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The Real Secrets Hidden in Antarctica... Revealed

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Truthstream Media (1 year ago)
There may be good reason for your curiosity if you have ever wondered about what is really going on at the southernmost continent... With so many myths and rumors flying around about the place lately, we decided to do a little research of our own into the claims... which turned into a whole lot of research... and what was going to be a 10-minute video turned into this. (PS - We've been working on this all week well before the recent developments in the Middle East... video definitely forthcoming.)
leonie papara (7 days ago)
That is fake
DITRH (7 days ago)
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The Kaiser (18 days ago)
We have several U-Boot underground bases in Antarctica. There are no secrets there.
isabel Hughes (23 days ago)
If you have the money just charter a plane and fly down there
orellana78giovanni (24 days ago)
Chris Conlon (5 hours ago)
If you want to cook frozen pie and chips at the same time, just put some water or ice in the bottom tray. I believe this is far more important than reading 50's - 60's newspaper articles, most of which could just be disinformation, a lot of which is already disproved. Cloud seeding is not a secret.
se7en1976 (14 hours ago)
By the time you have read this, your time will have been wasted.
Hutch black (19 hours ago)
Look at any satellite map and you can see the land mass used to touch or come close to South America.
bence6 b (1 day ago)
Bout right ,they were out the way from the war,
Hugh Mongus (2 days ago)
That's the reason why they had to stop Hitler. He sent an expedition to the queen maud land region of Antarctica in 1938 and WW2 started in 1939. Coincidence? Yeah right. Hitler wanted to show the secret to the world and the world elite were shitting their pants. Von Braun was at gun point when working with Disney btw. Same reason why they killed JFK. The best president the U.S. Ever had.
Scott Tracy (2 days ago)
If you think what is rumored at Antarctica is fake think again, not only did Hitler have secret missions in progress there before the start of WW2, he faked is own death and took off to Antarctica but later on ended up in South America to live out the end of his days. Meanwhile the Germans discovered an ancient city dating way back into antiquity which was very advanced. They were being monitored by the Allies during this time and that is why "Operation High-jump" was activated. There are entrances at the poles to the center of our planet which has been hidden in plain sight and air-brushed out of satellite photos. The biggest secret of all there is the answer to our human origins which they are desperate to keep secret as they would lose their system of slavery built entirely on "Fiat Money and false doctrines" that have been used to control us through the ages. Even ancient mariners maps have depicted the inside world at the poles including it's inner sun, which is the source of the (Northern Lights and Aurora Borealis), The truth is that there is no core as brainwashed into us during school age, as all planets are hollow and start off as a gas bubble when they are formed, common sense really. The population at large have been brainwashed into oblivion by those who control us. They are also thinning out the herd using GMO's, Vaccinations, Chem-trails, Fluoridation or poisoning of water and various other means. Cancer rates in the 1900s was 1 in 20 now 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women, with other diseases at plague proportions whilst our so called health system = "Sickness industry" profits off our suffering and plows these resources into secret space programs and further biological programs against humanity. Only critical thinkers are awake to this while the rest of humanity follow like sheep as "Nobody seems to notice nobody seems to care" The masses would be shocked to find out the real technology we already have but is being used against us, time to wake up and do your own due diligence, your life your choice.
Andy Nixon (2 days ago)
The only thing happening in Antarctica is a few antarctic scientists and explorers , lots of snow , lots of penguins and lots of penguin poop . That's it .
Lars Hogue (3 days ago)
My third eye just opened while watching this.now it makes alot of sense.
Waynes way (3 days ago)
Waynes way (3 days ago)
Sorry I just wanted my mad memetic regarding our so called technological CHAUVAHNISMS(sorry about my spelling). I think the Dolphins especially are way head of us in many ways,for F"Is sake they've been hear a lot longer. I hope my nutty idea is true... I think our cetacean siblings are trying to halt the melting and I pray they teach us that we are just kids.
Louis Williams (4 days ago)
No heres the real fucking secret of what's going on in the world, nobody fucking knows !!!! That's the truth, these videos just pop outta nowhere years on end day in day out, probably made by the government to keep us all occupied and chatting shit smoking weed whilst not doing anything. Only thing I don't really like the idea of is 5g and quantum
JB (4 days ago)
I think all the controlling globalists, the Rockafellas, the Rothschilds, Goldman-Sachs and all the other bankers, the 1% illuminati, the military manufacturing set and the rest of the psychopath cabal should all go live there and freeze to death. The penguins can come and live in a new world sustainable natural peace with the rest of us....
