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Dsp 3 2 2019

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gary pettit (2 months ago)
Abeliscool12 (2 months ago)
Your opinion is so powerful and necessary , I appreciate your effort
Abeliscool12 (2 months ago)
Thank you for posting YouTube , I need more than just one day a week !
Christian Channel (2 months ago)
Thanks for posting
bobfall (2 months ago)
Trumps hard ass view on north korea(2017). Is not coming from south korea or hawks in the us. It came from japan and Abe. He can't live with nk missiles going over japan. And he was very blunt to trump. "We can't live with this. You end this or Japan ends it." It's a worry to the us. But to Abe it's life or death. And means a fully rearmed Japan. And i know where they are now. But abe is willing to take Japan into the club. Publicly.
bobfall (2 months ago)
Glad your on utube
spottedhorse7 (2 months ago)
Thanks for posting
Mike G (2 months ago)
San bernardino

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