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Michael Jackson Meets INDIAN Bollywood | Steve Harvey | Shraey Khanna | Showtime at Apollo

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Thank you so Much "Showtime at Apollo" for inviting us ! Never in our dreams we imagined to perform on this "Legendary stage" where our biggest inspiration and Idol "Michael Jackson" has performed. This has been the best experience till now and bringing Bollywood dance and MJ Style together on this International Platform is a Blessing . God has been really kind :) Thank you so much everyone for supporting , those likes shares and comments really mean a lot :). And we really miss the whole "Showtime at Apollo" team . Love you all #MichaelJackson #MJ #Shraeykhanna #Dance Shraey khanna is the Winner of INDIA's Dancing Superstars (STAR PLUS). Choreography /Concept - Shraey Khanna. Original Song Credits - Sundari by Rockstar DSP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDtJ8jYFTEs Performers - Shraey khanna , Mohit Solanki , Aarif Rehman , Ashish Kumar , Ajay Kumar . For bookings - Performance / Judging / Workshop / Choreography Whatsapp / Call +91 9717901483 Call +91 9560632384 Mail - [email protected] FB- https://m.facebook.com/Shraeyofficial Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/shraey.khanna Twitter- https://twitter.com/shraeyofficial Youtube-https://www.youtube.com/user/shraey01 Website- www.shraeykhanna.com Mohit Solanki - https://www.instagram.com/mohitsolanki11/ Aarif Rehman - https://www.instagram.com/meaarif9/ Aashish - https://www.instagram.com/rockashish533/ Ajay - https://www.instagram.com/ajaykumar_5/
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Text Comments (3214)
Akshay Batra Actor (9 months ago)
He is the same guy who formed MjFive Troupe and later after a split he formed his new Team . Started from scratch and now performing here in US ! Commendable . But sad we people just love to bash everyone whose doing good !
billi hugh (24 days ago)
RandomGuy 46 stfu have some conscience
Salika Salika (28 days ago)
Akshay Batra Actor 👍👍👍👌💖
olaoluwa fm (1 month ago)
Akshay Batra Actor wow
Mani Gill (1 month ago)
Rohit And
karishma nagiri (6 hours ago)
Ya all made india proud
karishma nagiri (6 hours ago)
And a huge thanks for dancing to our telugu song in new York It is your special day and u chose our chiru's song
karishma nagiri (6 hours ago)
Too good
Peace78175 (9 hours ago)
Awesome job
Ankit Singh (21 hours ago)
yeah baby this is called making INDIA proud
Tanganpally Murali (22 hours ago)
Super bro😍
charith krishna (1 day ago)
You said Bollywood n doing telugu songs , nice . Cant you say tollywood ?
Prem Kumar Reddy (1 day ago)
The background music is changed, i feel. I don't think they've danced to this song. I'm pretty sure. Why? Ruined the whole experience.
Channel Zenith (2 days ago)
Excellent Group of Dancers
j. p.s (2 days ago)
Proud to be an indian
sai kiran Panchakarla (2 days ago)
Megastar Chiranjeevi.tq
DDX CREW (4 days ago)
DANCE CHOREOGRAPHY DO WATCH AND SUBSCRIBE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jEHusc8-sbc
Chad Hoskins (4 days ago)
I always heard them Indiana boys are fly! And this proves it
mridul kanti (5 days ago)
Where is the music?
Veer Arya Veer Arya (6 days ago)
Supar dance shrey group
Marc G (6 days ago)
Heyyyyy They nailed it
anantanag sambrekar (7 days ago)
deepak ka dance (7 days ago)
Make india proud all our the world
Ram Chekuri (10 days ago)
karma (10 days ago)
#RaajforYou (12 days ago)
Hollywood always respects talent from any corner of the world 🤘🏻 I appreciate they all were on their feet to respect the talent ♥️ Love for Hollywood for India 🇮🇳
bhim chetri (12 days ago)
any one notice bout the behaviour of steve
Tara green (14 days ago)
Very talented boys
MANDEEP SINGH (14 days ago)
India Rocks YO!!
sarath prakash (15 days ago)
Great guys...u bought richness to that song... Keep it up...
Kajal Tiwari (15 days ago)
Really awesome..proud of you all guys
Sumanth Vasudev (16 days ago)
Pls tell me the song name ?
India rocking 🇮🇳🇮🇳💕
Calisthenicsnoob (17 days ago)
Its 2018, why do people still think jokes about names or the fact they cant understand english, are people really this shallow.
Love it (from Philippines)
Jearlen Mae Cruza (17 days ago)
May hinahanap ako comment eh 😆
Abhishek Yadav (17 days ago)
5.6k dislike from pakistan
Sara RG (17 days ago)
💝proud moment ....The standing avasion u got for 🇮🇳😍 👍👍 keep going team
butterfly 123 (17 days ago)
Blossoms 1673 (18 days ago)
They came way too far for this. They better be good! Bitch they were awesome. My middle finger salutes you. ❤️ India.
Karanam Pradeep (18 days ago)
Jai Chiranjeeva...the world we knew only Chiru love you sir.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDtJ8jYFTEs
Karanam Pradeep (18 days ago)
Thank you guyz... Jai Chiranjeeva
Zaid Aamir (18 days ago)
My India... Awesome...!✌️✌️✌️✌️
Sairam Kambala (18 days ago)
Wow this is Telugu song I love this
madhu c (19 days ago)
Thanks Bhai all of you
liquid smoke crew (19 days ago)
fine hihii
Pavithra Podila (19 days ago)
Superb performance
sham. m (19 days ago)
Where's the sound maaaaannn
Pooja Harsha (19 days ago)
From india🇮🇳💪🙋
sona.. (20 days ago)
Guys don't make issue...they are making it world level... So let them do in which song they are comfort... It giving us recognition... Ps:am a telgite..
