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Wet and mud blue jacket with jeans

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A beautiful wet and messy blue down jacket, amazing wet jeans, sweater, boots, all of that wet and mud... Lucky day)
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Miley Duff (25 days ago)
Great video looks like you had a lot of fun.
George Grierson (1 month ago)
Oh Leona... Please do more. I very much appreciate it that you like doing this!
George Grierson (1 month ago)
Awesome Leona... Thank you!
jakub novotný (5 months ago)
Pěkná podívaná Leono ! 😘
jean F (5 months ago)
just amazing mud jeans, which easily makes me wet and cum.
PEPPER128 (5 months ago)
Is this some kind of weird fetish?
ابو همام (6 months ago)
بمكن خاص
JW Mack (6 months ago)
I am in Love with this channel and of course Leona! I would love to see some wet and muddy panty crotch shots too! Your little body is Smokin!
Dave-the -mave (6 months ago)
Where did you get the jacket from
BomberKing401 Bomber (6 months ago)
Can I go next 10/10
Dave-the -mave (7 months ago)
Nice video where did you get the coat from?
Игорь Мовчан (8 months ago)
Зачем в грязищи валяться, обмазываться, барахтаться грязной в одежке в пруду? Или это приятно?
wet in Dallas Rich (8 months ago)
Come on, get the jacket wet!
masoud hatami (9 months ago)
Very nice video👍👍👍👍💜💜💜
Kurt Oderbolz (9 months ago)
geile Jacke, die da langsam verdreckt wird
Yngve Lid (9 months ago)
Hi Leona! This video is so beautiful! You are making masterpieces of wetlook. Had time to watch this vid carefully today and it's perfect. Love your way to wet and soak your jacket step by step. Love to see when you slide on your back in the mud. Did the jacket do it's job and protect you from water and mud for a good while? My thick nylon down jackets keep me dry for a good while! And then you floats away in your jacket! Super! Those jackets are good for floting a long while before they are compleatly soaked. Hope to se you doing this in ski pants and nylon pants some day. Thanks again for a super vid and regards
Sean Wet (9 months ago)
Are you personally a fan of wetlook?
Martin Hofer (9 months ago)
Hey Leona, sehr schöne geile Daunenjacke und wunderschön wie Du Dich dann im Wasser mit der Daunenjacke treiben lässt und den Auftrieb spüren kannst, hoffe noch mehr Wetlook Videos!!
Paweł Sępkowski (9 months ago)
wear pantyhose and show nylon feet:)
Beautiful video as always .
mudpuppy0001 (9 months ago)
OMG You are SO Hot Love the outfit  the Boots are so cute.  TKS
carcarinous (9 months ago)
great!! What about wearing sneakers?
Mudthyrann69 (9 months ago)
王樱焯 (9 months ago)
ggsaja (9 months ago)
This must be very sticky and heavy, nice clothes to swim
Felix Blienert (9 months ago)
Van you make a Video with jacket and snowpants?😊
Leona Wet (9 months ago)
I don`t have snowpants/ Sorry
Muddy Bootz (9 months ago)
Amazing legs, sexy shoes and perfect mud and water spot.
pillowfighter (9 months ago)
Is that a down coat?
wetlodz (9 months ago)
Take off boots in water :)
Leona Wet (9 months ago)
I don't have a sock in that video)
pourlefunlol (9 months ago)
can you show youre socks in nexts videos please ?
Leona Wet (9 months ago)
It's a pity, but I haven't socks during this video. If you ask me, we can choose my socks together)
Kai Ber (9 months ago)
sehr schön wieder mit der herrlichen blauen jacke und das daruf herrumtrampeln
Smn (9 months ago)
10/10. Thank you for sharing these awesome videos! :)
Trevor Wade (9 months ago)
Leona Wet great picture
Leona Wet (9 months ago)
Thanks a lot)
heartless782 (9 months ago)
супер!!!!!! а можно в капронках больше видео????
Leona Wet (9 months ago)
может быть =)
magpie mak (9 months ago)
Super Hot! Love the outfit.and those boots!
john alan (9 months ago)
Fabulous! Keep doing what you are doing, Please.
WETLOOK LOLA (9 months ago)
Fantastic Leona!!! Beautiful shoes!!!!
WETLOOK LOLA (9 months ago)
Leona Wet Please join to our channel!
Leona Wet (9 months ago)
Thank you. I'm trying for you
tomi19 (9 months ago)
Wow, nice video. Would you try it again, in sneakers, socks and jeans?😁 Keep up the good work.
tomi19 (9 months ago)
Great. Would love to see you get muddy in some Adidas. Could you wear white socks with the sneakers? 😊
Leona Wet (9 months ago)
thank's) I'm looking for some Adidas...
SergeyKSM (9 months ago)
please swim for a while in a warm bathrobe
SergeyKSM (9 months ago)
I will set an example in warm bathrobe. www.eurowam.net/downloadstore.php?id=4457 for more examples specifi the address e-mail or other contacts
Leona Wet (9 months ago)
Ok, I'll look to a sexy warm bathrobe, if I could afford it)
Secretmute (9 months ago)
Wow, you are so beautiful! Did you like to walk in muddy boots? Did you get your feet dirty inside of them?
Secretmute (9 months ago)
Leona Wet that is so unusual) keep making vids please, it is absolutely new level for YouTube
Leona Wet (9 months ago)
Yes, I like it. It too comfortable for me when mud and water are inside my boots. I have very big pleasure of it...
Maycon Alves (9 months ago)
Take off boots in water
Leona Wet (9 months ago)
What do you want to see under your boots?
Maycon Alves (9 months ago)
Melhor video que eu vi Boots in muddy wowww
Leona Wet (9 months ago)
Thanks a lot)
anton brum (9 months ago)
Another great addition to your wetlook channel. Fantastic! Thanks to you and your cameraman.

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