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The Real Secrets Hidden in Antarctica... Revealed

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Truthstream Media (1 year ago)
There may be good reason for your curiosity if you have ever wondered about what is really going on at the southernmost continent... With so many myths and rumors flying around about the place lately, we decided to do a little research of our own into the claims... which turned into a whole lot of research... and what was going to be a 10-minute video turned into this. (PS - We've been working on this all week well before the recent developments in the Middle East... video definitely forthcoming.)
Sinisteo Soxilano (5 days ago)
i will motherfucking decode the brain of a blue whale, write an AI script that will learn how to operate the blue whales body in minutes, build the hardware, capture a blue whale, install a submarine in its stomach, swim down its throat and travel to antarctica incognito.... who's with me? xDDDDDDDDD
hercules colon (6 days ago)
we can google the whole mid east bro.
Katie (9 days ago)
So interesting. I have seen another video about the Germans going into some sort of ice tunnel and radioing back to the others on top. They had a map laid out of the place they went. It was so cool. John Kerry went up the day Trump got inaugurated as president probably thinking no one would notice.
SEKHMET (10 days ago)
I have something you should see... I was wondering if you have ever seen this before? https://youtu.be/NsWe3iWldZg
Bryce Noirot (12 days ago)
Truthstream Media I may only be 20, but I have studied Aviation, rules and regulations, weather, navigation and everything else needed for the area. Even if you have all possible ratings on your license, it would still be beyond reasonable that you are not allowed to fly high enough. Not only that, but how can you fly that high in a civillian aircraft? Engines need oxygen to run, obviously, and yes superchargers DO enable engines to run on LESS oxygen but at the height needed to fully prove I DOUBT is available for civilians. Not to mention the altitudes you are required to fly at determined by your east/west or north/south heading. Anyone trying to say they circumvented Earth, and they have proof I believe to be nonsense. I love Aviation, but I am not naive. Anyone claiming of such said proof must, with that being said, not truly be aviators.
Tammy Bunting (20 hours ago)
Tammy Bunting (20 hours ago)
Tammy Bunting (20 hours ago)
Tammy Bunting (20 hours ago)
stop lying
Tammy Bunting (20 hours ago)
have all technology
Tammy Bunting (20 hours ago)
um yes we do
Tony Griffiths (1 day ago)
Linda Moulton Howe blew my head off with her evelations about what is buried beneath the Antarctic.
greglarsen1 (1 day ago)
Remember the movie "Independence Day?" Randy Quaids character was a ex military man or pilot or whatever, who was dismissed as crazy because he claimed to have first hand contact with extra terrestrial life prior to the contact made in the movie. Meaning that just as in real life now, most scoff at the idea of intelligent alien life. But SOMEHOW, once there was proof by the aliens self exposure to humans, even after the alien attack started, of which he predicted and btw, positively identified said aliens as the ones he made contact with prior, Quaids character was STILL dismissed as crazy! Obviously there WERE aliens and they acted as he had stated they would. HTF does that happen?!?!?!? If I say I can throw a football 95 yards in the air and NOBODY believes me, then call me crazy, would throwing a football 95 yards in the air in front of them still leave me under the "crazy" diagnosis??? Sometimes a 6th sense is required to see what what your sense of sight cannot. If sound matches 6, sight can be obtained...
John O (1 day ago)
For anyone who wants to have a look for themselves Qantas airways operates sight seeing flights from Australia down to Antarctica and back in a Boeing 747-400. It's about a 12.5 hour round trip with onboard expert guides. Look up www.antarcticaflights.com.au
Paul Moody (2 days ago)
What's revealed???? Beliefs and stitched together video don't make an idea real!
SpadeGhostVampire7777 (2 days ago)
So there really is a big hole that goes to the center of the Earth there. Everything around the hole is 77°F and the coast are icy cold. We own the hole apparently, there are bases there and a cool looking dome. I do not know about the nukes, but it is facinating they have scientific stuff going on there, but I hope they are not controlling the weather because they would be in deep shit if they controlled it recently. Thanks for the information provided. So much fascination to it, I bet there is more of a sagnificance to it in scientific data. I wonder what the scientist invented so far?
