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Top 5 SNEAKER Brands You FORGOT!

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See more Top 5 Sneaker videos here! https://bit.ly/2bBWsR5 Top 5 SNEAKER Brands You FORGOT Part 2!! https://youtu.be/kYfyej7BpJI Part 1 of Top 5 FAILED Sneaker Technologies here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d44SA7DQecI Top 5 RECALLED Sneakers By Nike & Jordan! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JpP0wTR_YY Shop best sneaker deals of the week here! http://bit.ly/2kuwqFv Shop Reshoevn8r Sneaker Cleaner & Products (use code HesKicks10 for 10% off!) http://bit.ly/2g7eQBR Business Contact email : [email protected] Top 5 Forgotten Sneaker Brands! 5 – KangaRoos In 1979, American architect and running enthusiast Robert ‘Bob' Gamm, He developed a pair of training shoes with a small zippered pocket big enough to hold a locker key and a few coins whilst he ran. A top 5 Performance brand in the 1980s in the US In the 1990s, expanded to WWF, motor racing, tennis, aerobics, and in 1992 Barcelona the US Running team all rocked KangaROOS https://clavelmagazine.com/2013/12/10/kangaroos-a-pocket-full-of-history/ 4 – LUGZ Created in 1993, it first started with Boots, picture a quilted vest and jeans. As seen in the Source Magazine (THUMBS up if you remember the Source! 1994 Erick Sermon says Wear Your Lugs – first endorser followed by Lou Stars Fu Schnicken, def squad, Deangelo, Kid Capri, even Snoop Dogg 1996 The Carbine athletic shoe was created. Most recently reminded that Bird Man had a Lugz collab, which he bought a house from (Funk Flex also had one), Released in 2004 for $70 In 2008 lugz also ented the MMA scene w most norable Rampage Jackson and Cain Velasquez the 2013 Heavyweight Reigning Champ As hiphop morphed and thugged out looks exited, skinny jeans and high fashion crossovers made it to the mainstream, the brand died down https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lugz http://www.lugz.com/history/ 3- PF Flyers Born in 1933 by BF Goodrich, yep the tire company! PF stands or Posture Foundation and in the 1960s they sold 25 million pairs a year! The iconic models look very familiar to the Converse All Stars They also had the 1st sneaker collab with an athelete, Bob Cousey of the Celtics. Featured in the Sandlot movie in 1993 B.F. Goodrich sold PF Flyers to Converse in the early 1970s but the U.S. government forced Converse to sell the brand in a 1972 antitrust settlement. Converse sold PF Flyers to P.F. Industries Inc, then went to Brooksfield Athletic shoe co, LJ) Inc in 1991 In 2001 – New Balance bought PF Flyers In 2015 they launched a Made in the USA campaign, and PF Flyers are still created today, but they haven’t really broke into the sneaker culture and back into the mainstream light. https://www.heddels.com/2014/11/pf-flyers-the-rise-and-fall-and-rise/ https://www.thrillist.com/own/nation/pf-flyers-american-history-bf-goodrich-bob-cousey-converse-new-balance https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PF_Flyers 2 - Keds (pro Keds) Founded in 1916, owned by Wolverine World Wide (Who also owns Saucony) They actually wanted to be called PEDS (Latin for feet) but it was trademarked already. Because of the soft rubber sole, they were known as sneakers for “sneaking around silently” Pro-keds were introduced in 1949 intended to compete with Converse, endorsed by George Lehmann ho once shot 200 baskets without missing, Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Pete Maravich Minneapolis Lakers had the whole team in Pro Keds, they won 5 championships The original Uptowns (69rs), almost 20 yrs before AF1s. Had a strong influence on old school hiphop: Kool Herc, Africa Bambaataa, Melly mel era. KRS-One said they were the greatest Was featured on the GETDOWN on Netflix Even Dame Dash had a collab with them https://www.sneakerfreaker.com/articles/pro-keds-is-back-tom-slosberg-interview/ 1 – LA Gear You made it to the #1 spot on the list! If you enjoy the content please hit the Like Button! Founded in 1979 by Robert Greenberg Endorsed by Kareem adbul Jabbar, who was signed to Adidas at the time, Karl Malone, Hakeem, 49r Joe Montana, even Wayne Gretzky of the LA Kings Karl the Mailman Malone… He delivers… in the Catapult LA Gear explored outside of athletes, signed Belinda Carlisle, Michael Jackson, and Paula Abdul… Straight up stolen from Reebok and had 1 of the biggest sellers in the early 90s. In 1990 they were the 3rd largest sneaker retailer behind Nike / Reebok. LA Gear also had a pump sneaker I the 90s, the Regulator LA Lights was one of the most successful lines introduced in 1992. over 100 million total pairs sold, retailed for $50 In 1995 they sold LA Gear at Walmart In 1998 they filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy Try tried to come back in 1999, 2003, and 2008. Tyga had a liquid gold LA Lights release in 2015, but the endorsements aren’t helping as they used to and haven’t seen any movement from the brand. http://www.fundinguniverse.com/company-histories/l-a-gear-inc-history/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LA_Gear
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Text Comments (1906)
Velvet Kavanagh (11 hours ago)
Travel fox????