सुंदर पुरुष
Tanusta Jainarain (20 days ago)
Absolutely amazing
triyambak jaiswal (20 days ago)
Best dance 😊 India is best in every field
VINAYAKAN SAJEEV (21 days ago)
Superb to you from Kerala
Nirupama Johri (21 days ago)
East, west, north, south, center.....isn’t OUR INDIA meant to be that way ? That’s called unity in diversity! To all those folks arguing over tolly, bolly & so on-take a look at your words from a foreigner’s viewpoint. You’ll be ashamed at such immaturity! Guaranteed.
Sankar Roy (21 days ago)
Supper I am in India
cherry cherry (21 days ago)
Hahahah how old are know men he say fine hahah
dusk dawn (21 days ago)
Sweet...we are kind of famous in India :)
Erick Omondi (21 days ago)
NYC is clean? Compared to India that is.
zin Ir (22 days ago)
Wowww... awesome. I am so proud of you guys...
abnish anand (22 days ago)
How old r u man :fine
Sumit Qumar (22 days ago)
Gajab bhai
What happened to the sound 3:12 when they started to perform 🤔🤔 ????
suresh babu (22 days ago)
Feeling proud about you guys.....thank you very much for chosen megastar chiranjeevi song....thanks from megastar fans
Suarez🇮🇹Sandra (23 days ago)
I can't listen the music 😱😩 there's no audio
Amazing 👍
Simon Bokivar (23 days ago)
Freaking Monkey is masking funny of the guy who does not speak English
My Opinion (23 days ago)
They are very very good
Rishikesh Bharat (23 days ago)
*Love you all*
Rahul Singh (23 days ago)
Not Sure why Audience are worried about pseude without having Dance costume knowledge. And a African Immigrant saying They came way too long for this as if New York is in Somalia damn and she's saying they better be good where as she herself got her ass sticked to the chair and watching the free show like a 🐈
Taqui Rahman (24 days ago)
Duniya bhar me ghoom ke Izzath kachre me milana koi yeh group see seekhe 🙄🙄🙄
Yash Raj (24 days ago)
We are you live in new Delhi your address in am coming for learn dance
new age media (25 days ago)
Famous in India? Kaun hai ye log?
Yamini Thamtam (25 days ago)
Thankyou for dancing on Telugu song..
Islam Mansuri (25 days ago)
Islam Mansuri (25 days ago)
Debojit singha (26 days ago)
lokesh cunni (26 days ago)
telugu song ....wow I can't believe
Golden Raj (26 days ago)
luisito carumba (26 days ago)
who cares if its bollywood song or not its their act that gave a huge impact, i was a dancer for 10 years and if a dancer says ur good it means ur damn GOOD, unique style very clean routine awesome.
abhishek yepuri (27 days ago)
DSP you deserve it man raised the level of Tollywood to an international level jai chiranjeeva
Rajen Chettri (27 days ago)
What happened to the music while performing
Beau-Tube (28 days ago)
How are you ?? Fine🤣
jorge parra (28 days ago)
2:23 Indian Bruno Mars lol
Ashika Pednekar (28 days ago)
Love from Goa
Im Fa (28 days ago)
Good one
Swati Savale (28 days ago)
SAN BIEBER (28 days ago)
Cool INDIES r cool😆😆😆😆
JazzyTUBE (28 days ago)
Im from india , who r they ?
Ram Lal (29 days ago)
I always thought South Indians are part of India, Clearly not from the comments they are making, Bollywood and Tollywood are both from the same country, my understanding was country (India)is like a human body, all body parts have different roles to play, (states) yet they are all as important to the body, if one part of the body for example (south Indians) feel they are not part of that body and start behaving differently then they should be checked by Doctors, (Government) Problem in India is South Indians were left loose for too long, How is it that they don't even speak the national language (Hindi), Hindi should be implemented in every state specially south, then English, It is this language barrier that have divided them from the rest of the country, My understanding is that language will unite them. This is my opinion.....
abilash v (16 days ago)
Hindi is not national language and it's not our language. We will learn Hindi if we want to learn, not if you impose on us. First try to build at least one metropolitan city in Hindi land and create jobs then start imposing your language in south. Not even one big city in entire UP,Bihar,MP,CH, Rajasthan and not much employment opportunities. But there are three big cities in south Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and it's you people who come here for jobs , so it's better you learn some south Indian languages. Also try to control your population by using family planning instead of breeding non stop and elect better leaders. We have our own heritage. We have been speaking our languages and we had our kingdoms with our languages as official language for hundreds of years. We are doing good with out the use of your Hindi. We don't impose our language on yours and you don't impose yours on us
Dhiya Venkat (21 days ago)
B Ching Hindi is not our national language.
killbill pandey (29 days ago)
@4:22 😚😚👌👌
TAEKOOK (29 days ago)
honestly, I've seen better
Senggreth Marak (29 days ago)
Very bad sound system
just money (29 days ago)
I want a India girl
Amit Gairola (29 days ago)
Aakash Bhagwaney (30 days ago)
Maja agaya bhaiyo.....great👑👑
Jael Pichardo (30 days ago)
How time had changed!! Wooowww!!
MRJ (30 days ago)
They are very good..
mukesh negi (1 month ago)
East to west India is the best
Forti FaCts (1 day ago)
No south is best
Anon Anon (23 days ago)
Eastern India and Western India*
Shafi Rathod (1 month ago)
Bollywood song....telugu
Gurpreet Dhaliwal (1 month ago)
U r proud of lndia🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 love a lot

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