Duke Thomas (2 days ago)
David Hines (3 days ago)
This is a brain wash.. no one has seen or have pictures of anything but ice.. are we being prepared for a big lie? Nothing there
Aaron Tierney (3 days ago)
Because it's too damn cold. (But I am sure you've heard that before, hehe)
Billyjoelovesu (3 days ago)
Everyone needs to see this
Mike Sowder (3 days ago)
You oh so arrogant ones, deniers of the son. Soon his wrath will come oh arrogant ones.
? ? (3 days ago)
Oh...I didn't realize this was going to be conspiracy theory bullshit. Oh well, see ya.
Marco Cano (4 days ago)
John Dee Rockefeller invested in the probe. Yeah I'm convinced there's something hidden. Enough said.
Anila T Hafeez (5 days ago)
Relax. Superman cant share his ice castle with everyone.
Philip Mann (5 days ago)
You could make could make a documentary about cockroaches, and you would get all these conspiracy theorists coming out.
Dustin Sales (5 days ago)
Unit 54
vivianna hinks (5 days ago)
Humans jus live to kill and destroy yes. It makes me sick to my stomach how much "GREAT AMERICA" IS KILLING this world.
Paws n Claws (6 days ago)
What is it about her voice that is so attractive!!!
Arlo Cardenas (6 days ago)
Will it remain hidden ehh maybe to all you but one day ill see it and wont tell you shit
Jester Entertainment (8 days ago)
What about the area where nobody is allowed to fly over now, supposedly they have found pyramids in this area and an entrance into the ground
car9melo (3 days ago)
Lol you can fly anywhere, where do you dipshits come up with this shit
Jim Bob (8 days ago)
nuclear bombs........lol
I almost fell asleep
Lippy Da Lips (8 days ago)
This is where all countries go to dump there radioactive waste and the truth behind global warming
Janusha (8 days ago)
Youtube is almost useless now. Every time I try to watch some documentary or even the fucking news on here, the very next thing recommended to me is BULLSHIT and american conspiracy. Its ruining the entire fucking internet.
DoobieDrew (9 days ago)
I mean Pangea happened so why is it so hard to believe Antarctica used to support life?
Amun-Ra (9 days ago)
somebody make a super drone and drone that shit
Underdog Radio (9 days ago)
It's where they keep the safe haven for the people worth/who can afford saving when the inevitable occurs
car9melo (3 days ago)
Nah its just scientists doing research, and ice
R Pleace (9 days ago)
Holy shit. I never realized how EVERYTHING is/was funded by the friggin Rockefellers.
car9melo (3 days ago)
No, what you haven't realised it that you are so dumb for believing stupid vids on youtube
Delta Fox (10 days ago)
27:00 Hmm...
Questchaun (10 days ago)
Human caused climate change will thaw out super bugs that will destroy humanity. But for 250 years Republicans and capitalist got some good profits for shareholders.
Obama etc are there most of the time. After bombing on 1-1-2011 and we are in nato camp norway held hostage in a matrix
DeeBoyNYC (11 days ago)
JFK...RIP...Trump reminds me of JFK and Reagan....Wanting to uncover the filth and secracy and "THEY" are constantly trying to kill Trump over it...If u look up Trump attemted assas you would be suprised and a few just recently! Pray for Our President Trump! 🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸
honsville (11 days ago)
If it wasn't so dang cold there I wouldn't mind going, but no thank you
GORE illa (11 days ago)
The earth is flat
Gerald Johny (12 days ago)
This is amazing
Brian Presunka (13 days ago)
Come on now !!!!,,, You all know that WE all live in an enclosed Eco system, earth is flat and immovable the center of the only universe. Not only research operation paperclip but also operation fishbowl as well. You speak of Antarctica being warm once,,, I don't think so but the North Pole is warm ,,, was , is , Paridise ,,, the Garden of Eden
Steve Rodman (13 days ago)
as soon as you said satalites and nasa i knew this was shite. g,bye
Robert Kost (13 days ago)
watched this on my phone. "Likewise, the essence of technology is by no means anything technological. Thus we shall never experience our relationship to the essence of technology so long as we merely conceive and push forward the technological, put up with it, or evade it. Everywhere we remain unfree and chained to technology, whether we passionately affirm or deny it. But we are delivered over to it in the worst possible way when we regard it as something neutral; for this conception of it,2 to which today we particularly like to do homage, makes us utterly blind to the essence of technology." - Heidegger.
