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We Swapped Styles and Dressed Like Each Other!

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SUBSCRIBE TO PAQ: https://kyra.com/l/SUBSCRIBE-PAQ An episode you have all been asking for. This week we tried dressing in each other's fashion styles and invited our friend Damnshaq from Bad Canteen to judge our fits. A show about streetwear, fashion, menswear, clothes (whatever you wanna call it). PAQ: https://instagram.com/paq.official Danny: https://instagram.com/dannylomass Dex: https://instagram.com/dexthefreak Elias: https://instagram.com/eliasriadi Shaq: https://instagram.com/shakka.d.badmon Damnshaq: https://www.instagram.com/damnshaq/ Kyra TV: https://www.instagram.com/kyra.tv/ Use of any product and/or brand names does not imply any affiliation with, or any endorsement by, the respective owners of such products or brand names, unless specifically stated. PAQ is a show presented by four friends from London exploring the world of streetwear and men's fashion, from thrifting secondhand clothes to exploring hypebeast trends. A global show rooted in London lifestyle, including the latest from Supreme, North Face, Palace, Patta, Off-White, Raf Simons, Yeezy, Balenciaga and more.
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PAQ (8 months ago)
Watch our Womenswear Outfit Challenge here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4X0FdwkryQ
Chester Quisao (18 hours ago)
Episode for danny's style
thatcher daniel (2 days ago)
Dex looking like soulja boy
Klarissa U (2 days ago)
I think we all want to see a NAYVA x PAQ collab
Gi Tz (3 days ago)
Gi Tz (3 days ago)
Elias shouldve won !!!!!
Jonas K (3 days ago)
by far the best vid yet
Max Huchting (3 days ago)
everybody gets a country and needs to dress typical.
Miki Minach (4 days ago)
did he really go to Transylvania just to do that lmfao
Melody De Lecq (5 days ago)
bruv dex’s fit was ..... bad
Albaraa Anas (6 days ago)
Dex looks like juice wrld
faith kutsoma (8 days ago)
the fuck?! El or Danny should have won
Guido (10 days ago)
this was def Elias' win
C Owen (10 days ago)
danny looked way too good in that beret
THICC WAFFLES (13 days ago)
You should do most ugliest oufits
pikalograce (13 days ago)
Levi’s hoodie was dead
w w (14 days ago)
After this nothing was the same as before.!
Heidi Trudeau (15 days ago)
Elias !!! amazingggg you should have won
Thang Nguyen (26 days ago)
Can someone let me know what track they used in the outfit showcase footage please ?
Ino Zapanta (1 month ago)
Shaq's had the coolest process xD
FIJI WET FLEX (1 month ago)
elias fit was too tuff
j'ai commandé l'eau (1 month ago)
What sandals are those that Elia’s is wearing?
stan nct lol (1 month ago)
oh ya today I'm dexter hahahhahha death
Jahmaiah Lewis (1 month ago)
Elias should have won!
Soongii :3 (1 month ago)
j bil (1 month ago)
1:47 haha yooo
j bil (1 month ago)
SHAQ is so cute damn
David Javier (1 month ago)
the durag-beanie combo pulled an audible response from me...i’m a fucking mute
Nessie nguyen (1 month ago)
Elias was robbed, he was spot on with his fit
alvioleta (1 month ago)
whats the song in 11.10
mitch galbraith (1 month ago)
I wanted to see elias dress like dex so badly
Ruiming Liu (1 month ago)
ID check on Damnshaq white Adidas crewneck please guys #packfamily
/\/\utt33 (1 month ago)
4:32 planet watford
AngryNuni Constipated (1 month ago)
NEXT VIDEO IDEA::::::: Make religious wear swarve Jewish Muslim Buddhist Indian etccc
Annette Amaya (1 month ago)
Elias should’ve won that one wtf lol he wore Gucci lofers
Alexia zinzopoulos (1 month ago)
Wearing Pj'S as a full outfit! :)
BenRangel (1 month ago)
Dex dropped the ball. How can you fail to emulate Elias? Just get a yellow jumpsuit or something
J Mallon (1 month ago)
At 7:18 we can call Danny thread perry
Leonardo Datore (1 month ago)
Elias needs to dress like that all the time.
- ̗̀ ava ̖́- (1 month ago)
danny's outfit ripped my heart out of my fucking chest
fr now (1 month ago)
-what inspired the look -*shaq*
Laila Petra (2 months ago)
NAYVA x PAQ episode please!!