Junex Marsil (10 days ago)
Rixon Bourne (10 days ago)
LA tech is my best of all
fjones1914 (11 days ago)
Dia Dora’s were popular when I was in high school.
I’m wanna buy some last gears for mj
Louis Campos (15 days ago)
Kangaroos sneakers were so comfortable. 👟👟👟🦘🦘🦘
gene fury (16 days ago)
I have one pair of Reebok you forgot send me your email and I will send you 2 pics of the blue white and grey and the black white and yellow
David H (25 days ago)
J.C. Penny 1981 Olympics with the Olympic logo on the back and a huge curved arrow on the side. Pony had the Bob McaDoos and the Targa Flex, the Pony "Express" VSD A very rare brand called *Autry* with the Mach3 and Concorde that had the three adidas stripes..but shaped like the Converse Chevron?? The Converse Odessa..with the laces on the side. Pro -Specs that had some straight Balla ads, Porsches and Diamond ring stuff! Osaga KT-26 REVOLUTION
krayzie_E soBreezy (26 days ago)
La gear will forever will be hideos for me
steal threaded (1 month ago)
I had the kangaroos with the compartment in the tongue, my dumbass would put stuff in there I didn't want my mom to find, like my mom didn't buy me the shoes.
De void (1 month ago)
Im brain dead I don't know why I'm watching this
Yessica Garza (1 month ago)
They sell kangaroos at payless
james dargan (1 month ago)
i aint forgot about lugz lol
Poumaroux sunnys (1 month ago)
I not even old enough to know these brands 😂😂😂 I’m 19 i only know about great brands like Nike vans adidas Jordan’s etc
RichCastle (1 month ago)
Still wear pro keds
Jeffrey Rodgers (1 month ago)
super mario (1 month ago)
i thoight K-swiss would be here. and diadora. i did rock my Lugz though.
It’s about the Metal (1 month ago)
Arrow trainers
Danny D (1 month ago)
Ricardo De La Peña (1 month ago)
thought, for sure, BK’s, Troops, and Dadas were on that list, lol! Nice history given on those old brands. Little tid bit, it would have been nice to mention that Walton Payton has an endorsement with Roos. Really, I’m thinking you could have probably made it a top 10 list with Ellesse, Brooks, Etonic, Pony, Head. Just off the top...pun intended.
Andy Cervantes (1 month ago)
Zips anyone?
ChevyHeavy11 (1 month ago)
thats Not Cain with Rampage wearing Lugz
Uptowns Finest (1 month ago)
L.A techs was the best l.a. gear shoe
Syahrul Fatah (1 month ago)
ELchimbo quepasa (1 month ago)
Nobobody I know ever rocked Roos or L.A. Gear .....
MnCalapati415 (1 month ago)
I had a pair of "Lotto" sneakers as a kid, "XJ-900" & "Prowings"
Urui Calo (1 month ago)
BlueMoon (1 month ago)
DaHnic IgBig (1 month ago)
Avia 830/825
bmxninja357 (1 month ago)
i remember the source magazine! hell my brother and i used to swipe a copy every month. lol. gangster yo!