Jock Doubleday (4 days ago)
In his book, "Voices of the Rocks," Robert Schoch attempts to debunk the undebunkable Piri Reis map. . . . Schoch concludes [in his book "Voices of the Rocks"] that [Piri] Reis's depiction of Antarctica may not be Antarctica at all but in fact simply the lower reaches of South America . . . The sole evidence that Schoch gives for his opinion is that the lower portion of South America curves east on the map. Schoch attributes the curving of South America's tip to Reis running out of room on his gazelle-skin parchment. Mimicking . . . Wikipedia, which states that "the 'extra' landmass is simply the South American coast . . . bent round to fit the parchment," Schoch states that "the supposed coast of Antarctica could well be the lower reach of South America." To make the statement above, Robert Schoch . . . had to believe the following: that Piri Reis, a man competent enough to navigate the ancient seas, was dim-witted enough to start a three-year map project on a piece of material too small for the map. Not only did the project take Reis three years to complete, it was a project that included translating from different map scales and projections, a phenomenally challenging task that very few people on earth could perform successfully today. . . . In fact, as simple research reveals, the reason the lower part of South America is curved to the east on the left-hand lower corner of the map, and the reason that the continent of Antarctica looks as if it might be South America's extended tip at the bottom center of the map, is that Piri Reis used an azimuthal equidistant projection, a sophisticated cartographic method that gives more accurate relative continent sizes than the modern standard of cylindrical projection, which unnaturally enlarges polar-region continents. Jock Doubleday, "Witchcraft Cartography and Clairvoyant Archaeology: A Review of Robert M. Schoch's "Voices of the Rocks: A Scientist Looks at Catastrophes and Ancient Civilizations" (1999) http://anamericaninbosnia.blogspot.com/2013/03/witchcraft-cartography-and-clairvoyant.html
David Collishaw (4 days ago)
some serious basic errors in this
pauly G (5 days ago)
Gold even uranium are in the human body so much more This man tell About GIANTS https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8v44qrU_Fdd7UN_XlUMpew/videos
David Leitch (5 days ago)
You guys know the earth is flat.
richard olivo (6 days ago)
during the Vietnam war I was an inspector for military public health and occupational medicine. I made several trips to St. lawrence Island Alaska. to inspect the USAF base there. .The staff kept complaining that they were only 80 men thee and at one time the base was maned by 800 men,and supplies wee delivered to the base for a thousand men (or More) I saw vast caves filled with food supplies and the staff there said It grows bigger from year to year.. I am not extapilating anything from what I saw I'm just mentioning it after looking at you film.
Azmor EM (6 days ago)
Antarctica has always been a mystery since the second world war and even before. Listen to HP Lovecraft's Mountains of Madness.
Lana Byrnes (6 days ago)
Hey, on behalf of Express Newspapers can we use this video with an appropriate credit? Thanks
Drew Crowther (6 days ago)
You made the mainstream news in the UK today!!!!!!! https://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/1082919/adolf-hitler-antactica-exposed-royal-navy-nazi-base-spt The Sunday Express showed up on my Google feed this morning. Thought you might like to see.
Drew Crowther (6 days ago)
Original article I saw today (which also uses clip from your video) https://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/1084653/nasa-antarctica-tunnel-nuclear-testing-spt/amp And linked through to the other article. Makes a nice change saying a "documentary" than "conspiracy theorists believe"
letfreedomring43 (6 days ago)
Great job guys. Keep it up.Thanks
K R (6 days ago)
again you reference 1947/1946 buy nothing in 2000 + Fake news
Adammrtl27 (17 hours ago)
Fake news? Go make your own video, fucker.
lunatiksAlterEgo (6 days ago)
Lol so in the terminator 3 they killed sarah. Connor. cameron is like ok cool in mine we will kill john connor .
Boon Doggle (7 days ago)
When Hitler attacked Russia, the Germans failed in large part due to the Russian winter, which disabled most the German equipment, which did not operate in the much colder environment. So, it sounds like a far stretch to suggest that they would fair any better in a worse climate, having the same or inferior (years earlier) equipment. Maybe we should pay more attention to the Bankers ongoing ENSLAVEMENT of the population, rather than some fantasy about Antarctica.
