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Chapel Hill Church n Cemetery

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Hi Everyone, today we're visiting the Smallest Church ever! This tiny delight is located here in North Iowa, featuring four tiny pews an alter and a mini steeple complete with a bell, Chapel Hill Church is very old Church in surprisingly good condition,. We hope you enjoy this video, Thanks for Watching
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Shirley Harrison (1 year ago)
A great little video. I live close to.Camp Atterbury (in Indiana) & there a little church called POW Chapel on some of the public grounds. They still do army training at the Camp but on one side is public. There's other places to see, if you're ever this way maybe check it out. Love your channel..
Josh the Travel Guy (1 year ago)
Very cute little church! Nice find! How did you come across this church? If you like exploration and travel videos, make sure you swing by my channel and check it out! I'm sure there will be something there you'll like!
SABO TV (1 year ago)
I never seen a church that small lol
+THE SABO FAMILY Smallest Church I've ever seen
pammyla66 (1 year ago)
Is the church being used
+pammyla66 no I don't think so, I've never seen anyone else at it
GrannyKarma One (1 year ago)
Beautiful content Thank You for sharing I enjoyed this footage very much I attempted to contact you but the call would not complete But I think You have a j=handle on the problem I simply had to startya whole new channel and make some very intentional changes that I wanted to share with you
+GrannyKarma One ty yeah our phone got shut off for awhile, we're back tho
Moz 42 (1 year ago)
That's so cool. It looks well cared for, simply stunning. Cheers
+Moz 42 yeah it's a really nice little Church, I just wish it would've been open so we could've video inside
Free2be MeBarbie (1 year ago)
Very beautiful lil thing ♡
Free2be MeBarbie it's a nice well kept Gem
badboy3420 (1 year ago)
thanks for sharing.
badboy3420 yw, Thank you my Friend
+badboy3420 yeah, Ty for supportin the channel, so very thankful for you
SS (1 year ago)
Pretty cool!
SS (1 year ago)
Doing pretty good! I miss you, too
+limegreenmamapants how have you been, we sure miss you
SS (1 year ago)
Its a Rome thing everyday you're welcome, Uncle Rome :-)
limegreenmamapants Thanks my Friend
Meenakshi Stuart (1 year ago)
Meenakshi Stuart Thanks
Carolina Man Jr (1 year ago)
The Church is well taken care of . Is it still in use?
+Carolina Man I'm not sure, I've never seen anyone at it any of the times I've been up by it, I think they do on a reserve only
BOWSTAR Channel (1 year ago)
Wow so cool, well done
+BOW STAR Thanks BowStar really appreciate it
J Kat (1 year ago)
That looks like a beautiful area. You're both lucky to call Iowa your home. I'm guessing this was filmed this past Sunday because it was quite windy here in northern Illinois on Sunday as well. I love windy days!
J Kat (1 year ago)
Too bad it'll be too cold to have windows open. You picked a beautiful day to film this. It's been raining here non stop since I got up this morning. And it's been in the low to mid 40's. But the rain should stop tomorrow and it'll at least be dry. Have a great evening!
+J Kat pretty close, we filmed this today, it was really windy today, you will probably get this wind there tomorrow I bet
S & J ActiveVideos (1 year ago)
Wow.. Cool. That is a nice little church. Thanks for showing us. Take care.
S & J ActiveVideos Thanks, We Sure like your channel also

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