44 Style (1 month ago)
The Ewings 33 were dope shoes.
Brick Tamland (1 month ago)
Had some PF flyers but they are the most uncomfortable shoes I've ever owned and actually makes you slower lol. But still a classic shoe
Jose Jimenez (1 month ago)
Troops which LL Cool J use to wear late 80s about a year ago I was at SAN JOSE blue jeans and they had lots of left over Troop shoes that have been sitting there for 30 years
Carl G (1 month ago)
Another brand that is totally forgotten is "Power".
bagel man (1 month ago)
the pf flyers are cool
Brick Tamland (1 month ago)
Yea but they are so fucking uncomfortable.
Bernice Pinder (1 month ago)
Wow LA Gears was the shit
ZanFlix X (1 month ago)
*World balance*
William P. (2 months ago)
Etonics and kangaroos make bowling shoes now. Anyone remember pro kennex, was really well leather made tennis shoes in the 90's.
TruthFLA (2 months ago)
What about Ewings?
Ricky Landry (2 months ago)
How about Elise
Autistic Bobby (2 months ago)
OG Gallery Crew Leeds (2 months ago)
Walsh, Patrick, , Gola, Bukkta, Mitre, Henri Lloyd, Etonic, Avia, Travel Fox, SPX, Brooks, La Gear, Tunis Power, Roo's, Jordache, 33 Hi - Ewing, Kaeper, Pro-Spec, Turntecs, Jack Purcell, (Dva Myacha)Two Balls, Head, Russell Athletic, JanSport, Champion, Matchsticks, Nicks, Quasar (Football Boots),
dick rambone (2 months ago)
Top 5 1. Avia 2. Pony 3. Etonic 4. Fila 5. BK
Mediocre Reviews (2 months ago)
But pf flyers are still better made than the new converse #nikeisshit
Moore Blessings 913 (2 months ago)
I had some of them lights, my elementary teacher took one of them cause I kept playing with em in class,🤔I didn't get back
SDAWG (2 months ago)
LMAO British Knights!...Kangaroos, and Pony's!....One shoe I thought was cool back when I was a kid was the AVIA ARC 830...LMAO....Although there is one shoe I wish would come back would be the converse run' slam low's with the react juice in the heel. Man I loved those!!
sam sung (2 months ago)
No limit sneakers and riddell.
piffdaddy420 (2 months ago)
i had a pair of LA Lights... as a mtter of fact i think everyone in my class in the early 90s had la lights... then alot of knock off brands came out with their own form of light up sneaker. lol. what used to be so cool back in the day seems ridiculous now. haha. i wonder if kids now would think thats cool? prolly not..u would need a sneaker that had wifi to get the new generation kids attention . haha. they like "sneakers that light up? who cares." haha
Jim Bob (2 months ago)
Kangaroos has a shit ton of amazing collaborations
darius hart (2 months ago)
Coped a pair of blue and white Grant Hills.
Sustainable Shelby (2 months ago)
Some one gave me a pair of kangaroos for my baby. I’ve never heard of them before. I just checked. It has a little baby sized pocket. I had no idea it was there 😂
Retrokidbk83 (2 months ago)
We did not fuck with Lugz 😂😂😂😂
James Griswold (2 months ago)
I remember my parents bought me the Reebok preseason pumps I think Shaq was wearing them at the time.
Rock n Roll (2 months ago)
Mr. T (2 months ago)
I had a pair of LA Gear catapults, they were pretty cool for the time
the_future_comp (2 months ago)
My mom has brown and pink lugz
LSC skate (2 months ago)
u missed all the dead skate shoe brands
Sole Food Brand (2 months ago)
It was WCW not WWE.
UnitedPebbles (2 months ago)
LA forgot where it comes from? Clearly consumer value style and fashion not price. It just have to do Wallyworld. Man those are so ugly but the chicks are fine. I mean they are pretty old now but.
