.
NomaK (2 years ago)
hi, you know how to repair a display to sea doo GTi 130 of year 2010?????
Jetski Detailing (2 years ago)
+NomaK Get everything cleaned up, remove oxidants and you may want to consider using electrical grease to protect the connections. That will inhibit future problems :)
NomaK (2 years ago)
+Jetski Detailing fuses and connector yes, but I'll open it and check if there is water or have some disconnected wire inside, thank you notice anything, greetings.
Jetski Detailing (2 years ago)
+NomaK Was it dry inside when you stored it? Salt water or fresh water riding? Have you checked *all* the fuses? Wiring/connectors? If it worked before, it should still work now. Should be something simple.
NomaK (2 years ago)
+Jetski Detailing thanks for answering, stop using my bike for 3 months for the cold season, the battery died and I put a new one, the bike starts perfectly and the alarm key works well, but the alert overheating, speedometer, fuel level They do not work for nothing, and you change the fuses and will not start, you know ????
Jetski Detailing (2 years ago)
+NomaK Which display has stopped functioning?
Lee Schwarzenberg (3 years ago)
I had my 2013 RXPx replaced by the shop and asked to see/keep the ring and all they did was get a heat gun and melt one section slightly and shrunk it and they pulled it out in one intact piece which i've kept !
Jose Jasso (3 years ago)
got a 2015 seadoo 155 the shaft that connects to the propeller there's a rubber boot part of the boot is missing do I need to replace it
Jetski Detailing (3 years ago)
+Jose Jasso Absolutely.
CUL8RALIG8OR (3 years ago)
+++++USING THIS TECHNIQUE, YOU CAN REPLACE WEAR RING WITHOUT REMOVING THE IMPELLER++++ If you use a skinny chisel (I used a 3/8 wide one, and it just fits), you can cut between the impeller and housing. Just keep rotating the impeller to make sure you aren't ever hammering on it. Took me five minutes. HAVENT TRIED THE FREEZER METHOD YET. that sounds easiest....
CUL8RALIG8OR (3 years ago)
Also note that this is if you are sure the oil and bearings are functioning. Pulling the cone is good idea if you need to change oil and inspect bearings anyway
Mike Poidomani (3 years ago)
ill make a video for you on how to change the wear ring with out removing the impeller    if you would like to learn how
Salty man Reviews (4 years ago)
does Yamaha have this?
Nick Grigorakos (4 years ago)
doncarlo5 (4 years ago)
everybody puts it in the fridge! It comes out like it was never stuck !
doncarlo5 (4 years ago)
+stdavross666 Mine is aluminum! The one in the video is plastic! The trick with the fridge only works with the aluminum pump!
stdavross666 (4 years ago)
you do know the pump is plastic also on these?
Jammy Hires (4 years ago)
I use a jigsaw. I cut 3 cuts in it about 3 inches apart being careful not to cut into the pump take a screwdriver and hammer right by the first cut and it comes right out.
mrcarl92807 (4 years ago)
Freezing the pump didn't work on mine. I have an 03 sportster 4 tec. I think I didn't work because I have the plastic pump. It probably shrinks with the ring.
ShugTexas (4 years ago)
what exactly does the wear ring do I've heard a lot about it but don't know the function. 
Gods Phone (3 years ago)
+ShugTexas it makes pizzas
Kelvin Lyons (5 years ago)
Try putting pump in freezer for 30 min and sliding wear ring out with you hand. No need to cut..
ShawnDavis954 (5 years ago)
For the tools you are using you did a great job. Use a Drimel with a long zip bit and you dont even have to take out impeller. Cut a channel in the ring and drive it out frrom the back. I use two cement bricks to rest the pump. I put the ring in the frig a hour or two before, also I like a little grey gaskit maker on the bottom of the ring. I do used a 2x4 just like you for the install of the ring. Great vid anyway.
dgc940 (5 years ago)
I do on average 8-10 a month and I do it without removing impeller and shaft n the old 290 rings
Romeo's Relics (5 years ago)
Um... You are pretty awesome. I see these videos on Youtube to replace the wear ring, and it's a 3 part 10 minute video. Thanks for the quick and easy change. You're awesome!!!
JetskiDetailing (5 years ago)
If it has sat for a long time, specially in salt water, they can be tough to loosen. Not sure of your motor, though I suspect it also spins counter clockwise. You need the spline tool and a vice to do the job. And the next time you install an impeller, be sure to put some anti-seize on the threads. I do on all of mine and they come off clean and easy when I need them to.
RalphDroid (5 years ago)
Can you please tell me which way to turn the shaft to losen and the out the impeller? Have tried clock and counterclockwise and still can not get it lose. Its a gsx 947 1999. I'm using the tool recommend for it. Any help will be appreciated.
