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6 Ways You're Wearing Your Jeans WRONG | STOP Wearing Your Jeans Like This!

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Text Comments (2209)
FULLMETALVAMP87 (4 hours ago)
I don't get why people would wanna look like leave it to beaver from the 50's bahahahaha all complaining about the racists but wanna dress like them and don't realize cause they're fucktards with no knowledge. Real Talk
NORTHKEKPRES (7 hours ago)
*I already have a party in my pants*
malia lula (1 day ago)
peep the promo: 2:58, i think this video was to promote that product 💀
Thomas Sinclair (1 day ago)
Women love tight heavy starched jeans, I can make them bad boys stand up by themselves guess that's just a southern slash West Texas thing
christian herrera (2 days ago)
The tittle says “ six ways your wearing jeans wrong “ and he gave five and said five after towards the end
Gladdenson Omaña (3 days ago)
No one is wearing his jeans wrong... everyone has his own style of fashion.. so don’t think they’re doing it wrong just because they did it different from yours.
TimeForNick (4 days ago)
Thats like the best sponsor introduction
Wizard Baser (4 days ago)
General_Yaj (6 days ago)
Sorry I Only wear Ralph Lauren And tommy boxers
I rock the medium baggy 90s style pants they are more free and airy
Shahaun Jeyasooriyan (7 days ago)
Who’s this bafoon looking bozo trynna give fashion advice👎🏾
Noah Ritter (8 days ago)
3:07 to see him rub his underwear on his face
Egg Rollz (10 days ago)
Where my thicc bois at??
Param Jani (10 days ago)
U need to have brains and intelligence to go forward in this world and not ur shitty style
Druid 369 (11 days ago)
Still sportn the jncos. Fuck that skinny jean crap. Never
DragonRebelRose (12 days ago)
I'm a girl, why am I here watching men's fashion??
Bj Alba (12 days ago)
fucken ugly undies! WTF
Admiral Ackbar (12 days ago)
Ad ends at 4:17
TOMMY.N (15 days ago)
1:17 thats the best way to wear pants imo.
Omar Barrios (16 days ago)
But it almost looks like you yourself is wearing spray on jeans👀🤷‍♂️ I dont get it
Aldo Peña (17 days ago)
What jacket is that
Gaurav Pal (17 days ago)
Ur content is brilliant
Tony Stark (18 days ago)
5:12 damn Zuniga
Naoki Mizusawa (18 days ago)
Too noisy
MastercapeRS (18 days ago)
This channel should be called teachingBOYSfashion.....
Al Lopez (19 days ago)
basically a alpha m rip off lmao
Paul Orlando (20 days ago)
All they sell in stores is denim shorts that r ripped whats this guy talkin about
Paul Orlando (20 days ago)
The pants droopin down thing should b illegal already totally played out since late 90 s
Paul Orlando (20 days ago)
Always hated baggy jeans also skinny jeans
Matthew McCleary (20 days ago)
If you wear boots you actually want boot cut retard
Magic Mike (22 days ago)
Beta male outfits. Who the fuck wants to see a man's ankles ?
Emeric George (22 days ago)
Kind sir, where are your jeans from??
Richard Gomez (23 days ago)
Nigga really
Jayden's World (23 days ago)
Meundies nuts
Hugh Mungus (23 days ago)
Half of the video is an advertisement for gay ass briefs.
Justyn Spencer (23 days ago)
Im a heavier man so Skinner jeans wont work for me
Esi Kawah (23 days ago)
Regular Straight cut are the best.
Kelly Tieu (23 days ago)
When I see guys sag... it really does look like they poop their pants
Gary Alan (23 days ago)
I'm gonna fail no nut november
ViiPeR (24 days ago)
Man the "wrong" one looks way betta than da "right" one nigga dose skinny ass jeans look gay af plus u aint even wearin socks? ×2 gayier
Gio price (25 days ago)
I wear my jeans different because how it look on me and I'm black so some of y'all no what I'm saying
Yung Sneaker head (25 days ago)
Naw I gotta sag, jeans don’t fit right around my 🍆. Shit be irritating
urban structure (26 days ago)
well after all that advice you dont look elegant? nerd
Nisteriuc Daniel (26 days ago)
LMAO!!😂😂😂The moment when he was rubbing boxers on his face...😂😂😂😂
Rhyss Buranday (26 days ago)
Man you help me alot
R!V#R Uhing (26 days ago)
This guy is pretty helpful
The Black Menace (27 days ago)
Tbh i think wearing your pants low look better
Nerd ADM (28 days ago)
Joe Myl (28 days ago)
Fvck u asshole i don't care!
Drink Me (29 days ago)
Is this dude a filipino?
That Guy (29 days ago)
This dudes retarded.
Kevin Gates (29 days ago)
The only thing you should listen to in this video is the jean short thing
PC Meisterr (1 month ago)
non of your bussines orospu çocuğu
Subham speaks (1 month ago)
Boot cuts are my favourites!!