Rafi Catchlove (2 months ago)
Oh yeah yeah
Jumping Jax (2 months ago)
lol Elias seems disappointed in Dex's fit
Gabriella Egbo (2 months ago)
The outfit looks so good on elias
Kendall Battle (2 months ago)
“if you don’t have holes in your trousers, how would you get your legs through?” was the funniest line of the entire video.
thatsshel TV (2 months ago)
Elias should caught the dub
Lala Radish (2 months ago)
Elias Danny and Shaq were so good Dex took a fat L
Chris2 Wavvy (2 months ago)
I’ve watched a lot of u guy’s bids and your content is too wavvy to not subscribe keep it up👌🏽👌🏽🔥🔥🔥🔥
Angela Enilolobo (2 months ago)
They actually bully Danny you know 😂👾
Linda Samba (2 months ago)
Elias' fit was bang on point man
Jack BSYME (2 months ago)
okay so elias should rock dannys style more
Jonnie Leaf (2 months ago)
Wanna see y'all all dress punk or like old rocker
Mewmie (2 months ago)
Y’all are so rich.
Brookyln Fellner (2 months ago)
Jonty vlogs (2 months ago)
Tech wear?
jack turnbull (2 months ago)
I’ve never seen dex in a good outfit. Ever..
blue soccer (2 months ago)
It really should have been between elias and danny tbh. I actually think Elias should have won fr.
Gabriel Marchev (2 months ago)
It's crazy how without even knowing which person they're dressing up as, you can still tell who's style it is that they're immitating :O I've definitely learned a lot from this channel, thanks guys :)
Elise Sadlier (2 months ago)
I swear Elias and Danny get robbed way too often
Angel Kid (2 months ago)
I remember this was the first videos I watched and the music with the modeling was just so sick I subscribed straight away.
Olivia Beauty (3 months ago)
Danny as shaq is giving me lifeeeeee
rayan lais (3 months ago)
Man with the sf
dani lauridsen (3 months ago)
elias' laugh sounds like if you stepped on a cats tail 12:25
audrey clementine (3 months ago)
why does elias never win omg his outfits are fire :/
bjr816 (3 months ago)
Elias won man!
dumb bitch (3 months ago)
jvdjhcshch can they please make a video of styling school uniforms i need some helpppp
Elisha Delgardo (3 months ago)
George Helmer (3 months ago)
Katie Marle (3 months ago)
Felt so bad for Elias after “ no one wants too” -Shaw 😟😟😟
aLDonPhoto (3 months ago)
Eliassssssss!!!!!! And shaq!!!!!!!!!
sb (3 months ago)
elias was robbed, change my mind
Pelé Brown (3 months ago)
It's so funny how they all get silent when Danny tries to tell a joke LMAOO
Amanda Teoh (3 months ago)
what i wanted to see: shaq -> elias dex -> danny elias -> shaq danny -> dex 😂😂😂😂
fbffs10866 (3 months ago)
At 2:59 shaq looks like he has really small legs and its all I can look at
HELP ME (3 months ago)
“So I called up your mum” I absolutely love Danny😂
Sophie Hernandez (4 months ago)
PAQ and Navya need to do a collaboration ASAP!!!!!
asvp (4 months ago)
elias always has the best fits
Ellen Hunt (4 months ago)
Should have called this ep 'Copy Paq' but whatevs.
Ollie Hain (4 months ago)
Do an episode where are you styled Christmas jumpers
Malikah Sohail (4 months ago)
Dex at the start tho 😂😂
Niga Hoshi (4 months ago)
Do a hype beast fit
Ordinary Vlogger (4 months ago)
JelloItsMe (4 months ago)
Why did you change the thumbnail? :,/
frza (4 months ago)
This episode was so good
pianomoon (4 months ago)
Elias was sick
CEEJ (4 months ago)
Rene Williams (4 months ago)
U guys are sooooooo inspiring honestly! Please just come to CAPE TOWN
niks laufmanis (4 months ago)
1:52 “Ah yeah, today I’m Dexter - hhlhlhlhlhl DEATH” 😂😂
khadija (4 months ago)
the start was like the Simpsons couch gag haha
Morgan (4 months ago)
The patois!!
Esther M (4 months ago)
Elias should have won
Esther M (4 months ago)
Danny’s hair getting better every day
Michael Magana (4 months ago)
EP IDEA: You guys should work with viewers. Fly 4 out and work with them and their unique styles to see what kind of fit you could pull off.
Celine thalia (4 months ago)
i personally love eliass outfit in this video <3333!
Deandra Brown (5 months ago)
Yeah sorry there's no way Elias or Danny didn't take this one home lol
cheez man (5 months ago)
Is it just me or does Dexter kinda look like Hobo Johnson?
Dubu Dahyun (5 months ago)
Song on 10:54? Beat is firee
Jamie (5 months ago)
Danny with his hair up is the best
Marnie Inkpen (5 months ago)
elias shoulda won

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