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Stuck in the mud

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Walking along a forest road in her transparent-white rubber boots, Darina noticed some muddy place and went closer to examine it. Studying the spot, she accidentally got stuck in the mud and while trying to free herself, gradually stuck stronger and stronger. With great difficulty she had to pull her booted feet out of the mud. Her dress was stained with mud, rubber boots was full of muddy slush and her bare feet were as if dressed in dirty stockings... We publish here a trailer of our wet and muddy girls in wellies. Full video in HD (which lasts about 10-20 minutes) + photoset you can see at our site. Link in the end of the video.
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Text Comments (4)
If only it was longer
harri hiltunen (2 years ago)
good nature video...
Phil Mcintosh (3 years ago)
great one darina !
muddyfeet1000 (4 years ago)
Wow!! You look delicious!!!

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