JetskiDetailing (5 years ago)
Loss of thrust. The impeller should fit snug. The greater the gap the less the performance. Want to get out of the hole faster? Check the wear ring and impeller.
JetskiDetailing (5 years ago)
It's normal, however you shouldn't allow your pump into areas that are shallow or have tall sea weed. Keep in mind that there is a lot of suction with a pump. My ski took a shopping bag on the drive shaft last year and I had to idle back to shore to tip and remove it. (took a while) but just that alone set off bad vibrations where I couldn't attain any HP.
Robert D (5 years ago)
I have a 96 speedster and keep on having problems with seaweed getting wrapped around the shafts, I had to take the grates out so I could reach my hand up there, is this normal??
dontasmebro (5 years ago)
At times I dont feel like much of a professional kneeling on a board on the ground pounding on something. After seeing this, i feel like like I could be a skilled surgeon. You make it look so easy, No if you can get the splinters out of your kneecaps.
JetskiDetailing (5 years ago)
Do you mean the start button? Other problems than the switch could be 1) battery 2) solenoid 3) starter From there on wiring, but most likely one of the above first. Are you sure it's the switch and not one of the others I posted?
felipe serrano (5 years ago)
hello there i have a seadoo my problem is the seadoo star but don,t go any where not move in i need help whit that please can you help me im in vegas nv
JetskiDetailing (5 years ago)
Some times, but not always, specially when there is buildup in behind the ring. (seen it a few times) Thanks for posting :)
Wrench86north (5 years ago)
looks like a lot of work man should of knocked it out from the other side much better way
JetskiDetailing (6 years ago)
Worked for me. ;)
KevinLab010 (6 years ago)
bad idea...better ideas out there.
JetskiDetailing (6 years ago)
Thanks for the input. Not everyone has access or the bucks to spend on a tool like that, but many can afford a chisel. Thanks for the post :)
Andy Tobias (6 years ago)
Yeah, and pounding away at the stupid wear ring. I ultimately ended up using a sawsALL to just cut through it, the technique is the same but less impact on my wrists. (I think its what is recommended in the service manual too)
JetskiDetailing (6 years ago)
I know! Lol I found an easy way however. Put the ski on the trailer backwards. Use a 2x4 or whatever from the winch tower to the back of the hull on the bumper rail. Connect the crank tie down to the pump, then crank away! Pulls it right off without having to fight with the silicone. For newbies, make sure everything is disconnected FIRST before pulling the pump this way. Also, never hurts to put a little wax on the pump before tightening it down into the silicone bead so it separates easier ;)
Marcus Keeler (6 years ago)
LOL 5 mins to swap the wear ring, 3 hrs to get the unit out the boat.
maggioracing (6 years ago)
Thanks for posting this video. I used your method....and it worked!!! Took me about 20 minutes with a small chisel. No freezing of the pump prior to removal. And best of all, barely any nicks in the pump lining that a saw-all can definitely cause. Thanks again!
JetskiDetailing (6 years ago)
I was going to use a chain saw. You get the idea.
alan collins (6 years ago)
what about the big gouge you just put into the side wall with the chisel. went too far with your chisel.
speckle1234 (6 years ago)
Use a large tub of freezing cold water. with lots of ice. same concept soak for about 30mins with new and old ring. pull with some channel locks slides right out.
JetskiDetailing (6 years ago)
It's all good, no worries :)
JetskiDetailing (6 years ago)
It's to close the gap between the edge of the impeller and the pump housing in order to get the greatest pressure out of it when it swirls. If it didn't have the replaceable ring, it would be more costly replacing the whole pump when things go wrong.
wytboi420 (6 years ago)
see my other replies
wytboi420 (6 years ago)
see my other reply
wytboi420 (6 years ago)
...into the gap between the ring and housing. Hammer, working around the ring, until the ring pops out of the impeller side. The freezer trick works great, but I am too impatient for that. If you have the time, just pop it in the freezer. I will be changing mine in a couple weeks. Maybe I will make a video.
wytboi420 (6 years ago)
You can use a screwdriver like the video shows. I would bend the tip of the screwdriver over to about 90 degrees. You can do it without bending the screwdriver, but it's harder and can gouge the housing. Support the housing on something like wood blocks or a large vise. Go in from the nozzle side and slip the tip of that screwdriver down...
casims2000 (6 years ago)
What kind of tool did you make?
wytboi420 (6 years ago)
That way sucks! I don't even remove the impeller what I change them. It takes me 1 minute or less with no chiseling and no freezer. I made a tool that makes it a snap wit NO IMPELLER REMOVAL! I do seat the new one the same way, though.
Nick Jay (2 years ago)
wytboi420 what tool and please share it i need help! I don't want to remove the prop
JetskiDetailing (7 years ago)
@LeBeauparlant Had no freezer to put it in.

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