HOTRODRICO (2 months ago)
PF Flyers founded by PF Chang's JK lol
HOTRODRICO (2 months ago)
that wasn't Cain next to Rampage... that was Lyoto Machita
HOTRODRICO (2 months ago)
Roos wit the weed pocket... I had all white LA GEARS with the royal blue gills on the side
rubendeaz (2 months ago)
There are lots of brands still being made, they just sell to smaller companies and 3rd party retailers, some like diadoras, puma, k-swiss, saucony and other are even sold on FB market place...
Rjae Enriquez (2 months ago)
John Elton (2 months ago)
I'm wearing a pair of Roos right now.
LeprechaunNATIONstudios (2 months ago)
I have a pair of LA's I'm wearing now
LeprechaunNATIONstudios (2 months ago)
I have a pair of LA's I'm wearing right now
John Viggiano (2 months ago)
Lotto were the best! The inner - changeable side logos. Then you had Adiadora and buster browns!
dustanglx50 (2 months ago)
BK's and Airwalks
Chris Day (2 months ago)
I also had a sub to The Source. How many mics did that album get? Also rocked the BK's in the intro. Thats going back.
Gonzo Indigenous One (2 months ago)
Pony, or Britannia. Those were my jam.
Joeli DeJesus (2 months ago)
You could still find pro keds in any urban outfitters the lows run for 55s and the highs run for 65s they have em in red white n blue
GrosBig (2 months ago)
what about the And1 shoes?
Daoud J. Khaliq (2 months ago)
How about PONY'S?
Stephen Russo (2 months ago)
You missed Pony
Monica Delk (3 months ago)
Patrick Ewings, La Gear Hiking boots, La Gear sneakers and lots of different Kswiss Reebok Classics and Pumps.
Jai DaMann (3 months ago)
BK and Troops? Tigers?
I wore Lugz
louiethepitt (3 months ago)
Airwalks deserves a special mention
T (3 months ago)
Trucker Reno (3 months ago)
simon Jimenez (3 months ago)
How about skippies😃
Mando G (3 months ago)
The Pariah (3 months ago)
Buster Browns and Pumas
jose soberal (3 months ago)
You forgot procons!
kidwooh86 kidwooh86 (3 months ago)
Reebok pump
kidwooh86 kidwooh86 (3 months ago)
Dada shoes
Stelly Chisolm (3 months ago)
What happen to TROOPS, DIADORAS, LOTTOS, and MARK 5s
Rodney Rucker (3 months ago)
Mariano Felan (3 months ago)
I used to love Phat Farms
Bailey Louise (3 months ago)
Bon-Bleu trainers
Steven Green (3 months ago)
Lottos,elleses,diadoras,domino boots,troops I could go on and on man u dont know shit about kicks
Christopher Henderson (3 months ago)
onitsuka tigers check those out i think asics might have bought them out not sure anyway keep up the good work peace!
Nunya Buznizz (3 months ago)
British Knights, Kaepa, Puma, DiaDora, Pony, Brooks, Airwalk, Soucony, and Vision Street Wear, just to name a very popular few. Furthermore, LA Gear was actually outsold by BK and was put out of business because of their sales. Which obviously makes them more popular than LA Gear and yet was not even mentioned, LOL!
Mexicano 213 (3 months ago)
I have some lugz
Memo Ramos (3 months ago)
Yea the BK and what happened to avia and Fila
biggamer1116 Plays (3 months ago)
top 5 rarest sneakers
Evan Acey (3 months ago)
I had those LA Lights shoes when I was a youngster (born in ‘89) and they were still fresh before they hit Wal-Mart’s shelves... I remember going out with my mom and sister one night to help look for our lost dog and telling them “It’s okay guys my shoes will help us find Otis because they light up!!” (I was 4) If anyone is wondering we did end up finding our dog. As a pure bread Newfoundland he was worth quite a bit of money and he was actually stolen from his kennel in our back yard.. My uncle called my mom a couple of days later after he saw my poor dog chained up to a tree outside some dump of a house 30 miles from where we were living at the time when he just happened to be driving by there on his way to work. We called the cops, verified it was him, had those assholes arrested and got Otis back!!!
Evan Acey (3 months ago)

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