Dollar Creations (1 month ago)
By announcing "STOP Wearing Your Jeans Like This!", you are negating entire generations before you that are comfortable with what they wear. We WILL wear what we want to wear and will feel comfortable in doing so. You can try doing the same too, unless we're wearing our pants inside out or backwards where you might have the right to sound like the proverbial mother-in-law with unresolved anger issues, that is when I will even bother listening to: "You're Wearing Your Jeans WRONG". However, please do go on misleading people with impressionistic BS.
Ferdinand Vazquez (1 month ago)
Because I have skinny legs, "slims" fit me perfectly! Nice vid.
Dude Perfect8 (1 month ago)
Wtf those meundies are stupid expensive lol!
David Cordova (1 month ago)
I was watching how I was wearing my jeans wrong and it turned into an underwear ad, what a loser
V R (1 month ago)
I have absolutely no clue how I ended up on this video, but I ended up watching till the end, lmao
JaRill Hogue (1 month ago)
What if u got big legs
Peam 19 (1 month ago)
What’s with the ripped knee caps? Lot of time spent on your knees or what
NightStriker (1 month ago)
I died when he said where not in early 2000
Jalloh Djouma (1 month ago)
I'm Niggas💯💯
king li (1 month ago)
Another thing that people should know what became popular for sagging was gay guys in prison used to sagg to show their ass off to other inmates... SO! Think about that when you sagg. Yes sagging is fagging
king li (1 month ago)
The bad thing is the pants that they get are smaller in the waist so it makes him sagg.
Jorge Ordonez (1 month ago)
Bunch of BS ..dress however the fuck you want to dress ..dont listen to a guy who worries about how other guys dress
YO PAPA (1 month ago)
He just said the pants have to be high. Now he says that u have to show these stupid underpants. Biggest hypocrite ever
Zachki The 1 (1 month ago)
Name of jacket?
Markus Dowdy (1 month ago)
Wen i sag it isnt cause im showing off my underware, its cause the pistol doesn't fit other wise n holsters are a waste of money wen i can sag put it on my right hip n not around da "lil homies" out front. Were a jacket or sweater n nobody ill see it i carry my g21 like dat other wise if im not strapped my pants are up. like come on wat type of man wanna show dey ass on purpose. This is my view being from the hood wen yo clothes are saggin or loose, u holding sum or u stuck n the past💯
ryan wilfred (1 month ago)
that ad transition was so smooth i didn't realize it.
FMG_Bombz (1 month ago)
0:50 that's retarded how are you supposed to wear boots with non boot cut jeans
Speedy Gee (1 month ago)
This Video Is Pointless And you sound like you about to Cry Fuck Skinny Jeans Fagg ass Dweebs
TenKD7 (1 month ago)
amherst ny (1 month ago)
I love shopping and love paying attention to detail I pay attention to everything and every ones clothes but man this guys is a huge turn off why the fuckn is he screaming in all his videos
lit youtuber (1 month ago)
Zack Moha (1 month ago)
Its 2018😂
YOB0Y 9567 (1 month ago)
I saggggv
Dee Bo (1 month ago)
Skinny jeans are for woman unless they are wranglers and you ride a horse and wear cowboy boots
Grinicide (1 month ago)
was this a meundies ad ??
Agar ŦRIKΣR (1 month ago)
Idiot all those jeans are fashion. U probably just dont have the right combo for it. A skinny jean super slim or oversized isnt the problem.
Shybe (1 month ago)
I’m a fucking Skelton (105 pounds) so I like to size up to an adult medium cause it makes me look THICC without looking too baggy
flat cat (1 month ago)
But the baggy shit is dumb asf 2
flat cat (1 month ago)
I think all this straight skinny shit is fucking retarded it makes you like you put on your wife's or even your gay friends jeans... think i tight good fitting high waisted bootcut jean is the best option for guys
snotie007 bits (1 month ago)
So what happens if you wear full leg AFOs normal jeans wont fit
Akalion (1 month ago)
30% of the video is an ad... Great job.
Sakib Sadman (1 month ago)
People do look good with slim fit denim shorts
r Utopia (1 month ago)
This nigga really hates people saggin 😂😂😂 like nigga let them be
G saputra (1 month ago)
Boots cut not wrong
Manuel Gutierrez (1 month ago)
1:20 that’s exactly how you don’t want to wear them that’s gay AF
Richard van Tricht (1 month ago)
Spray on/skintigh are best. They fit great.
Luis Cisneros (1 month ago)
Half theses is all wrong
Keroldyte (1 month ago)
So I should walk around in underwear?
Devil Devil (1 month ago)
bros how nice would it be if he links where he got everything from so if you like something you could just go down and buy it (he'll get more sponsors then)
KIDCALI & YOUNG CALI (1 month ago)
Skinny jeans looks gay especially the ones with rips in them
Joaquín Atlatenco (1 month ago)
Ponte crema en los codos , se ven muy secos se ve muy feos .
Anonymous Anonymous (1 month ago)
But I like to wear clothes like 90s Compton style by the way this video is opinion just let people wear clothes any way they want man
Jone .M. Vuli (1 month ago)
Talks like he has a D in his mouth!! Dude slow down
The JP (1 month ago)
That lowkey subtle product placement. Did not see that coming.
Finalx redruM (1 month ago)
What if I want to have my pants down😂

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