John Jones (7 days ago)
Maybe the moon landings were really Antarctic landings???
SocraticIAM (7 days ago)
DITRH (7 days ago)
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DITRH (7 days ago)
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Dylan O'Dell (7 days ago)
I read where a team of Russian scientists were working in Antarctica and come across 2 or 3 new marine life and among the species was an new species of octopus with 14 tentacles instead of 11 with the ability to cause paralysis to it's victims and was also able to still have full control of it's tentacles after amputation it was also said it killed two the scientists
timothy lines (7 days ago)
witch enemy will win,when empire is a race to total hell on earth.here they quote the [holy bible]or some other zodo text for controlling the masses.
playinragz (8 days ago)
Reason for space push is to occupy citizens minds. Without space people would be dying to explore Antarctica. With such documented wonder right in our backyard only s fool would believe nothing more can be found. We know space is a hoax. Time to move to Antarctic.
Punk Moon (8 days ago)
This always plays next when ever I'm done with a video. :0 might as well memorize all the details.
Oliver Hardy (8 days ago)
the nazi/Antartica narrative being spun here is complete bullshit! a badly interpretation of the spainish language sparked this whole cock and bull story!
Adammrtl27 (17 hours ago)
A badly interpretation?... :'-) Complete bull shit, you say? :'-)
Dave Macleod (8 days ago)
Ya why can't we see it ......cuz it's not a continent but the outer limit of our world it makes much more sense when you look at the proof
brianpc pc (8 days ago)
1301 to now the ottoman empire still exists it is in fact the islam empire . a much heated and debated culture of thinking and way of life . it claims to be the answer too and like no other . the final solution the last solution an all encompassing total solution . and if you were to speak against it . this gives it the right to remove you from life itself through its beliefs . this is a dictator state and no tolerance is allowed inside its walls unless you are a man . women are slaves owned by men and masters . so go figure the rest out yourselves . im barely into the video when i see its lying to me . im an atheist and for me it means i see no need to relate anything to a creator a ruler of me and my death or future deaths . this video is madness from the beginning to end . a non fact . in fact racist in content and a vulgar to my much improved thought of mind . a benial state of pictures and images presenting a nonsense of thought to prevent defininition of clarity . much as love is shown as pornographic to the young it is a disgusting educative state of disgrace to the just and true of mind and thinking . a fantasist dream to negate the boring existence one calls life without hope . so without much further interuption . chin up folks . lol kind regards .
brianpc pc (8 days ago)
+Kennedy1op oh i dont know ! they coudnt pay me enough lol
Kennedy1op (8 days ago)
You make a video about it then genius 😂
Mind Altering Music (8 days ago)
Truth Factory!!!
Praxedis Lindsey (9 days ago)
Superman's Crystal Fortress has been found...!!!
APCWORLDSUXAZ (9 days ago)
stop recommending this shit yotube
Adammrtl27 (17 hours ago)
+APCWORLDSUXAZ bitch, bitch, bitch...
APCWORLDSUXAZ (6 days ago)
guess whats  in my side bar and watched by others list below,,,,can you even slightly guess?
APCWORLDSUXAZ (7 days ago)
oh it works, then a week or two later it will be recommended again either on main page or in some channels below.
Kennedy1op (7 days ago)
+APCWORLDSUXAZ I've never had a video recommendation pop up 'continuously' after I've hit the not interested button (function) It's not the way the algorithm works. There is always those types in the comment section of videos with millions of views complaining for no reason about video recommendations. It's a running meme joke on here basically, but those who comment about it for the likes just don't know how to click a button, and poof! No more recommendation! They just want the 3000 thumbs up from other saps about how YouTube recommends shit.
APCWORLDSUXAZ (7 days ago)
uh ok
Roy Hemion (9 days ago)
It's pronounced "Graft Spay" not "spee"
Roy Hemion (9 days ago)
And the R is tongue rolled to sound similar to a D.
Jacob Warren (9 days ago)
Earth is on a plane, not a planet
Sam Sneed watcha need (9 days ago)
Come on guys, for real ???? Come on, we all KNOW, THANK GOD THEY ARE PROTECTING THE POOR CHILEAN SEA BASS.... I have always been wondering and worried about who was going to look out for the rights of that poor fish..... WOOIWHOOO YOU GO USA , keep up the good work oops I meant bullshit
Sam Sneed watcha need (9 days ago)
They’ll protect the unborn sea bass, but god help them if they will protect the unborn human.....
