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Sea-Ha? Yama-Doo? Yamaha engine swapped Seadoo. 701cc Seadoo!

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Braaptastic Yamaha/Wetjet 61X glassed into a 94 GTX Carbon Tech reeds 46mm SBN Mikuni Factory B Mod Pipe Custom coupler U.M.I steering stuff
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handsfreekvm (4 months ago)
Sounds nice
Daniel Martin (9 months ago)
Funny my seadoo sounds just like that with just a little less rattle bit I'm impressed with all the hard work you put into it it is a def big improvement I like both seadoo and yamaha so im not hating just stating thats what my 787 aka 800 sounds like
Zachary Lamb (11 months ago)
I'm looking into putting a 701 into a seadoo Explorer. Now I know it's possible. Thanks for the upload
W Jansen (2 years ago)
Nice vid mate.. Did a great job! A seadoo with a real motor :D nice.. iam a seadoo boy but the Yamaha's always better build.. Seadoo more fun for less minutes :P This is the best combination :D

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