Howard Johnson (13 days ago)
Satellite images are a hoax just like although the moment I suppose it Moonlanding pictures or a hoax photos of earth from the moon hoax all of it’s a hoax everything that comes out at Nassau is a lie pretty much everything even told in life is a lie except for what comes out of the Scriptures because that is true that his life that is reality that is factual information from the Bible they cannot be disproven Satan is trying to discredit the Bible by all this fake nonsense about around earth spinning around and come from monkeys the big bang all of us from safe just to discredit the Bible because he hates mankind wants them all
Princess Rippy (13 days ago)
Did anyone notice that at the end it sounded like the theme music to 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind'?
L. Torrence (13 days ago)
The first thing we need to address is what this place is really shaped like. I dont know about you, but a person or persons with secrets a mile long cant be trusted.
Desmond Scifo (14 days ago)
Antarctica is NOT a no fly zone it is NOT controlled by usa there are some 35 nations with a presence there and there are NO secrets, and yes if you can and you provide your flight plan you can fly over Antarctica, and admiral byrd had no secret diary, still its all well and good for conspiracy theorist
How weird, man (14 days ago)
"Hey, let's throw in a typo and watch people drive themselves crazy distracting themselves"
Apexlvl (15 days ago)
lmao this shit total garbage
Vinayk Vegda (15 days ago)
Carlos Idelone (16 days ago)
I suppose, that the elites are making a haven for themselves down there, in case of nuclear war. They're burying lots of munchies under the snow. Good luck with that.
hercules colon (16 days ago)
no google earth permited,thats tells you all.
hercules colon (16 days ago)
whats there was before this ice,it was not cold back then noahs era, a lot of knowlege.
hercules colon (16 days ago)
its the pole,there keeping whats there underguard its a sanctuary to civilians.
TitanSilver354 (16 days ago)
35:50 - Hey we saw footage of that square slab of ice recently in the news.
S reynolds (17 days ago)
Nazis were there with the reptilians just before World War II
Luke Tremble (17 days ago)
Hoax Fake news
thesimulacre (17 days ago)
...unless by penguins you mean the people in penguin suits...
John Paul (18 days ago)
Love the mogwai background music. Lol
Sam Jirschele (18 days ago)
I spent 13 consecutive months in Mcmurdo in 1992. The thing is I cannot tell you I know exactly what was going on but I was in a position that moved around the base and one of the frequent buildings i was in charge of was called the "hotel California". this was the place were all Scientist and dignitaries (in the summer) stayed while in transition to other places on the continent. I met some very interesting people with many secrets. If those walls could talk.
Jonathan Crowder (18 days ago)
daniël beer (18 days ago)
Haha people actually believe this shit
M Czenk (19 days ago)
This documentary if you can call it that, is beyond ridiculous. If you want to believe stupid shit like this you're probably mentally challenged flat Esther.
Mike Greives (19 days ago)
What is a Pingwin? 🤔
Super GANjaH LEaf (19 days ago)
Aaaahahaha get a hear @ thiz molder from the x-filez wanna be in the intro... lmao it juzt feelz fun now... that'z not a good thing unlezz thiz waz their intention.
Swift_ Weightz_ (19 days ago)
Maybe it’s were the watchers are imprisoned , for 70 generations🤔🤔
Scott Applewaite (20 days ago)
So so many fuken lies, """" FULL"""disclosure
Anoni Mouse (20 days ago)
Its not a continent its an ice wall around a flat earth the people who run the world want to get out because it must be better on the otherside thats were your taxes go there is no space race its an escape plsn
Ian Woodward (20 days ago)
This is where Santa Claws lives with the elves making toys for christmas didn't he have to move from the north pole because of global warming ???
Blkchevy98 (21 days ago)
Wexler sounds like a smart guy but needed a hug or something LOL
Damien S (22 days ago)
Every nation with bases there are doing the same things and are hiding their actions. What starts out as a balanced look at things slowly became an anti-US piece... too cliché.