Sam Sneed watcha need (9 days ago)
What I wonder is what about the land Admiral Byrd referred to in his interview when he said “ THE LAND ON THE OTHER SIDE THAT NO MAN HAD EVER LAID EYES ON”... WTF... why has not a single other person said a word about it, as beyond a fact it is there or HE WOULD NOT HAVE BROUGHT IT UP..... he WASNT the typical lying politician as the beings that talked to him even knew..... go figure
nick beam (9 days ago)
Make your own filter and you will see what is there everything your seeing here is a lie there is a complete civilization there with forest waterfalls and some of the most beautiful lakes and there is city's and towns also farmland with lots of agriculture and a massive layout of factory's. Don't be supersized if google take's it from you just re upload and you well find they changed it on you but with the right filter not even that will stop you from seeing the truth of what is there. It's like a whole other world of people there hiding from the rest of the world. O Don't forget to check out the lawns they have around there mansion's and other areas if you manege to filter through the fake covering !!!
jenn8208 (9 days ago)
Believe it or not, the simplest answer is that it's not a continent at the bottom of our spherical earth.  Why else wouldn't they have satellite (or any other!) real photos of a huge area around the pole?  That mish-mash of composites is plain as day BS... it's probably a ring around the outer edge of flat earth or whatever shaped (I don't care either way) earth. Check out the Magnetic spectrum. See that inertial plane in the middle?  Earth. A plane. Just like everyone thought.... and the reason the first globe wasn't made until 500 years ago when they really kicked it up with lies (Columbus). Well, try to pin down anyone discovering that the earth moves and you'll find a shitload of math, Lorentz contraction/equation, and suppressed truth... the motion cannot be detected an nobody knows whether the earth moves or everything moves above the earth (exactly as our senses experience).
Checkdacontract Now (10 days ago)
I love these videos- great info
Ilan Rubens (10 days ago)
I'm contacting from the Daily Express regarding this vid. We would like to use it across our sites, and so are requesting permission from you, the owner, license for usage. You would receive full credit. For further questions please contact [email protected] Thanks in advance!
Dayon Mage (11 days ago)
The public (myself included) will never truly know what the connection is between remnants of defeated Third Reich, and the Greys/Nordics of Antarctica etc. Seems to me there are at least two different ways to approach speculating these background intergalactic collaborations that coincide w/ The Second World War. Which in essence, was actually just the second European civil war. Over 80 million young men fertilizing the soil with their own blood. What did they die for? Did they die for MTV? Did they die for Rap music? Did they die for grown men to marry each other? Did they die for an insolent pop-culture? Tragic loss of life, and a waste of European phenotype genetic material. All those widowed maidens.
Kennedy1op (8 days ago)
You're right. The hippies in the 60's and 70's knew it, and yet here we are 75 years after ww2 the world still at war. I guess 80 million wasn't enough.
Bel Mordok (11 days ago)
Bal Sagoth: In Search Of The Lost Cities Of Antarctica
Caustic Soda (11 days ago)
great stuff, I just have one correction, they were not nazis, they were germans controlled by nazis ;-)
Steve Lindsay (12 days ago)
It's always struck me as odd that they used the term "THE COLD WAR" to call the ongoing stress between the Soviet Union and the rest of the Western World.. In the 1930s Germany sent mission to the Antarctic, and then later during War Years when they should have been busy just fighting for their lives YET they continued to make trips to Antarctica. WHY?. There are a ton of theories about what they were doing there, but nothing makes much sense without a really good reason to spend time going to Antarctica when you are in the middle of a World War, that's taken all your resources and manpower to then go on journeys to the Southern Most Continent totally away from any action or disputes. In the late 1950s the Antarctic treaty was put in place. 1 December 1959  The Antarctic Treaty was signed in Washington on 1 December 1959 by the twelve countries whose scientists had been active in Antarctica during the International Geophysical Year (IGY) of 1957-58. It entered into force in 1961 and has since been acceded to by many other nations.  What I find difficult to understand is Why they would call the ongoing tensions with Russia "THE COLD WAR".  IT MAKES MUCH MORE SENSE IF::  It was called the cold war because it was over the Antarctica.  There has never been an entire continent not claimed by Countries atleast in part.  yet This Entire Continent goes without ownership other than this treaty which in and of itself is just plain strange.  There has never been a treaty between Waring Nations that's lasted a decade, let alone decades between dozens of countries honoring an agreement when oil, coal, uranium, and many, many other resources go untouched somehow, someway, for some reason that we don't know about when there is so much to lay claim too.  Is The COLD WAR really about tensions between Russia and The United States, Or is It About Something Much Colder Than Bumping Shoulders Between Contrary Nations.
dale carpenter (12 days ago)
40: 18 the hole in the ozone layer ! They lied and said my car air conditioning put a hole in the ozone layer ! With many fake news and phony scientist backing it up !
dale carpenter (12 days ago)
37:50 The poles prove that earth was electrically excavated more than once as Venus passed near as a comet the hemisphere being different from the other ! Like mars and other planets and moons in our solar system !
Richard Purcell (12 days ago)
Watch this b4 its deleted? I got a better idea. How 'bout u lick the sweat off of my nuts u fucking clickbait coward. Ain't got the where with all to make something that's just worth watching. I wish I could find u and break your fukkin ......... u fukkin suck.
Dennis Menace (12 days ago)
Santa’s secret toy factory so leave it the fukc alone unless you want to ruin christmas
AGENT X SECURITY (13 days ago)
Nina Jefferson (13 days ago)
Oh hod plz not Byrd again! Aaahhhhh!
Mr. SPINKS!! (13 days ago)
Joe Rogan is a dick! ...pass it on....🐒
RRRobelt Nest (13 days ago)
obviously its off limits to us normal folks. the space outside our atmosphere too.So lets watch a different video. there is a lot of this planet that's off limits.
Kimba Kelenge (14 days ago)
If truly the world is a sphere why can't we see or have pictures of Antarctica as they show us the pictures of other continents.. Why they always take pictures of the same spots on the earth from space
Flip Flop Synonumous (14 days ago)
Climate shift sounds right i found this difficult to master debate to
KHRISNA KHRIST (15 days ago)
WE WILL SEE TRUTH (15 days ago)
Earth is flat
Dennis Menace (12 days ago)
your name has 'we' in it, do you hear others in your head?
tiger tarleton (15 days ago)
These images are controlled by the goverment and what ever they do or dont want you to see is what you will see
Ash Smith (15 days ago)
wow. you're relying on a globe earth picture from the highly credible NASA...
andrei teodor (16 days ago)
16:25 "33 members"... Moving on
Howard Massicotte (16 days ago)
earth is flat stable geocentric with a dome, byed found the dome and they have been trying to break through it since
Dennis Menace (12 days ago)
take your meds and go back to bed
Paul Straiton (17 days ago)
New bases for nazi raids ? And pray tell me where on earth would they be raiding to from way down there . Lol
Dark Sun (17 days ago)
Earth is flat and me want go to Antarctica!!!
Tattletale RED (17 days ago)
To EVERYBODY THE ANSWER TO ME is WE 🙃 We are all dogs/gods So beware of that false god who is looking into the Mirror 🐵- at the Real God/Goddess 🙈 But there is only One Creator and it is WO-man🙊 Which automatically exposes who the Fallen gods are - Man🧐 What comes first, The Chicken or the Egg 🤓
Tattletale RED (18 days ago)
Oh Wow! My spiritual guides just pointed out to me while watching this - that This is where the “Global Warming” is taken Place. And this is also where the so called Human New World Order Headquarters is Located. The release of this documentary secret is the Proof of where the Deep State is also located with full cooperation from every world government - while they are collectively destroying the known World-populations, because there will not be enough room on earth to support all human life as we know it. Interestingly now as 2019 is unveiled with a destroyer like Donald Trump and Putin who are organizing this world destruction, are Now confirming all of the Above. And the Religious leaders like the Pope, the Muslims, the Jews or Hebrews are All on board to aid this destruction with more wars and poisonous foods and drugs - too promote and speed up this destruction of turning humanity against each other while they escape to the inner earth for a Supreme civilization of slavery based upon wealth.