Kilkolly Rob (22 days ago)
what utter bullshit.
remnant warrior (22 days ago)
I don't know what the enemy has planned. But it has been laid upon my heart, to ask all who will, that believe in God, to begin a three day fast, the day after Thanksgiving at sundown. If you feel led to fast longer, by all means, but must at least be a 3day fast. Praying and meditating on His WORD, asking God to intervene and asking Him to thwart the plans if the enemy. Asking God to empower His people, increasing the faith, healing, pouring out His SPIRIT on them, readying us to do His WILL for the time us at hand for those whom He has been preparing, they all know who they are. Pray with us please, and join us in this fast. God bless, Grace and peace to all in Christ. For they shall KNOW that Jesus is Lord God Almighty.
richie rich (22 days ago)
There’s a McDonalds and a Starbucks. Also these reporters sound very exciting.
willo willo (22 days ago)
they are doing Wexlers crazy theory now.....how deep the rabbit hole....how big is the hole over the Antartica now? when then the outer space plasma tears or falls through we get fried...great vid thanks
Clever B’stard (23 days ago)
At least you can’t call them secrets any longer now it’s all over fake tube
Sunny shah (23 days ago)
They're not secretes of you can make a 44+ minutes documentary about it
Rodney Johnson (25 days ago)
I know when they was doing nuclear test wink wink they were having a war against whatever was there if you KNOW the U.S. they took that land from someone or something that continent ISN'T dry nor dead something was there & probably still is 👊🤷‍♀️
Taleika Smith (25 days ago)
They don't talk about the Pyramids that are there!! Yea more than 3.
OG Lex P (26 days ago)
it was all about the greedy Americans wanting to claim the rich arctic there are no alians there
Phant4sm (26 days ago)
my god the fucking idiots in these comments.. I love the ones.. IVE BEEN THERE SEVERAL TIMES... yeah I'm sure you have.. tell us the station you were invited to and check the logs to veri8fy that. STFU
Phant4sm (26 days ago)
there is most def something down there that they are not telling us. can;t put my finger on it. but the shit is real.. why else would the worlds government ban the transport of civilians to this area- and WTF did JO(HN GLENN visit there before he died?
John Howard Cameron (26 days ago)
That Donut Island reminded me of Atlantis !
Rodney Blevins (27 days ago)
I watched this video on my cell phone.
Adam Petrie (27 days ago)
Admittedly i do believe there is something the dickhead supposed world leaders are hiding. But as far as evidence goes as antartica having a warmer tropical climate, well isn't that a no brainer rather than evidence? Weren't all continents of world once upon a time part of the super continent.
Frank Black (27 days ago)
We put Donald J Trump in office to bring down the United States by 2020.
tholeetruck (27 days ago)
We humans have gone to the moon. We have the technology to land a man up there. Why couldn't we get to the VERY CENTER of Antarctica? There is only one reason, and one reason only, and that is there are intelligent beings currently living there. As powerful as the USA and Russia, no one dares to claim this Antarctica.
Tony Bones (27 days ago)
Oh man I bet it'll be dope when we die so we can finally learn the truth. I fuckin' hate the powers that be keeping things from me. Blah
Cas Speich (28 days ago)
ok let’s all be honest. everyone here is more than aware of the disinformation the international governments permeate to the masses. there is so much more to this world then we know, then anyone alive knows. but they know more than we do, and they are choosing to withhold that knowledge from us. Antarctica is &&WAS much more than we know. there’s a reason Hitler was so fascinated with it. they saw something down there that has never been spoken of. i personally don’t know which i find more ominous, the secrets of the world‘s past yet to be unmasked, or the governments act of retaining this prevalent knowledge out of our grasp. it’s truly a significant mistake
Jonathan Kolyer (28 days ago)
Deception Island is a noted surfing location.
Xachariah (28 days ago)
YOU DIDNT REVEAL 1 SECRET , just repeated the same stuff every other antarctica video says
Leroy Curnew (28 days ago)
The earth is not what we were told.
Mr Man (28 days ago)
Intriguing information and your voice is very pleasant. I've heard if a non military person tries to fly over the south pole they will be shot down. of course the powers that be will tell us it was for our their own safety and national security you see.
dirt bag (28 days ago)
scientist can find life over 2,000 feet below the ice and yet we have absolutely nothing to show Sasquatch has ever lived in people believe in that dumb s***
Dean Klein (28 days ago)
Utter tripe and bullshit. Worked on ice in Antarctica for 12 years.
Indie Media Eastcoast (28 days ago)
dan pena went to antarctica... if you have the bucks baby.. you could visit there too .. he renewed his wedding vows to sally there
C.L.T Productions (28 days ago)
this is interesting and so are the comments

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