NefariousGroyper X (18 days ago)
i love melissa she is sooo hot
Newmath907 (18 days ago)
Awesome work!! WoW Great Scot!
rkupiecjr (18 days ago)
Clover Bird (18 days ago)
www.thegreateststorynevertold.tv https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwbxMBkSQm4&list=PLMQPhY_CZwPY_UaSBgjTQhO8-37fdsXag&index=4 I'm a Jew, Hitler tried to save the world and the holocaust is a hoax. - Morris Mizrahi
Mr Panrucker (19 days ago)
Lots of people have been to and lived in Antarctica! Just take a look at the old sailors and read their books?
b (19 days ago)
ted bohne (20 days ago)
devon gannes (20 days ago)
What a great video. Great job truthstream... I like the idea of an independent group of like-minded citizens with their own resources going down there and doing some real discovery. It's so amazing to me how we as humans consider ourselves the masters of the universe and yet we haven't even discovered our own planet.
Gary Donnison (20 days ago)
There is no escaping the reality of Noahs flood try as many may
Paul Davis/Schlichting (21 days ago)
I was stationed with a guy that served three years in Antarctica at McMurdo station. I asked him what they were doing there and he said it’s just a bunch of scientists studying the weather and stuff.
Khazgul (8 days ago)
Should have asked him if he was restricted in anyway about talking about his time in Antartica ..then asked him what they were doing down there.
Jeannie Hicks (8 days ago)
And stuff lmao 😂
irish rover (10 days ago)
bunch of scientist manipulating the weather more like it
john galt dough (21 days ago)
better at 1.5x speed, most vids are. people talk sooooooooooo fvckin slooooooooooow man.
DarkiceForge (21 days ago)
ANYONE CAN GO TO ANTARCTICA. Here book a trip. https://www.adventure-life.com/antarcticaCruises, kayaking trips, camping trips, whatever you want. LOL There are no secrets there. Go find out for yourself.
Adammrtl27 (17 hours ago)
I just want you to know, hat those tours never go to Antarctica. They only ever visit the islands around Antarctica. Islands such as "Deception Island".... Also, your URL doesnt work....
B H (21 days ago)
These are Real Secrets.. So don't tell anyone..
Proto Type / Shrine (21 days ago)
As Thoth I know that our last colony was in Antarctica. Have a looke dontchyaknow
Proto Type / Shrine (21 days ago)
Marvelous place..marble floors and diamond chandeliers..
Proto Type / Shrine (21 days ago)
Yup...it still is...
David C'Kearney (21 days ago)
The photos are doctored. Just like you said.
Gods Child (21 days ago)
Just sayin'... https://youtu.be/knp3yU_usQo
dictator64 reborn (21 days ago)
The government is hiding a advanced civilization from us
Mind Altering Music (21 days ago)
Hey its that kitty kunt from turth factory XD
NPCs Go Away! (20 days ago)
This is MAJOR BS! Stop the video and read the news article on that old newspaper and this whole video falls apart! FAKE NEWS !!! VIDEO GARBAGE
Jesse Pinkman (17 days ago)
Take the advice of your name
GRANTFROM GOOLWA (22 days ago)
Britain needs to take over the world again.
Rob G (22 days ago)
No proof of something? “Must be aliens.”
Koda crowder (22 days ago)
*You should cover the proof of the polar shift that occurs that makes it habitable*
Photo Finish (22 days ago)
That’s because you don’t live on a spherical object... and it doesn’t look anything the way you think/thought. I do admire your direction. I’d rather just say it straight.
HOF_Coach Tim (22 days ago)
The insinuated existence of aliens is not truth...it's fallacy and fable, created back in the 40's and 50's by government, once science editor in particular was Gene Roddenberry. Even today they play with the public's minds continually with aircraft mimicking their contrived UFO's of science fiction writings and will likely use this against us to harbor some greater false flag operation to bring in the destruction of a majority of humankind they seek in their modern writings including such landmarks as the Georgia Guidestones. Anyone propogating this notion, is either part of the disinformation agency or very mislead.
P Kenny (22 days ago)
There is land beyond the ice wall that the cabal keeps for themselves or the fallen angels may live there.
P Kenny (22 days ago)
Earth is not a ball, that is why there is no real pics of earth. Hemisphere is firmament over the flat earth. Hemisphere means half a ball. Flat earth with four corners read your bible.
ACID TRIP (22 days ago)
fanghicheck (22 days ago)
we can screw that up too ?
Ian Stein (22 days ago)
why would anyone want to change earths climate the problem is we're losing elements like carbon from earth into space thru methane
Ian Stein (22 days ago)
and oxygen from o3 in the ozone from aresols right?
Ian Stein (23 days ago)
I wonder if the mining something that has to do with earths magnetic field
Ian Stein (23 days ago)
the domed metal lid kinda looks like a cave to me

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